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Articles about women that may be deletedEdit

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Deleted Redlist ArticlesEdit

Red listsEdit

Suggestions for Zimbabwe-MatabelelandEdit

Suggestions for Zimbabwe-MashonalandEdit

Suggestions for SudanEdit

Suggestions for KenyaEdit

Suggestions for RwandaEdit

Suggestions for CameroonEdit

Suggestions for BotswanaEdit

Suggestions for NigeriaEdit

Suggestions for SomaliaEdit

  1. Hasna Doreh (w:Hasna Doreh)

Suggestions for New ZealandEdit

  1. Catherine Tizard (w:Catherine Tizard)

Suggestions for UgandaEdit

Suggestions for the United StatesEdit

  1. Huma Abedin (w:Huma Abedin)
  2. Amy Arnsten (w:Amy Arnsten)
  3. Tammy Baldwin (w:Tammy Baldwin)
  4. Jill Biden (w:Jill Biden)
  5. Erin Burnett (w:Erin Burnett)
  6. Cheri Bustos (w:Cheri Bustos)
  7. Tanya Chutkan (w:Tanya Chutkan)
  8. Nataly Dawn (w:Nataly Dawn)
  9. Madeleine Dean (w:Madeleine Dean)
  10. Suzan DelBene (w:Suzan DelBene)
  11. Tammy Duckworth (w:Tammy Duckworth)
  12. Kelly Evans (w: Kelly Evans)
  13. Caterina Fake (w:Caterina Fake)
  14. Johanna Fantova (d:Q108915960 no enwiki article)
  15. Lynn Fitch (w:Lynn Fitch), Attorney General of Mississippi
  16. Michelle Lujan Grisham (w:Michelle Lujan Grisham)
  17. Stephanie Grisham (w:Stephanie Grisham)
  18. Maggie Hassan (w:Maggie Hassan)
  19. Lina Hidalgo (w:Lina Hidalgo)
  20. Anita Hill (w:Anita Hill)
  21. Kathy Hochul (w:Kathy Hochul)
  22. Frances Haugen (Frances Haugen)
  23. Kay Ivey (w:Kay Ivey)
  24. Pramila Jayapal (w:Pramila Jayapal) / now a redirect on WQ
  25. Tishaura Jones (w:Tishaura Jones)
  26. Rachel Levine (w:Rachel Levine see:Special:WhatLinksHere/Rachel_Levine)
  27. Monica Lewinsky (w:Monica Lewinsky) / now a redirect on WQ
  28. Zoe Lofgren (w:Zoe Lofgren)
  29. Nicole Malliotakis (w:Nicole Malliotakis)
  30. Stephanie Murphy (w:Stephanie Murphy)
  31. Nancy Northup (w:Nancy Northup), president of the Center for Reproductive Rights
  32. Marion Pepper, immunologist at the University of Washington
  33. Stacey Plaskett (w:Stacey Plaskett)
  34. Jen Psaki (w:Jen Psaki)
  35. Diane Rehm (w:Diane Rehm)
  36. Alexandra Rojas (w: Alexandra Rojas)
  37. Jacky Rosen (w:Jacky Rosen)
  38. Mikie Sherrill (w:Mikie Sherrill)
  39. Liz Shuler (w: Liz Shuler)
  40. Kyrsten Sinema (w:Kyrsten Sinema)
  41. [[Jackie Speier] (w: Jackie Speier)
  42. Kara Swisher (w: Kara Swisher)
  43. Kimberly Teehee (w:Kimberly Teehee)
  44. Katherine Thornton (Kat Thornton)
  45. Rochelle Walensky (w:Rochelle Walensky)
  46. Gretchen Whitmer (w:Gretchen Whitmer)

Suggestions for the NorwayEdit

  1. Erna Solberg, (w:Erna Solberg)

Suggestions for IsraelEdit

  1. Mona Khoury-Kassabri (d:Q65003010)

Suggestions for CanadaEdit

  1. Kim Campbell (w:Kim Campbell)
  2. Joyce Davidson  (w: Joyce Davidson )
  3. Joan Dougherty  (w: Joan Dougherty )
  4. Clotilda Douglas-Yakimchuk  (w: Clotilda Douglas-Yakimchuk )
  5. Marguerite Lescop  (w: Marguerite Lescop )
  6. Sandra Masters (w:Sandra Masters)
  7. Sylvia Murphy  (w: Sylvia Murphy )
  8. Cornelia Oberlander  (w: Cornelia Oberlander )
  9. Lana Popham (w:Lana Popham)
  10.  Eva Maria Pracht  (w:  Eva Maria Pracht )
  11. Jackie Tegart (w:Jackie Tegart)
  12. Pauline Thornhill (w:Pauline Thornhill)
  13. Margaret Waterchief (w:Margaret Waterchief)

Suggestions for the NetherlandsEdit

  1. Suze Slager-Velsen (W:Suze Slager-Velsen)

General SuggestionsEdit

  1. Forced marriage (w:Forced marriage)
  2. Forced pregnancy (w:Forced pregnancy)
  3. Little Girl (d:Q84810567)
  4. Maternity leave (w:Parental leave)
  5. The girl (w:Girl (disambiguation))

Suggestions for MythologyEdit

  1. Dame Edna (w: Dame Edna) / now a redirect on WQ
  2. Pandora (w:Pandora)

Suggestions for PoliticiansEdit

  1. Tammy Baldwin (w:Tammy Baldwin)
  2. Madeleine Dean (w:Madeleine Dean)
  3. Suzan DelBene (w:Suzan DelBene)
  4. Kim Campbell (w:Kim Campbell)
  5. Tammy Duckworth (w:Tammy Duckworth)
  6. Lynn Fitch (w:Lynn Fitch), Attorney General of Mississippi
  7. Michelle Lujan Grisham (w:Michelle Lujan Grisham)
  8. Maggie Hassan (w:Maggie Hassan)
  9. Lina Hidalgo (w:Lina Hidalgo)
  10. Kathy Hochul (w:Kathy Hochul)
  11. Kay Ivey (w:Kay Ivey)
  12. Pramila Jayapal (w:Pramila Jayapal) / now a redirect on WQ
  13. Rosemary Museminali (w:Rosemary Museminali)
  14. Marie Solange Kayisire (w:Marie-Solange Kayisire)
  15. Zoe Lofgren (w:Zoe Lofgren)
  16. Nicole Malliotakis (w:Nicole Malliotakis)
  17. Stephanie Murphy (w:Stephanie Murphy)
  18. Stacey Plaskett (w:Stacey Plaskett)
  19. Jacky Rosen (w:Jacky Rosen)
  20. Mikie Sherrill (w:Mikie Sherrill)
  21. Kyrsten Sinema (w:Kyrsten Sinema)
  22. Erna Solberg, (w:Erna Solberg)
  23. Kimberly Teehee (w:Kimberly Teehee)
  24. Gretchen Whitmer (w:Gretchen Whitmer)