The Simpsons/Season 35

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The Simpsons (1989–present) is an American animated sitcom broadcast by the Fox Broadcasting Company created by Matt Groening. The series is a satirical depiction of American life, epitomized by the Simpson family.

Homer's Crossing edit

Superintendent Chalmers: So, since Otto has disappeared with our bus, and our brownie pans, parents will have to drive their own children to school.
[parents complain]
Principal Skinner: Well, fewer of you would have to drive if you sat down and arranged a carpool schedule.
[parents complain harder]

A Mid-Childhood Night's Dream edit

Announcer: Attention, shoppers. A mother's love is forever, but mother's love rat poison is only on sale till the end of the day.

McMansion & Wife edit

Marge: We have to meet the new neighbors before they hear about us from the old neighbors.
Homer: Hey, I have friends in this neighborhood. There's the guy whose lawn I used as a shortcut, the guy whose mailbox crashed into our car, and Mrs. Bad Halloween candy.
Bad Halloween candy lady: If my candy is so bad, why do you take so much of it?

Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story edit

Mr. Burns: So you want me to talk about Persephone Odair? That's easy. She was a brilliant entrepreneur who wanted to save the world. How I wish that was her only shortcoming.

Treehouse of Horror XXXIV edit

Lisa: Have you seen our dad?
Moe: No, just these hundreds of silly versions of him, which is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I mean I'm printing money over here.

Iron Marge edit

Agnes: My Werthers, my choice.

It's a Blunderful Life edit

Homer: Mmmm...pepper spray.

Ae Bonny Romance edit

Marge: Oh, my head. Homie, what do you take for a hangover? Huh? [Homer is running away] Oh fine, be that way.
Homer: For once, I'm the one who spoke truth while drunk.
Marge: Oh, oh. Running away from a fight?
Homer: Well, I'm still mad at you!
Marge: Well, I'm still mad at you!
Homer: You told everyone that I don't care about romance, and now they think Homer Simpson is vanilla in the sack!
["Homer Simpson is vanilla in the sack!" echoes, followed by "vanilla in the sack!" echoing three times]

Groundskeeper Willie: Ah, you broke my sniffer. You do love me.

Murder, She Boat edit

Marge: [singing] I'm getting the mail, hallelujah, I'm getting the mail. It's something to do. [stops singing] Hmm. What the Helen Mirren?

Marge: Stimulus checks? We were supposed to catch these during the pandemic. Should we spend the money now or wait for the next one?
Bart: So what are we gonna blow it on, jet ski or motorbike? Vroom, vroom, vroom!
Lisa: [to Marge] Mom, there is something I've always wanted for this family, but it's not a thing, exactly.
Bart: Vroom?
Lisa: ...but rather, it's an experience. Something we can all treasure and talk about for years to come.
Marge: Wow. Well, then maybe we should do it.
Bart: [to Marge] Wait, that's the move? Go all sincere and emo? Gross.
[Bart walks away from the kitchen]
Lisa: There is one small issue. My idea will take finessing with Dad.
Marge: Hmm.

Do the Wrong Thing edit

Bart: Students, look to your right, look to your left. These are the people you'll be cheating off of.

Frinkenstein's Monster edit

Barney: I use mine for corn holders.

Lisa Gets an F1 edit

Crazy Cat Lady: [the dogs barking] Monster. Monsters all. Ow!
Lisa: So he's afraid of germs on toilet seats.

Clan of the Cave Mom edit

Night of the Living Wage edit

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