Amanda Lang

Canadian journalist

Amanda Lang (born 31 October 1970) is a Canadian business journalist, currently employed by BNN Bloomberg. Previously, she was the host of Bloomberg North on Bloomberg TV Canada. Lang was formerly senior business correspondent for CBC News, where she anchored The Exchange with Amanda Lang daily on CBC News Network. Prior to her work with CBC, she worked as a print journalist for Canadian national newspapers and was an anchor for CNNfn and BNN.

Amanda Lang at Canada Growth Summit in 2016


  • Being able to process a lot of information at once feels good to me. It feels fun.
    • [1]on her training versus her talent
  • Innovation is an individual pursuit and that doing it brings so much happiness.
    • [2] Amanda take on innovation
  • "Businesses are benign entities that do a lot of good, including employing a lot of us. It is people making things, working hard"
    • [3] on businesses
  • "On-air chemistry is like real-life sexual chemistry. It’s mysterious, and you can’t take credit for it, you just have it"
    • [4] says Lang, during a chat in an empty boardroom between story meetings. “We have it.”
  • "The general atmosphere was you work hard, you get things done, you think and talk about interesting things or you don’t say anything"
    • [5] On how she worked
  • "Journalism is great for shy people because it gives you this arsenal of tools basically how to ask questions"
    • [6] on when she became a journalist
  • "Powerful CEOs and leaders seek out things that are beyond their comfort zone so they're great at office but they go on, you know, volunteer trips to Haiti, in one real example, because they want to experience things that they're not great at, they don't necessarily get and understand off the bat because they know that's where they thrive"

Quotes about Amanda Lang

  • "When she was on BNN, it was almost exclusively a business crowd, but now it’s a much broader audience"
    • [8] says Adrian, a partner and litigation specialist at a Toronto law firm
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