Detective Pikachu (film)

2019 film directed by Rob Letterman

Detective Pikachu is a 2019 live-action film by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures.


  • [enunciating] I know you can't understand me, but put down the stapler or I will electrocute you!
  • It's the jellies! It's that thing, you know, you feel it when you really believe in something, despite everyone telling you that you're wrong.
  • Harry faked his own death. Or...somebody else faked Harry's death. Or...Harry faked somebody else's death. That last one didn't work at all. But the first 2 did are real contenders.
  • [looks at Mr. Mime] Oh! Ooh. Ew. That. It's a Mr. Mime. They're the worst. Silent but annoying.
  • [about Dr. Laurent, later referring to Psyduck] Maybe this doctor could weigh in the long-term psychological effects of being strapped into a baby seat next to a bomb!
  • That's why Mewtwo took Harry. It was revenge for being captured.
  • What is this? [runs to the edge of the bridge] I know this place. [flashback] This is the scene of the crash. What is that? [picks up a Greninja star] Greninja stars. [another flashback] Roger must've sent the Greninjas to cause the crash, which... Which means... Mewtwo was trying to protect us? [yet another flashback] [Howard: Advanced holographic imaging. It allows us to see things that they cannot or don't want us to see] Wait. Howard would've seen this in his hologram. Oh no. No no no no. Tim! [runs for Ryme City]
  • No. Tim said Volt Tackle is my best move. Let's do this Pokémon battle thing right! [charges Mewtwo and then faints]
  • [to Howard] I didn't need to defeat you. I just needed to distract you.

Tim GoodmanEdit

  • Harry's not dead. If his Pokémon partner is still alive, that means he is too.
  • [recognizes Pikachu] You're Harry's Pokémon partner?
  • I will never smell your finger.
  • I should've gotten on that train.
  • [about Lucy] I literally just met someone. She was a junior reporter at CNM. She was doing a story on Harry. I think she knows more than she let on.
  • [about Mr. Mime] I think the trick is getting inside his head.
  • Mewtwo didn't cause the crash.
  • [to a Bulbasaur] I need to get Pikachu to a healer Pokémon. Please. I'm begging you. I don't wanna lose him too.

Lucy StevensEdit

  • [as she walks slowly down the stairs] Stories like this spread fear, and they're afraid of fear. But I don't fear fear. I walk the walk, and I talk the talk, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get the honest scoop, and that's the hard truth.
  • Tim! How am I suppose to break the news when the guy who runs the news IS the breaking news?!

Howard CliffordEdit

  • From all our citizens, welcome to Ryme City.
  • Imagine being able to evolve into the best possible version of yourself. That greatness inside you just waiting to be awoken.
  • [in Pikachu's flashback] Advanced holographic imaging. It allows us to see things that they cannot or don't want us to see.
  • [defeated] What have you done?!

in MewtwoEdit

  • The transfer worked. My body's in the chair, but my mind is in Mewtwo.
  • Well done, Tim. You and Harry's Pikachu led me straight to Mewtwo. [starts hovering]
  • All your father had to do was take the money and walk away. But he started asking questions. I had to stop him.
  • I had no choice! He tracked the R to the battles, traced it back to Dr. Laurent, and then he and his Pikachu helped Mewtwo escape! [holds Tim back]
  • This was never about curing me! I have found a path forward for all of us! Mewtwo has the power to transfer the soul of a human into the body of a Pokémon as long as the Pokémon are in a crazed state. The R gas takes care of that.
  • People of Ryme City, I've finally discovered a cure! Not just for me, but for all of humanity! Pokémon can evolve into better versions of themselves, and now so can you! Humans and Pokémon, merged into one!
  • [hears an explosion and sees Pikachu] Harry's Pikachu. [flies to Pikachu] You think you can stand in the way of the future? I am the future!
  • Finish him, Ditto!
  • [to Pikachu] Harry's son is finished!
  • [flies back up, grabs Pikachu by the neck] A feeble effort. A Pikachu cannot defeat Mewtwo in battle.
  • [sees Tim about to remove the neural link from Howard] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger CliffordEdit

  • I'm sorry, we're not a tabloid. Which means that we don't report on rumors, gossip, or hearsay. It's not news if it can't be verified. You want a story, find a source. Oh, and pro tip: a reasonable sense of fashion.


  • They're outside. [escapes the lab]
  • I've been waiting for you.
  • [after healing Pikachu] You brought the son to me as agreed.
  • [to Pikachu] You've done well. Humanity is evil. I've always believed Pokémon are...
  • [to Tim] Run!
  • I will undo what has been done. [undoes Howard's wrongdoings]
  • There is one last thing I must fix.
  • [referring to Harry Goodman] The father you have been looking for has been with you all along.
  • [to Pikachu, again] You've done well. Humanity is evil. But you have shown me that not all humans are bad. Harry Goodman, your Pikachu offers its body to save your mind. There is a son. With the son's return, I can repair the father. Your memory will be gone, but your heart will know who you are. I take this body so that you might live. Return with the son.


  • Sebastian: The guy you are looking for wanted to know the source of R. [coughs] It comes from the doctor. That's all I know. Now let me go!
  • Lieutenant Yoshida: Tim, this job, it demands a lot. [referring to Harry] But you were on his mind everyday. He loved you more than anything else in the world.
  • Dr. Laurent: [last words] We're losing power in the containment chamber!


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