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Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

2009 film by Kunihiko Yuyama


Anthony : Hi laksh
Laksh : Hi Anthony
Anthony : have you watchedthe new movie of Pokemon .
Laksh : Oh yes it's Pokemon jewel of life .
Anthony : have you seen it's trailer .
Laksh : yes it's so cool .
Anthony : what is your favourite character
Laksh : Damos
Anthony : mine is Ash
laksh : do you know any thing about jewel of life.
Anthony : it was a part of Arceus body .
Laksh : what is its weakness without jewel of life.
Anthony : electric attacks would be very effective on Arceus .
Laksh : you know allot of things about it .
Anthony : yes I do .
laksh : well good bye and good luck for your exam
Anthony : same to you .
Thank you