Elizabeth Itotia

Kenyan nuclear pharmacist (born 1992)

Dr. Elizabeth Elizabeth Wangari Itotia (born c. 1992), is a nuclear pharmacist from Kenya. She is the first Kenyan woman to qualify as a Nuclear pharmacist also referred to as a radiopharmacist. As of July 2021, she is one of only two similarly qualified people in Kenya, the other being a man. She is currently employed as a member of the nuclear pharmacy team at Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH).

Dr Elizabeth Itotia


  • I feel really proud being the first female in the field. It shows that if given a chance, women can equally shine in any field.
  • So, you just trust your judgment and hope for the best, which at times is like stepping on a minefield where anything can happen.
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