Birdgirl (TV series)

American adult animated superhero comedy television series

Birdgirl (2021-2022) is an American adult animated superhero comedy television series aired on Adult Swim. It is a spin-off of television series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, which itself is a spin-off series of Birdman and the Galaxy Trio.

Season 1


Pilot [1.1]

Judy: [wakes up and lifts her head from the bathtub] Ugh. Where am I? [regains her vision, seeing Meredith] Is this a palace?
Meredith: It's like a palace. It has 36 rooms and a laundry in the basement, but most people [removes rubber plug from the bathtub] call them apartments now.

ShareBear [1.2]

Judy: Etan is a decent, albeit odd, man who's devoted his life to bringing goodness to the world, and we can be a part of that dream.
[the green ShareBear on Etan's chest chuckles]
Judy: I'm so confident in this deal, I'll stake my reputation on it.
[scene cuts to Dog with Bucket Hat]
Dog with Bucket Hat: [chuckles] Yeah, uh, we'll need a little more than that for the display case, Judy. [scene cuts to a Sebben & Sebben display case] You can't put that in a bowl.
[scene cuts to Etan and Judy]
Etan: We're so confident, Judy will stake 20% of her stock in Sebben & Sebben on it.
Judy: Uh, I will? [chuckles nervously]

Thirdgirl [1.3]

Judy: Gillian, it's kind of a low-key secret. It's okay for people really close to me to know about Birdgirl, but I don't want everybody knowing about it.
Gillian: Judy, if even just one person knows about your secret identity, then they tell three more, then those three become nine, then they tell three, and it's three cubed. You see where I'm going with this? Then, someone falsely claims Birdgirl injures them and sues Judy Ken Sebben for all of Sebben & Sebben.

We Have the Internet [1.4]

Charlie: So, I've done some questionable things for the company. Big whoop. You have to break a few necks to make a... capitalism.

Topple the Popple [1.5]

[Jessica receives an e-mail titled "COOL STUFF" in her inbox]
Charlie: [coming from computer] It's mail time! [humming] Ah-ba
Jessica: [gasps] My first e-mail. [clicks on it]
[an animated video of a dancing Charlie and four enraged faces plays]
Charlie: [metal drums playing from the computer] Whoops! You got phished. Now proceed with this three-minute Internet security training video.

Baltimo [1.6]

Meredith: Jude, you know how you're the boss and we work for you, even though our name's not on the company? [chuckles] It's the same with Birdteam, except we don't get paid, and it's kind of a... [gets interrupted]
Charlie: Pain in the ass. We're happy to back you up, but "team" might be overstating it.

Season 2


The Wanky [2.1]

Judy: Hey, Evie! [waves at Evie] What's that in your hand?
Evie: The box you just gave me.
Judy: Uh-huh. What's in it?
Evie: A... Tax planner Toby?
Judy: Oh, can I play?! [takes the toy box and places it on the table] He comes with his own spreadsheets [takes the booklet in her hand] and a booklet on tax dodges! Neat!
Dog with Bucket Hat: Ha! Lemme look at that. [takes the booklet, reads its title, "Cayman Islands Tax Code", and hides it in his clothes]

The Rejuvication [2.2]

Brian O'Brien: So, every day, some Tom, Dick, or Harriet makes a dumb-ass comment or [scrolls up some internal company messages on his tablet] unwanted advance, word gets out, and they get cancel led, we get sued, and someone has to clean up the mess.
Dog with Bucket Hat: Please, charge that.
Brian O'Brien: That's why I've perfected a new technology.
Evie: A-hem.
Brian O'Brien: That's why mostly Evie perfected a new technology.
Evie: We track employees' online footprint to predict inappropriate behavior seconds before it happens. Like, in six seconds, Paul will post that he invented Taco Tuesday.

Fli on Your Own Supply [2.3]

Judy: What's FL(I), you ask? Well, the inspiration's right next to me. [coworker is snoring] To my left. Meredith is the most high-functioning person I know. Her brain filters out the negative, leaving her in a state of total calm. Not like this dumpster fire. [gestures her fingers around her head]
[the coworkers are laughing]
Judy: Guys, I'm using self-deprecation to seem relatable.
[the coworkers are laughing again]
Judy: We built these prototypes to test in-house. Each FL(I) is powered by a fragment of Mere's mind taker powers.
[presentation video]
Meredith: [lends some of her powers to a FL(I) product] Boy-oop!
Man: Nobody likes me. [the FL(I) beeps and turns red, showing his thought]
Judy: The negative thought is taken by those powers and turned into something better.
Man: [the FL(I) turns blue and dings] I'm unique and special.

Shoot from the Foop [2.4]

Dog with Bucket Hat: [answers his phone] Oh, hey, Dr. Andy. Not a great time. [whispers to the iguana in his car] Dr. Andy.
Dr. Andy: Listen. I probably should've thought of this earlier, but you know how iguanas lose their tails and then they grow back? [the iguana switches the gear from P to N] Well, what if we just let this tail fall off and then, boom, problem solved? [the car starts going downhill]
Dog with Bucket Hat: Oh, you're a horrible fucking doctor. [hangs up] Danny boy, you're gonna make it! [turns around and looks for the car]

With a K [2.5]

Dog with Bucket Hat: A masked deliquent has been defacing Li'l Judy's face and leaving this tag, "KK". We think that stands for Kaptain Khaos. The problem isn't the vandalism.
Meredith: It's the spelling. 'Cause K for C is a '90s trope.
Dog with Bucket Hat: It's the news coverage. It's drawing unwanted attention to the fact that Li'l Judy's is more rundown than a shitter on shitty Tuesday.

The S.I.M.M. [2.6]

Dog with Bucket Hat: [accesses Jessica's computer] Here we go.
Meredith: Is it her Glee fanfic?
Dog with Bucket Hat: Yes, and every paycheck she ever earned at this place... She hasn't cashed a single one. And she's been here for 10 years.
Meredith: The second she decides to cash those checks, we go bankrupt.


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