Judith Amaechi

Nigerian advocate for the rights women and children

Dame Judith Obiajulu Amaechi (24 December 1970) is the wife of former Rivers State Governor Chibuike Amaechi. She is head of the Empowerment Support Initiative (ESI) which campaigns against HIV/AIDS, advocates the rights of the women and children, and promotes gender equity and Girl Child education.

Judith_Amaechi in 2012


  • "What are you using the opportunity to do? What have you done for your people? Now you have an opportunity, can’t you utilise and invest in the life of people, not just people only that are around you but those in the community and constituency on behalf of your husband."
    • [1] The former wife of the governor addressing the then wives of the House of Assembly members in 2020.
  • "My husband Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the DG Campaign for the president is working tirelessly but I want you even when this programme is over to pray for him because of the too many eyes that are on him not by any fault of his but because Gods favour is upon him. That the will of God will be done in Nigeria and that no man will take his position or take away what belongs to him."
    • [2] Judith begs women to pray for husband in 2019.
  • "That is one moment I really do not always like to remember, but in all, God is faithful. To be very honest, it was a fine moment because it just came suddenly and I could not believe that we were in that position."
    • [3] Judith explained how she moved from one house to the other in 2018.
  • "The foundation has established an entrepreneur school which has over 9 departments, so we have trained people in other departments like fashion design, making of soap and cream, mechanical engineering and business management."
    • [4] Mrs Amaechi with media in Abuja in 2018.
  • "I would like to express our profound gratitude for the continuous cooperation of our sponsors. A combination of their vital support have remained the driving force behind the success of our training and other programmes. We need your support, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, with your support, the number of trainees can be over 100 instead of 100 that it is today. I will now focus all my energy towards building and expanding the empowerment coverage of the ESI."
    • [5] Mrs Amaechi at the graduation of 1000 participants of Empowerment Support Initiative in 2018.
  • "Beyond political power, let us allow the power of God to reign supreme in our lives for our children to have the right direction."
    • [6] Judith Amaechi Advises Women in 2015.
  • "This centre will be built under the platform of Rivers State Women Association of Nigeria (RIVWAN) and will provide the enabling infrastructure and support for developing local content of our women."
    • [7] Judith to build developmental centres in 2014.
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