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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Master Quest, the fifth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the further adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum and his friends in Johto.

Around the WhirlpoolEdit

Fly Me to the MoonEdit

Takin' It on the ChinchouEdit

A Corsola Caper!Edit

Mantine Overboard!Edit

Octillery the OutcastEdit

Dueling HeroesEdit

The Perfect MatchEdit

Plant it Now... Diglett LaterEdit

Hi-Ho Silver... Away!Edit

The Mystery is HistoryEdit

All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Spearow!

A Parent Trapped!Edit

All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Dragonite!

A Promise is a PromiseEdit

All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Exeggutor!

Throwing in the NoctowlEdit

Nerves of SteelixEdit

Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!Edit

Espeon, Not IncludedEdit

For Ho-Oh the Bells TollEdit

Extreme Pokémon!Edit

An EGG-sighting Adventure!Edit

Hatching a PlanEdit

Jessie: Hello there, prepare for trouble!
James: Sorry Jess, but I'm afraid we've already been down that road.
Jessie: Ah, that's right, then let's cut to the chase!
Ash Ketchum: Team Rocket, huh? I'm not really in the mood to play around with you guys right now. So why don't you just go away?

Dues and Don'tsEdit

Giovanni: What is it?
Wendy: Giovanni, this is Wendy from Human Resources. Our Johto Regional recruder is found couple of potential candidates.
Giovanni: Very interesting. Although they cutting back on useless staff. I suppose it is necessary for an evil organization to look for promising evildoers to act to our evil team.
Wendy: I've uploaded their data, sir.
Giovanni: Hmm. Hmm?
Wendy: Jessie.

[flashback begins]

Jessie: Ahh! There's nothing like a fruit smoothie after a grooving workout. Be a dear and take care of the bill, please? I'll pay you back later! See ya!
Wendy: Uh, Jessie.

[flashback ends]

Wendy: [growls] She steal those me that money!
Giovanni: What's going on out there?
Wendy: Uh, it was nothing. It's just that they borrowed a large amount of money from us and not paid a cent of it back.
Giovanni: [sighs] It's always something with those 3!
Wendy: I must adjust that we cut our losters and block their reinstatement with Team Rocket.
Giovanni: No, just keep an eye on them until they paid their lone. But if it seems they caught pay-it back, we'll have to strike them out his members.
[Persian meowing]

All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Smeargle!
Smeargle: Smeargle!

Wendy: Master Giovanni, I have a scout from the Johto Region on the line. Jessie and James have passed.
Giovanni: Hmm. Work them hard until they've paid back that lone. Um, second thought. Just work them hard.
Wendy: Yes, I will, sir. [growls] Jessie, you locked out again! I'll never forget that fruit smoothie!

Wendy: Revenge is sweet, my dear Jessie!

Just Waiting On a FriendEdit

A Tyrogue Full of TroubleEdit

Xatu the FutureEdit

Talkin' 'Bout an EvolutionEdit

All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Marowak!
Marowak: Marowak!

Rage of InnocenceEdit

Jessie: Arbok, use accid attack! Let's go!
Dr. Lance: Dragonite! Twister!

As Cold as PryceEdit

All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Magneton!
Magneton: Magneton!

Nice Pryce, BabyEdit

Whichever Way the Wind BlowsEdit

Some Like it HotEdit

Hocus PokémonEdit

Misty: It looks like that cliff is going to collapse!

Lily: Goodbye!
Team Rocket: Team Rocket's falling down again!
Wobbuffet: Wobba!
All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Dewgong!
Dewgong: Dewgong!

As Clear as CrystalEdit

Same Old Song and DanceEdit

Enlighten Up!Edit

James: It inflates it's psychic self. But will put it on the shelf Wobbuffet.

Wish Upon a Star ShapeEdit

Outrageous FortunesEdit

Narrator: It's a perfect day as our heroes head toward Blackthorn City, where Ash hopes to win his eighth and final badge to qualify for the Johto League.
Brock: Let me see. It looks like we're close.
Ash: Hey!
Misty: Look! There it is!
Brock: The Pokémon Center.
Ash: What do you say we go check it out? Huh?
Delaney: Keep it up, Poliwrath!
Mason: Hitmontop, hang in there!
[crowd shouting]
Brock: Hey, look at that!
Misty: Sounds like lots of fun!
Ash: You're right. Come on!
Mason: Hitmontop, Triple Kick, now!
Delaney: Dodge it, Poliwrath! [...] Now, Poliwrath, Double Slap!
Ash: Poliwrath and Hitmontop, huh?
Misty: Well, I'm certain that Poliwrath will win, hands down!
Ash: Well, that's no surprise.
Brock: We know you'll always take the side of Water Pokémon, Misty.
Delaney: Poliwrath, Submission, go!
Mason: Hang in there, Hitmontop! [...] Oh, no!
Delaney: Sorry, Mason.
Brock: Wow! That was an amazing move!
Ash: But I thought only Fighting Pokémon use Submission.
Misty: True, but Poliwrath acquired Submission Attack when it evolved from a Poliwhirl.

One Trick Phony!Edit

I Politoed Ya So!Edit

Beauty Is Skin DeepEdit

Fangs for Nothin'Edit

Great Bowls of Fire!Edit

All: Who's that Pokémon? It's Chinchou!

Better Eight Than NeverEdit

Jessie: Dig for treasure!
James: Dig with pleasure!
Jessie and James: Prepare for trouble with our bag of tricks!
Meowth: Yeah!
Jessie and James: And make it double with a couple of picks!
Meowth: Yeah!
Jessie and James: To protect the world from devastation!
Meowth: Yeah!
Jessie and James: To unite all peoples within our nation!
All: Team Rocket!

James: I, for one, couldn't be happier! We're finally stealing something other than that pesky little Pikachu for a change. Besides, I get to try out my new pickax!
Jessie: So, Meowth, how much further before we get to that Dragon Fang?
Meowth: Ah! Allow me to peruse the map. We started digging here, then we turned this way so the fang should be right there!
James: Great!
Jessie: I can almost smell it!
Meowth: That was me.

Jessie: Huh?
James: Something doesn't feel right.
James: Meowth, are you certain that you got the location correct?
Meowth: Of course. My calculations are flawless. Uh-oh!
Jessie: So what do you mean by uh-oh?
Meowth: It seems as though we're digging directly under the lake.
Jessie and James: What?!

All: Team Rocket's all washed up again!

Why? Wynaut!Edit

Just Add WaterEdit

Lapras of LuxuryEdit

Hatch Me if You CanEdit

Entei at Your Own RiskEdit

Misty: Hey! Last one in, there's a Slowpoke!

A Crowning AchievementEdit

James: So the twerps have a little lunch by the lake, huh?
Meowth: Yeah, and while they’re munchin’ lunch, we’ll pinch Pikachu, right, Jess?
[Jessie, however, is eating a sandwich]
James: Hey, who said it was lunch time?
Meowth: Yeah, where’s ours?
Jessie: [with a mouth full] It’s all gone.

Jessie: Well, did you guys hear that?
James: I heard king, and king means jewels!
Meowth: And jewels mean dough! LOTS OF DOUGH!

Jessie: We may have missed our chance to grab the King’s Rock, but catching that Slowking would sure put a jewel in our crown.
James: Yes, a Pokémon fit for a king.
Meowth: Or fit for a boss is how I see it.

Here's Lookin' At You, ElekidEdit

Jessie: Well, they could be have gotten too far away.
Meowth: We gotta get those spire plugs back and present them to the boss!
James: I wonder. Will the boss like them?
Meowth: Of course! That Elekid's gonna be a regular harden to boss' morning routine. Like runnin' his electric raise up for instance. And he's gonna say, "It's the best shave I ever had!" Then he'll use his hand dryer into the perfect load dry.
James: It could just plug the in.
Meowth: But this way is cheaper.
Jessie: And Larvitar?
Meowth: The boss is always saying that he can't find any good help these days. But with Larvitar being the help those days he'll be done. And when he sees the look of sincere save it to in Larvitar on his eyes, he'll say, "Larvitar, your are in a way this in a see of loses."
James: You think so?
Jessie: Now, stop dreaming about it and actually do it!

You're a Star, Larvitar!Edit

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