Malebogo Molefhe

Motswana activist against Gender based violence

Malebogo Molefhe (born c. 1980) is a Motswana basketball player who became an activist against gender based violence after being shot eight times. In 2017, she received an International Women Of Courage Award.


  • Being able to open up teaches you so many fundamental values about yourself and also increases your confidence in looking out to the world, facing them and strengthening yourself.
  • It's very important that women realize they have great potential they can [reach] without depending on men for everything. Malebogo Molefhe of Botswana Honored For Gender-Based Violence Activism by Brittney McNamara [04/04/2017]

  • Our biggest downfall as women is, not reporting cases and/or dropping them when we should be letting the law take its course, this alone works against our fighting spirit for gender equality This Was In Solidarity With South African Women's Month. Botswana Guardian [13/08/2021]

  • The fundamental question that we need to ask ourselves is today, What is that, that women have done to men that is so bad, that men cant forgive? It seems like there is so much rage that men are out for blood, what is the problem? Until we ask ourselves these undesirable tough questions, until we look deep within ourselves as individuals, as women and as men and introspect and allow all these stories that we share with you to be a reminder that no one is immune to violence.
  • Innocent lives are being lost, it is entirely up to us, each and every one of us to raise awareness in all ways possible because the future of our kids depend on it.
  • All these things happen because as a country, as individuals, we have lost the village, we have lost the community, we have lost that thing that used to hold us together, that thing that we call botho or humility. Women- we are slowly losing that thing that is the glue that used to hold us together, but that glue is not holding anymore. Young boys are left in a latch with no role models to look up to. The only way that they learn to express themselves is only to excat force nad be aggressive.
  • Gender based violence is for all that is why it is equally imperative to balance the conversations by involving men. Women cannot do it alone, because women do not beat themselves up, they do not kill themselves nor do they rape themselves. The have carried this fight for too long. They have cried, they have marched, they have partitioned, they have danced, they have screamed about the issue of GBV now its time that also you men hold each other accountable and help women fight this monster.
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  • My Goal in Botswana is to see the life of young girl changed, is to see a brave girl who is courageous enough to walk out when they are in situation of violence.
  • I want to see a young girl who is educated and who is proud of themselves enough to say, "I did this" and they don't need any validation from anyone.
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