Anna Bravo

Italian historian

Anna Bravo (1938 – 8 December 2019) was an Italian social historian and feminist.

She was an associate professor of social history at the University of Turin, and a member of the Italian Society of Female Historians. She listed her research interests as holocaust and genocide Studies, cosmology (anthropology), and philology.

She was associated with the Alexander Langer Foundation, as a member of its Scientific Board of the Institute for the study of the Resistance Movement and of Contemporary Society.



Nel 1970 Joreen scrive the Bitch Manifesto, ironico, cattivo, allegro e limpido...: le Puttane ben riuscite sono quelle che hanno una relazione con una persona o un'organizzazione, ma non sposano niente e nessuno-veri soggetti nomadi ante-litteram.

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