Sheila Tlou

Motswana politician, health specialist, nurse and nursing educator

Professor Sheila Dinotshe Tlou, is the professor of nursing,specialising in HIV/AIDS and women's health, and a nursing educator. She is the Former Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development in Primary Health Care for Anglophone Africa and former Botswana Minister of Health from 2004 to 2008. She is a champion and advocate for women 's health and the rights of women and girls.

She has the following awards in her credit:

  • May 2002 Anna Reynvaan prize, and gave prize lecture (Netherlands)[
  • September 2002 Presidential Order of Honour (Botswana)[
  • 2003 Florence Nightingale Medal (International Committee of the Red Cross).[1]


  • My philosophy … is that my life is not worth living if I do not use it to change the lives of others. Make one person smile a day.
  • women continue to shadow men in politics – stereotypes such as ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ cast the notion that women cannot lead. Sheila Tlou: On why women don’t get votes , by Barapedi Kedikilwe, WeekendPost (16 October 2021), retrieved 13 November 2022
  • One of the hallmarks of great leadership is the ability to translate ideas into plans that are actionable.
  • Many developing countries will not achieve the Millennium Development Goals partly because of shortage of skilled health personnel. This problem can, however, be resolved through global collaboration in health worker education and training, as well as ethical recruitment of health personnel. As champion advocate, I plan to use all opportunities available to raise awareness on the global health workforce crisis and to build international support for potential solutions. Sheila Tlou, Alliance Champion Professor Sheila Tlou; Global Health workforce alliance. Retrieved 16 November 2021.
  • Young people, particularly girl children who want to advance in their careers and participate in governance and leadership should forget about boys and focus on their personal development.
  • We need to focus on the needs of people rather than the needs of individuals.
  • As a Motswana who travels across the world, I spread the message of how our country is a land of peace and tranquility.
    • Sheila Tlou; I am ready to serve under Masisi by Koletso Thobega (24 August 2019) Mid week Sun. Retrieved on the 16th November.
  • We need people who are assertive, who do not have to ask for permission to do a lot of things especially when you know they are right.
  • My dream is to one day see a nurse who is a presidemnt of a country, and i really think that country will be so well run, because it will take that holistic approach as to how people should be alive and how people should be well and look at the well being of everybody.
    • Sheila Tlou; Nursing Now Co-Chair Professor Tlou talks about her nursing journey: Nursing now challenge, Youtube channel.(21 October 2019) Retrieved on the 16th November 2021.
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