Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

2009 film by Kunihiko Yuyama

Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life is a 2009 Japanese animated adventure film. The film was directed by Kunihiko Yuyama from a screenplay by Hideki Sonoda. It is the twelfth animated installment in the Pokémon film series, and was released in Japan on July 18, 2009.


Tapp: In here.
Brock: Huh?
Ash: Hey, tell us where we are anyway!
Tapp: What do we have here? You see, this is the underground prison and one of Master Marcus' magical creatures just used Hypnosis on all of you.
Ash: Magical?
Dawn: He means Pokémon!
Brock: I see, that was Bronzong!
Ash: Whoa. Where's Pikachu?
Dawn: And what happened to Piplup?
Brock: And Sheena?
Tapp: They're safe. Sheena is speaking with Master Marcus right now.
Ash: Marcus?
Dawn: Yeah, remember?
Ash: I wonder who Marcus is.
Damos: The backstabber.
All: Huh?
Damos: It's true, you see. Marcus was an underling of mine, but he tricked me and threw me in jail.
Dawn: You must be--
Ash: Damos!
Damos: Wait, you're saying you know me?
Dawn: Yes, of course.
Damos: But you're not from here.
Ash: I wanna know why you won't return the Jewel of Life to Arceus!
Dawn: And why are you setting a trap for Arceus, too?
Damos: I am doing nothing of the sort! I have every intention of returning the Jewel of Life to Arceus!
Ash: You're a liar!
Damos: It's the truth! That's why Marcus put me in jail! To keep me from doing that very thing.
All: Huh?
Tapp: May I say something? That man is definitely speaking the truth. I absolutely know for a fact that Damos was attempting to return the Jewel of Life back to Arceus. What I'm completely uncertain about is whether or not that's the correct action for Damos to take.
Ash: So you're telling the truth?
Brock: Hey, the Hypnosis!
Dawn: Right, Bronzong used it!
Brock: So Marcus must have used Hypnosis on Damos and manipulated him as well!
Ash: Of course!
Damos: Hold on. What in the world are you talking about?
Ash: We came here from the future, you see?
Damos: The future?
Ash: Take a look at this.
Monferno: Monferno!
Damos: Magical creature!
Ash: In the future, this is called a Pokéball. Return! Of course, you don't have these yet.
Dawn: And back where you come from, what you call magical creatures, we call Pokémon!
Damos: Pokémon?

Marcus: I understand it now. You said you all came here from the future and you were telling the truth.
Sheena: Damos has no intention of returning the Jewel of Life back to Arceus. I'm certain of that.
Marcus: I see.
Sheena: But then, if Arceus doesn't get the Jewel of Life back, terrible things will start to happen.
Marcus: What kind of things?
Sheena: Concerning you and Damos.
Marcus: What are you saying?
Sheena: You have to trust me, please!
[Marcus sighs]

Man: No goofing off!
Cyndaquil: Cynda! Cyndaquil! Cyndaquil! Cyndaquil!

Marcus: From what you know, would you mind telling me what sort of attacks Damos might have used on Arceus?
Sheena: He used several Electric attacks and then dropped a boulder on Arceus.
Marcus: What about silver water? I guess he didn't use it. Understood, I believe you. I shall stop Damos at once. We must return the Jewel of Life to Arceus. This is the Jewel of Life. You shall return it to Arceus. Let's go. You shall change history.
Sheena: Thank you, sir.

Totodile: Totodile!

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