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(The family is trying out different voices for the Ultra-House and try the Dennis Miller voice)

Dennis Miller Ultra-House Voice: Hey, cha-cha, I got more features than a NASA relief map of Turkmenistan.
Lisa (scared): Isn't that the voice that caused all these suicides?
Marge (happily): Murder-suicides!

Homer: Ah, Ethnictown. Where hard-working immigrants dream of becoming lazy, overfed Americans.

Ultrahouse: [in Pierce Brosnan's voice]: Homer! No!
Homer: I'm gonna enjoy this. [removes the Ultrahouse's chips]
Ultrahouse: Don't take out my British charm unit! Without that, I'm nothing but a boorish American clod! [Homer removes the chip, which happens to be said unit; speaks in an American accent] Ahh, thanks a lot, asswipe! [voice starts to die down] I oughta kick your butt from here to Albuquerque, you fat... slime... bucket!

Bart: Awww, we're all out of milk.
Lisa: [takes wand out] Abraca dairy. [milk appears out of thin air and pours into Bart's cereal]
Marge: [rushes in] Kids, it's 8 o'-clock! You're gonna miss the bus to wizards' school.
Lisa: [points wand at clock] Five minutes more-ious. [clock goes back five minutes]
Marge: [annoyed]: Hmm. That's not good for the clock.

Bart: [Attempting to save Lisa from "Lord Montymort" by using her wand] Prank be undone. Destroy the evil one! [He is struck by lightning] Not me.

(The Simpsons are trick-or-treating -- Homer and Marge are Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Lisa and Maggie are conjoined twins, and Bart is a hobo. Bart frowns as he looks in his trick-or-treat bag)

Bart: Hey! Flanders gave us toothpaste!
Lisa (as she looks in her trick-or-treat bag too): Mini-toothpaste!

Homer (smashes a cylindrical machine in the basement with an ax): Die, you monster!
Lisa: Dad, that's the water softener.
Homer: Well, I am missing the back of my head. I think you can cut me some slack!
Harm: Silence in my courtroom! [reads docket] Grand theft auto?
Bart: It was an accident, ma'am.
Harm: Don't spit on my cupcake and tell me it's frosting!

Marge: I don't mean to be disrespectful, Judge Harm, but we are not bad parents. And there isn't a tether in this world with enough fiber optics to make me say that we are. (Judge Harm contemplates Marge's sentiment. Smash cut to Homer and Marge walking out, chained up in stocks): She's such a butthole.

Judge Harm: Bartholomew Simpson, I am sentencing you to 5 years in juvenile hall. [Raises her gavel as the family gasps, suddenly Harm's gavel is taken from her] Huh?
Judge Snyder: [Holding the gavel] Well, I'm back from my vacation.
Judge Harm: [tries to complain] But I was about to pound the gavel, making the sentence official!
Judge Snyder: [cuts her off] Sorry, but I put my clown down. [Gesturing to his clown knickknack on the bench]
Judge Harm: [tries to complain again] But, I was going to--
Judge Synder: [cuts her off again] The clown is down.
Judge Harm: Ugh! [Storms off]
Moe: Ah, who am I kidding. I ain't smiled for real since I nailed that rat with the icepick. Heh. Remember that?
Homer: That was an amazing throw.

Formico: I am Formico, the Dean of design.
Homer: Hi Formico!
Formico: Uh uh uh, my name must never be spoken.
Homer: Sorry. :to Moe: He seems nice!

Model (In a Russian accent): Ever since Chernobyl, my penis is falling off.
Moe: And "penis" is Russian for?

[As guards come to throw Homer out of Moe's newly-modernized tavern]
Homer: I'll throw myself out, thank you.
[He grabs his shirt collar, yanks himself toward the front door, and tosses himself to the street]
Homer: I believe I had a hat.
[Someone throws him a hat]
Homer: Suckers! [Runs away laughing]

(Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney are singing along to the tune of 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' by Joan Jett)
I won't drink at Moe's!
Homer's old garage is all I need!
I won't drink at Moe's...
Homer: 'Cause Moe's a big jerk and a she-male too!

(R.E.M. are playing in Homer's garage. Homer is singing along to 'It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)')
Homer: Leonardo What's-His-Name, Herman Munster, motorcade,
Birthday parties, Cheetos, pogo sticks and lemonade!
You symbiotic, stupid jerk - that's right, Flanders, I am talking about you!
(Monologue at a party)
Mr. Burns: Damn that Pennybags. Between him and Scrooge McDuck all the best ankle is taken.

Mr. Burns: I don't understand. She was my young sexy fiance and he was my sexually virile best friend and they just drove off in my Bugatti Sexarossa.
Kent Brockman: Well, according to our audience insta-poll, 46% say "You're too old", and 37% say "She's a skank!".

(At Snake's hideout)
Homer: Wow, who do you have to kill to get a place like this?
Snake: I think his name was "Gustafsson."

Mr. Burns: 14 dollars and 10,11,12 cents. There you go.
Chinese delivery boy: You know, sir, tipping is customary.
Mr. Burns: Oh, sorry, me no speaky Chinee!
Paul Newman: Homer, I'm gonna tell ya something I once told Redford: it ain't gonna happen.

Mr. Burns: What are you doing in my corpse hatch?
Wiggum: Mr. Burns, you're under arrest!
Mr. Burns: Did I say "corpse hatch"? Uh... I meant "innocence tube"!

Marge: You found a corpse when you were twelve? No wonder you've been so traumatized.
Homer: It's responsible for everything wrong in my occasional fear of corpses!

Mr.Burns: Let me get your job to someone new.
Lisa: I still believe in God. I just think there's another path to him, or her.
Marge Simpson: Her?! [addressing God] She's just kidding, Mister Lord!

Nelson: Hey Simpson, I hear your sister dumped Christianity.
Bart: Who cares?
Dolph: I'll tell you someone who cares. He's got long hair, works as a carpenter, has a lot of crazy ideas about love and brotherhood.
Jimbo: His name's Gunner and he's dating my mom. Sometimes, he buys us beer.
Bart: I thought Kearney was dating your mom.
Kearney: Hey, she came on to me.
Jimbo: Get him! (The bullies -- and Bart -- pummel Kearney)

Lisa: I'm not gonna pick a religion just because it sounds cool.
Bart: How about Judaism? When you turn thirteen, cha-ching!

Lisa: [shouting outside] Hey, I'm a Buddhist!
Flanders: [gasps] My Satan sense is tingling!

Homer: So, you think you know better than this family, huh? Well, as long as you're in my house, you'll do what I do and believe what I believe! (it turns out that he is talking to Bart) So butter your bacon!
Bart: Yes, Father.
Lisa: (walking in) Mom, Dad, my spirital quest is over!
Homer: Hold that thought... (to Bart) Bacon up that sausage, boy!
Bart: But, Dad, my heart hurts! (Homer glares at him, Bart reluctantly wraps a slice of bacon around his sausage and eats it)
Lisa: I'm a Buddhist!
Homer: What? That's it, no more chat rooms for you!

Lisa: Yeah, I wanted to spend Christmas with you guys.
Homer: So you're back on the winning team?
Lisa: No, I'm still Buddhist, but I can worship with my family too.
Marge: So you're just going to pay lip service to our church?
Lisa: Uh-huh!
Homer: That's all I ever asked.
Willie: [acid rain is falling; singing] I'm singin' in the rain
Just singin' in the rain
What a glorious feeling-- Argh! [collapses on the ground, as his overalls dissolve] It burns like a Glasgow bikini wax! Gagghhh!

Homer: [drunk] Look, the think about my family is, there's five of us: Marge, Bart, girl-Bart, the one who doesn't talk, and the fat guy. How I loathe him. [falls off the barstool]
Homer: What's the longest anyone's ever done this (dances around blurting out sounds)
Lady: Three years.
Homer: Oh Pff.. fine. I'll just play the banjo with this cobra.
Guy: Uh, technically the cobra would get the record, he's the one playing.
Homer: But it's my banjo!

Suicidal man: Good bye, cruel world. (lands on human ball) Hello, ironic twist.

Homer: (After being told Springfield is now officially "the world's fattest city" and looking directly into the camera) In your face, Milwaukee!!

Man: Okay man, here's the sugar. Now you give us the money!
Homer: That wasn't part of the deal. Hahaha.
Man: (Reading Contract) He's right... who wrote this thing!?
(During the "Soccer Mummy" preview, on the part where Soccer Mummy [Ed O'Neill] is at a soccer game and gets distracted by a cheering woman's bouncing breasts)
Team Mate: "Oh no! The professor told us not to let him get a boner!"
(A ripping sound is heard. Soccer Mummy looks down and shrugs)

Quimby: And so for helping to K.O. litter in our community, I hereby dedicate this statue of Drederick Tatum.
Tatum: Litter is my most treacherous foe. I would like to eat his children.

Duffman: Hey Duff lovers! Does anyone in this bar loooove Duff?
Carl: Hey, it's Duffman!
Lenny: Newsweek said you died of liver failure.
Duffman: Duffman can never die, only the actors who play him. Ooh yeah!

Homer: (In Popeye's accent) Eh, this beer's deliskous. I'm going to saves me wife. Now let's get this show on the road.

Homer: Looks like I need some fuel for me mule, gas for me ass! (Popeye-like laughter)
Wiseguy: That's $912.
Marge: Send the bill to Baron von Kiss-a-lot.
Wiseguy: No problemo.
[scene cuts to a German castle, similar in design to Neuschwanstein]
Butler: This just arrived, Herr Baron. [Baron takes letter, reads it, and lowers it to reveal enormous lips]
Baron: Okay, who's der vise guy?
Homer: Don't worry honey, we can't afford this now, but I promise when the time comes my darling daughter can go to the finest school there is... in South Carolina.
Lisa: I will not be a Gamecock!
Homer: You will too!

Bart: So to win Greta back, I have to go to Toronto.
Homer: Canada? Why should we leave America to visit America Junior?

Lisa: [As Homer is about to cross the road] Dad, no! The sign says 'Don't walk'!
Homer: That's okay, they have free health care. [Gets sent flying by an oncoming car] Whoa, I'm rich!

Milhouse: I can't believe we're on the Canadian Olympic basketball team.
Bart: Yep, it's just that easy (shoots ball but misses hoop)
Player: Wow, that was close, you can be the center.

Skinner: How come you always run out of tardy slips before you run out of permission slips?
Nelson: How come you suck!?
Skinner: Um... I lack confidence?
[Bart enters the classroom in torn clothes]
Nelson: Ha ha, Bart's family is poor!

Homer: Eh, I'm sick of this tarzan movie.
Lisa: Dad, it's a documentary on the homeless.
Homer: Oh, right.

Bart: What's this lunchbox made of?
Buck: Well, back in my day we had a thing called metal. Everything was made of it. Lunchboxes, cars, you name it.
Bart: Me-tal

Kent: This is Kent Brockman here at Springfield Elementary, where a new Western craze is sweeping the campus.
Lisa: I'm Annie Oakley.
Nelson: I'm Kevin Costner in one of his Western roles.
Ralph: I'm a gulch.
Kent: So I guess you could say, this barely qualifies as news.

Buck McCoy: Goodbye Bart, never bother me again! Yee-haw!
Selma: Okay. Look at the eye chart and cover your left eye.
Abe: That's my seeing eye. The right one's my winking eye! (winks)
Selma: I'll give you your licence if you never do that again.
Abe: Oh, everything's the last time I do everything.

Homer: (to Abe Simpson) And another thing, no death races.

Homer: (after seeing the incident on Abe Simpson) Oh, that is it! Abraham J. Simpson, (camera cuts closer and closer to Homer until it reaches his mouth) you are never... driving... again, ever!!!

(Bus arrives)
Homer: Here we are, Branson, Missouri.
Charles Bronson: No pally, this is Bronson, Missouri.
(Camera pulls back to reveal town full of Charles Bronsons)
Lisa: Well how do we get to Branson?
Bronson Mom: Number 10 bus.
Bronson Son: Hey ma, how bout some cookies?
Bronson Mom: No dice.
Bronson Son: This ain't over.
Penelope (Marge): Okay, it has been 20 years and you suitors have been very patient.
Suitor 1 (Sideshow Mel): We've been beyond patient.
Suitor 2 (Krusty): We came here when Helen of Troy was hot. Now, look at her.
Helen of Troy (Agnes) a la Phyllis Diller: This is the face that launched a thousand ships... the other way! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Lisa: [gasps] What happened Dad? They didn't really burn her, did they?
Marge: [hastily grabs the book from Homer] Of course not, honey. "Just then, Sir Lancelot rode up on a white horse and saved Joan of Arc. They got married and lived in a space ship. The end."
[Tears out the page and begins eating it]
Well, it's easier to chew than that Bambi video.

Disco Stu: Disco Stu has ouzo for two-zo.
Bart: I'll leave you guys alone.
Disco Stu (pointing to Bart): Disco Stu was talking to you.
(Bart shudders in disgust)

Jester (Krusty): Now I should warn you, a lot of our plays have a tendency to make people blurt out certain secrets.
Claudius (Moe): [nervous] Oh boy...
Hamlet (Bart): Ah-ha! Methinks the play's the thing, wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king!
Claudius: Catch my conscience- what?
Hamlet: You're not supposed to hear me, that's a soliloquy.
Claudius: Okay, then I'll do a soliloquy too. [Clears throat] Note to self; kill that kid.
Homer: [Whining]Can we stop? I have to go to the bathroom.
Brazilian Kidnapper: You just went five minutes ago!
Homer: I'm sorry, I have a bladder the size of a Brazil nut.
Brazilian Kidnapper: We just call them nuts here.

Dance Instructor: Here is where we invented the Lambada and the Macarena. Now we are working on our most powerful dance: La Penetrada! It makes sex look like a church.
Marge: I don't think my daughter should be hearing this.
Dance Instructor: You cannot protect her forever! You stupid lady!

[Homer is naming off the crows in his bedroom]

Marge: Homer, I'm not sure I'm comfortable sleeping with a group of crows in the bedroom in the night.
Homer: It's a murder, honey. A group of crows is called a murder.
Marge: I'm going to go sleep on the couch tonight.

[Homer tries his first medical marijuana in the bedroom, the smoke comes through the closed door and downstairs to where Marge, Lisa, and Bart are]

Marge: What is that billowing down the stairs? [Gasps] It's smoke!
Lisa: [Sniffs] It smells like the art teacher's office.

Burns: Smithers, you could learn a thing or two from this braying moron. (to Homer) Young man, I'm making you my executive vice president.
Smithers: Uh, sir, I believe that position was informally promised to me.
Burns: Oh, Smithers. I would have said anything to get your stem cells.

[Homer comes home with a new suit]

Marge: Where did you get that suit?
Homer: Woah, woah, one question at a time. [Points to Marge] Yes, you?
Marge: Homer, I am getting really worried you are going overboard with this. We are out of clothespins, there are half-eaten cupcakes all around the house, and the curtains smell like doob.
Homer: Well I got news for you: I just got promoted and it's all thanks to yes-I-cannabis! (Homer walks away) We have a kitchen?
Krusty: Now let's welcome Springfield's original God couple, Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders.
Flanders: Thank you so much.
(singing) The Camptown Ladies sing this song
Both: Do-dah, do-dah
Lovejoy: (singing) Homer Simpson's breath is strong, oh the do-dah--
Flanders: Hey, hey, now hold on there. The nice people wanna hear the real words.
Lovejoy: But Ned, I was singing the real words.
Flanders: Oh, lets just take it from the top. (sings) The Camptown Ladies sing this song
Both: Do-dah do-dah
Lovejoy: The Camptown racetrack's five miles long
Flanders: Thats better.
Lovejoy: Homer's breath smells bad
Flanders: Oh, those are not the words!

End Titles Singer:
Ullman shorts, Christmas show, Marge's fling, Homer's bro
Bart in well, Flanders fails, whacking snakes, monorail
Mr. Plow, Homer space, Sideshow Bob steps on rakes
Lisa's future, Selma's hubby, Marge not proud, Homer chubby
Homer worries Bart is gay, Poochie, U2, NRA
Hippies, Vegas, and Japan, octuplets, Bart's boy band
Marge murmurs, Maude croaks, Lisa Buddhist, Homer tokes
Maggie blows Burns away, what else do I have to say?
They'll never stop the Simpsons
Have no fears, we've got stories for years
Like, Marge becomes a robot
Maybe Moe gets a cell phone
Has Bart ever owned a bear?
Or how 'bout a crazy wedding?
Where something happens, and do-do-do-do-do
Sorry for the clip show
Have no fears, we've got stories for years
Groundskeeper Seamus: This be your doing Willie, I'll turn your groin to puddin'
Groundskeeper Willie: Ach, you speak like a poet, but you punch like one too!

Radio: Don't you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the under padding?
Homer: I hate them so MUCH!

Stan Lee: Greetings, true believers! [upon entering the store, promptly places an X-Men comic over a Superman one]
Comic Book Guy: Ooh, my heart's pounding like Thor's hammer on Doctor Doom's titanium-infused faceplate!
Stan Lee: Hey, aren't you the guy who was stalking Lynda Carter?
Comic Book Guy: The term is "courting". Restraining order says no-no, but her eyes say yes-yes. [strokes a Wonder Woman action figure]

Stan Lee: Let's see what you've got, son. [takes Bart's strip to read] My Spidey-Sense is tingling!
Bart: It's that good?
Stan Lee: Oh, did I say "Spidey"? I meant "Stinky"! 'Nuff said.
Bart: [dejected] What did I do wrong?
Comic Book Guy: Oh, I don't know; try everything!
Stan Lee: Now hold on, Comic Book Guy. This boy is still finding his voice!
Bart: So you're saying I should keep trying?
Stan Lee: Absolutely! If you fail, you can always open a comic book store!
Comic Book Guy: Stan Lee insulted me! But in Bizarro World, that means he likes me!

[At Krustylu Studios, Krusty is watching Angry Dad struggle with the ketchup to put on his chips. Looking inside the bottle, it pours its contents on him and pushes him across the room.]
Krusty The Clown:[ironically] Whoa that's funny. There's only one way my show can compete with this.
[pushes the button on the intercom]
Krusty The Clown: Book that animal that always chomps on my groin.
Secretary: Susan Anton?
Krusty The Clown: No, the lemur.

[Angry Dad comes home from work.]
Angry Dad: Oh what a day. Maybe the headlines will cheer me up.
[Headline caption: You Suck, Angry Dad!]
Angry Dad:[growls in anger] That's opinion, not news!
[Angry Dad's head swells, then his eyes pop.]

[Comic Bart spray paints a logo on Angry Dad's back.]
Comic Bart: This has been a Bartoon presentation, in association with Ay Carumba Entertainment.
[Angry Dad turns around and growls. Infuriated by Bart for making him a worldwide laughingstock in the web and in Springfield, Homer rushes home to strangle him.]

[At the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in the cartoon]
Angry Dad: This job sure is easy. Now to press this button.
[He presses a red button and the cooling towers explode in a giant cloud]
Angry Dad: NOT AGAIN!!!!
[A cartoon version of Mr. Burns shows up]
Cartoon Mr. Burns:[Voiced by Bart in a deeper voice] Angry Dad, you're fired.
[Angry Dad's head soon explodes and shows a similar cloud]

Bart: Stan Lee came back?
Comic Book Guy: Stan Lee never left. I'm beginning to think his mind is no longer in mint condition.

[Homer has fallen into Bart and Milhouse's trap in the garden and got covered in green paint]
Homer: Grrrr...! RAAAAARRGGGHHH!!! HOMER MAD!!! AAARRRGGH!! [Bashes the fence down] GAAAAAARRRGGH!!!
Bart: Thank God his pants stayed on.
Homer: AAAARRGGHH!!! [Rampages through the town.] HOMER MAD!! HOMER SMASH!! GET REVENGE ON WORLD!!!
Lenny: Look, it's the Incredible Hulk!

Stan Lee: He can't be the Hulk! I'm the Hulk! [starts growling and grabbing onto his shirt, ripping it] Rrroar-owwll!!
Comic Book Guy: Oh, please, you couldn't even change to Bill Bixby.
Stan Lee: Come on, damn it, change! Mmmhhmhhmm! [in defeat] Oh, forget it. [strains a little more, then gives up again] I really did it once.
Comic Book Guy: [taking Stan inside] Yes, yes. I just wish you had the power to leave my store.
Stan Lee: Mmmhmm...
Comic Book Guy: You almost had it there.

[Comic Bart spray paints a logo on Angry Dad's back.]
Comic Bart: This has been a Bartoon presentation, in association with Ay Carumba Entertainment.
[Angry Dad turns around and growls. Infuriated by Bart for making him a worldwide laughingstock in the web and in Springfield, Homer rushes home to strangle him.]
Homer: Thanks. Are you sure you don't want to come? In a Civil War re-enactment we need lots of Indians to shoot.
Apu: I don't know what part of that sentence to correct first, but I cannot come.

[At the Civil War reenactment, Dr. Hibbert's horse takes off.])
Dr. Hibbert: For me, the war is over!
Principal Skinner: Oh, this battle is rife with inaccuracy. Hey you dead people, stop playing cards. And Stonewall Jackson, stop roller blading!
Disco Stu (as Stonewall Jackson): The South will boogie again!

Marge: Oh, Homer. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Homer: You bet I am!
(Homer imagines himself flying a hang glider while firing a ray gun at a terrified crowd below)
Homer: Hahahahaha! You can run, but you can't glide!
Homer: Hehehe! U S A! U S A!

Manjula:I have to warn you, Apu does not have very much money.
Divorce Lawyer: Are you absolutely sure? Because legally, I am allowed to shake him by the ankles and see what falls out. It's established in the case of Lawyers vs. Justice. [chuckles] That was a wonderful day for us.
Manjula: We have eight children. Will that affect the settlement?
Divorce Lawyer: [makes several joyful exclamations, then calms] Perhaps. [the lawyer jumps onto the table and starts dancing happily]
Manjula: No offence, but you remind me of the monkey man who slaughtered my family's chickens!
Divorce Lawyer: [chuckles] Yes, I get that a lot.
Divorce Lawyer: When will you humans learn that your 'feelings', as you call them, can stand in the way of big cash payoffs?!
Ralph: See you tomorrow, Lisa. We find out what five minus three is.
Lisa: Um... I'm a teacher's aide in a very special class.
Ralph: No, Lisa, we're both in--
Lisa: Go, go, go!
Ralph: Why do people run from me? [wets his pants, then smiles]

Homer: [singing "Tubthumping" while drunk] I get knocked down!
I get knocked down again!
You're never gonna knock me down!
Tina: Whoa, party house.
[A keg flies out of the window]
Homer: (from the house) Hey, where's my keg?
Lisa: Hmm... Mom's not gonna like that.
Carrie: Who's Mom?
Lisa: Uh... that's what we call the gay guy who lives with us.
Carrie: Hey, you doing anything tomorrow night? Robert Pinsky is reading at Café Kafka.
Lisa: Robert Pinsky? The former poet laureate?
Tina: It's gonna be great, the three of us can split a scone.
Lisa: Non-dairy?
Both: Duh.
Homer: I take a whiskey drink! I take a chocolate drink!
And when I have to pee, I use the kitchen sink!
I sing the song that reminds me I'm a urinating guy!
Lisa: I'll see you tomorrow.
Carrie: See ya.
Carmen Electra: My face is up here, Homer.
Homer: (looking at Carmen's breasts) I've made my choice.

Homer: You know, if you let us go, there's a diamond necklace in it for you.
Wiggum: I hope you're not suggesting that I would take that necklace as a bribe. Think again, dirtbag, cause I can swipe it later from the evidence locker.

Homer: Play the race card! Play it!
Bart: Cool, a lie detector.
[Bart puts on the lie detector and a results sheet prints out as he speaks]
Bart: Lisa is a dork. Lisa is a dork.
Lisa: Dad, make him stop.
[Homer looks at the results sheet]
Homer: Hmm... According to this, he's telling the truth.

Homer: Do you sell hats?
Wooly Bully Store Clerk: Yeah.
Homer: To people?
Wooly Bully Store Clerk: Maybe.
Homer: People with heads?
Wooly Bully Store Clerk: Sometimes...

[an unseen shooter begins firing at the mobsters outside the Simpsons' house]
Fat Tony: Johnny Tightlips, can you see the shooter?
Johnny Tightlips: I see a lot of things...
Fat Tony: You know, you could be a little more helpful.