Betty Irabor

Nigerian columnist, philanthropist, writer, publisher and founder of Genevieve magazine

Betty Irabor (March 25, 1957) is a Nigerian columnist, philanthropist, writer, publisher and founder of Genevieve magazine. She previously had a column in Black & Beauty magazine in the United Kingdom. She also has a foundation that promotes breast cancer awareness, early detection and treatment.

Betty Irabor, Founder and Publisher, Genevieve Magazine in 2016

Quotes edit

  • "I also realised one thing, the reason I wasn’t sleeping was not only because I had chronic insomnia, but I was so busy thinking about not sleeping. The idea of me not sleeping engulfed me. By this time, I had stopped going to church or praying."
    • [1] Betty speaks on suicide attempt in 2019.
  • "He makes a way where there’s no way. He moves mountains and fills valleys. He makes the blind to see. He loves me unconditionally. His word never returns to Him void."
    • [2] Betty Eulogize God in 2019.
  • "Remain humble. Give back. Take care of you. Stay fab, don’t hate; hating takes too much effort."
    • [3] Betty shares 15 lessons in 2018.
  • "I have since learnt that there is a process to success and that process can break or build us depending on our beliefs and inner strength. Our thoughts can make or mar us so be careful what you’re thinking about."
    • [4] Betty on her success journey in 2018.
  • "We have walked on that street called hope but having each other makes it bearable. It requires sacrifice & it takes effort & nurturing. You want a good marriage? Work at it!"
    • [5] Betty on Successful Marriage in 2017.
  • Some people eventually die at 80 but the Truth is, they have been dead since they were in their 30s”

… don’t let that be you.Live well… Travel light.

    • [6] Inspiring Quotes from Betty Irabor on her 62nd birthday.
  • Life is too short to wear tight shoes”… so hey, come on!!
    • [7] quotes from Betty Irabor on her 62nd birthday.
  • Sometimes you just gotta turn your back and walk away…your peace of mind counts the most.
  • Life is Not a popularity contest…be your authentic self…
    • [9] quotes from Betty Irabor on her 62nd birthday.
  • Just dance…it’s okay not to be such a hot stepper… everyone misses a beat now and again.
    • [10]quotes from Betty Irabor on her 62nd birthday.
  • Be mindful how you treat your staff, because if you treat them shabbily, they would not put their best.
  • Anti-ageing should begin with de-clogging the body and the mind from years o f grime instead of covering it up with creams and makeup. Some of the bad choices we make in life can age us faster than calendar years.
    • [12] she talks on aging.
  • When you save the life of one woman, you save a generation who would otherwise be without a mother.
    • [13] On the Genevieve Pink Ball.
  • Change begins with how we as women see, treat and fight for other women. Change truly begins when we do.
    • [14] quote On Change.
  • Appreciating the moments with enthusiasm and a “can do” spirit separates the achievers from the rest.
    • [15] quote on success.
  • Don’t dwell too much on what you haven’t achieved, rather focus on how to achieve it. It’s never too late to start again even after starting again.
    • [16] Instagram motivation on achievement.
  • I love what I am doing especially as it is impacting people. Genevieve changed my way of thinking from “what if I fail?” to “what if I succeed?”.
    • [17] On Changing Lives
  • No woman should be anybody’s fool. But if you say should a woman stoop to conquer, then why not.
  • Celebrity couples should stop living their lives on twitter and Instagram; it’s ok in the real world for couples to disagree.
    • [19] quote On Celebrity Marriages.
  • Personally, I don’t think any woman is ugly. Beauty is as much in character as it is in the physical.
    • [20] talks on Beauty.
  • make no apologies for who you are. adorn your life with roses… fragrances and yes, you can stay fab at any age as long as you don’t outsource your happiness… defy all ageing sterotypes…wear your heels, swirl and strike a pose. work that body!
  • No struggle or journey in life is a piece of cake… but the icing on the cake is when our tests become testimonies.
    • [22] Betty Irabor shares motivating quote before her 60th birthday.
  • Be a leader with a heart… don’t take all the credit for what it took a team to build. encourage your team to have bigger goals and appreciate everyone’s contribution.
    • [23] Betty Irabor shares motivating quote before her 60th birthday.
  • There will be days when you feel, “why me o” but they will come and go and you will be back on your feet..

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