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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Black and White Rival Destinies, the fifteenth season of the Pokémon animated series.

Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!Edit

Cilan: [reading note near the Gym entrance] I regret I'll be away for the fashion show.
Bianca: I was just reading something about that. [flips through her magazine] Here it is, it's close by! Awww...let's go! It's a chance to see Elesa in her very own fashion show! Wow! [dashes off to the fashion show]
Iris: Well, what about you?
Ash: Well, without a Gym Leader, I guess I'm stuck.
Cilan: I know! Why don't we go too? Learning about a Gym Leader before you battle might be good thing.
Ash: Yeah, you're right!

[As Elesa is showing off her new outfits on the runway...]
Bianca: Awesome...
Ash: Yeah...
Pikachu: Pikachu! [Indeed]
[At this point, Elesa turns her attention to Ash and pals.]
Elesa: Huh? I'm tingling all over! [She leaps off the runway and meets the heroes face to face.]
Ash: Whoa!
Elesa: A Pikachu! Never seen one up close! Wow, you shine like the sun! Is this your Pikachu?

Iris: Since Ash lost, does that mean he has to go back to Pallet Town?

Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!Edit

[Ash's Palpitoad loses against Elesa's Emolga]
Ash: [horrified] You can't be serious! I was going to win every battle with you! [sadly recalls Palpitoad]
Iris: [baffled] Ash's strategy was just Palpitoad?
Cilan: Well, if I have to guess, yes.

Elesa: Attract, won't you? [Her Emolga complies]
Ash: Snivy, counter with Attract! [His Snivy also does so...wait a second...]
Cilan: An Attract Battle?!
Iris: Isn't Snivy a girl?!

[Both Snivy and Emolga's Attract cancel each other out as they are both females!]
Ash: Attract didn't work!
Elesa: [surprised] You're right! By any chance, does your Snivy happen to be a female?
Ash: [looking completely embarrassed] Argh, of course! I totally forgot!!
[Cut to Iris, Cilan, Pikachu and Axew with disbelieving expressions and face-fault.]
Iris [eyebrow twitching]: How many times will it take for Ash to learn that Attract doesn't work between girls!?
Cilan: Good question, although this is Ash after all!
[Pikachu and Axew sitting with their backs against each other, sweatdropping]
Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu... [My trainer is an idiot!]
Axew: Axew...[Agreed...]
[It gets worse...]
Ash: So who cares? Electric-type moves aren't very effective on Grass type Pokemon anyway.
Elesa [smiling indulgently]: I think you've forgotten something, Ash.
Ash: Huh?
Elesa: Emolga may be an Electric-type, but remember it's a Flying-type as well.
Ash: That's right! Flying-type moves are super effective against Grass-types...[freaks out immediately] OH MAN, SNIVY'S A GRASS-TYPE POKÉMON!! [Really Ash? How can you screw up this BAD?!]

Ash: You got any ideas?
Pikachu: PIKA! PIKACHU! [YES! USE ME FOR THE FIGHT!] Pi...[Well?!]

Elesa: [recalls Emolga] Emolga, you were brilliant...like the sun. [To Ash and Pikachu] You two are shining bright! So bright that I can hardly look straight at you both, like a million shooting stars. So if that's the case, I'll just have to make sure we shine a million times brighter than you!

Elesa: [sees Pikachu climbing out of the hole trap her Tynamo put him in] There's that sparkle again!

Lost at the Stamp Rally!Edit

Ash Versus The Champion!Edit

Trip: Alder! It's me!
Alder: You? Well, I'll be!
Trip: We only met once when I was a kid! I can't believe you still remember me.

Ash: Hi! I'm Ash Ketchum. Will you have a battle with me?
Trip: WHAT?!
[Ash and Trip struggle on who will battle Alder first]
Alder: The price of things. Now, just relax. I'll battle both of you!

A Maractus MusicalEdit

The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck!Edit

Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!Edit

The Lonely Deino!Edit

The Mighty Accelguard to the RescueEdit

A Call for Brotherly Love!Edit

Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 1Edit

Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 2Edit

Battling the King of the Mines!Edit

[Clay summons Krokorok into the battle]
Ash: Krokorok, huh?
Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu! [Ready when you are!]
Ash: Hold on Pikachu. We got a problem. Krokorok is a Ground-type. Your Electric type moves won't be effective against it!
Pikachu: Pikaa....[Awwww....]

[Ash's Snivy effortlessly stomps out Clay's Palpitoad, much to Clay's fury]
Clay: WHY YOU LITTLE WHIPPERSNAPPER PIPSQUEAK! Palpitoad return! [furiously recalls Palpitoad] You're really starting to make me mad and I don't like that! If there's one thing that I will not tolerate, it's an unfair battle!
Ash: Unfair?! What are you talking about?! That was just my strategy.
Clay: STRATEGY?! A young whippersnapper like you should forget about strategy and attack head on like a real man!

Ash: My goal is to become a Pokemon Master. I'm not about to give up now.
Clay: You still don't get it, kid. [shows off his pickaxe to Ash] Take a look at this pickaxe. I started digging this mine with it along with Excadrill back when I was a young whippersnapper about your age. And now look how big it is. But you think that you're all ready to become a Pokemon master lickety-split. I used this pickaxe to dig every square inch of this mine which earned me the title, King of the Mines! So my job is to show you how tough the road to the top really is, see? [Note: In other words, there are no shortcuts in life, hard work is how you can get to the top]

Crisis at Chargestone Cave!Edit

Evolution Exchange Excitement!Edit

Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!Edit

Battling the BullyEdit

Ash: You'll be a trainer before you know it. Take it from me.
Mick: Cool! I'm gonna travel all over the world and catch lots of Pokémon, and then I'm gonna make them all my friends.
Ash: Don't forget, this is what's important! [places his fist over Mick's heart]
Mick: Hmm?
Ash: It's your heart, for sure!
Mick: Yeah?
Ash: You bet. It doesn't matter if you're catching Pokémon or battling: Making sure you do it all with your heart is the most important thing of all.

[After losing to a Pokémon battle to Mick, fair and square]
Glenn: Look, Punk! I don't remember telling you you could beat me.
Mick: But all I was doing was battling the best that I know how.
Glenn: THAT'S WHAT I MEAN!! [raises his fist to punch Mick]
Mick: Ohh! [covers his face]
[Ash's hand grabs Glenn's fist before he lands a punch.]
Ash: HEY!
Glenn: Huh?
[Iris and Cilan look on with a look of shock, seeing the serious angry side of Ash.]

Baffling the BouffalantEdit

Cilan Takes Flight!Edit

Cilan: Of all the ridiculous... STOP THIS!!!
[Cilan angrily stomps off towards Skyla]
Iris: Cilan!
[Ash heads off with Cilan as well]

Skyla: Thanks! I think I can squeeze in a quick flight.
Ash & Cilan: SKYLA!!!
Skyla: What's wrong?
[Ash & Cilan furiously march towards Skyla]

Skyla: I'm not getting any complaints! If I know the results, then why bother going to all that trouble? And besides, sweaty battles are so yesterday. Later, Grandpa!

An Amazing Aerial Battle!Edit

Climbing the Tower of Success!Edit

The Clubsplosion Begins!Edit

Search for the Clubultimate!Edit

[The title card comes up]
Ash: (voiceover) Search for the Clubultimate!
[The camera zooms out of the battlefield at the Clubsplosion stadium in Ambiga Town, where Burgundy is battling against Iris]]
Burgundy: Maintenant, it's Evaluation time, s'il vous plait. (Points to her opponent) It is my duty as a Pokémon connoisseusse to offer a cool and elegant move pour vous. Attention, Dewott, Ice Beam!
Burgundy's Dewott: Dewott! (Uses Ice Beam)
[Georgia, Cilan and Ash are watching the battle from outside the battlefield]
Ash: They're using Ice Beam! When did they learn that?
Iris: Dodge it, Excadrill.
[Excadrill dodges every Ice Beam attack by jumping as ice sculptures are formed]
Burgundy: Third time's the charm.
Burgundy's Dewott: Wott! (Uses Ice Beam which uses Excadrill back. When the dust clears, it is revealed that some ice is stuck to Excadrill's body)
Excadrill: Ex! (Breaks the ice)
[The camera cuts to Freddy O'Martian and Don George in the commentary booth]
Freddy: And Excadrill deflects the Ice Beam. So, Don George, your thoughts about that?
Don George: Dewott's attacks are looking pretty sharp out there. But Excadrill's looking very confident as well. I would expect a tough battle.
[The camera cuts to the trainers watching the battle from outside the battlefield]
Cilan: Dewott may be stronger than I had originally thought. Excadrill and Iris may be facing a tough match.
Georgia: Well those two had better win that tough match. I'm the only one allowed to beat that Dragon Master wannabe.
Ash: Don't worry, she's going to win.

[Later, at Ambiga Town's Pokémon Centre, everyone is having lunch, including Ash and his friends. Then, Burgundy speaks]
Burgundy: I'm OK, at least I didn't lost to you-know-who. Cilan, next time we battle, watch out - I'll win before you know what hit you. And stop with those boring remarks.
Cilan: Relax, Burgundy. I look forward to watching you get stronger.
Burgundy: And as for you, Iris - next time you're going down.
Georgia: Not so fast! The only trainer who's going to beat Iris is me.
Iris: Excuse me, but you have to get through the first round first.
[Meanwhile, Ash smiles, but then he sees Trip who has just finished eating his own meal]
Ash: Hey, Trip. Done eating? Aren't you battling Bianca?
Trip: I suggest you worry about your own battles and not mine.
Ash: Huh?
Trip: Take your Scraggy. (A flashback with Scraggy using Focus Blast plays) Scraggy seems to have learned Focus Blast, but it's obvious you can't depend on it. (The flashback ends) It needs to be more accurate. To be blunt, it's low-class.
Ash: What?! Hey, Trip, hold on. Ugh! (Turns to Scraggy) Scraggy, I want to see your Focus Blast again.
Scraggy: Scraggy.

A Clubsplosion of Excitement!Edit

Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!Edit

Battling the Leaf Thieves!Edit

Ash: Wow. Thanks Emolga. Swadloon evolved because of you. That was a great battle.
Emolga: Emol? Emol-Emol-Emol! [I did? I mean, thanks! I'm glad I could help your Swadloon evolve in battle!]
Iris: You're the best, Emolga!

A Restoration Confrontation! Part 1Edit

A Restoration Confrontation! Part 2Edit

Evolution by Fire!Edit

[Note: This Pokemon episode has the lowest ratings in the entire series. This episode is the reason why the writers cannot reuse the story about Ash's Fire-type starters being abandoned by an abusive trainer anymore.]
Shamus: Come on, Fire Warriors! Emboar, Heatmor, showtime!

[After recalling his defeated Emboar and Heatmor, Shamus walks over to Ash, Snivy and Pignite]
Ash: You still got a problem, Shamus?!
Shamus: Oh no, you won the battle fair and square. [to Pignite] Sorry Pignite. I was totally wrong when I said you had no talent and I hope you'll forgive me.
Pignite: Pignite? [Forgive you?]
Shamus: Hey, I know! Since you haven't been able to forget me after all this time, why don't you come back to the team? We'll be great, give up on this loser trainer and come with me. We'll reach the top with the new Fire Warriors! What do you say?
[Pignite thinks a second, but remembering that Shamus replaced him with a 'better' Emboar, Pignite violently retaliates with Flamethrower burning Shamus' face. Pignite stands next to Ash]
Ash: You see, Pignite's one of the gang. Looks like we're staying as a team. [Both Pignite and Snivy agree]
Shamus: [runs away embarrassed, almost tearing up] I'll remember this!
[Note: Audience members are not stupid as they can compare Pignite with Charizard and Infernape. Not only that, but the writers failed to evolve Ash's Pignite into an Emboar when they had the chance to do so. This is why Pignite is not well received compared to Ash's previous two fully-evolved Fire-type Starters.]

Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain!Edit

Caution: Icy Battle Conditions!Edit

Clash of the Connoisseurs!Edit

Nurse Joy: Ash, wait! Did you just say you were going to the Opelucid Gym?
Ash: You bet! We're heading on over, right now!
Nurse Joy: Then I guess I have a little bad news for you. I just received word that the Opelucid Gym is closed.

[As the heroes are riding in a limousine to Mr. Hatterly's mansion, they meet a familiar face at the gate]
Cilan: Burgundy? What are you doing here?
Burgundy: I came all this way because I heard they were looking for a skilled Pokemon Connoisseuse but they won't let me in!
Butler: You will have to forgive us. Mr. Hatterly requires the services of an A-Class Pokemon Connoisseur!
Cilan: Now let me see. You're a...
Burgundy: What's wrong with C-Class, monsieur?!
Cilan: Why nothing!
Butler: I fear a C-Class like yourself won't suffice. [Keep in mind, C-Class connoisseurs are beginners and are way less experienced when compared to A-Class Connoisseurs]

Cilan: I pride myself in my knowledge in all Pokemon Connoisseurs, but I've never heard of you.
'Fauxgundy': Uhh...I became an S-Class Connoisseur long before you two were born, that's it!
Ricard Nouveau: [unconvinced] Now that's strange. I didn't think there was a connoisseur association back then.
Cilan: Would you mind showing us your Connoisseur badge once more?
'Fauxgundy': Of all the INSULTING...[At the same time, a Lillipup starts playing with the badge] You give that back!
[Lillipup licks the badge causing the 'S' sticker to fall off revealing that it is just a 'C' Badge]
Cilan: Why, that's a C-Class badge!
Ricard Nouveau: You forged it to look just like an S-Class Badge!
'Fauxgundy': Give that back! [As 'Fauxgundy' tackles Lillipup, the outfit becomes ruined revealing it is none other than Burgundy]

[Ricard Nouveau summons his Purrloin into the battlefield]
Cilan: [horrified] Augh! NOT A PURRLOIN!
Ricard Nouveau: Oh, something wrong? You're not afraid of a Purrloin?
Cilan: No...I'm just fine. [Not really] We'll just attack head on and now presenting my Crustle!

[Crustle's Rock Wrecker knocks out Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin and also sends an unseen Burgundy blasting off Team Rocket style!]
Ash: Huh? Could have sworn I've heard that before.

[Cilan is declared winner of the Connoisseur battle]
Ricard Nouveau: Purrloin, you'll be alright. Now take a good rest. [recalls Purrloin]
Cilan: [walking up to Ricard Nouveau with Crustle] Ricard. So, what do you think of Crustle?
Ricard Nouveau: [a bit embarrassed but admits...] I guess you and Crustle are sparkling and unpredictable after all.

Crisis at Ferroseed Research!Edit

An Epic Defence Force!Edit

Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 1Edit

Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 2Edit

All for the Love of Meloetta!Edit

[Dawn runs to the balcony of Cynthia's villa]
Dawn: Look, Piplup. I wonder if that's the plane they're on.

Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of Times!Edit

[As Ash enters the living room, Dawn and Piplup sneak up behind him. Dawn taps on Ash's shoulder]
Ash: Huh?
Pikachu: Pika? [Who was that?]
[As Ash turns to one side, Dawn steps aside, then Ash turns to the other side, Dawn steps on the opposite side]
Ash: Who's that? [turns around and realizes it's his pals from Sinnoh] Ahaha! It's Dawn!
Pikachu: Pi-Pi-chu! [Good to see you again!]
Dawn: Hi! It's been a long time, Ash! [gives Ash a wink]
Piplup: Pip-Piplup! [Hiya Pikachu!]
Ash: [does the same thing] Sure has!
Pikachu: Pika-pika! [Hi again, Piplup!]
Both Ash and Dawn do their Hi-Touch high five]

Dawn: You're Iris and Cilan. Hi! Professor Oak told me all about you.

[Oshawott angrily attacks Piplup with Aqua Jet given that Piplup was interacting with Meloetta, much to their trainer's shock]
Oshawott: Osha! [That'll teach ya!]
Piplup: Piplup! [What do you think you're doing?!]
Dawn: Piplup, all you alright?
Ash: OSHAWOTT! Why did you do that to Piplup? Now say you're sorry!
Oshawott: Osha? ... Oshawott. [Sorry? Ugh... I'm sorry.]
Piplup: ...Lup! [...No, you're not!]
Oshawott: Grr!
Piplup: Grr!
Ash: Man.
Cilan: It looks like Oshawott like Meloetta.
Dawn: I'd say Piplup does too. Looks like there's a bit of competition going on.

[Oshawott gets mad and jealous that Piplup is dancing with Meloetta. As the two continue dancing and singing, Piplup gives Oshawott a rude smirk]
Piplup: Lu-lup! [U mad bro?]
Oshawott: OSHA-SHA! [SHUT UP!]
Iris: Looks like things are starting to heat up.
Ash: [unimpressed] Yeah.

Dawn: Guess connoisseurs love talking as much as they love food.
Piplup: Piplup? [You serious?]

Expedition to Onix Island!Edit

Dawn: You're an awesome chef, Cilan! He'd give Brock a run for his money, right?
Ash: Right!
Iris: Who's Brock, Ash?
Ash: He's a good friend who was on my journey with for a long time. He was always making meals for us.

The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo!Edit

Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!Edit

Dawn: I can't do a thing with my hair! It almost acts like it has a mind of its own!
Iris: Ever notice a pattern here? You go through the same routine day after day.

Jostling for the Junior Cup!Edit

Alder: My stars, Cynthia! You're as beautiful as I've ever seen.
[Ash hears the conversation and notices the two Champions talking with each other.]
Iris: Ash, what's wrong?
Ash: Over there! It's Cynthia and Alder!
Iris: Wow, you're right!
Alder: Come on. What say we forget the tournament and grab some lunch?
Cynthia: I think you'll be dining alone, as usual.
Alder: [laughs it off] You're such a charmer!

Battling Authority Once Again!Edit

Ash, Iris, and Trip: Then There Were Three!Edit

Goodbye Junior Cup-Hello Adventure!Edit

Referee: Serperior is unable to continue! Bouffalant wins! And that means the winner is Alder the Champion!
Freddy O'Martian: Alder wins the battle with just one attack! A brave challenge by Trip sure, but he falls short of victory! Once again, Alder proves why he is a Champion! [Until Journeys when Iris became the new Unova Champion, causing Trip's failure of accomplishing his goal of defeating Alder more permanent]

Trip: Alder.
Alder: What is it?
Trip: I didn't stand a chance against you. Won't you please tell me what I did wrong in our battle? I must have been lacking something.
Alder: You really didn't do anything wrong. You weren't lacking anything. [Except experience]
Trip: But you beat me. You kept me from showing how strong I've become.
Alder: So what if I did? Thinking back, you asked me the same thing a while ago. I'm pretty sure I know the answer but do you have any admiration for a man like me? Winning, losing, strength, weakness, in the end, your Pokémon will determine all that. There is no easy answer to what you ask. But if I have to choose one thing, I'd say look at all you've learned from the day you started on your journey right up to today. That may be the answer you seek.
Trip: Everything I learned...
[Note: This loss was to remind fans that while Trip is a skilled trainer, he is very inexperienced. Trip represents a trainer who thinks that defeating a Champion is easy in real life like in the video games but not realizing there is a difference between video games and reality.]

The Road to Humilau!Edit

Unrest at the Nursery!Edit

Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!Edit

Ash: What's up, Pikachu?
Pikachu: Pika.
[A Persian jumps out from behind a bush]
Persian: Me-owww. (Ash, Pikachu and Meloetta jump out of the way) Purrrr.
Ash: Hey, that Pokémon...
Persian: Raowww. [Ash scans it with his PokéDex]
Ash's PokéDex: Persian, the classy cat Pokémon and the evolved form of Meowth. Persian can walk silently, thanks to its nimble muscles. It pounces on its prey at lightning speed.
Ash: (to Meloetta) Make yourself invisible. Quick! (Meloetta goes invisible) All right.
Persian: Purrrr. Rawh!
Ash: Huh? (Sees Giovanni standing on a floating disc and wearing goggles)
Giovanni: Mmm. Meloetta, I know you're here. Make it easy on yourself and come out.
Ash: Get away! Hurry!
Giovanni: Persian, use Shadow Claw.
[Persian uses Shadow Claw]
Ash: Pikachu, Iron Tail.
Pikachu: Pika-chu! (Uses Iron Tail on Persian)
Giovanni: Power Gem.
[Persian unleashes a powerful Power Gem attack on Pikachu, blasting him into Ash]
Ash: Oh!
[Meloetta reappears]
Meloetta: Oh, no! (Ash and Pikachu get trapped in a force field cage, fired from a helicopter above them which turns into a cube, trapping them) No-me. No!
Giovanni: Meloetta. (Meloetta turns to him) Do as I say immediately, or the boy and his Pikachu will be very sorry.
[The cube starts to shrink a bit]
Ash: What's going on?
Pikachu: Pika!
Giovanni: In just a moment, they'll be much smaller than they are now.
Ash: Meloetta, get out of here.
Pikachu: Pika pika!
Meloetta: No-me, no!
[The cube grows a bit]
Giovanni: That's a good Pokémon. (Returns Persian to its Poké ball)

Unova's Survival Crisis!Edit