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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension (advertised as Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension), aired in Japan as Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール Poketto Monsutā Daiyamondo & Pāru?), the eleventh season of the Pokémon animated series, covering the continuing adventures of Diamond and Pearl series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he continues to travel Sinnoh with Dawn, Pikachu, and Brock.

Tears For Fears!Edit

Ash: Come on, Brock! Lunch ready yet?
Dawn: Brock's right, you know. Do something!

Meowth: Focus on the here and now. It's the first day of the rest of your life!

Jessie: Surf those nets!
Brock: What the--?
Dawn: Not you guys again!

Once There Were Greenfields!Edit

James: That's my Grass-type! Go grow your own.

Throwing The Track SwitchEdit

The Keystone Pops!Edit

Meowth: No recipe? [Jessie and James laugh nervously, but Jessie becomes furious]
Jessie: YOU toasted your last roast, and it's YOUR turn to get on the spit. Nobody messes around with MY meal!

Jessie: Being clueless can be a bad habit!

Old Woman: If they think they can capture Spiritomb, they're dumber than they look.

Old Woman: They're MUCH dumber than they look.

Ash: Listen, is that bad guy talk I hear?
Dawn: It speaks to me loud and clear!
Ash: On the wind!
Dawn: Past the stars...
Brock: In your ear!

Bibarel Gnaws Best!Edit

Nosing 'Round the Mountain!Edit

James: [singing] This is the way me make the antenna, make the antenna, make the antenna, this is the way we make the antenna, so early in the morning!

Luxray Vision!Edit

Marble: I was just about to say the same thing!

Journey to the Unown!Edit

Kenny: I am kinda surprised you didn't even know what the name of the evolved form of Aipom is, Dee-Dee.
Ash: Kenny, why do you call her Dee-Dee?
Dawn: NO! [Dawn desperately grabs Ash's mouth] ASH, DON'T GO THERE!
Brock: Mm-hmm, guess everybody's got secrets hidden in their closet.

Ash: Where are we?
Brock: Looks like we're completely blocked in.
[Ash and Brock suddenly hear Kenny screaming]
Kenny: [frightened] Th-The walls are all weird!
Ash: Kenny! Relax, Kenny! It's us!
Kenny: But look at the walls! They're breathing or something!
Ash: Just relax! Take a deep breath.
Kenny: You mean you're not scared?

Team Shocker!Edit

Contesta: A marvelous win! Is this your first ribbon?
Jessie: Ahaha! You can say the most embarrassing things!

Meowth: You know, I think Jessie must have been so carefree cranked and confident about winning this time around that not even her brain could catch up!
James: Especially with a brain that slow.

Tanks for the Memories!Edit

[Ash and his Pokémon are dressed as maids]
Ash: Isn't this a bit over the top?
Spring: I'm sorry, but that's all we've got...
Summer: Don't worry about it. You look great!

Hot Springing a Leak!Edit

Dawn: Leona!
Leona: Dee-Dee!
Leona: OK, I give!

Leona: Hold on...
Dawn: What's up, Leona? Something wrong?
Leona: I know our hot spring water like the back of my hand. The way it smells and looks, and this water's the same!
[Leona dips her hand in the water to check it out]
Leona: I knew it! It feels the same, too!
Swinub: Swinub!
Dawn: Obviously your Swinub agree.

Ash: Why do Dawn's old friends call her Dee-Dee?
Leona: Ash, you don't know? Well, you see...
[Dawn comes over and pushes Leona's head underwater]

Riding the Winds of Change!Edit

[Turtwig’s attacks miss the Gliscor and Gligar]
Brock: Okay, return! [returns his Pokémon]
Dawn: Everybody! [returns her Pokémon]
Ash: [returns his Pokémon, except Turtwig] Brock, Dawn, you okay?
Brock: We’re fine.
Dawn: But who are those Pokémon?
Brock: Gliscor and Gligar.
Dawn: Wow, I gotta see this.
[Ash and Dawn open their Pokédexes]
Dawn’s Pokédex: Gligar, the FlyScorpion Pokémon. It glides using the membrane attached to its arms and legs, and attacks the face of its prey with its claws.
Ash’s Pokédex: Gliscor, the Fang Scorp Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gligar. It watches its prey as it hangs from trees by its tail and attacks from above when it sees the chance.

[Gligar falls on Ash when he tries to catch it]
Ash: Hey! Can't you watch where you fall?!

[Turtwig’s Energy Ball misses Team Rocket]
Brock: The distance is there...
Dawn: But the control isn’t!
Ash: Turtwig, try again and aim carefully.

[Turtwig's Energy Ball successfully destroys Team Rocket's balloon]
Jessie: [to Meowth] I wanted to net Gligar, not YOU!
Meowth: I guess it's back ta scrounging for our own sandwiches.
James: And consistently empty stomachs translate into just one thing...
Team Rocket: We're blasting off again!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
Ash: [To Turtwig] That was awesome. Now don’t forget how that felt.
Turtwig: [nods] Turtwig.

[After sending all Gligar back to the forest]
Nurse Joy: Oh, my. That’s a relief.
Officer Jenny: Now we can finally relax.
[One of the Gligar flies on-screen]
Gligar: Gli. [winks and licks its lips affectionately] Gligar!
Ash: Not again!
[Gligar lands on Ash and starts struggling]
Ash: Hey! Where'd you learn how to fly?!
Dawn: [drags Gligar off of Ash] Why didn't you go with your friends?
Gligar: [winks and licks its lips affectionately] Gli.
Brock: I'll tell you what I think: Gligar likes Ash.
Dawn and Ash: [confused] Huh?!
[Ash gasps in amazement, then looks at his Gligar friend]
Gligar: [smiling] Gligar.

Sleight of Sand!Edit

[when Butch and Cassidy arrived, with Dawn meeting them for the first time...]
Ash and Jessie: Cassidy...
Brock and James: ...and Biff!
Butch: [annoyed and irritated] I told you it's not "Biff", it's "Butch"! James, you're as bad as your twerps!
Dawn: I thought one Team Rocket was bad enough.
Cassidy: So, what are you doing here messing up the landscape, Jessie?
Jessie: Now, stop stealing all of my lines! What are you doing here?!
Cassidy: Ask Professor Bamba. [phone rings] Huh? [answers it] Hello there!
Dr. Namba: [on phone] It's "Namba"!
Cassidy: Uh... We're here on orders from Professor Namba. He wants to study the sand that Hippowdon sprayed out, so he sent us to capture one.
Jessie: You tell Professor fan-boy...! [phone rings] Huh?
Cassidy: Huh? [answers it, but throws it to Jessie] It's for you.
Jessie: Oh? [talks into it] Hello?
Dr. Namba: [on phone] It's still "Namba"!
Jessie: [groans] Alright, why didn't that loud mouth give us the orders instead of you? Let us not forget that the Sinnoh region is our turf! [throws the phone back to Cassidy, and Cassidy catches it]
Cassidy: Well, that's not what I hear. Giovanni told me personally that we're his two and only Sinnoh region reps.
[Jessie, James, and Meowth gasp in shock]
James: But we've been hitting the dusty Sinnoh trail since way back!
Butch: Perhaps you've all forgotten just how forgetable you fools can be.
Cassidy: True. Tee-hee. [she and Butch laugh evilly]
Jessie: [groans] Where'd you get that bucket of bolts?!
Butch: It's actually a present from Professor Kimba.
[phone rings and Butch answers it]
Dr. Namba: [on phone] It's "Namba"!
Ash: Now, Turtwig, use Razor Leaf, let's go! Help out Hippowdon!
Butch: It's one of Professor Namba's inventions.
James: [groans] We finance and build our own machines. It's just not fair that a brat named Bilge gets all the perks!
Butch: [enraged] I just told you, it's not "Bilge", it's "Butch"!
Ash: Now, Turtwig, use Razor Leaf, let's go! Help out Hippowdon! [sends Turtwig out]
Turtwig: Turtwig! Tur! (uses Razor Leaf to cut through the net)
Cassidy: We don't need twerp interference!

Lost Leader Strategy!Edit

Meowth: Yippee, yahoo!

Crossing the Battle Line!Edit

A Triple Fighting Chance!Edit

Dawn: [cheerleading] Come on, Ash! Go for it! Fight, fight, fight! Maylene, Maylene, do it right!
Brock: Wow, Dawn. Cheering for both sides?
Dawn: Well, I want to witness the greatest battle of all time!
Ash: That all? No prob!

Ash: Hang in, Chimchar!

Maylene: Well, you did great, Machoke. Thanks. And you, Ash, the way you switch from Quick Attack to Aerial Ace, I'm impressed!

Maylene: Lucario, excellent as always!

Referee: Both Pokémon are unable to battle! Therefore, this battle is a draw!

Maylene: Well then. Let's say that Ash challenged me to the greatest battle of all time. Wouldn't this be a good reason for you to agree? They agreed. Ash, please accept the Cobble Badge.

Enter Galactic!Edit

[Team Rocket are looking at some glowing meteorites]
Jessie: Those rocks are more valuable than the one in the boss' pinkie-ring!
Wobbuffet: Wobba!
James: Train your eyes on the way they just lay there like the whole lot of them are just longing for us to lock and load them away.
Wobbuffet: Wobba!
Meowth: Yippee-yay! [singing] Here we make off with the meteorites, the meteorites, the meteorites...
Jessie: Now, that's a nursery rhyme I can live by! Profound words bringing profound wealth.
James: Of course, carrying them will cause a profound hernia.
Wobbuffet: Wa...?!
Meowth: Huh?!
Jessie: Ah!
[They sigh in defeat]

[A helicopter lands on the grass and several grunts from Team Galactic jump out. Saturn climbs out as the grunts prepare to do their job, unaware that Team Rocket is watching them from behind a bush]
Team Rocket: They're here. And that wardrobe.
[Cut to Saturn]
Saturn: Start meteorite collection.
[A second helicopter lowers its claw to pick up one of the meteorites. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are still watching from behind the bush]
James: Upscale equipment!
Meowth: Yowza! Too rich for our bank account!
Jessie: (yells at James and Meowth) Will you yahoos stop nickel-and-diming?! Those are our meteors they're making off with!
[Meanwhile, Ash, Maylene, Lucario, Dawn and Brock are running to the meteorite field]
Maylene: Lucario says it has something to do with the meteorites in the park.
Brock: Did you call Officer Jenny?
Maylene: The phones are dead, so I sent Connally out as messenger.
Ash: Check out the helicopters! They've been hovering above the park all day long.
[Back in the meteorite field, a helicopter lowers its claw to pick up one of the meteorites, with Team Rocket still watching from behind the bush]
Jessie: (angrily) I will not witness my meteorites being manhandled by a bunch of bowl-headed fashion freaks!
Wobbuffet: Wa...?!
James: Wha?!
Meowth: But the place is crawling with bowl-heads!
Jessie: (yells at James and Meowth) Have you two ninnies that Team Rocket's middle name is Pride?!
[Then, they are spotted by a Galactic Grunt]
Team Galactic Grunt: What are you doing here?
Team Rocket: Ah!
Saturn: Hm. Not you losers again.
[Jessie jumps out from behind the bush]
Jessie: Your stupid team has much more to lose.
[James joins her]
James: Look in the mirror at the haircut you choose.
Jessie: "Cutting edge"?!
James: What a joke!
Meowth: What a ruse!
Saturn: Ugh...
Jessie: We're bringing chaos...
Saturn: Toxicroak, go!
James: Dashing hope, putting fear in its place.
Jessie: A rose by any other name is just as sweet. (As she says this line, Saturn's Toxicroak appears)
James: When everything's worse, our work is complete.
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Meowth: Meowth's the name!
Saturn: Sludge Bomb, Toxicroak.
Jessie: Putting the fashion police in their place....
Saturn's Toxicroak: TOXICROA-OA-OAK! (Uses Sludge Bomb on Team Rocket who end up on another patch of grass just as Ash, Maylene, Lucario, Dawn and Brock arrive)
Ash: It's Team Rocket!
Maylene: But where are the meteorites?
Dawn: And who are THEY?
Ash: Team Rocket - those guys friends of yours?
[Team Rocket quickly get up as Jessie answers to Ash, Maylene, Lucario, Dawn and Brock]
Jessie: (agitated madly;sarcastic) SURE! BEST FRIENDS LIKE YOU!
Ash: What about that Pokémon? (Gets out his Pokédex and scans Toxicroak)
Ash's Pokédex: Toxicroak, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon, and the evolved form of Croagunk. The poison produced in its sacs is carried through tubes in its arms to its knuckle claws.
Meowth: Fashion freaks or not, they stole our meteorites and they're no friends of ours!
Dawn: Fashion? Since when?
Piplup: Piplup?

James: [singing] It's a new world after all~

The Bells Are Singing!Edit

Ash: Give us back those Chingling!

Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1)Edit

Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2)Edit

Crossing Paths!Edit

[The Dustox migration is about to begin...]
Jessie: So, Dustox.
Dustox: Tox? [Yes?]
Jessie: Time to say goodbye.
Dustox: Dustox? [Are you sure?]
Jessie: Yeah, get going.
[Dustox goes with the Shiny Dustox, but a few seconds later, she comes back]
Jessie: You like that Dustox, right? So then go on!
Dustox: Dustox...[What about you?]
Jessie: Don't worry about me! I'm going to be fine. Now move it!
Dustox: [still trying to convince Jessie to stay] Dustox...Dustox...[Please, I want to stay with you!]

[Remembering how she lost her love due to a poor decision, Jessie did not want to have her Dustox make the same mistake.]
Jessie: You have to go! Just do it! Go and be with the one you love!
Dustox: Dustox..tox. [Please, I don't want to leave you.]
[Leaving Jessie no choice, she whips out Dustox's former Poke-ball]
Jessie: You know what this is, don't ya, Dustox? It's your Poke-ball, of course. [She drops it onto the ground]
James: Jess, what in the world are you doing?
Meowth: Hold on, Jess, think!
[As Dustox pleads with Jessie to consider, Jessie tearfully stomps on Dustox's Poke-ball, confirming that Dustox is now no longer a member of Team Rocket]
Jessie: [tearfully] Now there's no more Poke-ball for you to return to! So that's it! [Dustox is saddened by her decision] Now go on and get out of here!
Dustox: Dustox...Dustox...Dustox...[Okay, Jessie, I guess this is goodbye then...]

[Remembering her times with Dustox, since she was a Wurmple...]
Jessie: Dustox, my dearest, go fall in love and do it all with your heart! Do it for both of us!
James: Bye, Dustox!
Meowth: You be happy!

Pika and Goliath!Edit

[Note: This episode comes under heavy fire for being a rehash of the Lt. Surge episode: Ash's Pikachu loses to a Raichu owned by an arrogant trainer (due to it knowing Hyper Beam, a move Pikachu cannot use unless it evolves into Raichu), Pikachu refusing the Thunder Stone, and Ash wiping the smirk off a trainer's Raichu in a rematch, earning respect.]
Show: Back off, Jack! Scratch for your own catch!

Show: Chill out, yo. Check it, my Mareep for your Pikachu, switch.
Ash: Forget it!
Show: Then try this on. A Magneton and a Magnemite. We good?
Ash: Hey, I told you, no deal!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Brock: So why do you want Pikachu so much?
Show: Easy. I'm already down with a cool Pichu and Raichu, but I also wanna be makin' friends with a cool Pikachu, dig? Lemme break it down. I want a full power evolution set, yo!

Ash: Why don't you get your Pichu to evolve and be done with it?
Show: No way! Then I'd have to head on out and snatch another Pichu, dig? Look, kid. If you don't wanna do business, then book. Take a hike.

Show: If I win this battle, that Pikachu's mine all mine.
Ash: No way!
Show: 'Sup with that? My guys would all testify I'm bein' straight up. Or maybe you're bailin' 'cause you can't cut it!
Ash: My Pikachu's not goin' anywhere!
Show: What a wimp. Germs like you give real men a bad rap. Guess I'll just have to show you the fine battle art of bustin' chops, chump!

Paul: He was right. You were pathetic.
Ash: It's Paul!

Ash: I'm Ash. Who are you?
Show: Who, me? Guess it's time to represent. Full out with electric power! The super-sizzlin' man of the hour! Lord lightnin'! The one in the know! It's Mister Show!

Show: Let's put a period on this! Hyper Beam, now!

Show: Even match? But my Raichu should be all over Pikachu like a sunburn!

Show: The next time we dance, we're gonna lock it down!

Our Cup Runneth Over!Edit

[Gligar glomps Ash]
Brock: At least you know how Gligar feels about it, in no uncertain terms.

Wallace: I'm terribly sorry, but Seviper can't perform Aqua Ring.
Jessie: But... it's dressed up like Milotic!
Wallace: But it's still impossible.
Jessie: Meany pants...

A Full Course Tag Battle!Edit

May: Yoo-hoo! Long time, no see!

Ash: So, what's Max up to these days?
Dawn: Oh, yeah! Max is your little brother, right, May?
May: Right! Max is doing great!

Dawn: That's amazing! So, May, when did you arrive in Sinnoh?
May: Three days ago. There was something I wanted to do before the Wallace Cup got started. So first, I went to Snowpoint City.

Staging a Heroes' Welcome!Edit

May: What d'ya know! Croagunk's doing Max's job!

[Ash has just finished registering for the Wallace Cup]
Ash: Yeah, I'm all registered!
Zoey: Ash! Long time, no see!
Ash: Zoey!
Zoey: Now don't tell me you're entering the Wallace Cup too?
Ash: Yeah! We were hanging out with Wallace the other day and he'd told me I should enter it, with Buizel.

[Paul is watching Ash on TV at a Pokémon Center]
Paul: What does he think he's doing?

Dawn: But everyone else performed so well. I'm afraid I'm going to embarrass myself. I'm starting to think maybe it's still too early for me to get back on the contest stage.
[Dawn's nervousness starts to make Piplup extremely angry]
Dawn: What's eating you?! Don't get short with me! After all, I'm doing the best I can and you know it!

Pruning a Passel of Pals!Edit

Marian: Just great, Jessadia!
Jessie: Thanks! One of us needs to be!

Dawn: Friends are forever, but so is winning the Wallace Cup.

Jessie: It's finals time, and you are there! Thoughts and feelings?
Dawn: Uh...uh...
Jessie: Well now, that's profound. A quotable utterance if there ever was one! Remember, folks, you heard it here first! "Uh, uh." The catchphrase for a new generation! Encapsulating all the excitement of the wonderful Wallace Cup, this has been another insightful interview with Jessadia, bye!
Johanna: Wow, the mainstream media sure are changing.

Strategy with a Smile!Edit

Brock: Don't forget, you can dine all over the world, but you won't get my cooking!
May: Oh now, Brock! It was awesome having your cooking again after so long!
Ash: Hey, May. Good luck with the rest of your Johto contests.
May: Thanks. And Ash, lots of luck to you getting into the Sinnoh League!
Ash: Thanks!

May: Bye, everybody!

The Thief That Keeps on Thieving!Edit


Paul: [To Ash's Gligar] You stopped our training. Get out.

Ash: What's so funny?!
Paul: Remember the reason I entered the tag battle in Hearthome City?
Ash: Yeah?
Paul: Well, YOU gave ME a hard time, just because I did it to get my Pokémon in better shape for a real battle. BUT THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU PULLED AT THE WALLACE CUP! GET IT?!
Dawn: Brock, I smell a fight coming on.

Paul: Well, the fact is, I did win it, but you weren't able to win THE WALLACE CUP NOW, WERE YOU?! Another perfect example of just how strong you AREN'T!

Paul: You really think you'd be able to control that?
Ash: Who knows? I sure don't yet. But if anyone can, Chimchar can, no doubt.
Paul: Spoken just like a fool. Once you two figured out how to control that flame, we'll battle again.
Ash: Okay, Paul, it's a deal! [Note: Because of Ash's refusal to trigger and control Chimchar's Blaze and improve Chimchar through faith instead of through evolution and strength, he pays for neglecting this task later]

Cream of the Croagunk Crop!Edit

A Crasher Course in Power!Edit

Hungry for a Good Life!Edit

Fighting Fear with Fear!Edit

[Dawn sets a pot of stew on the table]
Dawn: Okay!
[Ash and Brock have placed bowls of Pokémon food]
Brock: We’re all set.
Ash: ‘Kay, gang, chow time!
Pikachu: Pika?
Dawn: Come and get it!
[All of their Pokémon storm out of the water, go to their bowls and start eating]
Brock: That is some of my special Pokémon food. And I made plenty, so eat up.

Dawn: [laughs] That’s Turtwig for you.
Ash: Yeah! [notices Gligar isn't there] Huh? Hey, where’d Gligar go? I’ll find out.
Croagunk: [eating] Croa... croa... croa...
Ash: [calling out] Hey, Gligar, come here!
Gligar: [appears above Ash] Gli!
Ash: Huh? [notices Gligar just as he lands on him] Ugh! [Gligar gets off of Ash] Why’d you do that?
Pikachu: Pika, Pikachu?
Gligar: [uses X-Scissor on the ground] Gli! Gli!
Ash: Oh, that’s X-Scissor. Does that mean you wanna do some battle training?
Gligar: [nods] Gli, Gli.
Brock: That makes sense to me... [flashback of Gligar’s battle with Paul’s Gliscor] ...especially after Gligar had that frustrating battle with Paul’s Gliscor.
[As soon as the flashback ends, once hearing this, Gligar starts crying and groaning out of depression]
Dawn: Careful, you’re going to get Gligar really depressed.
Brock: Uh, sorry, Gligar.
Ash: Training, huh? So you wanna get stronger, right?
Gligar: [nods] Gli!
Ash: Awesome! We’ll get down to it right after lunch.
Gligar: Gligar!

[Gligar and Buizel are having a stare-down]
Narrator: As our heroes continue the Sinnoh region trek toward Hearthome City and Ash’s next Gym battle, we find a very motivated Gligar prompting a round of special training.
Buizel: Bui! Bui, Bui!
Ash: Gligar, you’re in the thick of it. Use your eyes and show that winning glare!
Gligar: [steps forward] Gli! [gasps once noticing Buizel’s evil smirk and growl]
Buizel: [angrily] Bui, Bui!
Gligar: [tears up and starts begging] Gli, Gli, Gli...
Ash: Well, that’s not gonna work. Gligar, you can’t give up before you start.
Pikachu: [embarrassed] Pika, Pika.
Ash: Gligar, now! Use X-Scissor and keep it going!
Gligar: [powers up] Gligar! [uses several X-Scissors on Buizel, who dodges them easily]
Ash: Now, Buizel, use Aqua Jet!
[Buizel starts using Aqua Jet, intimidating Gligar so much that it clings onto Ash’s face, just before the Aqua Jet hits them both]
Ash: Gligar, what’s wrong with you?!
[Gligar starts looking at the ground, tearing up and squeaking]
Dawn: Ash, wait. Getting mad like that will just depress Gligar even more.
Ash: [slightly annoyed] Well, yeah, but still...
Dawn: Cheer up, Gligar. No need to worry. You’ll just try a little harder next time and you’ll be wonderful.
Gligar: [hugs Dawn] Gligar.
Ash: Man, I don’t want Gligar to get spoiled.
Brock: On the other hand, treating Gligar harshly isn’t going to get you very far either, right?
Ash: ...Yeah. Okay, Turtwig, come out and gimme a hand! [sends in Turtwig]
Turtwig: Turtwig!
Ash: Now, Turtwig. Energy Ball!
Turtwig: [starts forming the Energy Ball] Tur...
Gligar: [afraid] Gligar.
Ash: Gligar, if you don’t pay attention, you won’t be able to dodge.
Turtwig: [fires the Energy Ball at Gligar] Turtwig!
Gligar: [leaps up] Gli!
Ash: Now use Steel Wing right from where you are!
Gligar: [hesitates] Uh? [uses Steel Wing] Gli! [pauses mid-dive once meeting Turtwig’s determined glare and defensive stance] Uh! [suddenly powers down and starts babbling and spinning around]
Brock: Huh?
Gligar: [turns and heads for Ash] Gligar.
Ash: Look out! [runs away with Pikachu in tow] Come on, Gligar, not over here!
Dawn: Of course, NOW Gligar can fly straight as an arrow.
Brock: [groans] Uh...
Ash: [pointing towards Turtwig] Your opponent’s back over there! [Gligar closes in and lands on Ash’s face] Ah! [removes Gligar from his face] What're you thinking?! [Gligar whimpers] You’re gonna have to stop crying and start toughening up. Let’s try it once more.
Gligar: Gligar! [flies off]
Ash: Gligar!
Dawn: Where are you going?
Gligar: Gligar!
[From behind a bush, Team Rocket is eavesdropping the heroes]
James: Best wear a helmet when Gligar calls.
Meowth: [laughs] I just thought of the perfect way to utilize that head-hugger.
Jessie: I’m sensing a scene change.
Meowth: It’s a doozy!
[Begin boss fantasy]

Ash: Gligar, where are you?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Dawn: Hey, Gligar!
Brock: Say something!
Ash: This is just great. Things don’t go perfectly, so Gligar throws in the towel.
Pikachu: [disappointed] Pika.
Staravia: [o.s.] Staravia!
Ash: [looks up] Huh? [to Staravia] Staravia, did you find Gligar?
Staravia: Star! [flies off, making the others follow him] Staravia, Star. [after a while, he lands near the spot where Gary found Gligar] Star.
Pikachu: Pika!
Gary: Huh?
Dawn: It’s the poetry guy’s grandson!
[In response, the others facefault just in front of Gary and Gligar]
Gary: Hey, it’d be a lot easier if you used my name.
Ash: Hey, Gary. Why are you here?
Gary: I was just on my way over to Lake Valor to check out that Legendary Pokémon you guys saw.
[A flashback reveals Ash and Pikachu seeing Azelf’s spirit during the first night of the Wallace Cup]
Ash: [v.o.] I’ll never forget that.
[the flashback ends]
Brock: So does that mean Professor Rowan sent you?
Gary: Yeah. [glances at Gligar] Hey, what’s up with this Gligar?
Ash: It’s mine. We were just doing some special training.
Gary: Let me guess. In the middle of your training, Gligar took off.
Ash: Gary, how did you know that?
Gary: Just call it a good guess. Seems your training method is a little bit to be desired, Ashy boy.
Ash: [angrily] What was that?!
Gary: Hey, I’m just offering you my help.
Ash: Thanks, but no thanks. [offers Gligar a hand] Come on, Gligar, let’s try it once more.
Gligar: [hides behind Gary] Gli!
Gary: Sounds like a “no, thank you” to me.
Ash: Oh, yeah?! [tugging Gligar towards him by the claws] Come on!
[Even so, Gligar resists the offer]
Dawn: Maybe you should take Gary up on his offer to help.
[Ash stops in confusion]
Brock: Yeah, just do this for Gligar. It might be best for everybody.
Gary: Yeah. What have you got to lose? [Ash growls in frustration]
Pikachu: Pika, Pi.
[Gary brings out Umbreon]
Umbreon: Umbreon.
Gary: It’s Gligar against Umbreon. We’ll be able to show you a few things.
Ash: We won’t go easy on ya! [to Gligar] Now, Gligar, Steel Wing!
Gligar: [using Steel Wing] Gli!
Gary: Umbreon, Shadow Ball!
Umbreon: [charging Shadow Ball] Umbre! [fires the Shadow Ball at Gligar, but misses]
Gligar: [startled] Ah! Gli! [heads for Ash and clings on his head, much to Pikachu's dismay]
Gary: I get it. Gligar freaks out easily when facing an opponent.
Gligar: [nervous] Gli. (Yeah.)
Ash: But Gligar, you wanna get strong?
Gligar: [nods sadly] Gligar.
Brock: Even though Gligar wants to get strong, as soon as any battling begins, this huge wave of uncontrollable fear takes over.
Gary: All right, so the first thing we have to work on is getting over that fear.
Dawn: But how do you do that?
Ash: You focus in and concentrate.
Gary: Ash, I guess you’ll never change. [Ash gasps, then groans in frustration] The most important thing about working with Steel Wing is to jump as high as you can, so if we can master that, no doubt Gligar will have lots more confidence in battle.
Dawn: That’s great. Gary sure gives instructions better than Ash.
Ash: [irately] I heard that!
Brock: But how does Gligar increase its jumping power?
Gary: By using the end of Gligar’s tail like a spring when it takes off.
Gligar: [amazed] Gli.
Ash: Awesome. [to Gligar] ‘Kay, Gligar, use the end of your tail like a spring when you jump.
Gligar: [nods] Gli.
Ash: Now Steel Wing! Go!
Gligar: [standing on its tail] Gli! [flapping its wings] Gli, Gli, Gli! (One, two, three!) [jumps off the ground, ready to use Steel Wing]
Ash: What a jump!
[Brief pause, until Gligar gasps in horror once noticing how high it jumped]
Gligar: [whimpers in fear and powers down Steel Wing] Gli! [starts flailing down] Gli, Gli, Gli!
[Everyone else gasps until Gligar clings on Ash’s face with fear]
Ash: [muffled] Mff!
Pikachu: Pika, Pi!
Dawn: Oh, no.
Brock: Now Gligar's gotta deal with a fear of heights.
Gary: We’ve got a problem, all right. How much battling has Gligar done?
Dawn: Not much. Gligar got beaten pretty badly battling a Gliscor. [looks at Gligar] Maybe that’s why Gligar’s so scared now.
Gary: Yeah, makes sense. A Gliscor... [holds up a Razor Fang] Hey, I know! We’ll evolve Gligar.
Ash: Huh?
Dawn: What’s that?
Piplup: Piplup?
Brock: It’s a Razor Fang.
Gary: Right, we’ll just evolve Gligar into Gliscor with this, [hands over the Razor Fang to Ash] and once we do that, all sorts of Gligar’s abilities will improve, and we can put the brakes on all that fear.
Ash: Wow, thanks, Gary.
Gligar: [eagerly licks its lips] Gli! [tries to grab the item]
Ash: Calm down, Gligar. Evolving is no substitute for some honest, hard work. You can evolve after you conquer your fear. [motions Gligar to stop]
Gligar: Gar...
[A second later, an off-screen explosion is heard]
Gary: What the?
Jessie: A clueless twerp is certainly nothing new.
James: You’re all pros at not getting a clue.
Jessie: Face the facts!
James: For a change!
Meowth: Stinks ta be you!
Jessie: We’ll bring chaos at a breakneck pace.
James: We’ll dash all hope and put fear in its place.
Jessie: It’s old home work for the twerps, we see.
James: But without us, you’re short by three.
Jessie: Jessie!
James: And James!
Meowth: Meowth makes it triple, you see!
Jessie: Putting you do-gooders in their place.
James: We’re Team Rocket!
Team Rocket: In your face!
Wobbuffet: [pops out of his Poké Ball] Wobbuffet! Wobbu!
Brock and Dawn: Team Rocket!
Gary: Don't you EVER get tired of being lame?
Team Rocket: SILENCE!
Meowth: Check out our Gliscor Bot! [presses a button on the remote, firing the robo-tail at Ash's Gligar]
Gliscor Bot: [robotically] Gliscor. [grabs Gligar with its robo-tail]
Ash and Pikachu: Aah!
Ash: Gligar!
Gligar: [terrified] Gligar!
James: Now THAT'S some tail with real torque!
Meowth: And you're a dork!
Ash: [chasing Team Rocket] Stop it right now! [jumps onto the Gliscor Bot] Gligar’s staying with me!
Gligar: Gli...
James: We don’t need the extra ballast.
Jessie: [exasperated] Brat! Always dragging us down.
Ash: [pulls out a Poké Ball] I’ll fix you! Staravia, stop Team Rocket!
Staravia: [emerges from his Poké Ball] Staravia! [charges at Team Rocket]
Jessie: Spare me. Seviper, use Haze, and Yanmega, use Silver Wind!
Seviper: [emerges from its Poké Ball] Viper! [spits out Haze] Seviper!
Yanmega: [emerges from her Poké Ball] Yan! [uses Silver Wind]
Staravia: [gets hit by both Haze and Silver Wind] Star! [gets knocked down while everyone else braces for the impact. Unfortunately, once the impact clears, Team Rocket, Ash and Gligar suddenly vanished]
Brock: They’re gone!
Dawn: And with Gligar and Ash!
[Gary groans]
Pikachu: [determined] Pika, Pika.
[Once Team Rocket’s Gliscor Bot balloon lands in a forest clearing, Ash and Gligar are revealed to be locked up inside a cage]
Ash: Gligar, you’re not hurt, are you?
Gligar: [desperate] Gli.
[Both watch Team Rocket with suspicion, who are happy-go-lucky about the capture of their hostages]
James: Everyone should have a Gliscor Bot.
Jessie: We do, and that’s what counts, which leads to the need to speed Gligar by Delibird express to the boss’s digs.
Meowth: Once the boss is dreamin' without mornin' interruption, we’ll be rollin' fat!
James and Jessie: Mm-hmm.
Wobbuffet: Wobbu!
James: So, to mark today’s victory, I’ve taken the liberty of preparing a modest little meal, and here it is! [reveals a table with dozens of canned food]
Jessie: Wow. Canned food with eight layers of cans!
Meowth: There’s nothing more modest than a towering pile of tin!
James: Quick, eat before we're past the expiration date!
Team Rocket: Peel that tin and let’s dig in!
[Team Rocket quickly starts gobbling up all the canned pieces of pineapples. Meanwhile, the sun is starting to set, but the rest of the gang are trying to find Ash and Gligar. Pikachu rests on Brock’s shoulder, while Staravia is flying, carrying Ash’s backpack on his back]
Dawn: We haven’t found Ash and Gligar yet, and the sun is starting to go down.
Gary: I know this terrain like the back of my hand. And there just aren’t that many places where Team Rocket’s balloon could have touched down. This way.
Dawn: Right behind you, Gary.
Piplup: Piplup!
[Hours later, Team Rocket has fallen asleep after eating. On top of that, they all have bloated stomachs]
Jessie: Mission accomplished. My needle’s on full.
Meowth: The only good tummy is a fully packed tummy.
[As for Ash and Gligar, it gives them their chance to escape]
Ash: [quietly] Great. Now we can get outta here. [to Gligar] Quick, face the bars and then use X-Scissor.
Gligar: [nods quietly] Gli. [hits the bars with X-Scissor] Gligar! [the bars are left unscratched]
Ash: One more time.
Gligar: Gli. [uses X-Scissor on the bars a second time] Gligar! [once realizing the cage’s sturdiness, Ash groans in frustration; teary] Gli. [shows one of its pincers to Ash, which is starting to glow red in pain]
Ash: [softly] ‘Kay. Let me take a shot. [aloud] Here we go! [throws his shoulder at the cage] Ugh! [groans in pain]
Gligar: [amazed] Gli...
Ash: One more time! [tackles the cage again] Ugh! [takes off his hat]
Gligar: [flabbergasted] Gli...
Ash: [puts his hat back on] Look out! Here I come! [tackles again] Ugh! [gets knocked back. After getting up, however, he notices a sudden change in Gligar’s expression] Huh?
Gligar: [eager] Gli, Gligar!
Ash: Gligar. [confident] Then use X-Scissor one more time!
Gligar: Gli. [uses X-Scissor again] Gligar! [winces for the lasting pain, but endures it] Gli.
Ash: [confident] All right. Try it once again!
Gligar: Gli. [uses X-Scissor one last time] Gligar!
Ash: [realizes the bar is starting to rattle] Huh? Just a little more. Let’s both of us try.
Gligar: Gli. [powers up X-Scissor]
Ash: [gets ready to tackle] All right, one, two, three!
Gligar: Gar!
[both attack the cage on three, this time breaking themselves free; Gligar snickers]
Ash: Yeah, Gligar! Way to go!
Gligar: [delighted] Gligar!
[Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still sleeping]
Meowth: [asleep] Gee, Boss, thanks for the bread.
[Ash and Gligar approach a broken hanging bridge]
Ash: A hanging bridge?
Gligar: Gli...
[Cut on the bridge, which has numerous holes in it, then cut back to Ash and Gligar]
Ash: Come on, let’s go.
[Gligar looks at Ash, thinking he is crazy. A while later, both start to cross the bridge, but at the first steps, Ash and Gligar are almost blown off by a strong wind. Gligar is somehow whimpering in fear and holds onto Ash’s waist tightly. However, the rope Ash is starting to hold onto snaps off, forcing both to hold on to it before they hit the cliff facing. The scene changes to Ash holding on to the rope and his terrified Gligar on his back]
Ash: 'Kay, Gligar, you’ve gotta hang on tight.
[Gligar gasps, then Ash starts to climb out of the chasm with Gligar in tow with determination. Meanwhile, James wakes up, but gasps in sheer horror once realizing Ash and Gligar broke out of the cage.]
James: Those two twerps totaled the trap! [heads over to Jessie and Meowth, who are still sleep] Attention! Up, you lazy louts!
[Meanwhile, Ash and Gligar managed to climb out of the canyon, to Ash's exhaustion.]
Gligar: [concerned] Gligar?
Ash: [calmly] I’m telling you, you've gotta stop worrying. Now first things first, I gotta figure out how to cross. [notices a tall tree near the cliff] I’ve got it. That’ll work. ‘Kay, Gligar, [pointing at the tree] use Steel Wing to knock down that tree!
Gligar: [leaps up] Gligar!
Ash: That’s it! NOW GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!
Gligar: [nervous, yet ready to use Steel Wing] Gli. [starts diving towards the tree] Gar! [hits the tree, but gets knocked back] Gli! [gets send back in Ash’s arms]
Ash: [concerned] You all right?
Gligar: [notices the pain in his pincers] Gli. [struggles to get up, and jumps out of Ash’s arms unfazed] Gligar.
Ash: [gets up; amazed] Whoa, what’s gotten into you? [excited] Way to go! I know you can do it now!
Gligar: Gli!
Ash: 'Kay, use Steel Wing!
Gligar: [standing on its tail] Gli! [flapping its wings] Gli, Gli, Gli! [leaps up]
Ash: All you have to do is keep believing in yourself!
Gligar: [charges Steel Wing] Gligar! [starts diving towards the tree]
Ash: Now hit it!
Gligar: [plows the tree] Gligar! Gli!
Ash: You did it, Gligar! [dancing in glory] You did it! [twirls Gligar] You did it! [calmly holds up the Razor Fang] You know what that means. You can use the Razor Fang and evolve if you want to.
Gligar: Gli... [happily hugs Ash] Gligar!
[Ash chuckles, feeling delighted for allowing Gligar to evolve, but suddenly, both becomes shocked once hearing the tree breaking off]
Ash: [confused] Huh? [he and Gligar turn around, only to notice Team Rocket inside their Gliscor Bot balloon]
James: All right, jail breakers, we'll take it from here.
Jessie: It’s back in the twerp box for you.
[Ash and Gligar glare at Team Rocket, not thrilled about Team Rocket's persistence.]
Meowth: [laughs] What? And miss out on playin’ wit' toys and messin’ wit' you?
Wobbuffet: [hopping] Wobbuffet!
James: One Gligar, please.
Meowth: [pushes a button] Ta go!
[The Gliscor Bot's tail is aiming for Gligar, to its surprise.]
Ash: LOOK OUT! [grabs Gligar before both are suspended by the tail from behind] AAAAHHH!!! Quick, Gligar, you've gotta get moving. [throws Gligar in the canyon]
Gligar: Gli! GLI!!!!!!!!!!!
[Team Rocket gasps in horror]
Jessie: The twerp fled.
James: [angrily pointing at Ash] Bad twerp!
Ash: [struggling] No, you don’t. [tries to escape the Gliscor Bot's clasper, but falls in the canyon] Aaaaaaahh!
[Meanwhile, Gligar is still falling down, only slower than Ash.]
[Gligar gets shocked in mid-fall once noticing Ash falling past him and tries to stop him from falling, but isn't fast enough.]
Gligar: Gligar! [calls Ash, sporting a big grin] GLIGAR!
Ash: GLIGAR, HEADS UP! [throws the Razor Fang at Gligar] THE RAZOR FANG, GRAB IT!
Gligar: [heads for the Razor Fang and grabs it] Gli!
[Suddenly, Gligar starts evolving, much to Ash’s delight, and is now a Gliscor once the light enshrouding it dies out]
Gliscor: Gli, Gliscor.
Ash: [relieved] It evolved. [looks down in shock] Huh?! Whoa! [starts shouting uncontrollably]
Gliscor: [grabs Ash] Gli. [lowers its tail to cushion the fall]
Ash: Thanks, Gliscor. What a catch.
Gliscor: Gli, Gliscor.
Meowth: Hey, Gligar’s been gliscored.
Jessie: Good. The spitting image of our Gliscor Bot.
James: That means OUR Gliscor will have someone to look up to.
Ash: Gliscor’s MINE, right, Gliscor?
Gliscor: [determined] Gliscor!

[after Gliscor slices the Gliscor Bot in half with Steel Wing]
Ash: "Check it out!"
Team Rocket: "No, thank you!"
Gary: "Wow, Gliscor sure looks strong."
Dawn: "Yeah, and in total sync with Ash."
[As the Gliscor Bot crashes down, Gliscor eagerly heads for Ash, who gasps in surprise]
Gliscor: "Gli!" [glomps Ash, muffling him and giggling] "Gliscor, Gliscor, Gli Gliscor."
Dawn: "Guess old habits die hard."

Ash: "You know, Gliscor, when it comes to serious training, we're just getting warmed up."
Pikachu: "Pika, Pika."
Gliscor: "Gliscor."

Arriving in Style!Edit

Hermione: "No one gives me advice and gets away with it!"

The Psyduck Stops Here!Edit

Team Rocket: "We're blasting off again!"
Ash: "They need to get a hobby or somethin'..."

Camping it Up!Edit

Ash: But Angie started the whole thing!
Angie: No, Ash and Pikachu did!
Ash & Angie: Yes, sir...

Up Close and Personable!Edit

[Jessilinda (Jessie in disguise) and two boys are looking for a Pokémon in their Lapras boat]
Jessilinda: OK, then. Have you decided which Pokémon you're going to observe for me?
Boy in Orange T-Shirt: Yes, Miss Jessilinda, we've decided on a Relicanth.
Jessilinda: A Relicanth?
Boy in Red & Cream T-Shirt: Over there!
[A Relicanth swims by Jessilinda's Lapras boat]
Relicanth: Relicanth!
Jessilinda: Ugh! That thing is so ugly it hurts my eyes. I need a Pokémon that matches my beauty, not insults it.
Boy in Orange T-Shirt: Oh. What kind of Pokémon did you have in mind?
Jessilinda: Elegant. Like the suave Suicune, or perhaps the cute Manaphy.
Boy in Orange T-Shirt: There's just one thing.
Boy in Red & Cream T-Shirt: Yeah, I don't think there are any Suicune or Manaphy in this lake, Miss Jessilinda.
Jessilinda: (angrily) Don't you bore me with details, capeesh?!

Ash: "I didn't know a Dewgong's horn was so hard!"

Conway: "Hm, not a sad face to be seen. Ha ha ha..."

Ghoul Daze!Edit

Ghost Girl: "Come on, let's play."

Meowth: "My creepy meter's ringin' off the charts!"

Ash: "I'll never give up! Even if that means forever!"

One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!Edit

Dawn: [To Ash and Angie after breaking them up] JUST STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!

Conway: "I had a feeling that digging some holes and travelling underground was the only way to go. Yup. Hm-hm!"

Dawn: "It's Conway!"
Conway: "Guilty as charged! Well, my dear, I'll have to catch up with you later!"
[Conway descends into the water with an evil chuckle]

Jessie: "Finally, you can feast your eyes on what I'm really made of!"
Conway: "I must say, impressive feast. Perhaps it might've been a smarter choice for me to keep tabs on you rather than on Dawn."

Jessie: "Go pick on someone from your own planet!!"
Conway: "Once I start keeping tabs on someone, I don't stop!"

Jessie: "There nothing more cacophonous in a cave setting than claptrap!"

A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!Edit

Playing the Leveling Field!Edit

Doc Brock!Edit

Dawn: "Ash Ketchum! Why are you sleeping?"

[Staravia is struggling to get the gumball off his wings]
Ash: "What’s Staravia up to?"
Gliscor: [attempting to get his trainer’s attention] "Gli, Gliscor."
Ash: "Wow, you wanna go and help us find Brock, too?"
Gliscor: "Gliscor!"

[after Gliscor lands on Brock with his whole body]
Brock: [painfully] "Wow, you’re heavy."
Gliscor: [gets up and licks its face; chuckles] "Scor."
Brock: "You’re Ash’s Gliscor. So, what’s up?"
Gliscor: [impersonating Pachirisu] "Gliscor Gli." [pretends to have a fever] "Gliscor Gli!" [curls up] "Gliscor Gli..."
Brock: "Uh..."
Gliscor: [make a puppy-pout face] "Gli!"
Brock: "Huh?! There’s some sort of trouble, right?"

Gliscor: "Oh, Gliscor."

Narrator: "Although our heroes can breathe a sigh of relief now that Pachirisu is back to good health, the responsibilities of being a good trainer have given Ash and Dawn something to think about and act on as their Celestic Town journey contin--"
Ash: [cuts off] "We forgot Gliscor!"
[Everyone groans in disbelief. Back on the road to the cabin, Gliscor continues to hop back home]
Gliscor: "Gliscor." [collapses; angrily] "SCOOORRR!!"

Battling the Generation Gap!Edit

Losing Its Lusterous!Edit

Double Team Turnover!Edit

If the Scarf Fits, Wear It!Edit

Meowth: "Uh oh!"
James: "That's just a standard-issue Lickilicky, just like twerp said!"
Jessie: "I don't care if it's a one-eyed purple people-eater! Just catch it!"
James: "Yes, dear."
Meowth: "But why?"
Jessie: "Because it's the scarf that makes the monster, see?!"

A Trainer and Child Reunion!Edit

Jessie: "Kids today will buy anything!"
Meowth: "When it comes to immaturity, no one knows better than Jessie, so maybe our girl's onto something."
James: "How can I argue with that logic?"

James: "You're inventory, not artillery!!"

Meowth: "Just like goody-goody Pokémon to band together and blow us apart! I gotta say, they sure did a bang-up job, though."

Aiding the Enemy!Edit

Ash: Okay, I did challenge Fantina and her Ghost-type Pokémon before, but she kept hittin' us with Hypnosis, and I couldn't do a thing about it. That is, until next time.
Paul: So now you think next time's the charm? All you have to do is keep hammering away, and all her Ghost-type Pokémon will fall over.
Ash: I'll win it! I happen to have faith in my Pokémon! And they've got faith in me, too. This time, it's different!
Paul: You're pathetic!
Ash: All right, we'll just show you what have we've got! Let's have a battle!
Paul: All you had to say is that you were using Chimchar's Blaze. That would have been enough.
Ash: I already told you! I don't mess around with Blaze!

Paul: A pathetic trainer and his equally pathetic Pokémon.
Ash: [getting offended] WHAT WAS THAT?!
Grotle: [also offended] Grotle!!
Paul: Alright, so where's your faith? If you really think you could win with faith alone, then you're no better than any low life loser trainer out there because you have no idea how Grotle's changed! [This line will later be referenced as to why Ash lost his full battle later on in the show. Many fans like to claim that "Ash's Turtwig is a strong fast cute unevolved Pokémon, therefore it does not need evolution to prove its worth." However, because Turtwig shares the same backstory as Bulbasaur and if it remained in an unevolved state, Turtwig would have been solidified as a complete Bulbasaur knock-off, thus universally hated by fans.]

Barry's Busting Out All Over!Edit

[The title card comes up]
Ash: (voiceover) Barry's Busting Out All Over!
[Ash is running to the gym in Hearthome City...]
Ash: Fantina, I'm back for our rematch, just like I said!
[...when someone opens the door and he hits it, causing him to fall and lose his hat]
Ash: Oh, my aching head! (Gets up) You all right, Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pika.
Barry: Oh, man.
Ash: Huh?
[Barry, a boy with blonde hair who is wearing an orange and white jacket, stands up]
Barry: Why don't you two look where you're going? I'm going to have to give you a fine. You've got ten seconds to pay up.
Ash: Huh?
Barry: Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two... Huh? Don't just stand there! I'm going to be the strongest trainer in the world, you know. You've got that? Later! (Runs off)
Ash: What's his problem?
Pikachu: Pika. Pika?
Ash: Huh? (Notices Barry's badge case and picks it up) It's a badge case.

Shield with a Twist!Edit

Fantina: "Nooo!"

Jessie: [Singing] "La la la laaaa!"

Fantina: "Perhaps you forget Drifblim can use Psychic moves as well... like Psychic!"

Ash: [sees Chimchar's Flamethrower and Drifblim's Will-o-Wisp form a deadly fireball attack] Flame on flame, huh? [Gives a rude smirk to Fantina, hatching a plan]
Fantina: That's strange, is something funny?

[Chimchar's Flamethrower and Drifblim's Will-o-wisp triggered a fiery explosion, severely damaging Drifblim in the process]
Ash: It didn't just break the shield. That Flamethrower absorbed the Will-o-Wisp making it more powerful! Guess you don't know everything about Counter-shields after all!
Fantina: Perhaps I spoke a little too soon. [Sorry Fantina, but Ash has mastered that tactic first!]

Fantina: Gales abreeze, but I think it's time for Hypnosis!
Ash: Chimchar, Flamethrower! [Chimchar does so, knocking out Drifblim. Fantina's fatal flaw for this battle are both overuse of Hypnosis and poorly developed Counter-Shield]

Jumping Rocket Ship!Edit

Barry: "Man, oh man, Ash. Commemorative picture, my foot. This is all your fault, you know."
Ash: "What?! All my fault?!"
Dawn: "Argue all you want, but nothing's gonna change."
Gliscor: "Gliscor!"
[Everyone looks up]
Ash: "Staravia! Gliscor!"
[From in the air, Staravia and Gliscor head for Ash]
Staravia: "Staravia!"
Gliscor: "Gliscor!" [glomps Ash as he lands]
Ash: "Nice to see you, too."
Gliscor: "Gliscor!"

James: "I'm not exactly prepared for Gliscor love!"

Sleepless in Pre-Battle!Edit

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