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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon XY: Kalos Quest, the eighteenth season of the Pokémon animated series.

Pathway to Performance PartneringEdit

Thawing an Icy PanicEdit

[Ramos uses his Gogoat's Vine Whip to rescue Ash from Vanillish and Vanilluxe's wrath]
Ramos: Hold on, whippersnapper, you'll freeze!
Ash: Alright, I've got to stop those two!
Ramos: Young man, attacking head on can be a good thing at times. Other times, you have to take the side roads.
Ash: The side roads? What do you mean?

[Ash had just discussed that he is here in Courmarine City for a Gym Battle]
Ramos: A Gym Battle, eh? I'm sure the Gym Leader would be more than happy to accept your challenge. Well then, see you again. [Ramos rides on his Gogoat, heading back home]
Ash, Serena, Nurse Joy, Clemont and Bonnie: Goodbye sir!
Clemont: [freaks out because he realizes something] That man is a Grass-type Gym Leader!
Ramos: [stops his Gogoat before turning around] Yes, I'm the Courmarine Gym Leader. I'll be waiting for ya! [continues riding back to his gym]

The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!Edit

Ramos: [seeing Ash tear through the weeds at a rapid pace] No, no. Ash, you mustn't yank the weeds out so carelessly. Look closely. [parts some weeds aways to reveal some new sprouts] See? If you get all caught up with the things that are right in front of ya, you may lose sight of what's important.
Ash: Lose sight of what's important...
Ramos: You see, the first thing you need to do is to calm your mind. If you observe closely with a calm mind, you'll be able to discern the important things, especially during Gym Battles.
Ash: Right, I get you now!

Ash: Use Double Team!
[Frogadier creates copies of itself and run around Weepinbell]
Ramos: Well, that sure is an impressive Double Team. Weepinbell, Grass Knot!

[As Frogadier uses its frubbles to cover itself from Weepinbell's Poison Powder]
Ramos: I've never would have thought of that in a million years.
Clemont: That explains his choice.
Ash: Double Team, one more time!
Ramos: No, not again. Weepinbell, Grass Knot!

Ramos: [while petting his Gogoat] Ah, you're usually so calm. Instead, you're all fired up. [to Ash] You know, I'm all fired up too. Now off you go and use Razor Leaf!

Ramos: No matter how many times you try, that move [Double Team] won't work. Vine Whip!

Under the Pledging Tree!Edit

The Moment of Lumiose Truth!Edit

[Chespin walks into the bleachers grumbling over the fact that Clemont did not pick him for the battle]
Bonnie: Huh? You're not battling, Chespin?
Chespin: Chespin-pin! [No, I am not!]
Bonnie: Then you can cheer with all of us! [Braixen and Pancham convince Chespin to do so as well]
Chespin: Chespin Chespin! [Ok then! I'll do that!]

Clemont: [recalls Heliolisk] Great job Heliolisk! Take a good rest! You surprised me. I really thought I had you on the ropes. Tell me what that opening you saw was.
Ash: Its frills.
Clemont: Huh? What about them?
Ash: You see, every time Heliolisk uses an attack, it stops moving for a second. So all I had to do was watch and wait for that to happen. [Everyone stares in shock] It happens really fast, but with Hawlucha's speed, we could pull it off and then Hawlucha's High Jump Kick did the rest.

A Fashionable Battle!Edit

Bonnie: That girl's [Valerie] a keeper! Will you take care of my brother?
Valerie: [confused] I'm a keeper?

Sawyer: Bagon, use Dragon Breath! [Bagon complies and hits Spritzee easily] Yeah! I landed the first attack! Huh?
[The smoke clears and Spritzee appears unscathed!]
Spritzee: Spritzee. [That's all you got?]
Sawyer: How can it be? I'm sure it made contact. [It did, but he's about to find out why it did not work. As Sawyer ponders about it, Spritzee flies towards Valerie, who snickers a bit]
Clemont: Ah, you see, Spritzee's a Fairy-type and Dragon-type moves have no effect at all on Fairy-types! [What is also worse is the fact that Dragon-types are weak to Fairy types]

Fairy-Type Trickery!Edit

[Valerie walks over to her podium and takes a bow, finally meeting Ash face to face.]
Valerie: I welcome you all to my gym. I believe your name is Ash, right? How many gym badges do you have?
Ash: I have five of them right now and after this, I'll have six gym badges!
Valerie: [giggles] Such spirit. You certainly are confident, aren't you? But I won't let you win that easily.

[Valerie interacts with her Sylveon by speaking Sylveon's language, much to Ash and Pikachu's shock]
Ash: It's just like Serena said. Valerie talks with Pokemon.
Valerie: [hearing this, she looks back to Ash, but cheerfully admits...] Honestly, I've always wanted to be a Pokemon, so I managed to speak like one.
Ash: Awesome.
Valerie: It's true I can't communicate with all Pokemon but I can understand what most of what my Pokemon are telling me.
Sawyer: She learned to talk to Pokemon because she wanted to BE a Pokemon?!
Valerie: I use Fairy-type Pokemon in my Gym. I happened to be quite strong, so watch your step.

[Sylveon swings Fletchinder around with its feelers]
Valerie: So what do you think, Ash? Sylveon's ribbons can do more than just flutter beautifully, you see. While Fairy Types are graceful, they all possess dangerous hidden fangs.

[Sylveon collapses and faints from Fletchinder's Steel Wing.]
Valerie: [horrified] Sylveon! [The Furisode Girls all stare in shock as well] Kali, make the call!
Kali: Right....Sylveon is unable to battle. Fletchinder wins.

[Note: Since Kali is identified as the one in the Black Furisode, the other three Furisode Girls are based off the ones the player faces in Valerie's Gym in the Pokemon X and Y games.]
Linnea: Valerie's using Trick Room!
Blossom: And if so, that could only mean one thing...
Katherine: Valerie's totally serious about this battle!

[Trick Room deactivates]
Valerie: [disappointed] Dear, we're out of time...
Ash: Fletchinder, use Steel Wing! [Valerie is shocked by this attack]

[Fletchinder struck Spritzee with Steel Wing]
Ash: Alright!
Valerie: Not so fast. [Ash is confused] MOONBLAST! [Spritzee does so, knocking out Fletchinder]

Valerie: Thank you, but I must say, your multiple Flame Charges were a good idea. It's been a while since I've been surprised like that.
Sawyer: That Moonblast. That was another dangerous hidden fang.
Clemont: Ash took much too long and he paid a heavy price for doing that. [Waiting too long for Trick Room to deactivate in order to strike]

[As Ash sends in Hawlucha into battle, Hawlucha strikes multiple poses]
Valerie: [highly amused] My, my! Quite an amusing Pokemon!

[Hawlucha gets hit by Spritzee's Moonblast causing him to hit the Trick Room wall, but luckily, he is okay to continue]
Ash: Yep, it's strong.
Valerie: [surprised] My, you can talk to your Pokemon too, right?
Ash: Not really talking. It's more like I can sense what they mean. I just kind of know. [Both Pikachu and Hawlucha agree with him]
Valerie: [admirably] You have much promise.

[Ash orders Hawlucha to stand still and watch Spritzee's movements]
Valerie: He's such an interesting boy, so let's see what he's planning. [At this point, Spritzee stops zooming around] Use Gyro Ball. [Spritzee does so]
Ash: Hawlucha, catch that! [Spritzee just fell right into Ash's trap! Gyro Ball is a Steel Type move and it does not work well against Fighting types like Hawlucha. As soon as Spritzee hits Hawlucha, Hawlucha grabs Spritzee and spins as well]

[Ash merged victorious in his Gym battle]
Blossom: I just can't believe Valerie lost...
Linnea: I haven't seen that in so long.
[Valerie walks over to her defeated Spritzee]
Valerie: Spritzee! Sprit-Spritzee? [Spritzee, are you alright?]
Spritzee: [weakly] Spritzee. [I think so.]
Valerie: Sprit-Spritzee. [That's okay] You gave it your best effort. I'm so proud of you and Sylveon as well. [recalls her Spritzee and turns her attention to Ash.] That was truly well done! I haven't been that inspired in a while.

[Valerie and her assistant, Kali, walk up to Ash.]
Valerie: Ash, you know how a trainer's heart becomes one with their Pokemon when they're backed into a corner during a battle? I'm wondering, why is that?
Ash: [a bit confused while looking at Pikachu, Fletchinder and Hawlucha] I'm not really sure...but I do know what you mean!
Valerie: [smiles before handing Ash his 6th Kalos Gym Badge, the Fairy Badge] Here's proof that you won at the Laverre Gym. I present to you the Fairy Badge. Congratulations!