Samurai Jack

American animated television series

Samurai Jack is an American animated television series created by animator Genndy Tartakovsky that aired on Cartoon Network from 2001 until 2004. However, the fifth season will premiere on Adult Swim in March 2017.


Season 1Edit

The Beginning [1.01]Edit

Aku: [emerges from the ground] Once again, I am free to smite the world as I did in days long past.

Samurai: No matter what form you take, Aku, you will never defeat the side of righteousness.

[the samurai prepares to strike the final blow onto Aku]
Aku: You might have beaten me now, but I will destroy you in the future.
Samurai: There is no future for you, Aku.
Aku: I disagree.
[Aku shrieks fives circles and forms a white hole above the samurai]
Samurai: What trickery is this? [the circles envelope the samurai; he slashes but he disappears in a flash of white light] Aku—!! [the light fades off; Aku slowly rises]
Aku: Do not worry, samurai. You will see me again. But next time, you will not be so fortunate.

The Samurai Called Jack [1.02]Edit

[the samurai encounters cheering homeboys after avoiding the garbage cruncher]
Homie 1: Yo, Jack! That was some awesome show!
Homie 2: I've never peered upon moves Iike that, Jack!
Homie 3: Word! Jack was aII ricocheticaIIy-jumpa-deIic!
Homie 1: Aw, hezeck, yeah! BodigiousIy acrobatastic!
Homie 2: Word! Word! But then, when Jack puIIed that Swiss arm it was aII, Iike, schwim-swack-swoof! Man, right through the car! Swick-attack-whack was fuII on the back, Jaaack!
Homie 3: Oh, yeah, yeah! And he was aII schfoo-boom! Man! Eat that, fIucking crucker!
Homie 1: Yo, then my man just lands aII coolish styIe like, "No sweating, chiII."
Homie 3: Bu-bu-but then that gunner wanna come out aII ramma-lamma-lamma, and then the trashin' aII munchin' and crunchin' and snack-mixin'!
Homie 2: Out of that phat, supercagafragaIistic-tistic tie, yo!
Homie 1: Yeah! But Jack's just Iike, "Word! Let me get some. Tie, grab. Zzip! I'm out, yo!"

Aku: Many years have gone since that day. And now, my formidabIe foe, you wiII pay for my pain in the past with your pain in the future.

Jack: I have seen Aku implement these atrocities before, but no more. Even dogs should not be forced to live like dogs!

The First Fight [1.03]Edit

Aku: He is stronger than I remember... But no matter. For you see, IittIe samurai, the worId is mine! My eyes and ears are everywhere. Nothing you do wiII go unseen. Quest as you may, but we wiII meet again when I see fit in a time and pIace of my choosing. And it is I who shaII put an end to the war started in that age Iong past... Samurai Jack!

Rothie: [after Jack has slayed all of Aku's drones] Now, that was smashing! A reaI bang-up job!
[he's laughing joyfully until Jack opens his menacingly-looking eyes at him]
Rothie: Ahem... Good, Sir Jack. 'Twas truIy a nobIe deed you have done today, and an historic victory most worthy of our Iogs. You have saved our pack from the wrath of Aku's drones. We are forever indebted to you. [all dogs have lowered their hunting hats in unison]
Jack: Thanks are not necessary. It is my duty to oppose the minions of Aku and my mission to vanquish the very demon himseIf.
Rothie: WeII, then, now that we have a chance at freedom we shouId take our Ieave of these forsaken mines. Our pack shaII continue our once-nomadic Iife searching for more answers to our puzzIing history. [Jack offers a handshake]
Jack: I wish you the best.
Rothie: We certainIy invite you to join us.
Jack: No, I cannot! Aku's wrongs must be righted. SureIy there is a way to reverse his speII. I wiII find a way back to my own time. There, I wiII finish what I started centuries ago and defeat Aku's eviI before it was ever truIy unIeashed.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

The Birth of Evil Part IEdit

The Birth of Evil Part IIEdit

Season 4Edit

The Seasons of DeathEdit

The Tale of X9Edit

Season 5Edit

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