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Superjail! is an American adult animated television series that aired on Adult Swim from 2007 to 2014. The majority of Superjail! is set inside the eponymous prison, located in an alternate dimension identified as "5612".

The Warden

  • Hello there, you're in Superjail. I'm The Warden and you're a criminal!
  • [wearing a dead rabbit on his head] I want one of these for each and every inmate.
  • Jared, are these what you call immigrants?
  • Miniature mayhem! Now that's my favorite sandwich!
  • I can help, father! Look, I've built a jail of my own. And I made a little flying man to watch over it. Zooim, zooim, zoom!"


  • I think they're women, sir.
  • If you don't cheer up, I'm gonna have to start calling you Mr. Grumpy Pants


The Warden: Bra-vo, a-bra-vo, hah-bra-vo.
Twin A: Bravo to you.
Twin B: We love the new uniforms.
The Warden: I think you boys need to...step it up, because it's time for the big show.
[full moon starts rising, causing some of the inmates in wolf costumes to turn into werewolves]
Jared: Sir! We have to get out of here!
The Warden: Adios, Twins.
The Twins: ADI-5000.

The Warden: Jared, are these what you call immigrants?
Jared: I think they're women, sir.

The Warden: I can help, father! Look, I've built a jail of my own. And I made a little flying man to watch over it. Zooim, zooim, zoom!"
Warden's Father: Young man, this jail is no place for your childish tomfoolery or pie-in-the-sky, flying rainbow whatsits.

Director: Fellas, fellas, I love the whole twins thing! You two dudes ever, uh, done any acting?
Twins: [in unison] Negatory.

Director: What do you say we go back to my place in the Bronx and we get some, uh, you know, some test shots?
Twins: [in unison] We say "Awesome."
[The twins walk off with the "director" and are shown being loaded into the back of his van]
Director: How do you guys feel about a little, uh...tasteful nudity?
Twins: [just one of them] What? [doors close]

The Warden: Mamma bird to baby bird. Are you ready to leave the nest? Over.
Jared: Sir! Please! I'm begging you!
The Warden: You're doing great, buddy! Look. The second anything goes wrong, just say the safeword and Jailbot will pull you right out of there, okay? Over.
Jared: What's the safe word?
The Warden: "Baby make wee wee." Over.
Jared: "Baby make wee wee" isn't a word, sir.
The Warden: Fine! A safe phrase, okay? Now get into character!
Jared: "Baby make wee wee!" "Baby make wee wee!" "Baby make wee wee!" "Baby make wee wee!"


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