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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, the twenty-fifth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum and his new travelling companion Goh as they travel around the Pokémon world, based at the Cerise Research Laboratory in Vermilion City in the Kanto region.

The Spectral Express!Edit

The Winding Path to GreatnessEdit

It's All in the Name!Edit

[Note: This episode is dedicated in memory of Ren's voice actor, Billy Kametz, who passed away on June 9, 2022, shortly after recording this episode]
Ash: Hey, whatcha got in the box, Ren?
Ren: After being out for repairs, it's finally back. A lamp that Francois really loves! [after plugging it in] Come on out! It's lunchtime!
Francois/ Magnemite: Magnemite! [Alright!] [begins absorbing the electricity from the lamp]

Suffering the Flings and Arrows!Edit

[Note: This episode was to apologize to fans for making Erika a jerk and an irresponsible Gym Leader in the original series. Granted, Ash was rude back then, but still. As of this episode, fans have finally forgave the writers for this serious offence in the original series.]
Erika: Welcome to the Celadon Gym. Nice to meet you. My name is Erika, the Gym Leader.
Ash, Goh and Chloe: Hi there, it's a pleasure to see you.
Erika: Thank you. [recognizes Ash] Oh my, don't I know you?
Ash: [a bit nervous] That's right, I'm Ash.
Erika: I recognize you now. Hi Ash! [cut to flashback where Ash rescued her Gloom from the fire] You helped rescue all the Pokémon after the Gym caught fire. I want to thank you again. You did a really wonderful thing!
Ash: Aww...
Goh: Ash, you really did that? [It does hint that neither Ash nor Erika were proud of making a bad first impression of each other since they don't mention the issues that caused the Celadon Gym to get caught on fire to Goh or Chloe]

[Goh has decided to decorate flowers on Pinsir to make Heracross and Pinsir a happy couple, only to attract the attention of Erika]
Erika: A happy couple?! [starts to get mad. Don't you remember what you did wrong in the original series when you acted like that?!] Could it be you want to use Pokémon flower arranging for romance?!
Goh: [getting nervous] Uhhh...well, it's just that... [in his mind] Am I doing this for the wrong reasons?!
[a brief stare down later]
Erika: [getting cheerful again...whew] I think that's wonderful! A trainer would want to see their Pokémon be happy! I insist that you two allow me to help you out!

The Good, The Bad and The Lucky!Edit

[Note: Since fans were curious as to why Cassidy and Butch were replaced by Matori at the end of the Diamond and Pearl, fans get to know what became of the two]
Cassidy: Relax, it's not going anywhere and there's more where that came from.
Raticate: Raticate! [Please, enjoy!]
Jessie: This is scrumpty!
James: It's not everyday that a complete stranger would come and save our lives! [suddenly recognizes Cassidy] Time out! I've seen you before!
Cassidy: Normally, I wouldn't respond to that but I'll be glad to show you who you are dealing with.

[The Team Rocket learn that the cafe owner is none other than Cassidy!]
The Gang: Cassidy?!
Jessie: What are you doing in a place like this?!
James: I venture in a guess that you are on some super secret Team Rocket mission! Am I right?
Cassidy: Missed it by a mile. I quit. [The gang are confused]
Jessie: My leg's been pulled by a mile quite enough.
Cassidy: Team Rocket was part of my life but it wasn't all.
James: Things besides Team Rocket?
Meowth: Just what do you mean?
Cassidy: It's true we were elite members, miles above you, but all those failed mission reports- awful! The grind had simply worn us down.

[A familiar face and voice steps out of the bakery. It's Butch who also quit Team Rocket!]
Butch: [excited] We have customers? [shocked to see Jessie, Wobbuffet and Meowth] IT CAN'T BE YOU!
Jessie: So, who are you?
Butch: Normally, I wouldn't answer that but I'm glad to show you...[the gang freak out]
Jessie: Botch, it's you!
Butch: The name's Butch, okay?! The name is BUTCH!

[Butch was about to mention why he quit Team Rocket with Cassidy but Jessie interrupts the story]
Jessie: Don't say another word. All those lousy, loser reports and the grind had simply worn you down, right?
Butch: [a bit annoyed] Look, it's my story to tell so let me talk.
Meowth: Cassidy gave us the lowdown.
Butch: Huh? You already met with her?
Jessie: Butch, we like to pay for that yummy food you gave us by working for it.
Butch: THE NAME IS BOTCH! [realizes that Jessie pronounced his name correctly] Hmmm...she's right.

Lighting the Way Home!Edit

An Evolution in Taste!Edit

Out of Their Elements!Edit

Battling Turned Up to Eleven!Edit

[Ash and Goh arrived in Spikemuth after being tricked by Team Yell that the World Coronation series match is here. The city is dark and empty. Not a good place to have a World Coronation series match...]
Ash: We're going to have a battle here? [Even Pikachu is baffled]
Goh: Yep, apparently the directions Team Yell gave us lead right to this location.

Piers: ROCK AND ROLL! [while practing with his Rillaboom, two Toxtricity and Obstagoon]

[Both Pikachu's Thunderbolt and Toxtricity's Discharge attacks cancel each other out]
Ash: Hey, that wasn't nice!
Piers: We're in the middle of a rehearsal, so no one is allowed inside.
Goh: But hold on, isn't this a gym?
Piers: It's our gym, it's our stage. Spikemuth Gym. I'm the Gym Leader here, a real genius with Dark types. Mournful Piers is what the fans call me! Now meet the band! On backing vocals, Obstagoon! [Obstagoon screams like the band members of KISS] On drums, Rillaboom! On guitar, Toxtricity (Amped form)! On bass, Toxtricity (Low-key form)!

Ash: I'm here for the World Coronation series! My name is Ash! I'm battling today!
Piers: Wait, your name is Ash? Are you in the Ultra Class? And you are from the Kanto region?
Ash: Right, so you're saying you've heard of me?
Goh: Wow Ash! You're famous!
Piers: That's weird. Marnie should be waiting for you over at Wyndon Stadium.

[A weary Piers sighs in annoyance, hinting that Team Yell has a bad habit of sabotaging Marnie's opponents. Good thing Piers is a Team leader that is not a villain.]
Piers: They're part of our crew. Sorry if they messed you up.
Ash: So, how do you know about Marnie?
Piers: She's my little sister.

Marnie: No, I can't do that! [accept a default win] I want a real battle, you hear me? I'm gonna wait.

[Marnie learns that her fanclub, Team Yell, attempted sabotage from Ash]
Marnie: [to Team Yell] SHUT YOUR BIG YAPS! [to Ash] Hey, did that lot really lie to you?
Ash: Uh-huh. They said the match was somewhere else. Thankfully, Piers drove me here, himself.
Marnie: My bro did that?
Team Yell grunt: We really wanted you to win, Marnie! You win and it'll help Spikemuth out, don't you see that?
Marnie: Not if I win that way! [The Team Yell grunts all freak out. You know you did wrong when your idol chews you out for your actions]

[Marnie does the friendly smile pose just like in the games]
Marnie: Thanks for today. I loved our match. But mark my words, Ash. I won't lose again!
Ash: [nods in agreement and shakes Marnie's hand] We'll both do our best!
Pikachu: Pikachu! [Take care, Marnie!]

Meeting Up with the Monarch!Edit

[two kids are running to watch the show]
Boy 1: We got to hurry, Leon's battle has already started!
Boy 2: Yeah, I know!
Ash: Huh, Leon's having a battle! Wait a second! Hang on.
Boy 1: Huh? You beat Marnie yesterday!
Boy 2: We saw it all! You were really strong! [hmmm...Ash is sure becoming more famous...]

Flint: [recalls his defeated Infernape] That's why you're the Champion. Thank you. [shakes Leon's hand. Back to training, Flint...]
Leon: Good battle. Let's do it again. [sounds a lot like Ash would say...]

[Goh asks Sonia about what Leon is like]
Sonia: Let me see...He can't sit still when he sees a Pokémon, kind of like a really big kid who just loves all of them.
Goh: A kid who really loves Pokémon? You know, that sounds just like Ash.

[Goh questions Sonia about Leon's early life]
Sonia: I'll tell you. Leon didn't have many friends when he was small.
Goh: Really, why is that?
Sonia: He was probably too busy caring for his little brother [Hop] or doing chores which didn't leave him much time to play with his classmates. But I was his friend, so he saw me now and again. But one day, he befriended Charmander. And as he learned about Pokémon battles, suddenly friends, rivals, and all sorts of people surrounded him. I guess you could say that Pokémon truly expanded Leon's world!

[The drawback of being a Champion.]
Ash: Hey Leon, what's it like to be a Champion, anyways?
Leon: [a bit glum] I'm scared all the time.
Ash: Huh?
Leon: I've never lost a Pokémon battle before. And that scares me a lot. I'm scared I reached my limit and I can't grow anymore, that I can't get any stronger than I am now. [cut to a flashback of the Darkest Day arc] But when that happened...
Ash: [flashback] The sky!
Goh: [flashback] Could that be Eternatus?
Leon: [continuing the narration] I tried, but I couldn't put a scratch on Eternatus. [goes back to the present] I was frustrated but excited at the same time. There are still many in this world that are much stronger than I am. But, I'm still chasing after them! I've got a lot of work to do to grow stronger!

A One-Stick Wonder!Edit

[Note: Many fans still insist that Ash should have gotten Thwackey as to make up for not getting Grookey and continue the tradition of giving Ash a starter. However, current generation starters are not allowed to double up between main protagonists because it will get confusing and people will accuse the writers of playing favourites. Also, Ash is still a region Champion thus giving a starter will still be seen as a large downgrade in Ash's skill]
Goh: The Wild Area offers a chance to catch unlimited Pokémon! Or at least that's what I thought...[it's revealed that Grookey ruined Goh's chance of getting an Applin, causing it to run away] Grookey, you could be a little less rambunctious.

[Goh notices that the Thwackey has only one stick instead of two]
Goh: Huh? It should have two sticks. [The one-stick Thwackey runs off]
Ash: Oh look, it's getting away!
Goh: [throws the Pokéball at the Thwackey. Really, Goh?! You can't be bothered to evolve your own Grookey?!] Poké-ball, go! [Thwackey swats it away] What are you- [rightfully gets hit in the face with the Poké-ball.]

Battling in the Freezing Raid!Edit

The Future is Now, Thanks to Strategy!Edit

[Note: This episode and the next one is to apologize to fans for not introducing Drasna in the XY series.]
[As Ash heads to Lumiose Gym, he sees a television that is promoting an upcoming event which is none other than Ash's World Coronation series match against Drasna, the Dragon-type user of the Kalos Elite Four]
Announcer on TV: It's the Pokémon World Coronation Series Ultra Class! And for tomorrow's match, we'll bring you the 12th- ranked competitor, Drasna! And...[Ash's face appears on the television screen much to Ash & Pikachu's shock]
Ash: Ahhh! That's me!
Announcer on TV: A rising star from Kanto who has been climbing his way up the ranks at number 15, Ash! It's almost time, right, Drasna? [Nice that Ash is getting acknowledgement for his accomplishments, yet they still don't mention that he's a Champion?]
Drasna: I believe Ash is extremely talented which makes me very happy to compete against him!
Announcer on TV: Well, folks, you heard it here first. We've been speaking to Drasna. Thanks again! [The report ends and cuts to a picture of Diantha and her Gardevoir.]

Clemont: Your opponent really surprised me! You're battling the Drasna of the Elite Four!
Ash: Uh-huh! And my Pokémon are so psyched!
Clemont: So, for old time's sake...
Both Ash and Clemont: Everybody, come on out! [Ash's Journeys team appears alongside Clemont's Chespin and...Diggersby?!]

[Ash notices that Clemont's Bunnelby is now a Diggersby, who is playing with Pikachu and Chespin]
Ash: Wow! Diggersby?
Clemont: Right! My Bunnelby finally evolved! [The reason Clemont's Bunnelby had to evolve into Diggersby was to avoid confusion with Goh's Bunnelby. Also, why didn't the writers evolve Clemont's Chespin?!]
Diggersby: Diggersby! Diggersby! [What do you think? Like my new look?]

[Somewhere in the Castle of Chivalry, Drasna and her Altaria are practicing with Wikstrom and Escavalier...]
Drasna: Just the cutting edge I expect. Great, Wikstrom!
Wikstrom: I return the words of praise. I'll never lower my guard!

Taking Two For The Team!Edit

Wikstrom: Madam Drasna has truly been looking forward to offering you her greetings.
Drasna: Nice to meet you. Now Altaria, please say hello, too.
Altaria: Altaria! [Hello!] [begins spinning around] Taria! Taria! Altaria! [Wee-hee-hee! It's a pleasure to meet you!]
Drasna: Simply beautiful! Altaria is my number one Pokémon partner. We both wish you and yours the very best!
Ash: [nervously] Gee, thanks! Right backatcha! Let's have a great match! [extends his hand to Drasna]
Drasna: [accepts the handshake] I've done quite a bit of research on your battle history. [starts to crush Ash's hand...and gets a bit sinister] However, your series of easy wins is over as of this day.
Pikachu: Pi! Pi-Pika? [Yikes, she's that threatening?!]
Drasna: [reverts to her cheery self] And so I bid you a good day! [heads off to the stadium with her Altaria. We all know Ash's bad track record when battling Elite Four members up until this point.]

Drasna: What did you think of them, Altaria?
Altaria: Altaria! [They don't scare us!]
Drasna: Today's battle looks to be most enjoyable.

Goh: She looks like a nice person.
Grookey: Grookey-key! [My thoughts exactly!]
Clemont: Not a chance. She fools everyone with that smile of hers.
Bonnie: And you can trust what my brother says. He didn't stand a chance against her!
Dedenne: Denne! [That bad!]
Clemont: You could've stopped before the last part!

[Dracovish tries to use Ice Fang but Altaria counters with Cotton Guard causing Dracovish to fly backwards. Altaria is 4x weak to Ice...what is going on here?]
Drasna: Aren't those feathers wonderful? They're protection for Altaria from high damaging hits. [Ash growls in frustration]

[Dracovish uses Water Gun to soak Mega Altaria and cancel Sky Attack]
Drasna: [opens her eyes where it is revealed they are black just like her hair] Alright, now you've done it!
Ash: Alright! Wrap it up! Use Dragon Rush!
Clemont: [senses something wrong since Ash never fought a Mega Altaria before] Don't do that, Ash! NO!
[Dracovish does hit Mega Altaria but it causes Dracovish to fly backwards again. Pikachu exclaims in shock. You know what that means...]
Ash: Didn't do a thing!
Announcer: Mega Altaria took no damage at all!
Goh: How is that possible?!
Clemont: When Altaria Mega evolves, it changes from a Dragon and Flying type...
Drasna: ...and into a Dragon and Fairy type! Everything is going exactly as I planned in the first place!
Ash: Augh! Dragon-type attacks don't affect Fairy-type Pokémon.

[Drasna's Noivern collapses from exhaustion]
Rotom Drone: Noivern is unable to battle! Dracovish is the winner, which means the victory goes to Ash! [You did it, Ash! You finally defeated a member of the Elite Four!]

Announcer: Ash has risen to 9th place in the Ultra Class! [Now, if Ash wants to reach the Masters 8, he has to defeat a member from the Masters 8 who is ranked 8th place. Be ready of your next challenge, Ash.]

Drasna: Congratulations! Your Ultra Class ranking has risen to ninth.
Ash: Thank you so much! [Both Ash and Drasna shake hands]
Drasna: But it won't be quite so easy to climb higher in the rankings.
Ash: Yeah, but I'll do my best! [Pikachu also agrees with the statement]
Drasna: Sirfetch'd and Dracovish are simply charming. I'll know that I'll cheer for you!
Wikstrom: Now don't neglect your training!
Ash: Right, Wikstrom!
[Bonnie thinks for a moment...oh no...]
Goh: What's wrong, Bonnie?
Bonnie: I have made a decision! Drasna, you're a keeper! Please take care of my brother!
[everyone freaks out.]
Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu! [It's baaack!]
Bonnie: I mean, Drasna? You're so strong and in control that I don't think there's anybody else for my brother, see?
Drasna: [blushing] Oh, my stars! Whatever shall I do?
Bonnie: [After getting grabbed by Clemont's arm] Wait, but why?
Clemont: I told you to stop this a million times!

Reuniting for the First Time!Edit

[Note: This episode is to apologize to fans for not introducing Lisia during the XY series as to represent the promotion of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The writers made the mistake in the XY series of promoting Hoenn remakes by mostly recycling story elements from the Ruby and Sapphire anime, as well as having barely any callbacks.]
Lisia: Hi everybody!
Altaria: Taria! [Greetings, viewers!]
Lisia: Well, watch me dive in! It's dazzling! Dizzying! [spins around]
Crowd: Dizzying! [also spins around]
Lisia: Lisia's Miraculous Contest is Scouting! [the crowd cheers] I'm going to bring in another fantastic trainer into the world of contesting! Let's see...[starts her search and sees Chloe] You, watching with that baffled expression on your face!
Chloe: Me?
Lisia: Have you never joined in a contest?
Chloe: Uh...never.
Lisia: That's just what I want to hear. Then let's get this show on the road! Folks, this is the trainer I'm going to scout today! [Nice Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire reference]

Chloe: Wow, it's Sylveon. [The Sylveon trainer turns around and reveals to be none other than....Serena!]
Serena: You're the contestant Lisia scouted!
Chloe: How did you know?
Serena: I saw the live broadcast.

[As Ash and Goh head to the contest hall, a familiar voice calls out to them. It's Wallace, the ex-Hoenn Champion and current Sootopolis Gym Leader. Juan must have retired at some point...]
Wallace: Well, if it isn't Ash? [Both Ash and Goh stop] I knew it! So, I wonder if you remember me.
Ash: Let's see...
Wallace: [baffled that Ash doesn't remember him] I refuse to greet one who sees the visage and gets no inspiration.
Ash: Right! [both Ash and Goh try to leave only for Wallace to grab Ash by the backpack]
Wallace: Hold it right there! Recall that your friends May and Dawn participated in a certain Wallace Cup. [Fans sure miss May, but given that May's Japanese voice actress has throat problems meant she can't return unless it is a silent cameo...]
Ash: I remember now! You're the Contest Master, Wallace!
Wallace: Oui. So you do remember after all. Good. Now as luck would have it, my niece, the top Idol, Lisia, is appearing in this very contest.

[Both Ash and Goh try to leave again, but like last time, Wallace stops them]
Wallace: There's no need to be in such a rush. As a matter of fact, I've noticed a certain Trainer named Ash in the World Coronation series. [You can guess what's happening...]
Ash: You have? Well, thanks.
Wallace: I'm not in the series, but since we've met, I must assume that it's fate. What say we battle, eh? I'm a trainer who can keep up in battle with the Champion of the Hoenn Region.
Ash: Oh! You mean Steven Stone!
Wallace: [annoyed] Well, you had no trouble remembering his name. But I'll refuse to take any offense. [Guess Wallace's loss against Steven hit his sore spot]

[Ash just defeated Wallace, mostly off camera...yay, Ash defeated a former Hoenn Champion and all the Hoenn Gym Leaders...]
Wallace: Milotic, return. [recalls his defeated Milotic] To think that I, who am on par with Champion what's-his-name, could be defeated. I tip my cap. You were elegantly infuriating so and yet it was utterly glorious. Kudos to you, Ash! As I have come to expect from you.
Ash: Thank you. It was a great practice for me.
Goh: Right! Let's go!
Wallace: Wait, right there! Now, you are able to claim your Rain Badge. [whips it out from his fingers and places it on Ash's vest.]
Ash: [baffled by this since he already earned the Rain Badge from defeating Juan] Oh...
Goh: I'm gone!
Wallace: One more thing! [he takes off his scarf and places it on Ash. The scarf is too long and is covering Pikachu] Please take this as a memento of your battle with me.
Ash: Oh...
[Note: Many fans claim that Ash should continue doing Gym Challenges because it is tradition that Ash always does this quest minus Sun and Moon. Again, Ash is a Champion and is competing in the World Coronation series and Ash's Gym Challenge quest is overused and tiresome at this point. Plus, making Ash continue doing Gym challenges would feel like a permanent downgrade in his skills as a trainer.]

Serena: [noticing Ash is heading on the boat back to Vermillion City] Huh, is that Ash?
Ash: Huh? Serena!
Serena: It is you!
Ash: How have you been?
Serena: Me? I've been doing just fine! You're looking great, Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pikachu. [Thank you, Serena]
Chloe: You know each other?
Ash: She's a good friend from some of my journeys. [Just the boat horn honks signalling it is time to leave]

Radio Lulled the Mischievous Stars!Edit

Big Brother to the Rescue!Edit

Catching the Aura of Fate!Edit

[Note: This episode is to apologize to fans for "Facing the Needs of the Many!" While the reunion is well received, some are still upset that Greninja has not yet rejoined Ash. When all the evil roots are gone for good and Ash's Greninja permanently rejoins Ash like Charizard did in the Black and White series, fans will fully forgive the writers for this serious offence.]
Ash: [about Greninja] When I came to Kalos, Froakie was the first Pokémon I caught. On our journey, we got stronger and stronger. One time, we had a fight because I tried too hard to win a battle...but we made up. Eventually, we took part in the Kalos League and after that, Greninja wanted to protect Kalos, so it stayed behind. [Nice story, but why did the writers ignore the Ash-Greninja form? Also, Zygarde appears to be written out of this series due to irrelevance. Also, no mention of Team Flare?]

Ash's Rotom Phone: A battle has been scheduled. Your entrance battle will be against Raihan, who is ranked 8th of the Masters Eight.
Ash: Raihan, huh?
Goh: What do you mean entrance battle?
Ash's Rotom Phone: If Ash wins, he will exchange ranks with his opponent and be officially confirmed as the 8th ranked member of the Masters Eight who are the strongest trainers in the World Coronation Series. [Be warned, Ash. Once all entrance battles are finished, the final Masters Eight members are decided. This means that other trainers will have to wait until the next season to try their luck in reaching the Masters Eight again.]

Aim for the Eight!Edit

[Ash, Pikachu and Lucario had just arrived at Hammerlocke Gym and Raihan walks behind the group]
Raihan: I was wondering who that was and it happens to be today's challenger.
Ash: Hi Raihan.
Raihan: Why are you here so early?
Ash: You see, I was too excited to stay away any longer. How about you? [Well, at least Ash had arrived to his destination for his match]
Raihan: The truth is, I'm already on my home turf. Of course, I'd be here early. I'd never think you'd really make this far...but this is where your journey ends because I'll win.
Ash: Well, I'm not going to lose. [Just then, there's some rustling in the bushes, where it's revealed that Leon was sleeping outside the Gym.]
Leon: [yawns] Morning Ash, Raihan.
Ash: It's Leon!
Raihan: Just what are you doing sleeping there?!
Leon: Well, you know, I didn't want to be late for the battle between you two. Guess I got excited.
Raihan: Huh, you too?

[With Ash's win against Raihan...]
Raihan: This was mine to lose.
Ash: Thanks, Raihan for an awesome battle.
Raihan: Wait! Gotta sec? [he whips out his Rotom phone] How about a smile? [takes a selfie with Ash] I'm gonna beat both you and Leon someday. In the meantime, don't you dare lose before it happens.
Ash: I won't!
Raihan: Nice! [rubs Ash's head playfully before leaving]

[The Masters Eight have been decided and are locked in place for the rest of the season...]
Announcer: And so, the entrance battles for this season are complete! The contestants for the Masters Eight Tournament have now been decided! First the winner of this match, ranking at number eight is Ash! Ranking number seven, the Unova Champion, Iris! Ranking number six, the winner of the Kalos Lumiose Conference, Alain! Ranking fifth, the Champion of the Kalos Region, Diantha! Ranking fourth, the Champion of both Kanto and Johto, Lance! Ranking number three, the Hoenn Champion, Steven Stone! Ranked second, the Sinnoh region Champion Cynthia! And ranked number one, amassing an unbroken series of victories, the undefeated Galar Champion, Leon! These eight will be competing in the all-star battles of the Masters Eight Tournament which is scheduled to get underway very, very soon! [Note: Since Flint is not seen amongst the Masters Eight, it is revealed that Flint lost too many times off camera is now back in the Ultra Class. Ash must watch out because the other contestants, aside from Iris because Ash defeated her already, are powerful just like him....]

Narrowing the Chaser Chase!Edit

The Homecoming Crown!Edit

[As promised by the writers, the Mohn story that was first established in the Sun and Moon series gets to finally be resolved]
Ash: Are you alright, Lillie? [Pikachu is attacking the Shiny Nihilego]
Lillie: It's Ash!
Gladion: [rushes into the scene after hearing the commotion] What's wrong?! You're here?!
Ash: Gladion?
Gladion: What's going on?
Ash: I was just following Pikachu, when I saw Nihilego about to attack Lillie.

Helping the Hometown Hero!Edit

Chasing to the Finish!Edit

Friends, Rivals, Lend me Your Spirit!Edit

[Note: This episode is to apologize to fans for complete disregard of Ash's reserves between Generation V and now. The writers are now banned from giving the impression that Ash's reserves are borderline non-existent. When the writers finally let Ash use his reserves again and fix up the ones that did not get enough character development, fans will fully forgive them for this offense.]
Ash's Rotom Phone: You have a call from the professor!
Ash: Uh, hello?
Professor Oak: Greetings, young man!
Ash: Professor Oak!
Professor Oak: You should drop by once in a while. See your other Pokémon...[See, writers, this is the reason why ignoring Ash's reserves at Oak's lab is not worth continuing especially when fans think you went too far with that stunt]
Ash: Oh yeah! There's lots of battling spirit there!

[Gengar bounces around, hitting trees like being in a pachinko machine until he gets zapped by lightning. As Gengar regains consciousness, he sees an Electivire.]
Gengar: Gengar? [Huh, you're the one who zapped me?]
Ash: [arrives along with Goh, Grookey and Pikachu] Gengar! No way! Electivire?
[Just then, a shadowy figure appears from behind a tree. It's Paul, Ash's Sinnoh rival!]
Paul: Is that your Gengar?
Ash: Hey, it's Paul!
Goh: It's Paul? Who's that?!
Pikachu: Pikachu! [Long time no see, Electivire!]
Electivire: Electivire. [Hello again, Pikachu.]
[Gengar gets back up but is stumbling. Luckily Ash catches him.]
Ash: Gengar, are you alright? [gets burned] Augh! Hot! [Everyone minus Paul and Electivire are confused]
Goh: How can that be? Gengar's usually that cold. [He touches one of Gengar's fingers.] Yep, it is cold.
[Gengar hugs Ash and sure enough Ash does feel the coldness of Gengar's body.]
Ash: Well, what do you know? Cold.
Paul: You're useless. At the very least, you should know your Pokémon's condition.
Ash: Course I know that!
Goh: Hey Ash? You know that guy?
Ash: Yeah. We go way back. When I travelled through Sinnoh, he was a rival I battled a bunch of times. He's a Trainer who's named Paul.
Paul: Mm. [in agreement]

Paul: Electivire, go keep them busy.
Electivire: Electivire. [Sure thing].

[We see Paul's Electivire play with Pikachu and Grookey, Ash's Torterra is napping with Scraggy and Palpitoad and Gible are hanging out with Goh.]
Ash: Hey Paul, didn't you want to enter the World Coronation Series?
Paul: I'm not interested in noisy crowds. [Maybe that's why Paul gave up on region league quests as well? Also, no mention of Paul facing off against Pyramid King Brandon?]
Ash: So why don't we face off now? [Paul scoffs as if to say "What are you suggesting?"] Battle with me!
Goh: That's a great idea!
Paul: Three on three and no switching out. [Nice call back to Ash and Paul's first battle, but this time this battle is less hostile. Remember, Paul had to fix his attitude after his loss against Brandon, as well as be more respectful to Ash following Paul's loss in the Sinnoh League]
Ash: Okay!
Paul: One thing. You're only allowed to use Pokémon you're taking to the Masters Eight Tournament.
Ash: Fine! I'll go get them!

Paul: [recalls his defeated Gyarados] Not too shabby.

Paul: Garchomp, standby for battle! [summons his Garchomp. Thanks for reminding fans on how you mishandled Ash's Gible, writers! You're telling me that characters like Cynthia and Paul can have a Garchomp yet Ash can't evolve his Gible into a Garchomp?!]
Ash: So Garchomp is up next.

Ash: [recalls his defeated Dragonite] Dragonite, you were so cool. Take a rest. Did you see that, Paul? I call that the Dragonite Meteor!
Paul: [recalls his Garchomp] Lousy name.

Paul: [baffled that Ash and Gengar are struggling in their battle against Paul and his Metagross, similar to the issue Ash had throughout the Diamond and Pearl series] And you're one of the Masters Eight? If I'm giving you a tough time, there's no chance you'll win the tournament! Use Meteor Mash!

Goh: Excuse me? About your three Pokémon? Aren't they the same as some of the Masters Eight? Lance has a Gyarados, Cynthia has a Garchomp and Steven Stone has a Metagross. Is that just a coincidence?
Paul: [simply smiles] Professor, thanks for all your help. I'll say goodbye for now.
Professor Oak: You're always welcome to come back here.
Paul: Thanks. If you'll excuse me. Infernape, until next time.
Infernape: Infernape. [Catch you later.]
Paul: Shall we go, Electivire?
Electivire: Electivire. [Right behind you.]
Ash: Paul, let's battle again! [Paul waves goodbye, knowing full well that Ash is ready for the trials ahead]
Goh: He's acting too cool.
Professor Oak: Paul said he's been officially invited to become a Gym Leader of his own Pokémon Gym.
Ash: A Gym Leader?
Professor Oak: That's why he want to learn more and more about Pokémon.

Curtain up! Fight the Fights!Edit

[As Ash and Goh reach the entrance of Wyndon Stadium, someone calls out to them. This is Hop. Where were you during the Darkest Day arc?]
Hop: There you are! [runs and blocks their way] You're Ash from the Kanto region, aren't you?
Ash: Huh? Yeah, that's me...
Hop: Okay, then I'm challenging you to a battle! Right here and now! [Really, Hop?! You are begging for trouble!]
Wooloo: Woo-loo! [Get ready!]
Hop: It's battle time! [Wooloo agrees with Hop]
Goh: I wonder if he knows you're a member of the Masters Eight.
Hop: I heard that! Of course I know. That's why I'm here! I'm gonna test just how strong you are.

Hop: Now Wooloo, Double Kick! [Wooloo charges forward]
Ash: Iron Tail! [Pikachu uses Iron Tail to knock out Wooloo...in one hit!]
Hop: [horrified] Wooloo!
Goh: So, that's it?
Hop: A one hit win. Naturally. Now I totally see why my brother likes you.
Ash: Your brother, huh?
Hop: Yeah. See, my name is Hop. Leon's my bro.
Ash: That Leon?
Goh: Your brother?
Ash: That means Leon talked to you about me! Whoa, that makes me so psyched!
Hop: But I've gotta tell you...[Ash gets confused]...I'll be the one to end Lee's winning streak! So he's not gonna lose one match before that day! [That's what you think, Hop! Many fans think that Hop should have been Ash's rival just like in the games. However, this loss was to remind fans that Hop's rivalry with Ash would not be very convincing in the anime.]

[Both Ash and Pikachu head to the dressing room where the other Masters Eight members. Just then, Iris runs along with Ash]
Iris: Hey, you're cutting it close!
Ash: Oh hey, Iris! So we're both in the Masters Eight, huh?
Iris: Right! I've been looking forward to seeing you!
Ash: Same for me! Since we've come so far...
Both: I've gotta win! [The other members of the Masters Eight as well as the stadium crew stare at the two. Yeah, save the energy for the tournament, you two.]

Announcer: We'll start with the 8th ranked trainer. He shown us the Champion of the first Alola League tournament. Hailing from Pallet Town in the Kanto region, Ash Ketchum! [Finally the anime acknowledges Ash as the Alola Champion in the Pokémon world.]
Ash: Alright! Lookout! [Pikachu cheers and accepts the cheers from the crowd as well]

Leon: Take your best shot! My Pokémon will defeat everyone standing in their way.
Announcer: And now, we're going to reveal the matchups for the first round! [The screen display two square panels for the members. It spins like the ones on a slot machine.] For the first match, it's Leon vs Alain! [So much for Ash having the chance to refight Alain as to make up for the mess in the Kalos League...]
Ash: Alain and Leon, huh?
[The screen spins again revealing the next matchup]
Announcer: And for the second match, it's Lance vs Diantha! [Odd choice of pairing since the two never interacted before and Lance did not appear in the XY series. The screen spins revealing the third pair]
Announcer: In the third match, it's Cynthia vs Iris. [That makes sense since Iris did receive mentorship from Cynthia in the Black and White series]
Iris: Me and Cynthia?
Cynthia: Go easy on me. [The screen spins again revealing the final pair]
Announcer: For the fourth match, it's Steven Stone vs Ash Ketchum. [This is to make up for the lack of interaction between the two throughout the Ruby and Sapphire and the XY series]
Ash: So, I'm battling Steven Stone.
Pikachu: Pi-ka. [He is very tough.]
Steven Stone: So, we finally get to battle each other.

Cynthia: [noticing that Ash is not backstage] Is Ash coming?
Iris: Uh...no. Ash said he was watching the matches with Goh. He wants to experience all the stadium excitement firsthand.
Diantha: That does sound like him.
Cynthia: And you didn't wanna watch from the stands with him?
Iris: Oh, actually...I wanted to ask a favor of both of you. Can we take a selfie? You don't mind, do you? [takes out her Rotom Phone]
Cynthia: I'd be delighted.
Diantha: Of course, dear.
Lance: So Steven, I hear that you know Alain fairly well.
Steven Stone: We met while searching for rare stones. You know, I hope it doesn't overwhelm him to suddenly be matched against Leon.

[Leon's Rillaboom Gigantamaxes! Grookey, being excited, bangs his stick on Goh's head. Now you understand why Ash can't have a member of the Rillaboom line of his own, fans?!]
Goh: Grookey! I'm not a drum, understand?! Stop it!
Hop: Alright! Let's all rock out to Lee's rhythm!

[Alain's Chesnaught gets defeated by Rillaboom's Acrobatics. Acrobatics is a Flying-type move and Chesnaught is 4x weak to Flying as it is a Grass and Fighting type.]
Steven Stone: So Leon has the advantage?
Lance: Yes. Who knew Rillaboom would use Acrobatics?

[Alain summons his Charizard who now has a new Charizardite X Mega Stone]
Ash: That's so awesome! We had battle after battle with his Charizard. [Yet you did not defeat it because you overused your Kalos team and did not practice your now former Ash-Greninja form enough which cost you the Kalos League. The Mega Evolution specials confirmed that Alain had more practice with his Mega Charizard X]
Hop: You have?

[Alain summons his Charizard again into battle after his Malamar lost. They sure love the Charizard mirror match, don't they?]
Alain: Go Charizard!
Leon: I'll continue battling with my Charizard.
Alain: It's been my dream to battle you two and defeat you! [Yeah, not happening...]

Dan: Alain's Charizard is unable to battle. It's a win for Leon's Charizard, which means the victory goes to Leon! [Alain lost the match easily like Trevor did in the XY series. It should be noted that Alain is a League Conference winner and not a region Champion, unlike the other members of the Masters Eight.]

Pride of a Champion!Edit

Ash: So it is Diantha against Lance. Which shall I cheer for?
Goh: Ash, does that mean you know both of them?
Ash: Uh-huh. I even battled Diantha too. [That's true, although neither battles Ash had with Diantha were finished. But Ash did let Diantha know he had potential during their battles.]
Hop: You're amazing. You're also one of Lee's favorite trainers. That's so cool there's something about you that the Champions find interesting. [Hmmm...seems that Ash is also the other Champion's favorite trainers]

Lance: The time has come! Trainers of the Kanto region! [We see Ritchie from the original series make a cameo watching the show. Wonder what he's been up to all this time?] Trainers of the Johto region! [We see Jackson/Vincent, Marina and Jimmy also watching the game as well.] All of you just watch me battle. And you, Diantha, as a Dragon Master, I ask of you to bring only your best to battle my Dragon brigade.
Diantha: And of course, you're right. The thing that connects us all is our Pokémon and battling itself, I too have a request to all the trainers of the Kalos region. [Shauna, Tierno, Trevor and Sawyer are also watching.] As I stand here, your dreams and ambitions are with me and so, Lance, I very much am looking forward to seeing how you and your Pokémon shine like the stars!
Lance: So, shall we begin?

[Diantha uses a Light Screen and Reflect combo]
Iris: Wow, it's like an aurora!
Steven Stone: Who knew Light Screen and Reflect, two defensive moves could be combined like that?
Alain: However, the effect of each move will still vanish over time. It's not permanent.
Cynthia: I think Diantha is using it as to pressure Lance. I'd say Diantha is clearly the one in control of this battle. [Oh yeah. There's a reason the writers are not letting Lance refight Leon in this match.]
Leon: It's still anyone's guess. If he wavered here, she would have beat Lance.

James: A Gourgeist, eh?
Meowth: Jessie caught one in Kalos back in the day.
Jessie: [yawn and uninterested] So her second is Gourgeist? [Wait a second...] A Gourgeist?! That woman calls herself a movie star gets it! Listen up, Gourgeist is being fought!
Wobbuffet: Wobba, Wobba! [That's what we told you!]
James and Meowth: Yeah, that makes sense...

Diantha: Now comes checkmate! Moonblast! [Mega Gardevoir complies knocking Lance's Dragonite out. Haven't heard that "Checkmate" line since XY]

Ash: Lance!
Lance: Ash, hi there. Looks like my challenge has come to an end. Now, do your best. [Lance leaves heading back home. That's the best interaction between Ash and Lance you can come up with, writers?!]

The Fiery Road to Mastership!Edit

Ash: You know, Iris raised that Excadrill from way back when it was still a Drilbur. Man, time can sure fly.
Pikachu: Pika-pika! [You know it!]
Hop: Huh?! You know her too?!
Goh: Ash knows Iris because they traveled through Unova together. He also knows Cynthia really well.
Hop: What's with you knowing everybody, Ash?! [Maybe you should travel around the world and learn more about the Champions just like Ash did]

Diantha: If Iris is a Dragon-type trainer, then why...
Alain: [as if reading Diantha's mind] ...did she bring out Excadrill? [Diantha nods in agreement]
Steven Stone: I've heard a rumour that she actually trained with Cynthia at one point.
Alain: Which means they each know the cards the other is holding.
Leon: It could very well be changing of the guard. This should be interesting.

Cynthia: Your moves are even sharper than before.
Iris: That's because of everything you've shown me, Cynthia. [cue flashback of Cynthia's training with Iris] I simply did what you taught me to do. [Drayden is watching the event] And now to become part of our strength, lots of connections that made us Champions. [Alder, Georgia, Stephan, Bianca and Trip are also watching. You know Trip is the worst main rival of Ash when all he has is a cameo appearance, compared to Gary and Paul who have at least one episode focus in Journeys.] And so, I, as the Unova region Champion, on this day, I'll defeat you. [We are not having another Ash vs Iris match in the Masters Eight!]

Cynthia: Standing here, you and I are nothing more than individual Pokémon Trainers, as well as challengers aiming for the top. [Volkner and Flint are watching the match outside the Sunyshore Gym with their Electivire and Infernape respectively.] We will not pull any punches as I want to test my own limits, you see. [Paul is shown to have returned home, after prepping Ash for the Masters Eight tournament, to watch the game with Reggie, who just delivered tea for the two to drink.] So I will defeat you and move on! Gastrodon, ACID ARMOR!

James: Frilly girl is not bad. She's not that bad at all.
Meowth: The only reason she got here is because we trained her up.
Jessie: A bouquet of thinking roses would be kind of nice.
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet! [I couldn't agree more!]

Iris: Now, Haxorus, let's do this!
Haxorus: HAAAA! [Make your move!]
Cynthia: [noticing Iris is getting better in battles] I see. If so...[whips out her...lipstick? She applies it on the bottom part of her lips] I'll use all of my strength and I'll defeat you! [One turn of her lipstick reveals her...Keystone?! Uh-oh...]
Iris: [horrified] Isn't that...
Ash: A Keystone?!
Cynthia: [activates the Keystone] Garchomp, time for MEGA EVOLUTION!

[the other Masters Eight noticing Cynthia's Mega Garchomp]
Steven Stone: That's interesting. She must be serious.
Alain: True, but Haxorus still has a lot of power right now. This bout is anything but decided.

[Iris checks on her defeated Haxorus. Iris, always have at least one battle mechanic to better your odds of winning.]
Iris: Haxorus, you really went all out. You're the very best and Dragonite too, and Excadrill too. I love you all.

[Ash heads off to the Wyndon Stadium arena, ready to face Steven Stone and to make up for not winning the Hoenn League. As he does, he runs into Iris.]
Ash: Iris, I'm sorry.
Iris: Ash...[starting to tear up] Looks like I lost.
Ash: I know.
Iris: Cynthia is really amazing, isn't she? [continues crying] Incredible...She's amazing! [Continues crying...Goh then shows up checking on her as well. Seconds later, Iris cleans up her tears.] All better now. Thanks. I know, for Ash's next match, how about we cheer for him together?

Battling as Hard as Stone!Edit

Meowth: Now it's twerp time! Rock and roll!
James: Battling someone with panache and power.
Jessie: [uninterested] I'm not so sure the twerp even has half the chance.

Ash: Okay, Steven! I'm the one advancing to the semi-finals!
Pikachu: Pikachu! [You have no chance!]
Steven Stone: You don't say, huh? Then I expect great things! I look forward to seeing what kind of battle you'll bring.

Leon: Show me what you've got, rookie.

[Dracovish uses Fishious Rend to counter Metagross' Agility]
Ash: Oh yeah! [Just then, Dracovish gets pushed back by Metagross]
Announcer: And Fishious Rend holds off the Psychic attack.
Steven Stone: He predicted that.

Ash: [in his mind] Paul, my battle with you is already paying off. [flashes back to Ash's Gengar's battle with Paul's Metagross] Closing in with Agility then using Psychic. I had a feeling you knew how Steven would battle, then you helped me train for it. [At home, Paul smiles at Ash's performance, as if to say, "He knows what he's doing."]

Steven Stone: Let me tell you. The thing is I am considered the most powerful trainer in the Hoenn region but that's not nearly enough for me. The Pokémon World Coronation Series: it is only when I dominate this event that I can say I am truly the strongest and the best! [We see multiple cameos from the Generation III anime: Professor Birch, Drew, Harley, (both must have returned home from competing in contests in Johto) Katie, Morrison, Tyson (sucks that he didn't become Hoenn Champion despite winning the League), Janet, Vito, Kain, Jimmy and Kelly]
Diantha: I've never seen Steven this fired up before. [Alain nods in agreement]
Ash: And the same for us!
Pikachu: Pika! [My thoughts exactly!]
Ash: For all the people who cheered me on up until now. [We see Chloe, Professor Cerise, Ren, Chrysa and Mimey watch the show] For all of my Pokémon, I will this for sure! [We see Delia, Professor Oak, Tracey (about time he made a physical reappearance in the show) and the reserves.]

Jessie: Told you the twerp's completely outclassed
Meowth: Have you lost it?
James: Are you mad?
Jessie: [enraged] I'M TOTALLY NOT MAD!
Wobbuffet: Wobba wobba wob! [Take it easy!]

Meowth: It's Pikachu time!
James: I smell turnaround!
Jessie: Pikachu, don't even think about losing! Do you hear me?!
Wobbuffet: Wobba Wobba! [Don't let us down!]

[Steven's Cradily loses to Pikachu]
Steven Stone: That was just terrific! Each one of your moves leaves me totally surprise, Ash!
Ash: It's all because Gengar set it up for Pikachu.

[Ash had defeated the Hoenn Champion, Steven Stone and is now in the semi-finals ready to face Cynthia for the first time. You wanted to face the Sinnoh Champion since you met her in Diamond and Pearl, Ash? You got it!]
Cynthia: Ready, Ash? Our match is near...

Ash: Hey, Steven!
Steven Stone: You know, Ash. The feelings you have for your Pokémon and the way they respond to you, they gave their all in battle for that. They came together as one and, as a result, created an even greater power. And that's the reason you were able to grasp your victory today. And a spectacular win it was. [Nice Ruby and Sapphire/ Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire quote from when players defeat Steven]

[Outside Wyndon Stadium, Iris, Steven and Alain are heading back to their home regions...]
Steven Stone: Your next opponent is Cynthia. Still, with Pikachu and your other Pokémon, you can win. I believe in you, Ash.
Alain: I'm certain you can do it. [That's the best interaction between Ash and Alain you can come up with, writers?!]
Iris: Can't wait for you to tell me all about it!
Ash: And that's what I am gonna do! [Pikachu exclaims in agreement]

Infinite Possibilities!Edit

It's...Champion Time!Edit

[Dragonite glomps Ash sending the two sliding to where Cynthia is with her Garchomp]
Cynthia: Ash, is that you? Dragonite?
Ash: Hey, Cynthia!
Goh: Sorry, we interrupted you!
Cynthia: Don't be. We' re just fine. I'd say that enthusiasm means you're making final preparations before our match.
Ash: Yeah, I am! Does that mean you are too?
Cynthia: I am. [to Garchomp] Now, try flying.

Vic: A partner...my choice? I decided Grookey will be my first Pokémon!
Goh: You'd pick Grookey? Good choice!
Grookey: Grookey-key! [Glad to hear!]
Vic: Then I'd evolve it up to Rillaboom like Leon did, and get it to Gigantamax!
Goh: Well first, you have to evolve it into a Thwackey. [How hypocritical, considering Goh did not evolve his Grookey]
Vic: Right! Then we'll use a move that is just as cool as 10 million Volt Thunderbolt!

Vic: Cynthia, what was your first Pokémon?
Ash: You know, I don't even think I know that.
Cynthia: [addressing her Garchomp] This one here. We've been on many adventures since it was a Gible.
Ash: Yeah.
Goh: I thought you could only use Piplup, Chimchar or Turtwig?
Cynthia: Right. This one came from an egg. [So that's why we never saw Cynthia with any fully evolved Sinnoh starters]

Cynthia: With Pokémon Eggs, you never know what will come from them, right? [The flashback reveals Cynthia as a little girl with her egg that later became her ace] And anticipating what kind of Pokémon will emerge...it's so exciting! I did everything I could to keep it warm. And when the time came, this is who hatched! [Her Gible] I was beyond overjoyed!

Ash: Actually, my Lucario came from an egg too!
Goh: And a very strange egg it was...
Cynthia: Strange?
Vic: What do you mean?
Goh: It wouldn't hatch. No matter who cared for it. It went to lots of regions and still couldn't figure it out. But then the egg called out to Ash.
Vic: Whoa!
Ash: True and then I felt some kind of aura coming from it.
Vic: They call Lucario, the Aura Pokémon, don't they? You're so awesome!
Cynthia: Ash, maybe it was waiting for you.
Ash: You think so?
Cynthia: Actually, I've heard rumors. They were talking about that strange egg. So that was you!

Goh: Ash, over there! Look!
Ash: Whoa! [The scoreboard reveals that Leon only lost Dragapult with Rillaboom being active, while Diantha has Goodra active and lost Gourgeist, Aurorus, Tyrantrum and Hawlucha. We had to skip the Diantha vs Leon match...for a Gossifleur evolving into an Eldegoss?! The anime staff just pulled a "Lost at the League!" episode, didn't they?!]

Hop: [seeing that Leon is now in the finals] Yeah! All right! Leon's the best!

Vic: Ash, I wanna have totally cool battles just like Leon!
Cynthia: You should have lots of adventures first where you catch Pokémon and battle with them.

Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder!Edit

Valor: A Strategic Part of Battling!Edit