Elizabeth Nerwande

Mining Executive in Zimbabwe

Elizabeth Nerwande (born in October 1967) is the Corporate Affairs Executive for Mimosa Mining Company in Zimbabwe. She has been president of Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines from 2019 to May 2021 ([1]).

She has worked as Executive Director of the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe from 1999 to 2003 and also as CEO for Zimtrade from 2004 to 2006. She was subsequently appointed Commissionner General of Aichi Japan Expo after her tenure at Zimtrade. Elizabeth Nerwande is an entrepreneur in Personal/Corporate image branding.


  • “Let us position ourselves strategically where our strengths lie along the value chain and we will be sure to reap the benefits of our endeavours."
    • [2] Elizabeth Nerwande speaking during Women in Mining Conference on the sidelines of the Mine Entra expo in Bulawayo in 2019.
  • "The Chamber in the due course must operate an up-to-date resource centre that elimmintaes the "black box" mentality where information becomes available after a crash, adding that members should be able to access information at the click of a button. Focus in most advanced economies has thus been on ensuring availability of quality information that is relevant to its users."
    • [3] Elizabeth Nerwande speaks on prioritizing the upgrade of the Chamber’s resource centre in 2020 June, 15.
  • "Remember, the most meaningful victory we win is over ourselves. Above all be disciplined. Be focused. Be committed and take responsibility."
    • [4] The Sunday Mail September 2021

Quotes about Elizabeth Nerwande

  • Elizabeth has been a champion in community development by mining companies and this saw Mimosa transforming the face of Zvishavane through various community projects and empowerment projects. As part of that vision Mimosa has one of the best football clubs in Zimbabwe, FC Platnum.
  • "Ms Liz" as she is popularly known takes mentoring other women seriously."I am a living testimony of Liz's mentorship - you cannot be around her and remain the same.
  • In one of her interviews she made the point that women have really never clamoured for special treatment in the workplace but rather for recognition for their strengths and expertise.
  • Ms Nerwande, for instance, demonstrated her dynamism by ascending to the top echelons of both the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe(CoMZ) and Mimosa Mining Company – where she is the Head of Corporate Affairs – despite the fact that she didn’t have the technical background when she switched to mining a few years ago, she had learnt quite a lot about the extractive sector while consulting for some of the country’s leading mining houses.
    She has since transformed herself into an expert of note in mining matters. “The Iron Lady of mining”, has also passionately worked towards the economic prosperity of all Zimbabweans, regardless of their gender, while also uplifting women who are still burdened by the disproportionate costs of mining, through various corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Masvingo Mirror, Breaking the glass ceilingː the case of Liz Nerwande. 21 March 2021.