Joke Silva

Nigerian film actress, director and businesswoman

Joke Silva (September 29, 1961) is a Nigerian actress, director and businesswoman.

Joke Silva at the 2014 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards


  • If you have that skill to teach, actors are great teachers on public speaking.
    • [1] Joke Silva speaking about her life as an actress
  • As long as you have more of the sweet times than the challenges, then you’ve got yourself a successful marriage.
    • [2] Joke Silva on marriage
  • Interestingly, doing something always starts with 'Saying Something'. To be silent to a wrongdoing in your church, home, workplace , neighborhood ,country, regardless of rationale is to be complicit.
  • Four years is a short time. Power needs to be sorted, without it we are going nowhere fast.

[4]Joke silva congratulatory message to president Buhari

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