Final Space

adult animated space opera comedy-drama television series

Final Space is an animated science fiction television series for TBS. It was created by indie internet filmmaker Olan Rogers with David Sacks serving as showrunner. The series involves an astronaut named Gary Goodspeed and his alien friend, Mooncake, and focuses on their adventures as they try to solve the mystery of “Final Space”.

Season 1


Chapter One [1.01]

[first lines]w
H.U.E.: The outcome was never in our favor, Gary.
Gary: Cut it to me straight, H.U.E. What are my chances of getting out of this mess?
H.U.E.: In your current state, you will pass the point of recovery in 10 minutes. You are also leaking O2, Gary.
Gary: Huh, look at that. They went with green for a red alert. I mean, I would have went with red, a periwinkle. Heck, I mean, even eggnog. I don't even know if that's a color, but, oh, good Lord, now I just want eggnog.
H.U.E.: The rate of the leak will render you lifeless in nine minutes.
Gary: You are really buttering me up with fantastic news.
H.U.E.: I'm afraid, Gary, there is no foreseeable outcome where you survive.
Gary: These tickets suck -- right in the nosebleeds.

Gary: The less H.U.E. -- who, between us, is a bit of a dick -- knows about you, the better. [puts Mooncake on the shelf] Okay, let's get you in here. You ready? [closes the door on Mooncake]
Mooncake: Chookity! Chookity, chookity!
Gary: Please close. Okay, it's not fitting. It's not working. [moves Mooncake under the matress] I hide there sometimes. I'm like a mattress ghost. Don't tell anyone. Oh, perfect! Per-- no, it's not perfect. That sucks. Why does that suck so hard?! Okay, how about this? [puts underwear on Mooncake's head] Sometimes I hide -- I like to hide from myself by putting underwear on the circumference of my head. How about that? How's it fit?
Mooncake: Chookity.
Gary: Perfect!

Chapter Two [1.02]

[Gary recording 'captains' log for Quinn]
Gary: ...but Avocato is one great card player.
[Avocato spits out the cards he had stuffed in his mouth]
Avocato: Any more cards and I will shoot myself.
Gary: I'm gonna shoot you, if you don't play cards!
Avocato: I'll let you shoot me.
Gary: Um, oh- real- Well, then I'm gonna shoot myself!
Avocato: What! Why?!
Gary: Frickin' figure it out. Figure it out.

Green Alien: I love Mommy more!
Blue Alien: No, I love Mommy more!
Gary: Okay, just, uh -- stop -- keep -- stop tugging too hard, babies.
[they grab on until they scream]
David: Melanie?! Oh, God!
Gary: So you probably have a few questions.
David: Get out of here, you maniac!
[David starts to cry]

[Gary and Avocato are falling down Tera Con Prime]
Gary: We're falling! Oh, my gosh!
Gary and Avocato: Wahhh! [they bump into a window]
Gary: Oh, my God, David, kids! It's me, your mother! [the aliens scream] No, my arm! I forgot my arm back up there! [the lasers start to shoot] This is no good! H. U. E, pick up, pick up! [the doors close] Are those what I think they are?
Avocato: Viper turrets.
Gary: Okay, that's not good. That's not good! Quick, hug me.
Avocato: Hug you?
Gary: Hug a friend!
Avocato: What?
Gary: Hug me! Oh, we're hugging!
[Gary and Avocato hug each other as they fall out the exit]

Chapter Three [1.03]

[the cookies started to come out]
Gary: Aaah! Why am I the only one covered in cookies? You have no cookies!
Avocato: Gary, de-think the cookies!
Gary: Not sure that's possible. I'm a very creative guy. Like, wouldn't it be cool if they had, like, laser eyes? [the cookies started to shoot] Run! [he and Avocato start to run] Oh, my God!
Avocato: Think of something else! Anything else!
Gary: What, like tridents?
Avocato: No! No!
Gary: Yeah! Yes!
Avocato: No! Not like tridents! [he jumps]
Gary: I'm thinking about little trident-wielding laser-shooting death cookies! I'm thinking of nothing, nothing, nothing. Oh! Whoa! Oh! Oh, my gosh.
Mr. Cookie: I'm going to eat your eyes out.
Mrs. Cookie: And pee in your sockets!
Mr. Cookie: You're never going to leave this place.
Gary: [sees a cookie running] Why is that one cookie lone-wolfing it across the edge? Oh! He's leaping! Whoa! He's like an angel! Oh, my God
Mr. Cookie: I'm going to kill you!
Gary: It's stabbing my eyes! [he and Avocato fall]

Quinn: Hi, Gary.
Gary: Quinn? It's been a long time.
Quinn: Come here. I missed you.
Gary: Is it really you?
Quinn: Closer.
Gary: Get off me! It's part of the trap.
Quinn: Gary, don't listen to him.
Avocato: You need to trust me. She isn't real.
Little Cato: Are we going home, dad?
Avocato: Trust me, buddy. We both need to wake up.
Gary: I don't want to wake up.
Avocato: Then you're really not going to want this. [Avocato punches Gary in the face, the pieces start to crack]

[KVN swooping down in Galaxy 1 for Gary to board]
KVN: I'm here to save you, Gary! The day is saved.
Gary: Freaking KVN! I hate you so much! I truly can't wait for the day you die! No one will be sad. There will only be happiness!

Chapter Four [1.04]

Quinn: Nice work. I need to commandeer your ship. I have a class-three priority.
Gary: Quinn, you look every bit as spicy as the last time I saw you.
Quinn: Great, and you are again?
Gary: Oh-ho-ho! How I've missed your razor-sharp wit.
Quinn: No, seriously, I have no idea who you are.
Gary: Really?
Quinn: You resemble no one I know, so, yeah, really.
Gary: Seriously?
Quinn: Seriously.
Gary: Oh, dear Lord, you're suffering from amnesia!
Quinn: I'm suffering from an emergency that's going to destroy Earth.
Gary: [laughs] Quinn, you really expect me to believe you don't know who I am? Hold on. I know how to fix this. This is the real raw Gary.
Quinn: [laughs] That didn't fix it, whoever you are.
Gary: What a dagger to the heart. I'm the guy who, for the past five years, has been sending daily documentaries to the woman who has no idea who I am!
Quinn: Wow, that sucks. I never got any of them. Now, if you could just show me where the bridge is It's all good.
Gary: Life, you know? [walks away]
Quinn: Hmm, cute guy, but issues, definite issues.

[Gary rewinds to his flashback as a kid]
John: How's my boy doing?
Kid Gary: Great.
Gary: Dad? [puts his hand on his dad] That's unsettling.
Woman: The new Imperium T-3 Cruiser will bridge us to the next galaxy, and the countdown has begun.
John: Hey, you want to watch the launch outside?
Kid Gary: You bet! [hops on his dad]
Gary: Dad!
John: Keep your eyes open. It'll be taking off right over there.
Kid Gary: One day, I'm gonna do that.
John: You are, huh?
Kid Gary: Yeah, I'm gonna have a whole bunch of adventures.
John: A whole bunch?
Kid Gary: Bunches and bunches.
Gary: Why are you showing this to me? Answer me, you drug-dealer caterpillar! [time files] I remember this.
[kid Gary is sitting at his treehouse and his father comes]
John: Son.
Kid Gary: I could come with you.
John: There's nothing more in the world that I would want, but not this time, little buddy. I have to do this one alone. You won't understand, but know that I'm doing this for you. Can you make me a promise?
Kid Gary: Yeah.
John: Promise me you'll have your own adventures.
Kid Gary: I will.
John: Bunches and bunches. Here, this fellow will look after you while I'm gone. [gives his pet to him]
Kid Gary: What's his name?
John: Mooncake.

Chapter Five [1.05]

Quinn: Avocato and I will scout on foot. The rest of you stay back and repair the ship. Come on, Avocato, let's go.
Gary: [tries to catch up] What?! If I could pour a tall glass of truth-juice for you real quick, Quinn, I am not feeling the trust.
Quinn: I only trust three people in this world my dog, my sister, and every single member of the Infinity Guard.
Gary: You're insane, my lady. The Infinity Guard tried to kidnap you. And they tried to take over the Galaxy One. And dogs aren't even people.
Quinn: I have no reason to trust any of you, so I'm going with the guy literally covered in guns. [she and Avocato leave]

Avocato: Let me give you some advice, buddy.
Gary: Yes.
Avocato: If you want Quinn to trust you, you gotta step up and show her you can lead. Make direct eye contact, then don't let go until you kiss her soul with your eyelashes. Like this. [swipes eyes] Too much, or just enough?
Gary: Oh, my wow. Oh, my wow! It's glorious!
Avocato: Yeah. So you got it?
Gary: I got it. It's done. Done and done.

Chapter Six [1.06]

Avocato: Are you sure to do this? There's a 99% chance that this is a trap.
Gary: Traps are just open casting calls for heroes. Plus, you already tied up Quinn, so there's no real rebound after that.
Avocato: You're a good friend.
Gary: I would've gone with great. But whatever. I'll take good.
Avocato: What is happening
Gary: I think we're about to hug.
Avocato: Should we?
Gary: The siren's call is beckoning us to embrace. We shan't ignore her. [he hugs Avocato] Hell, yeah.
Avocato: Thanks, bud. Needed that.
Gary: Let's get your boy back.
Mooncake: [comes in and laughs] Chookity!
Gary: Mooncake, we're gonna need rich sacks of back up. We're goin' down to the Lord Commander's prison colony. It's dangerous! It's life-threatening! We're probably gonna die. I You got my back, little buddy?
Mooncake: Chookity!
Gary: I didn't really sell that very well, did I? Crap! So no back up. Just two hombres with a dream, let's do this.

[before Avocato's death]
Avocato: As excited as I am about today, I'm even more excited for tomorrow.
Little Cato: Yeah.
Avocato: [gasps] No!
Gary: No.
Avocato: Take care of my boy.
Little Cato: No! D-Dad! [Little Cato tries to go after his dad but Gary stops him.]
[the area explodes and Avocato's dies]

Chapter Seven [1.07]

Gary: Avocato? It's been three days since you died. I have to say I'm I'm struggling here, man. You said to look after your boy, and I can barely look after myself. I really think you picked the wrong guy. Granted, there wasn't a big pool to pick from, but I guess what I'm trying to say is I miss you, friend. What do you think I should do? I mean, I-I I need a sign, man. You know, maybe rattle some glasses if I should give him some space or flicker the lights. You know, just a little flicker if I should try harder. Any ghost-related stuff at all would be great. Or nothing. Nothing works, too.

Little Cato: Can you get me to the Lord Commander?
Gary: Ok....possibly, what do you wanna do?
Little Cato: I wanna slit his throat and splash in his life juice!

Chapter Eight [1.08]

KVN: Gary, am I gonna die?
Gary: Are you trying to cheer me up, KVN? Because you dying would be a wonderful development.
[KVN starts to sing]: We're all gonna die. We're all gonna di-
Gary: Shut the hell up KVN. Or I will find ways.

[Gary goes inside a room]
Bolo: Come forth, Gary.
Gary: Oh, my gosh. Okay, okay. This is new.
Bolo: In order to face what's ahead, you need to face what's inside of you.
Gary: Oh, look! - There's a Construction Hat Gary.
Construction Hat Gary: Hey!
Gary: There's an Eagle-Faced Gary.
Eagle-Faced Gary: Hi!
Gary: Cookie-Headed Gary.
Cookie-Headed Gary: What's up?
Gary: Oh, my gosh! Little Micro Gary.
Little Micro Gary: Hey!
Gary: Who's that?
Bolo: That's the Amazing Mustache Gary.
Amazing Mustache Gary: Gary, you're never gonna be able to grow one of these. A thick, rich, luscious mustache. Oh, it feels so gooooood!

John: Son. Grab the plasma torch.
[Gary grabs the plasma torch from the shelf as his dad enters the room]
Gary: What are you doing?! Dad! Dad, don't do this without me!
John: [inside a room] Son, you have your own time to worry about.
Gary: Dad! This, this was my idea.
John: Yeah, but it's my responsibility. There's another anti-matter bomb in New York. The one on Earth. Use it to close this breach in your time. You know, I had only one regret when I left. Thought I was never gonna get the chance to see the man you would've grown up to be. Well, now I know he's better than I would've ever hoped. [John puts a helmet on his head as Gary bangs the door.]
Gary: [begging] Please don't Stop. Please. Stop. Stop. Stop! Stop! No! Please no! Stop! I'm not gonna let you die. Not again. I'm gonna come get you!
John: Make me a promise, son. Save the Earth. Nah, you're right. "Universe" sounds much cooler.
Gary: What if I can't do it?
John: Try your best.
Gary: What if my best isn't good enough?
John: It's good enough for me.
[his dad starts flying and opens the torch as the area starts to explode]

Quinn: No. [Suddenly Jack wakes up after beating up.] Jack: AH! Oh, god!

Chapter Nine [1.09]

KVN: We're best friends now. Guys, do you hear this? - We're best friends now. [comes over to Gary]
Gary: We're not even friends.
KVN: Right. We're best friends.

[before the battle]
Lord Commander: This could have been so easy. But time and time again, you chose the harder path. The darker path. It's time for you to see that your choices have consequences. I will give you one last chance to hand over Mooncake.
Mooncake: Chookity.
Little Cato: Hell. No. He is one of us.
Tribore: I don't really know him. But he seems very popular.
Quinn: He stays with us.
Gary: Never.
Lord Commander: Then death it is!
Little Cato: I'm coming for you.
Lord Commander: Ah, yes, I've seen that face before. The face of loss.
Little Cato: We have the Anti-Matter bomb! We will close the breach, you will die!
Lord Commander: [laughs] I look forward to it.
H.U.E.: I'm detecting the approach of an armada of heavy incinerators.
Little Cato: Everyone's gonna die.
Gary: You aren't wrong. They're all going to die. If he wants a war, he's got one. Let's do this.

Chapter Ten [1.10]

HUE: KVN, if you don't get on the outside turret, I will beat you within one inch of your life.
KVN: Guys, I'm the most expendable! Congratulations to me!

[Gary is shooting HIVE robots on the Galaxy 1 bridge]
KVN: Hey, Gary?
Gary: What is it, KVN?
[KVN floats by a window, heavily damanged]
KVN: It's been fun, right?
Gary: Oh! KVN! [runs to the window]
KVN: I guess? Hey! [KVN's voice begins fading] I had fun... [KVN shuts down]
[Gary begins tearing up]
Gary: It's so beautiful.

Quinn: What are you doing?
Gary: Finishing the job. Except I'm the one taking it to the breach. It's my mission. Too bad. It's my destiny. [walks away]
Quinn: Why are you fighting me?
Gary: Because I can take anything, except losing you! Oh, God, why, Quinn?! Why are we in this situation?!
Quinn: From the moment I discovered the gravitational disturbance, I knew this was my life's work. If you really have feelings for me - let me see this through to the end.
Gary: I am genuinely perplexed here! 'Cause I'm I'm trying to stop you from dying.
Quinn: Please.
Gary: Then, Quinn Ergon, I will use every last breath to make sure you succeed. That's a real, raw promise. [he and Quinn kiss] Hell, yeah! More of that when you come back.
Quinn: Don't die on me.
Gary: Funny, I thought I was gonna be the hero - but it's you.
Quinn: No, it's both of us. Always has been.[she leaves]

Gary: Don't do this, Jack!
Lord Commander: Why would you call me that? SPEAK!
Gary: You used to like taquitos, and hanging out with my dad, man.
Lord Commander: [surprised] Ahh... John Goodspeed's son. Well... [snarling] that changes NOTHING!
Gary: You don't need to do this, Jack!
Lord Commander: Stop calling me that! That person died the day I was chosen!
Gary: Can I be honest, with the likelihood of pissing you off a little bit? I don't think you were chosen. You getting these powers... was just a mistake!
Lord Commander: Mistake?! [screams with rage and blasts Gary]

[after the Earth disappears]
Quinn: Gary?
Gary: Quinn.
Quinn: I'm sorry.
Gary: For what?
Quinn: Not telling you sooner.
Gary: You can tell me when you come back.
Quinn: Gary.
Gary: No, don't. Don't say it.
Quinn: I'm not coming back.
Gary: Quinn.
Quinn: We've lost the Earth, but I can still save you. Goodbye, Gary. I'll miss you.
[the area explodes in light, consuming Quinn as she's sucked into Final Space]
Gary: QUINN!

Season 2


The Torra Regata [2.01]

Gary: Sounds manageable. We fly the ship, we get our freedom, we get the hell out of here. Then we find Mooncake.
Little Cato: It doesn't, like, sound too good to be true or anything, right?
Gary: Little Cato? Sometimes, if you're lucky, life takes the crap in your hand, and hands you two slices of bread, and turns that crap into a crap luck sandwich.
Little Cato: You know, but the crap sandwich is, you know, still... made out of crap.
Gary: Yeah. But there's a little bit of luck in there, too. And we're going to need it.

Gary: Who's getting the cube from the Starchaser?
Clarence: [points gun at him] You are! You don't think I'm going to risk my life and my children's when I have disposable you here, do you?
Little Cato: What?!
Fox: Back off, Ventrexian! Unless you want another thousand year war?!
Little Cato: You back off, Tryvuulian! [hisses]
Fox: No, you back off, Ventrexian!
Ash: Don't hurt him! I kind of like him! ... I mean, what?

Invictus: [to the Lord Commander's corpse] Our work isn't done yet, child... It has only begun.

Gary: I'm gonna break a Titan out of interdimensional prison. Sticking around?
Nightfall: Wouldn't miss it.
Clarence: Out of my seat, primate!
Gary: Yo. My ship, my seat.
Clarence: Then you leave me no choice...
[Cut to Clarence sitting in Gary's lap]
Gary: Ow. Clarence, why is there a pack of Smarties...? [disgusted] Oh! Oh, Clarence!
Clarence: It's still my Money Compass. I'm just excited to be at the controls! Grabbing life by its succulent...!

The Happy Place [2.02]

[During the urinating contest]
Ash: In the place of a Dark Lord, you will have a QUEEN!

Nightfall: It's a big ship. Could be Raiders. Could be the Burner Tribe.
Gary: Oh, Raiders? Ooh, yeah. Okay, Burner Tribe? Could have been a little bit of Burner Tribe...
Nightfall: Let's just hope it's not the Chomper Club.
Gary: The Chomper Club?
Nightfall: Or half of us will be killed, skinned, and eaten alive.
Gary: Skinned and eaten alive, that's the whole... the whole gamut there, okay. Well, you got a real sunny disposition.
Nightfall: I have a partly cloudy disposition with a high in the mid-60s.
KVN: Ooh, that sounds like a perfect day.

Ash: This one's coming with me.
Little Cato: I'm not a pet!
Ash: Says you. I like you because you're all fluffy.
KVN: I think he's fluffy too! Hooray!

Tribore: If he's caught in one of these things, he only has until his "happy" runs out.
Fox: Incoming question: how did you survive this long?
Tribore: I'm a very jovial person.

The Grand Surrender [2.03]

[During a flashback of Ash seeing her sister Harp being sacrificed to Werthrent]
Ash: [narrating] They made me watch. Something became unleashed inside of me...
Gary: Oh, your thingy-thing?
Ash: [annoyed] Yes, dude, my "thingy-thing".
[In the flashback, Ash angrily releases a wave of dark energy, accidentally killing her parents]
Gary: Oh, wow. Okay, so you killed your parents?
Ash: [sarcastic] Yeah, and that makes me a bad person, right? Oh, look at me, I'm a parent killer! Watch out!
Gary: Uh, oh, sorry, my bad. I didn't mean parent killer in a judgmental way--
Ash: Oh, so when you said "parent killer", you meant "Great job, Ash!" How is that not judgmental?!

Ash: Werthrent! Show yourself! But you won't, because all you are is fear and hatred and weakness!
[Flames surround the crew and Werthrent appears]
Little Cato: Oh my God, that's a huge snake!
Tribore: I've seen bigger.
Ash: You ate my sister! Give her back or I will flay you!
Werthrent: But she serves me so well...
Ash: Give her back!
Werthrent: But why, when I can have you both?
Gary: Hey! Listen! Hey, pal! Hey! Will you look at me?!
[Werthrent hisses at him]
Gary: [nervously] All right, okay, uh... if you eat her, you gotta eat the rest of us, because we're a combo pack!
Clarence: A "combo pack"?
Little Cato: A combo pack!
Gary: Like the fries! We're the fries.
Mooncake: Chookity pok.
Gary: You want to be the dipping sauce?
Tribore: I've been told I would make a great dipping sauce. By whom? None of your business.
Little Cato: I'm a onion ring!
KVN: And I can be a napkin! Hooray!
Gary: Oh, geez, all right, great, okay, now it's the combo pack from hell, but okay, Werthrent, are you in or are you out?!
Werthrent: In!
Little Cato: What's the plan?
Gary: I didn't think that far ahead! That's not good at all!

Ash: I thought the whole reason I got these powers was to get her back.
Nightfall: Maybe you got them for something amazing down the line.
Ash: You mean, something that hasn't even happened yet?
Nightfall: Yeah, so great job, you're gonna be awesome.

[editor note: this one conversation really hurts, if you know how the show will end.]

The Other Side [2.04]

Avocato: Hey, son.
Little Cato: What's up, dad.
Avocato: Did you get it?
Little Cato: Got the last piece.
Avocato: Attaboy, I'm proud of you.

The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed [2.05]

KVN: And then what happened? I could listen to you almost die forever!
Sheryl: What happened was me thinking "This is gonna be a cakewalk", but just my luck, a drop of Yidrian venom gets on my shirt, and boom! Off come my clothes. Just disintegrated!
Nightfall: Ugh, give me a break.
Sheryl: And there's Parliament watching me try to escape the castle, butt-bloody-naked! Best birthday ever.

Sheryl: Can you fly?
Little Cato: Oh, I'm gonna fly so good. I'm gonna fly so hard and so crazy! You feel this? Fell that.
[Little Cato taps his hearth with a fist, as he points at Sheryl and Gary]
Little Cato: That's 14 years of just straight calisthenics.
Sheryl: Confident kid, I like that.

Gary: So you're leaving. Again.
Sheryl: I think we both knew this was never meant to be forever. Right?
Gary: Can I ask you one thing? Why don't you want anything to do with me?
Sheryl: Truth? The day I lost your dad, my heart shattered. Whatever was left was too small to love anything anymore.
Gary: Yeah. See, I would have taken even a tiny piece - just one piece.
Sheryl: Yeah. Maybe in another life, eh? But not this one. I'll see you around, kiddo.

Nightfall: Gary! Your mother left with that family heirloom! It was a--
Gary: [coldly] Let me guess, a dimensional key.
Nightfall: How did you know?
Gary: She's good at taking what's important to me. [walks through a hatch] That woman hasn't seen the last of me. It's on.

The Arachnitects [2.06]

Clarence: Unlocker of worlds! Consumer of realms! -And world's worst niece!

Arachnitech: When Mooncake left Final Space, he created a cosmic imbalance that weakened the walls of Final Space, making your world vulnerable to the onslaught of Titans, and their master, Invictus. As we speak, the walls holding them back are crumbling. Unless balance is restored, all will be lost.
Arachnitech: Mooncake must be returned. Now.
Mooncake: Chokaity...
Gary: Mooncake! There has to be another way! Take me, I'll do anything!
Arachnitech: Are you really willing to endanger everything for him?
Gary: I don't know! I've lost so much... and I can't lose him too!

Invictus: Do you think that because I can't be seen... I'm gone?

The First Times They Met [2.07]

Clarence: It's like I'm literally burning money!

Ash: Eat flames, you dipwads! Bathe in my punishing fire!

The Remembered [2.08]

[Gary shoots the Lord Commander with a blaster]
Gary: You took so much from me.
Lord Commander: And you, me.
Gary: We lost Avocato from that bomb you sent.
Lord Commander: Did you now? [laughs] Lovely.
[Gary shoots the Lord Commander again in the leg]
Lord Commander: AGH! Will you quit shooting me!?
Gary: But, we were able to go back in time and fix a few things. And, we motherlovin' saved him.
Lord Commander: Avocato is an unstable compound. With the right push, you'll see what he's really made of.
Gary: That's great. But it's time to kill you. And everything that has come to pass doesn't happen. Quinn, the Earth... everything.
[Suddenly, the Lord Commander is pulled up by his ship. Gary starts shooting, but keeps missing.]
Gary: NO! NO! NO! NO!

The Closer You Get [2.09]

Gary: How do we get Avocato to recover his memory?
Ash: On my planet, if you forgot something, they'd tie you up and beat you with pain-sticks until you remembered! And you did. You always did.

Invictus: They don't care about you. They're dragging you down.
Avocato: You're not Gary, are you?
Invictus: Aw, what gave it away?
Invictus: Your vessel is stronger than this one. I'll take you instead!
Invictus: (In Avocato's mind) He stole your son away from you, turned him against you. Kill him. Kill him!
Invictus: (In Avocato's mind) LIES! ALL LIES! KILL HIM!

The Lost Spy [2.10]

Clarence: Rats! You were so close! So close to death! NO!
Gary: What are you doing with all my stuff?!
Clarence: Dividing it up. So rude of you to survive like this!
Ash: I was going to take your big thumper, Gary.
Gary: You don't say?
Ash: [putting a hand over his heart] And put it with the rest of my collection. Don't worry, you're the only heart. The rest are spleens.
Gary: [pushes her away nervously] I'm... honored?

The Set Up [2.11]

Clarence: Well, this is ridiculous! Carnivolo is a holiday I invented for my own glorification! And you're bringing me diet juice drinks, a cheapo homemade greeting card, and now we're getting stingy on the lavishment?!
Ash: It's not about what they brought, Dad. They're... family.
Gary: They are-- We are?
Fox: Yeah! Why don't you lavish some praises, Pop-Pop? Dump a hot steamin' load of lavish all over Gary's face!
Gary: [uncomfortably] No. That doesn't sound... no.

The Descent Into Darkness [2.12]

Little Cato: Hey, Ash, you coming? We're going after the keys.
Ash: I need to watch my brother. He's all the family I have left. You know the saying. "If you love someone, throw them in a well, and if they drown, they were never yours to begin with."
Little Cato: Nope, 'cause that's not a saying.

Sheryl: [impaled through the shoulder] Ugh, you little bastard!
Gary: Yep, it's me. It's the little bastard. And you're my mom. Let that sink in for a second. Have you got it? All right? Parent-teacher conferences? Baking cookies? Not crazed rampages on your boy!
Sheryl: You caught me on an off-day.
Gary: An "off-day"? I've never seen an on-day! I'm done being the excuse for all your mistakes! Things went the way they did with Dad because of you! You did that! And you're gonna have to live with it! [jumping] Yes! I've always wanted to say that. That is... gah! All right, let's, uh...
[He looks back at Sheryl, who has tears in her eyes, and after a moment of consideration, starts tugging on the blade in her shoulder]
Gary: Oh, that is in there...
Nightfall: What are you doing, Gary?
Gary: We'll bring her back to the ship. [finally pulls it out]
Nightfall: Why?
Gary: Because... she's my mom.
Nightfall: And?
Gary: I'm gonna let you knock her out.
Nightfall: Thanks.

The Sixth Key [2.13]

Gary: Yo! Bolo!
Bolo: Gary, have you obtained the dimensional keys?
Gary: We have. But! Before we get to that, real quick, I need to know something - you playing us? My mom was contacted by a buddy of yours. Does the Titan Oreskis ring any bells?
Bolo: Oreskis? Not that guy?!
Gary: Yeah, that guy.
Bolo: [growls] Frickin' dickbag! And that was before his mind got poisoned. He is not to be trusted.
Nightfall: Hey, we're not sure you can be trusted.
Gary: He says you're evil and you're gonna destroy a bunch of important crap if you're freed.
Bolo: He said that?! Did he also tell you that he seduced my first love, Jill, and gave her a raging case of upipiums?!
Gary: Upipiums? The hell is that?
Bolo: The worst! Makes you leak actual lava out of your peehole.
Gary: Oh... that is horrifying.
Bolo: The cranberry pills only made it worse!

Gary: Oh, I don't know how we're gonna get out of this!
Sheryl: Oh jeez, if only you had the best pilot in the universe. Oh, wait, you do. Sorry I'm late, love. By about, what? 30 years?
Gary: 32 years, but hey, who's counting?
Tribore: You are, obviously.

Season 3


...and Into The Fire (3.01)

Sheryl: Sweetheart? Is the space demon still following us?
Gary: Yes it is!

The Hidden Light (3.02)

Biskit: ... Kevin Van Newton.
KVN: Whoa! Papa Kev? He's the one who created me Gary. He created your best friend. Which is me, KVN. KVN, KVN, KVN...
Gary: Quinn, I've finally found him. The father of Beelzebub. This house... must be cleansed... with FIRE!
Gary: We got to burn it to the ground, Quinn.

Kevin Van Newton: I give to you the Bearded Turkey Wing.
Gary: No, NO! I wanted to name it! I had a name all picked out.
KVN: What was it Gary? Tell me. Tell me. [starts poking Gary] You gonna tell me? Tell me.
Gary: The Dragon Hawk 5. What do you guys think?
Quinn: Let's go with the Galaxy 2.
Gary: Oh, aw, man. Life is a graveyard of dead dream.

The Ventrexian (3.03)

Bolo: The fortress of the Titan Oreskis.
Mooncake: Chookity?
Bolo: Yes! It's time for revenge! This dickbag stole my first love, Jill. And for that, we murder him! Oreskis, show yourself! I know you know the sound of my voice!
Oreskis: [emerges] Bolo. I see your dimensional keys did the trick of freeing you, old friend.
Bolo: "Old friend"?! You left me to rot within that prison for eons!
Oreskis: You betrayed your kind.
Bolo: You've been blinded by Invictus.
Oreskis: No, old friend. My eyes are clear. You just failed to be inspired.
Bolo: You know why I've come.
Oreskis: Is this about Jill?
Bolo: Hell yeah, it's about Jill! Has she mentioned me?
Oreskis: Maybe she has... maybe she hasn't.
Bolo: You die now! And when I'm done, I will kill Invictus.
[Oreskis notices Mooncake hovering near Bolo's shoulder]
Oreskis: You must be the "Mooncake".
Mooncake: Pok!
Oreskis: We've heard so much about you. You're very, very special.
Mooncake: [uneasily] Umm...
Bolo: Enough! Let the fight begin!

[In a flashback to when Avocato first met the Lord Commander]
Lord Commander: Tell me, Avocato - do you have a family?
Avocato: I used to. A boy.
Lord Commander: Is that what you fight for?
Avocato: I fight for Ventrexia.
Lord Commander: Tell me, what is so special about Ventrexia? It sends its people to fight a thousand-year war, for what?!
Avocato: I don't know anymore.
Lord Commander: So then they have you kill for no reason?
Avocato: I kill because I—
Lord Commander: [snarling] You kill because you're good at it.
Avocato: [ashamed] You're right.
Lord Commander: I know I'm right! And now I'm gonna give you the greatest gift anyone has ever given you. I am gonna change you from the butcher you are into a master, by giving you a cause! What if, together, we could create a universe where death could no longer be found?!
Avocato: Does that even exist?
Lord Commander: With your help, it can. I've heard the cries of this galaxy. They yearn for a savior, and with you as my number two, I will finally reveal myself to them! There will be those who resist, which is why I need you. Ventrexians are the fiercest warriors in the galaxy, and you, Avocato, are the fiercest of them all!
Avocato: Where do we begin?
Lord Commander: Give me Ventrexia. I WANT THE BODIES OF THE KING AND QUEEN!

One of Us (3.04)

Tribore and Quatronostro: *shopping in hidden civilization market*
Tribore: (annoyed) Leave it to a market in Final Space to sell a crocheted sweater. Is this peach? Because it better not be fuchsia!
Merchant: We are in great danger, outlander! Our enemies draw closer with each passing moment. Our people live in fear. Help us, please!
Tribore: Shut the hell up. You don't know what danger is, until you've read my customer satisfaction survey.

All the Moments Lost (3.05)

Gary: Avocato, what's the status on those, uh, engines, bro?
Avocato: Working on it!
Gary: Alright. We need it A.S.A.P.P. !
H.U.E: We are T minus 7 from catastrophic impact.
Gary: I already said A.S.A.P.P.P. Alright? How many PP's do ya need?!

Change Is Gonna Come (3.06)


The Chamber of Doubt (3.07)

Bolo: Gary is no hero his father was. He will be the death of everything [a Bolo steps in]: Oh, he doesn't mean that. The stars will fall dark because of you [another Bolo intervenes]: That's rude. He will silence everything and everyone
Gary: the tone of these is beginning to change, quite a bit.
Bolo: What the hell are upipiums? Scuba divers do it underwater! My summer house is a dodecagon. I am not your hypotenuse to triangulate.

Forgiveness (3.08)


Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising (3.09)


[Tribore giving a speech to the people he liberated]

Tribore: Reclaim your dignity! And reclaim your freedom! And as always, remember, you don't have to floss all of your teeth. Just the ones you wanna keep.
Little Cato: [clapping] Strong freakin' finish, Tribore. Strong freakin' finish, man.

Tribore: [talking to the crew] I know I don't always appreciate all of you, as much as I should. But to be fair, you've given me prescious little to work with...
Tribore: Okay, so long.
Gary': That's it? I was kinda hoping that was going to end with a compliment.
Tribore: Look to the Titan's wiener.
Gary: I'm not-
I'm not looking to the Titan's- [gets interupted by Tribore]
Tribore: If it points North, I will be South. If it glitters in the West-
Gary: I'M NOT looking at a glittery Titan's wiener, alright?!

[Gary talking to Quin]

Gary: Where you go, I go. Always. [takes Quin's hands into his]

Until the Sky Falls (3.10)

Quin: Avocato, what excatly are you going to do?
Avocato: What I do best...
Kill things
To death
Really hard.
Gary: The way you said that was awesome. I felt it. I did. I got chills. Look! Goose pimples, okay. But whatever you said made absolutely no sense. Look, we gotta do this together.
Quin: No more leaving people behind. This time, we do things right.
Avocato: War isn't about who's right, it's about who's left.
Gary: That is a tattoo right there!

Quin: My mother used to say, "Salvation can arrive in a blink of an eye."
Gary: Yeah, well it's not working.
[Bolo arrives]

The Dead Speak (3.11)

Lord Commander: [runs Bolo through] Just like that, Bolo falls! I thought you'd give more of a fight.

[Ash has used her powers to remove Invictus from a zombie Gary
Little Cato: [to the zombie Gary] Who are you?
Zombie Gary: [weakly] Gary... Goodspeed.
Little Cato: How did you get here?
Zombie Gary: I closed the breach. And then I found myself drowning... in an ocean of space. [coughs] I died...
Sheryl: And the other Garys?
Zombie Gary: The same! Every timeline flew us into Final Space! [chokes] Every one of us sacrificed their lives.
Gary: Except me...
Zombie Gary: [to Quinn] Quinn... I've... I've been trapped here... for so long. And you never... came for me.
Quinn: [exchanges looks with the others and then sighs] I'm sorry.
Zombie Gary: [struggling to breathe] But... but you're here now. You didn't give up on me.
Quinn: [smiling] And I never will.

The Leaving (3.12)

Biskit: There are two letters that separate impossible from possible.
H.U.E: Please don't say I am.
Biskit: And those two letters spell I am!

The Devil's Den (3.13)

[Seeing Invictus in its prison for the first time]
Gary: Twist. My nipples. Raw!

[As punishment for betraying Invictus, the Lord Commander is encased in a crystal cube just like Bolo's]
[Invictus leaves, and the Lord Commander screams helplessly]

[Invictus, free of its prison, emerges from Final Space]
Gary: My God... What have we done...?


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