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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: The Johto Journeys, the third season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the further adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to Johto and meets new friends.

Don't Touch that 'DileEdit

Jessie: [referring to the escaped Totodile, whose jaw is clamped down on her hair] This thing's becoming a big headache!
James: Jessie, just think of it as a Pokémon hair extension.
Jessie: [stomping several times] I DON'T FIND THIS FUNNY!

The Double Trouble HeaderEdit

Brock: Yeah! That's the spirit, Casey!
Misty: Er, Brock, aren't we supposed to be on Ash's side?
Brock: I usually root for the underdog cos the underdog is usually Ash.
Misty: I didn't think of that. Destroy 'em Casey!
Brock: Go, Casey!
Ash (annoyed): Some friends they are.

A Sappy EndingEdit

Misty: [gasps] Togepi! Togepi! Come back here! [Togepi is going to fall down and Misty desperate grabbed it]
James: [referring to tree sap] It's sweet, and it's yummy, and it tastes like honey! It's delicious, and nutritious and, it's free!

Roll On, Pokémon!Edit

Brock: What a gem, so absolutely priceless, I never imagined there'd be such a treasure hidden in this valley, never imagined anything so precious and beautiful...
[Ash and Misty groan]
Ash: It's just a rock...
Misty: I think he means Rochelle...

Illusion ConfusionEdit

Hagatha: Oh I forgot to mention, since I'm the one who raised it, this Hoothoot only gets along with pretty girls.
Misty: Oh, is that right Hoothoot? Do you like pretty girls?
Hoothoot: Hoot, hoot...
Ash: Too bad there aren't any here.
[Misty and Hagatha glare at Ash with demon-like expressions while Hagatha growls]
Misty: What did you say Ash Ketchum?!

Flower PowerEdit

Jessie: [to Meowth] We needed you to warm up the crowd, not to cool them off...
James: Now they'll never get to see Jessie and me dance...
Meowth: An' you t'ink that's a bad t'ing?

Spinarak AttackEdit

James: Meowth! Why are you eating out of that priceless piece of pottery?!
Meowth: It makes the chow taste better.

Snubbull SnobberyEdit

Jessie: Sorry to break up the party.
James: And the marriage.
Meowth: [with Snubbull biting on his tail] I'm in extreme pain here!

The Little Big HornEdit

Jenny: Would you mind coming with me?
Brock: Oh boy, where should we go Officer? For a romantic stroll in this beautiful urban oasis?
Jenny: You don't get it; I'd like you to come down to the station so I can fill out a report.
Brock: Great, but it sure is an unusual first date.
[Ash and Misty groan]
Misty: He doesn't have a clue...

The Chikorita RescueEdit

Ash: Team Rocket, prepare for trouble! On second thought, make that double!
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation?
James: To unite all peoples within our nation?
Ash: Maybe you think I'm a little too brash, but the master is here, and my name... [turning towards the Team Rocket Trio] is Ash!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
[Ash, with a large Poké Ball in the background, poses with one in his outstretched arm.]
My Pokémon team is faster than light! Surrender now, or you're in for a fight!
Meowth: Me-owth, that's right!
Jessie: [grunts as she pushes Meowth to the floor]
[to Ash] How dare you mangle our motto!
James: That is copyrighted material!
Meowth: Copycat!

Once in A Blue MoonEdit

[Meowth holds up a round object with a happy expression]
Jessie: What are you so happy about? What's that thing you've got there?
Meowth: It's just an old lawn ornament, there's a bunch o' neat stuff over in that field an' it's all round...
Jessie: Small minds are easily amused.

The Whistle StopEdit

[Jessie and James are sending out their Pokémon to battle Ash and crew.]
Jessie: Lickitung, go!
James: Victreebel, too!
Lickitung: Licki!
Victreebel: [screams as it chows down on James]
James: [gibberish, that when backmasked, has James saying "Leo Burnett and 4Kids are the devil! Leo Burnett...!". This line was recorded in protest of 4Kids' decision to give their voice work to Leo Burnett Worldwide, which enabled them to not have to pay voice actors for Pokémon commercials. This, according to James' actor Eric Stuart, indirectly revoked his health care plan, and as a result, the line was recorded and inserted into this episode. Because 4Kids got in trouble for the line, however, it is replaced with James wailing in later releases.]

Ignorance is BlisseyEdit

Ash: Some night. I didn't do anything wrong and I still got sent to bed without any supper.
Ash: Tell that to my stomach.

A Bout with SproutEdit

Ash: The most important thing a new Pokémon Trainer has to remember is... Uh... Let's see now, uh, what was it?... It's on the tip of my tongue... Uh...

Fighting Flyer with FireEdit

Falkner: Forfeit!
Ash: Forfeit?!
Falkner: It's supposed to be a trainer's responsibility to judge whether his Pokémon can continue to battle or not.

For Crying Out LoudEdit

Brock: Well ya know what ya always find in beautiful places like this, don't ya?
Ash & Misty: No Brock, what?
Brock: Beautiful girls... Guys, this could be it, this could be where I'm finally gonna meet the girl of my dreams!
Misty: That's crazy, what makes you think you're gonna find the girl of your dreams here?
Brock: Because she's standing right over there...

Misty: [to Wilhomina's Marill, after it angrily hits her] DON'T DO THAT! Go ahead, stay here and cry then!

Tanks A LotEdit

[After Togepi and Sentret drive away in the Team Rocket tank]
Meowth: Hey, how'd they do that?
Jessie: JAMES. Don't tell me you forgot to put the parking brake on!
James: Alright, what would you like me to tell you then?

Misty: [shocked] What?! Togepi is inside on that thing?! [running] Togepi!!

Misty: [disappointed scolding at Togepi] And you're not driving again until you're eighteen!

Charizard's Burning AmbitionsEdit

Ash: Charizard, I need to give me a ride.
[Charizard becomes shocked by Ash's request to give him a ride and shakes its head, as if it is saying "I'm sorry, but I can't give you a ride just yet."]

Liza: [To Charizard] You'll never be a great Charizard if you act tough and don't respect your own limitation.

Grin to WinEdit

James: [checking each Sunflora] Hmmm, the leaves on this one are out of proportion with its petals... This one has a nice smile, but its shape leaves something to be desired... This one's physically nice but it lacks personality... There's something insincere about this one's smile... This one just doesn't want to win badly enough, you can tell by the look in its eyes...

Chikorita's Big UpsetEdit

[Jessie and James are threatened by their robot gone haywire tugging on their ropes while Meowth sits up top in the balloon they're connected to]
Meowth: [before extending his claws] Time for emergency measures... Hah!
Jessie: Wait a second, what are you going to do?
James: We're your friends, you can't cut us loose!
Meowth: The two o' you are weighin' this t'ing down so I'm gonna have ta exercise my escape claws! [his claws now touch the ropes]
Jessie: That actually makes a great deal of sense... YOU TRAITOR!

Foul Weather FriendsEdit

Meowth: We want them Hoppip so we can start our own business an' go legit'.
Jessie: We never do anything honest!
Meowth: We could still cheat on our taxes, couldn't we?

The Superhero SecretEdit

Gligarman: That's some daughter I have...
Brock: Yeah, she sure is, wonder where she disappeared to? She was here a minute ago.

Mild 'N WoolyEdit

James: When I was a boy, practically every stitch of clothing I owned; sweaters, socks, unmentionables, everything was made of Mareep wool.
Jessie: [shocked] Huh?!
James: It was... like heaven. I had snugly little Mareep wool shorts, cute little Mareep wool mittens, a scarf of course and the most adorable Mareep wool stocking cap you've ever seen. My schoolmates were so envious they beat me nearly every day.

Wired for BattleEdit

Misty: Shingo can't watch the battle and his computer at the same time.
Pikachu: Pika.
Muramasa: He's starting to realize where his attention should be.

Good 'Quil HuntingEdit

[After the usual Team Rocket motto]
Meowth: Meowth! That's right!... But This ain't!
[Only Misty and Brock are present]
Jessie: Where are Pikachu and the twerp?!
Misty: Neither of them is here right now!
Jessie: Whoops! In that case we take all that back. Let's go.

[Cyndaquil burns the jerkish trainer with flamethrower and send him running]


A Shadow of a DroughtEdit

Jessie: [referring to the water supply] What?! It's all gone! Meowth drank the canteen dry!
James: Hey! We were all supposed to get a share!
Meowth: I know, but my share was on the bottom.

Going ApricornEdit

Meowth: [referring to the Apricorns] If we can get our paws on them Pokéballs, people will pay a pretty penny for 'em cos them things don't grow on trees ya know.
James: Actually Meowth, if you really had been listening to every word, you would have heard the sweet little girl say those Pokéballs really do grow on trees.
Jessie: Forget it James, there's money to be made.

Gettin' the Bugs OutEdit

Bugsy: Wrong, miss. This is definitely a Pokémon Gym. The Azalea Town Gym and if you don't mind saying so, miss, your ignorance is showing. Because everyone knows that Bug Pokémon are the best Pokémon in the world.
Bugsy: I don't have to tell you who I am. You're the ones who ought to be telling me who you are.

Bugsy: Have you ever heard the saying, the trainer who learns the rules of the Bug Pokémon learns to rule the Bug Pokémon?
Ash: No, who said that?
Bugsy: Me, weren't ya listening?

A Farfetch'd TaleEdit

Sylvester: [to his father] Have you seen... uh... my Farfetch'd?
Sylvester's father: I knew it; you let that thing run away again, didn't ya?
Sylvester: I, I didn't say it ran away!
Sylvester's father: Well if it didn't run away how come you're lookin' for it?
Sylvester: Uh, well I...
Sylvester's father: You just can't do anything right, can ya?!
Misty: He's scary...
Brock: I'm ready to apologise to him and I didn't even do anything!

Tricks of the TradeEdit

James: [to Victreebel] Just remember how well I take care of you the next time you decide to bite the head that waters you.

The Fire-in SquadEdit

Meowth: We're gonna have ta do this the 'charred' way!
Jessie: Let's blast them James.
James: I believe that's my cue, to barbecue!

No Big WoopEdit

Jessie: [referring to Wooper] I can't do it; I can't look at that sweet little face and stay angry...
James: It's absolutely adorable, isn't it Jessie?
Meowth: It reminds me of me.

Tunnel VisionEdit

[Jigglypuff and Snubbull are currently fighting by slapping each other]
Jessie: Get in there Meowth; can't you see that Snubbull's in danger? Quit standing around gawking and do something to help out!
James: What are you waiting for?
Meowth: I was kinda waitin' fer Jigglypuff ta slap that Snubbull silly.

Hour of the HoundourEdit

Meowth: [as he steals food from Nurse Joy] Time ta say Ciao to yer chow!

The Totodile DuelEdit

Misty: [astonished] I just caught a tea kettle...
Ash: It put up a pretty good fight though.
Brock: Could ya throw it back and try for a coffee maker?
Misty: I came here for Pokémon, not appliances!

Ash: Misty is kind of scaring me.
Brockː She's almost as scary as that Mini-Misty.
Misty: Don't mess with me or Mini-Misty.

Hot MatchesEdit

Wobbuffet: [appears] Wob-buffet!
Jessie: [to Wobbuffet] Must you always butt into our business?!
Wobbuffet: [nodding] Wobba Wobba Wobba Wobba Wobba.
Jessie: [recalling Wobbuffet] I was afraid you'd say that.

Love, Totodile StyleEdit

Ash: [referring to Totodile and Quagsire] I think Totodile just found a new girlfriend.
Pikachu: Pika?
Misty: [groans] Oh great, just what we need... A Pokémon that acts just like Brock...
James: I knew we shouldn't had eaten all that food.
Jessie: Well, that's what we get for being nice to a Pokemon on an empty stomach.
Pikachu: Pika, Pikachu!
Meowth: Hey, pipe down, Pikachu.
Jessie: So, what if our circus plan didn't work? Even if Azumarill won't perform, The Boss will still pay us for three rare Pokemon.
Meowth: (laughs) Yeah!
James: Let's go!

Fowl PlayEdit

Meowth: That rule stuff's a lot o' baloney! Rules fer decent honourable trainers don't apply ta us!

Forest GrumpsEdit

Misty: [referring to their position] We're just a few feet from the bottom!
Meowth: If we'd had known that we coulda' taken your Pokémon last night!
Misty: [annoyed] You were gonna to take my Pokémon, were ya?!
Meowth: [nervous] I meant we was gonna take yer Pokémon fer a nice walk in the moonlight...
Jessie: Hey, wait a second. All of the Ursaring are gone and Team Rocket's back together. So that must mean... WE CAN BATTLE YOU FOR PIKACHU!!!!

The Psychic SidekicksEdit

James: Our mirror ploy also has the contributing secondary effect of damaging a Psychic Pokémon's confidence against Ghost Pokémon, consequently eroding its trainer's faith and trust in the Pokémon's natural abilities and talents.
Jessie: I had no idea you had such an analytical mind.
Meowth: How'd ya t'ink o' that?
James: I just made it up as I went along.
Jessie & Meowth: [clapping] Ohhhh...

The Fortune HuntersEdit

Jessie: I've heard all about these little books, I've been meaning to shoplift one.

James: I am the flame that burns brightest!
[James flies downward in a Moltres costume.]
James: A flame that lights the night! A flame that shatters the darkness! I am a flaming Moltres! Bwahahahahah!
[Moltres' cry can be heard.]
Meowth: [looking unimpressed] 'Dat outfit... Where'd he get it?
Jessie: I think that costume came right out of his closet...

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