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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Sun and Moon, the twenty-first season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to Alola and meets new friends.

A Dream Encounter!Edit

Now You See Them, Now You Don't!Edit

[Komala rolls over, bringing the scene to the Pokémon school, where Professor Kukui and his students are in the classroom]
Professor Kukui: Has everybody brought their own clay?
Students: Yes, sir.
Mallow: Oh, no, I forgot.
Kiawe: Would you like to share mine?
Mallow: Thanks, Kiawe. (The camera pans to the right and reveals a clay mountain) All that?
Kiawe: Clay mountain.
Professor Kukui: Now, class, today you're going to sculpt your Pokémon partner, closely observing it while you work might lead you to discover something new.
Students: Right.
Ash: Let's see. Who should I make? Nebby and Rowlet are asleep so, OK, Pikachu, I choose you.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Ash: Now, stay perfectly still.
Pikachu: Pika.
[The camera cuts to Lana who is trying to sculpt Popplio]
Lana: Please make a balloon. (Popplio makes a balloon) Stop. Now, hold that pose. Stay still, okay.
[Popplio's balloon goes wobbly and then, it pops, soaking Lana and itself. Meanwhile, Sophocles has not started sculpting]
Sophocles: Charge a bug.
Rotom Dex: It's the same.
Professor Kukui: Try again.
[The camera cuts to a clay model of Turtonator which was done by Kiawe]
Kiawe: All done. It's Turtonator. (Turtonator cheers, but then the clay model's head looks down) No, it's not stable enough. (to Turtonator) Turtonator, get down. (Turtonator stands on four legs) That's it. Perfect. (Starts making the clay model again)
[Meanwhile, Mallow has also not started sculpting her clay model]
Mallow: Now give me a cute pose. (Steenee gives a cute pose) Ah, perfect.
[The camera cuts to Sophocles' clay model which is now spinning on a pottery wheel]
Sophocles: All right, let's try you, Togedemaru.
Ash: Wow. What's that?
Sophocles: I'm going to faithfully recreate Togedemaru's spikes. My super deluxe pottery wheel and carbon sculptor.
[Everyone, except Lillie, goes to admire Sophocles' invention]
Mallow: Sophocles, why are you waiting?
Sophocles: Timing is everything.
[Meanwhile, Lillie has finished sculpting Snowy who admires her work]
Lillie: It probably would be better if I slimmed it down a little bit.
[Cut to Ash who has sculpted a Mimikyu]
Ash: Hey. Check it out.
Professor Kukui: It looks more like a Mimikyu, not a Pikachu.
[The clay Mimikyu's head falls]
Ash: Uh-oh.
Pikachu: Pika?
[The camera cuts to Rowlet sleeping in Ash's backpack...]
Ash: Okay, one more time.
[...unaware that Nebby has managed to climb out]

Deceiving Appearances!Edit

A Masked Warning!Edit

Night of a Thousand Poses!Edit

Mission: Total Recall!Edit

[Gladion is angrily confronting Ash on the beach]
Ash: [Dejected] Sorry, Gladion. See, Nebby...
Ash: Sorry...

Faba's Revenge!Edit

Family Determination!Edit

Revealing the Stuff of Legend!Edit

Rescuing the Unwilling!Edit

10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!Edit

The Professors’ New Adventure!Edit

Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!Edit

Samson Oak: [to Ash and co.] It was probably having a dream that very much [imitating Midday Lycanroc] "LYCANROC" ITS WORLD!
[everyone sweatdrops]
Ash: What does that mean?

The Dex Can't Help It!Edit

Fighting Back The Tears!Edit

Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!Edit

Getting a Jump on the Competition!Edit

A Mission of Ultra Urgency!Edit

[The title card comes up]
Ash: (voiceover) A Mission of Ultra Urgency!
[The camera pans slowly to the right on the Pokémon School]
Narrator: Yes, it's another beautiful day at the Pokémon School.
[Cut to Professor Kukui in the classroom with Lillie's Alolan Vulpix and a normal Vulpix]
Professor Kukui: You see, environmental differences can have a great effect on the development of Pokémon. Of course, these differences apply to all living things, including humans.
[Then, everyone hears a clanging sound]
Everyone: Huh?
[The camera cuts to Komala who is hitting the school bell constantly. The class look up to the school bell from in the classroom]
Kiawe: Komala sure is ringing the bell a lot today.
Mallow: It's never done that before.
Lillie: I wonder what's going on.
[Principal Oak enters the classroom]
Samson: Members of the Ultra Guardians...
Students: Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Samson: An emergency dispatch is Darkrai-sing into view. (When he says this, he transforms into Darkrai)
Students: Emergency dispatch?!
Professor Kukui: Lusamine called you? What did she have to say?
Samson: Lusamine informed me that a new Ultra Beast sighting has been reported. (Turns to the class) She's asking you, as members of the Ultra Guardians, to spring into action.
Ash: Ultra Guardians? Oh, yeah! That's the thing Lillie's mom wanted us to help with.
Samson: Give it all you've got! Use your bag of... (Turns into a Vulpix) Vul-tricks!
Vulpix: Vul-tricks!
Professor Kukui: All right, then, class. Off we go! (Pulls the blackboard up to reveal a secret control panel. He then puts his hand on the centre of the panel, which turns different colours. Meanwhile, the ladder slides to the right and the bookshelf moves up, revealing a secret elevator shaft)
Students: Huh?!
Samson: Amazing, eh? The Aether Foundation partnered with the Pokémon School to create it. Isn't it a... (Turns into a Lillipup) Dilly-pup?
Sophocles: Wow! Who knew?
Professor Kukui: Now get into your positions!
Mallow: Our positions?
[Ash runs onto the elevator]
Ash: I want to be first!
Kiawe: I'm second!
[Lana and Mallow run onto the elevator]
Lana: This sounds like fun.
[Lillie walks onto the elevator, leaving Sophocles behind]
Sophocles: Wait for me, everyone! (Walks onto the elevator, followed by the Pokémon)
Rotom Dex: Good.
[Everyone inside the elevator shaft starts going down swiftly]
Ash: This is awesome!
Rotom Dex: I wonder what this is connected to?
Kiawe: Ungh...!
Mallow: Ungh!
Sophocles: Wow! This IS fun!
Lana: Wow.
Lillie: Aaaaah!
[The camera cuts to the Pokémon who are experiencing the elevator. It then cuts to Lana who is then joined by Lillie as Sophocles goes rushing down]
Lillie: My mother just adores technology like this.
Mallow: Wow! She does?
Lillie: I think it's because of the kid in her.
[Meanwhile, Ash gets into a new suit called an Ultra Guardian outfit, and some gloves. Everyone else gets an outfit too, albeit in different colours]
Mallow: (Admiring her new outfit) Ha ha ha! Oh!
Sophocles: Huh? (Sees his orange boot turn black and white)
[Soon, Kiawe gets a badge and Lillie is all suited up. Meanwhile, the Pokémon also receive badges and Ash's outfit gets a black lining up either side and Rotom lowers down with its own badge]

[Everybody goes up the elevator to get their ride Pokémon. First, Ash and Pikachu climb aboard a Garchomp]
Ash: All right, Garchomp. I choose YOU!
Pikachu: Pika!
Ultra Guardian Garchomp: Garchomp!
[Sophocles and Togedemaru jump on a Metang]
Sophocles: I'm counting on you, Metang!
[Meanwhile, Mallow and Steenee jump on a Flygon]
Mallow: Now, Flygon, let's go!
Steenee: Ee!
Ultra Guardian Flygon: Fly!
[Lana and Popplio land on the back of a Dragonair]
Lana: All right, Dragonair!
Ultra Guardian Dragonair: Eeee!
[Meanwhile, Lillie and Snowy land on the back of an Altaria]
Lillie: Let's go, Altaria!
Snowy: (happy)
Ultra Guardian Altaria: Altaria!
[And Kiawe and his Marowak decide to ride on the back of Kiawe's Charizard]
Kiawe: I didn't expect to see you here. Ready to go, buddy?
Kiawe's Charizard: Char!
Kiawe's Marowak: Marow!
[The gates open for each Ultra Guardian and their ride Pokémon, and each of the platforms they are standing on rotate 180 degrees. Then, they get sent up one by one. At the same time, the Alolan Exeggutors that stand outside the Pokémon School lean back as the river opens up, forming a waterfall. A platform in the water rises, as do the Ultra Guardians on their Pokémon. Then, the platforms go rolling along and the Pokémon go flying out of the waterfall and into the sky, with Garchomp and Metang going first]
Ultra Guardian Garchomp: Gar!
Ultra Guardian Metang: Metang!
[Garchomp and Metang are eventually followed by Flygon, Dragonair and Altaria...]
Altaria: Altaria!
[...and finally, Kiawe's Charizard]

Acting True to Form!Edit

Pushing the Fiery Envelope!Edit

Turning Heads and Training Hard!Edit

Smashing with Sketch!Edit

Love at First Twirl!Edit

Real Life... Inquire Within!Edit

Rise and Shine, Starship!Edit

Jessie: [Watching the Ultra Guardians] What's with those brats?! Complete with their ridiculous Ride Pokémon! I could just scream!

The Young Flame Strikes Back!Edit

Dewpider Ascending!Edit

Sours for the Sweet!Edit

Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?Edit

Tough Guy Trials!!!Edit

Some Kind of Laziness!!Edit

[After Tapi Bulu pushes Lycanroc into the rain with Ash, Pikachu, Poipole and Rowlet playing and they accidentally splash mud on Lycanroc's maine and it starts to get angry with Ash trying to calm it down]
Ash: Lycanroc, you gotta listen to me, you have to calm down! Do you still remember when you were still a Rockruff? Well I still remember, back then we used to play in the rain just like this (has a flashback when Lycanroc was still a Rockruff and were playing in the rain)
[A flashback occurs and Ash's Rockruff jumps into Ash, falls down and waters Pikachu and Rowlet.
Ash: Aw, Rockruff, look what you did now! (laughs)
[The flashback ends]
Ash: Back then we used to play together and didn't care whether we were dirty or muddy, you used to be playful, determined and also clumsy but I know you're still the same, cause you're my buddy, my friend.
[Lycanroc's eyes turn back to normal and the rain stops]
Lycanroc: Lycan!
Ash: Yeah! Lycanroc you're back (laughs)

A Battle Hand-Off!Edit

Guiding an Awakening!Edit

Twirling with a Bang!Edit

Showering the World with Love!Edit

Not Caving Under Pressure!Edit

A Young Royal Flame Ignites!Edit

[One evening, a battle is taking place at the Battle Royal Dome]
James: The Battle Royal, our main event, is down to just two competitors.
[The camera cuts to an Electivire]
Meowth: With Mr Electric and his partner, Electivire.
Jessie: Versus the Masked Royal and his Incineroar.
[The crowd roars as the camera cuts to the commentators who are Team Rocket in disguise]
James: Fire Jameston's the name, calling the play-by-play. I'm joined by commentators Freezer Jessip and Thunder Meowtaire, and we're coming to you 100% live and unedited!
Masked Royal: Incineroar, use Cross Chop! (His Incineroar does as he says and punches Mr Electric's Electivire)
James: Gadzooks! Incineroar's Cross Chop dished up some damage.
[Ash, Pikachu, Torracat, Lycanroc, Professor Burnet and Poipole are watching the battle on TV at Professor Kukui's house]
Ash: Way to go, Incineroar!
Professor Burnet: That's the way it's done!
James: (commentating on TV) It now appears that Mr. Electric has grabbed Incineroar's leg.
Ash & Professor Burnet: Huh?
Ash: So who is that Mr Electric anyway?
Rotom Dex: Well, that Mr Electric only happens to be a member of the Revengers.
Ash: Who are the Revengers?
[The camera cuts to outside Sophocles' house and inside, Sophocles is explaining to his dad about the Revengers]
Sophocles: The Revengers are a team, a team of really bad guys who always go around breaking all the rules.
[Meanwhile, Kiawe, Mimo and his Marowak are watching the battle on TV from their home on Akala Island]
Kiawe: And that's why my support is fully behind the Masked Royal. Right makes might.
[The camera then cuts to Lillie and Hobbes watching the match at Lillie's Mansion]
Lillie: We all know you can do it. Go, Masked Royal and Incineroar! Huh? (Sees Lana, Popplio, Mallow and Steenee who are among the audience at the Battle Royal Dome) Ah!
[Back at Kukui's house, Ash and Professor Burnet have also noticed Lana and Mallow]
Professor Burnet: That's Lana and Mallow.
Ash: Oh, wow. Seeing it right there is so great.
Everyone: Huh?
[The camera cuts to Mr Electric who has still got his hands on Incineroar's leg]
James: (commentating on TV) Egad! Electivire's set to clobber Incineroar from behind. One pop and Electrivire is up, up and away.
Masked Royal: Now use Throat Chop!
[Incineroar gets ready to make its move]
James: Zowie!
Meowth: Dat's da move dat wins everytime!
[Then, they see an attack hit the Masked Royal's Incineroar which came from a Magmortar and its trainer, Mad Magmar]
Mad Magmar: Ha-ha, ha-ha.
James: It seems that the team of Mad Magmar and Magmortar has rushed in.
[The bell rings 7 times]
Jessie: So! Is this the end?!
Meowth: The team of Mr Electric and Electivire has been DQ'd with the illegal assist.
[The camera cuts back to inside Kukui's house]
Ash: Rotom, what just happened?
Rotom Dex: Magmortar had no right to enter the ring, so the team of Mr Electric and Electrivire are disqualified.
Ash: I'm sure the Masked Royal didn't want to win the match like that.

All They Want To Do Is Dance Dance!Edit

Dummy, You Shrunk The Kids!Edit

The Shape Of Love To Come!Edit

The Long Vault Home!Edit

I Choose Paradise!Edit

Mallow: [Annoyed] Flygon just had to jump in like you did, Ash!

Filling the Light with Darkness!Edit

Full Moon and Many Arms!Edit

The Prism Between Light and Darkness!Edit

Securing the Future!Edit

A Plethora of Pikachu!Edit

Turning the Other Mask!Edit