Mikie Sherrill

American politician, naval aviator, and prosecutor (born 1972)

Rebecca Michelle "Mikie" Sherrill (born January 19, 1972) is an American politician, former U.S. Navy helicopter pilot, attorney, and former federal prosecutor serving as the U.S. representative for New Jersey's 11th congressional district since 2019. The district includes a swath of suburban and exurban areas west of New York City. She is a member of the Democratic Party.

Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill (D) of New Jersey's 11th district (2018)


  • These are uncertain times and to see so many people across the nation putting their faith in Democrats and our plan to bring down costs, protect rights and freedoms, and invest in the future of our kids and families, is incredibly hopeful for the future of our nation
    • [1] Mikie during her victory speech at an election night party in Montclair
  • It's an honor to fight for our communities and I'll keep working for flood mitigation efforts
  • I believe it is my responsibility as a member of Congress to ensure that I protect our country from any and all threats. And that is what I intend to do.
    • [3] on her membership in the congress
  • I think it would be a tough decision if this was in some way a political decision.
    • [4]on tough decision, in the sense that it may not represent the will of the majority of her constituents
  • We have a better vision for the future than the president does. And yet it’s a risk that I think we all felt we had to take to defend our national security.
    • [5] on the president risking the nation security
  • I don’t think any cases I worked on were particularly high profile. They were generally different violent crimes, drug offenses, racketeering, Ponzi schemes and tax schemes.
    • [6] on if she worked on any cases that were high profile in New Jersey
  • My opponent continues to say whatever he thinks will get him elected, even lying about things that are easily verifiable, and really has a deep cynicism about this country and the people in it.
    • [7] on her opponent in an election
  • We can’t be spending so much time as Congress is doing now fighting each other and trying to ensure that the other side does not succeed.
    • [8] Sherrill on the congress
  • The next 50 years are not going to look like the last 50 years. We need new leadership and it starts at the top.
    • [9] Sherrill on the future
  • There's just this sense from members of Congress that they had an inside understanding of the Capitol complex, which was chilling, that they had done some sort of reconnaissance, or had inside information about the layout.
    • [10] on the congress
  • But the only way to move forward is to have the assurance that every single member of our body takes their oath seriously and can be trusted to ensure they are doing everything in their power to protect the Constitution and serve in our government.
    • [11] on her colleagues performing their duties
  • I believe the decision to have an abortion should be between a woman and her doctor — not the government. States across the country are installing total bans, denying women healthcare and putting their lives at risk.
    • [12] on abortion issue

Quotes about her

  • She lies about my positions because she has a record of non-production and not getting things done.
    • [13] said DeGroot, a retired Passaic County assistant prosecutor and Montville resident running for office for the first time about Sherrill
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