Elizabeth Prelogar

Solicitor General of the United States since 2021

Elizabeth Barchas Prelogar (born 1980) is an American lawyer who has served as solicitor general of the United States since October 2021. She served as acting solicitor general from January 20, at the start of the Biden administration, until President Joe Biden sent her nomination to the U.S. Senate on August 11, 2021, when the terms of the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 prevented her from serving while the nomination was before the Senate.

Elizabeth Barchas Prelogar, Solicitor General

Quotes edit

  • This court is going to hear from 27 advocates in this sitting of the oral argument calendar and two are women even though women today are 50 percent or more of law school graduates and I think it would be reasonable for a woman to look at that and wonder, is that a path that’s open to me, to be a Supreme Court advocate
  • Are private clients willing to hire women to argue their Supreme Court cases? When there’s that kind of gross disparity in representation, it can matter and it’s common sense

"Leading Questions: Cooley Appellate Litigator Elizabeth Prelogar" (2020) edit

"Leading Questions: Cooley Appellate Litigator Elizabeth Prelogar", Bloomberg Law (September 11, 2020)
  • We’re competitive we like to win but we don’t compete against each other. It’s been the perfect culture to try to build a Supreme Court and appellate practice.
    • on what separates her firm from other Big Law firms
  • Learn your cases and your clients inside and out so that you have the whole picture in mind when crafting arguments.
    • her advice to young lawyers
  • There isn’t a trade off between being an aggressive and successful advocate for your clients’ positions and treating others with respect.
    • her advice to associate just starting out in their Big Law career
  • This is not about reducing enforcement of the immigration laws, it's about prioritizing limited resources to say go after Person A instead of Person B
    • [3] Prelogar said
  • Federal courts should not be transformed into open forums for each and every policy dispute between the states and the national government
    • [4] on federal court
  • Federal government has to prioritize its efforts because it does not have the resources to pursue the 11 million undocumented "noncitizens" in the country.
    • [5]Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar said defending the Biden's administration's policy
  • Make no mistake, it is impossible for DHS to comply with each and every ‘shall’ in the INA as truly a judicially enforceable duty, we wouldn’t have the resources or ability to go after those individuals who are threats to public safety, national security and border security
    • [6]she told the justices
  • Applicant has never represented in any of his multiple legal filings in multiple courts that he in fact declassified any documents — much less supported such a representation with competent evidence
    • [7]Prelogar wrote in the 32-page brief on President Donald Trump bid

Quotes about Elizabeth Prelogar edit

  • I am incredibly proud that the new solicitor general is a Boisean. Elizabeth Prelogar is distinctly qualified for the position, having served in the solicitor general’s office for years and already argued before the Supreme Court nine times
    • [8] Boise Mayor Lauren McLean said in a written statement to the Idaho Statesman
  • Prelogar’s confirmation is not only timely, but also important to people like me who recognize the need for more women to serve our country throughout each branch of government
    • [9] on Prelogar appointment

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