Bogolo Kenewendo

Motswana economist and politician

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo (born c. 1987) is a Motswana global economist and politician. She is the former Cabinet Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry of Botswana. Kenewendo was dropped from cabinet in March 2020. Since then, she has served as the Managing Director of Kenewendo Advisory, based in Gaborone, Botswana. She leads the Molaya Kgosi Women Leadership and Mentorship Program and is the Board Chair of the Molaya Kgosi Trust.

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo in 2018


  • There are positions of leadership that exist that we should take them up; we shouldn't shy away from speaking our voices. We should find a way to demand justice when it's necessary. Especially when it comes to the protection of women and children's rights.
  • We all deserve equal opportunity. Opportunity creates better livelihoods and opens up a world of possibilities for all. (16 April 2021) Retrieved 9 July 2022 [citation needed]
  • Fighting climate change is a global challenge that requires authentic and inclusive regional and local collaboration.
  • As once the youngest Cabinet Minister in Africa and in Botswana’s history, I will also seize this opportunity to help elevate the voices of young people and women, in particular, who are key to helping accelerate our goal of halving emissions by 2030.
  • So, I my advice to young people that want to be involved in politics, whether by joining government or just influencing policy, is to use their voices and use the various platforms in a very constructive manner, and constructive manner doesn’t mean you should always be in the side of government. If you’re on the side of government all the time, then you’re not really adding value.

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