Florence Mudzingwa

Zimbabwean disability rights activist

Florence Mudzingwa is a digital marketer, life coach and the founder of Hope Resurrect Trust, an organisation that seeks to empower the female children with disabilities to be independent and contribute to their own development.[1][2][3]

Florence Mudzingwa in 2021

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  • "There are a number of lessons learnt from my moments of solitude. l learnt that the world owes me nothing but that l can choose how to respond to life challenges. l got to understand that l can't change certain situations but l can adapt on the best way to handle the situation. even though l am differently-enabled, my challenges are not unique, but they mirror what everyone else goes through."
    • Love Life: The art of living your dream
  • "Women with disability receive double stigmatization both from a gender and disability perspective. we are demanding to hold posts in key decision making positions as we say NO to stigmatization, but also it is my encouragement to fellow colleagues that you have to participate for you to be recognized, make an impact in your societies."
  • "In spite of what I have been through, I still love life and want to make the most of each moment, good or bad. My challenges are not unique, but they mirror what everybody else goes through."

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