Athaliah Molokomme

Attorney General of Botswana, gender activist, former high judge, human rights lawyer and author

Dr Athaliah Maoka Lesiba Molokomme (born 4 December 1959) is the attorney general of Botswana and is the first woman to hold that position. Molokomme has been committed to advocacy for women's rights at conferences, workshops, and seminars around the world.

Dr Athaliah Molokomme in 2011

Quotes edit

  • Women always bring something extra, I think that there's a different perspective that women can bring to the table.[citation needed]
  • The institution of chieftainship and the installation of Botswana's first woman paramount chief cannot be seen in isolation from the tremendous socioeconomic changes that have taken place in our country and the world.
  • Bagamalete have shown us that culture and tradition are dynamic and not static, and that they can be adapted to suit socioeconomic change for the benefit of that same culture.

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