Christine McVie

British musician

Christine Anne McVie née Perfect (12 July 194330 November 2022) was an English musician and songwriter. She was principally known as a vocalist and keyboardist with the band Fleetwood Mac.

I never did believe in miracles,
But I've a feeling it's time to try.

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  • I never did believe in miracles,
    But I've a feeling it's time to try.
    I never did believe in the ways of magic,
    But I'm beginning to wonder why.
  • If you wake up and don't want to smile,
    If it takes just a little while,
    Open your eyes and look at the day.
    You'll see things in a different way.

    Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow,
    Don't stop, it'll soon be here.
    It'll be, better than before.
    Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.

  • Can you hear me calling
    Out your name?
    You know that I'm falling
    And I don't know what to say
    I'll speak a little louder
    I'll even shout
    You know that I'm proud
    And I can't get the words out
    Oh, I
    I want to be with you everywhere.
  • "I think that actually that releases the emotional tension to be honest with you. I always think that, no matter what’s gone on prior to the, you know, treading the boards at night, I think we all kind of leave that behind when we’re on stage and you tend to even put more feeling into the songs I think"
    • [1] Interview - 1987
  • "That’s the- another thing is, you know, the pressure is on you when you’re doing a solo record, when you come together with, you know, four tried and trusted other musicians you feel like you’ve got a very strong shoulder to lean on that’s not about to collapse under you, you know"
  • "I think there’s always a certain amount of romance on our records, I mean, you know, that’s ‘cause I’m writing some of the songs, I always write about romance"
  • "We all sensed that perhaps Lindsey would leave first. I mean, the very thought of one band member leaving was catastrophic to us, because we all felt that each one of us was irreplaceable"
    • [4]Behind the Music: Fleetwood Mac (Remastered) - 2010
  • "To be honest. That came from my parents. I can’t imagine better advice coming from one’s parents. I try to stick by that rule and to be as good a person as I can"
    • [5] best advice you’ve ever received
  • "Maybe people want to see us because they think it’s the last chance. We’re a young band at heart; you’d never think we are the age we are. We’re never static. It’s going to be fantastic"
    • [6] on her band
  • "Not many bands have had the same longevity; there is life in the old girl yet. It’s about finding new inspiration and enjoyment for each other. As long as we have that we’ll keep going"
    • [7] on her band longevity
  • "I’m good at pathos. I write about romantic despair a lot. That’s my thing, but with a positive spin"

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