The Simpsons/Season 32

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The Simpsons (1989–present) is an American animated sitcom broadcast by the Fox Broadcasting Company created by Matt Groening. The series is a satirical depiction of American life, epitomized by the Simpson family.

Mr. Burns: Aw, somebody drew a cucumber crying, that's nice.

Mr. Burns: Oh, why can't I be loved AND feared, like God?
Marge: Oh, I think you'd better stay home from school, sweetie.
Lisa: I'm not at school?
Marge: No, honey. And you should stay home.
Lisa: Yes, Miss Hover.
Ralph: I can burp magic!

Sherri and Terri: Are we that predictable?
Groundskeeper Willie: Lily gets why we're here. Life is supposed to be fun. I loved her. We all loved her. The way gophers love that sweet, sweet poison. Every man wanted her for the greatest reason there is. Lily could make life fun.
Kent: Now to go back to my loving family.
[Kent's children shows them on tech]
Dewey Largo: The best sound of all, silence.
Lisa (to Miss Hoover): In the end, what are you? You're just somebody who works off a formula that leaves no room for passion, individual effort, or the process of learning itself.
Miss Hoover: Mm.
Lisa: In other words, you're an uninspiring hack.
Miss Hoover: Apologize immediately.
Lisa: No. I told the truth.
Miss Hoover: The truth has no place in this classroom. Lisa, go to detention. (echoing): Detention. Detention. Detention.
(The class hamster does a spit-take upon hearing this)
Bart: Okay, there's nowhere else to sleep. I have no choice. [ends up entering Lisa's bedroom with Maggie, Lisa, and the dolls] Ay, caramba! Okay, ladies, let's get this over with. [as he sees so many dolls on the floor, he becomes very frightened. Then he leaps on her bed] No more girly stuff, lights out.
Lisa: As you wish, Prince pajama foot.
Skinner: Assembly item number two: Don't take drugs!
Lisa: I don't!
Skinner: Our most successful assembly ever.

Todd: I vote "yes." I can finally get away from that ladybug that scares me.
Rod: I am tired of Mr. Simpson peeing in our bird bath.
Homer: Hey, what's the haps, pop-diggity?
Grampa: D'oh! What's wrong with you? Can't you talk like a normal 55-year-old man?
Marge: With all these commercials, I'm afraid your father's going to need bigger pants. Alexa, do you have any X-X-X-X- X-X-X-XL in stock?

Homer: Lisa, I'm sorry to put it on you, but every generation has its to-do list. Yours is putting Miami on stilts, inventing new bees, and learning to peacefully live with fire tornadoes.

Homer: Yeah, Cool?
Marge: What?

Homer: ## [ Singing ] when my feelings it's sad my back ## [ Humming ] Marge: hello Homer Simpson what are you up to Homer: when my feelings. [ Singing ] If there is something we can be here because you're here today I'm feeling so happy.

(SINGING) Hmm. Let's see. Oh. There it is. HOMER: Woo-hoo Grampa. (LAUGHS) (HUMMING) Hi Grampa. What are you doing Playing I love them all good let's see I see elephants and toys and lots of more (CHUCKLES) Wow. I thought that's a cool nice place. (GIGGLES) (WHISTLING) (GASPS) oh. Wow that's a good one (BOTH LAUGHING)

(SINGING) the Simpsons (HOMER HUMMING) BART: hi Homer. What are you doing Well I think that's worth with try (LAUGHS) You want to hear it Sure I come to my place I come to my place let's go to get I come to my place I come to my place let's go find the way BOTH: Yeah That was a good song Homer. Thanks. I worked really hard can't wait to sing I'm barfighter (CHUCKLES) (HUMMING) hi There bart Bart: hi I'm so excited for barfighter BOTH: let's fight (CHEERING) Woo-hoo. Homer: I'm so happy barfighter Thanks. You're welcome (WHOOPS) Three cheers for Bart Simpson ALL: hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray BART: wow that's a good barfighter

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