Kah Walla

Cameroonian politician

Edith Kahbang Walla (born 28 February 1965) is a Cameroonian politician, entrepreneur and social activist.

Kah Walla in 2010

Quotes edit

  • Africa is not poor, it is however still for a very large percentage, poorly run.
    • TEDxWarwick 2014, April 2014 1
  • We must put a stop to big international business and politicians, corrupt African politicians, winning at the expense of everyday africans.
    • TEDxWarwick 2014, April 2014 1
  • Despite the violence and the brutality which was been rained upon me, I still had power. and that is why I raised my hands in a sign of victory, because I wanted to let my colleagues know and i wanted to let all the people who will be watching know, that no matter what type of violence or brutality we face, we still have power.
    • TEDxWarwick 2014, April 2014 1
  • So as Africans, we must renegociate our relationships with the rest of the world. We must know our history, we must take responsability for our own future, we must dare to invent that future and we must mobilize the people and the strategies that are needed to build and win that future.
    • TEDxWarwick 2014, April 2014 1

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