The Simpsons/Season 31

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The Winter of Our Monetized ContentEdit

Homer Simpson: They say Muhammad Ali was the greatest of all time, but he never fought Cassius Clay.

Homer Simpson: Oh my God, a hipster! Marge, get him a microbrew, quick!

Go Big or Go HomerEdit

Marge: [sniff, sniff] Are you wearing my perfume?
Homer: I like it on you, you like it on me.

Mike: I can't believe it! I'm 35 and I'm at the foot of the world's greatest bababoo!

Mike: Hey, Lenny, you duck-faced psycho!
Carl: I'm Carl!

The Fat Blue LineEdit

Treehouse of Horror XXXEdit

Marge :Len, Stop

Gorillas on the MastEdit

Marge the LumberjillEdit

Livin' la Pura VidaEdit

Thanksgiving of HorrorEdit

Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?Edit

Ned: Ralph, what would you say?
Ralph: I would say, Baby Jesus, thank you for dying for our shins.

Bobby: It's Cold OutsideEdit

Hail to the TeethEdit

Brandine: That's your brother. He prefers the pronoun "they", on account of the twin he absorbed in my belly.

The Miseducation of Lisa SimpsonEdit

Bart: Skins? That's how boys play dress-up.


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