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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Black and White, the fourteenth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ Poketto Monsutā Besuto Uisshu?, Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes)

In the Shadow of Zekrom!Edit

Enter Iris and Axew!Edit

A Sandile Gusher of Change!Edit

The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!Edit

Triple Leaders, Team Threats!Edit

Dreams by the Yard Full!Edit

Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!Edit

Saving Darmanitan from the Bell!Edit

Cilan: You know what? You two are actually quite alike.
Ash/Iris: [at the same time] WAIT!?! YOU THINK I ACT LIKE HER!?!/WAIT!?! YOU THINK I ACT LIKE HIM!?!

The Bloom Is on Axew!Edit

A Rival Battle for Club Champ!Edit

A Home for DwebbleEdit

Here Comes the Trubbish SquadEdit

Minccino–Neat and TidyEdit

A Night in the Nacrene City MuseumEdit

The Battle According to LenoraEdit

Rematch at the Nacrene GymEdit

Scraggy–Hatched to Be WildEdit

Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel ForestEdit

A Connoisseur's Revenge!Edit

Dancing with the Ducklett Trio!Edit

The Lost World of Gothitelle!Edit

A Venipede StampedeEdit

Emolga the Irresistible!Edit

Emolga and the New Volt Switch!Edit

Scare at the Litwick Mansion!Edit

The Dragon Master's Path!Edit

Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!Edit

Cottonee in Love!Edit

A UFO for Elgyem!Edit

Ash and Trip's Third Battle!Edit

Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!Edit

Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!Edit

Gotta Catch a Roggenrola!Edit

Where Did You Go, Audino?Edit

Archeops in the Modern World!Edit

A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!Edit

Movie Time! Zorua in 'The Legend of the Pokémon Knight!Edit

Reunion Battles in Nimbasa!Edit

Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!!Edit

The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!Edit

The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome!Edit

Meowth's Scrafty Tactics!Edit

Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?Edit

Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!Edit

The Beartic Mountain Feud!Edit

Crisis from the Underground Up!Edit

Battle for the Underground!Edit

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