Ange Kagame

daughter of Paul Kagame

Ange Kagame (born September 8, 1993) is the second child and only daughter of Paul Kagame, current president of Rwanda. She has been involved in causes that include women's empowerment, education, and poverty eradication as well as mass vaccination campaigns.

Ange Kagame 2014


  • Growing up, my parents made reading a top priority. My parent’s emphasis on reading is not confined to our home, they have made it a priority for our entire country. Education is the key to our country’s future.
  • Celebrating 20 years of Rwanda's independence leaves our peers with a great responsibility. The passion of our parents made us the first generation to live in a Rwanda that is full of value and human attraction. It is our duty to protect and leave what our parents were willing to die for(Kwizihiza imyaka 20 u Rwanda rwibohoye bisigiye urungano rwacu inshingano zikomeye. Inshungu z’ababyeyi bacu zatumye tuba igisekuru cya mbere kibayeho mu Rwanda rwuje agaciro no kureshya kwa muntu. Ni inshingano zacu kurinda no gusigasira icyo ababyeyi bacu bari biteguye gupfira).
  • It's not good to go into something without putting your whole heart into it."(Si byiza kujya mu kintu utagishyizeho umutima wawe wose".)
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