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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Sun and Moon, the twenty-first season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to Alola and meets new friends.

A Dream Encounter!Edit

Now You See Them, Now You Don't!Edit

Deceiving Appearances!Edit

A Masked Warning!Edit

Night of a Thousand Poses!Edit

Mission: Total Recall!Edit

Faba's Revenge!Edit

Family Determination!Edit

Revealing the Stuff of Legend!Edit

Rescuing the Unwilling!Edit

10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!Edit

The Professors’ New Adventure!Edit

Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!Edit

Samson Oak: [to Ash and co.] It was probably having a dream that very much [imitating Midday Lycanroc] "LYCANROC" ITS WORLD!
[everyone sweatdrops]
Ash: What does that mean?

The Dex Can't Help It!Edit

Fighting Back The Tears!Edit

Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!Edit

Getting a Jump on the Competition!Edit

A Mission of Ultra Urgency!Edit

Acting True to Form!Edit

Pushing the Fiery Envelope!Edit

Turning Heads and Training Hard!Edit

Smashing with Sketch!Edit

Love at First Twirl!Edit

Real Life... Inquire Within!Edit

Rise and Shine, Starship!Edit

The Young Flame Strikes Back!Edit

Dewpider Ascending!Edit

Sours for the Sweet!Edit

Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?Edit

Tough Guy Trials!!!Edit

Some Kind of Laziness!!Edit

A Battle Hand-Off!Edit

Guiding an Awakening!Edit

Twirling with a Bang!Edit

Showering the World with Love!Edit

Not Caving Under Pressure!Edit

A Young Royal Flame Ignites!Edit

All They Want To Do Is Dance Dance!Edit

Dummy, You Shrunk The Kids!Edit

The Shape Of Love To Come!Edit

The Long Vault Home!Edit

I Choose Paradise!Edit

Filling the Light with Darkness!Edit

Full Moon and Many Arms!Edit

The Prism Between Light and Darkness!Edit

Securing the Future!Edit

A Plethora of Pikachu!Edit

Turning the Other Mask!Edit