Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

adult animated fantasy TV series

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal is an American adult animated fantasy television series created by animator Genndy Tartakovsky that aired on Adult Swim in 2023. The series is about a young girl, who gets unwittingly infused with magical ability, and discovers that she is part of a group of eternal heroes destined to fight a supernatural evil throughout time.

Season 1


The Awakening

Merlin: You have succeeded, as I knew you would.
Edred: You cold-hearted fool! It almost cost Melinda her life!
Merlin: But it did not. The evil will return, and so must you.
Seng: Yes, I see it.
Merlin: Your souls will protect humanity throughout eternity. This is Copernicus. It will command your souls to return. I have brought him from the future. [turns to see a unicorn on a hill] We have a blessing from the magic realm.

[June Way walks through the cemetery, stumbles upon one of her broken automatons and repairs it]
June Way: What happened?
[The automaton activates a projector on its back and shows her footage of Copernicus attacking them the previous night]
June Way: I should've known it would not be so easy. Gather the others quickly, before anyone comes.
[The automaton complies and walks away as she continues to stroll until she comes upon a large grave of an Indian elephant]
June Way: "Here lies Lulu, beloved pet of the prince, a most humble gift from The Maharaja of India." Perhaps this can work. But it is a risk.

The Awakening, Part 2

[Copernicus responds to Dimitri/Edred]
Dimitri/Edred: What? She doesn't recognize who she is? [to Emma/Melinda] You are Melinda. You are part of a magical order sworn to protect the world from all evil. We fight under the banner of the unicorn. This is Copernicus. His duty is to awaken us. Seng is a celestial monk, one of the few who can traverse the cosmic threads between space and time. But he's just a kid. To manage the cosmic realm is beyond a child's comprehension.

A Fateful Encounter

[Unicorn hear a strong metal clanging outside]
Dimitri/Edred: What is that?
[Alfie/Seng goes towards the windows and closes the drapes of them and the door]
Alfie/Seng: No one look outside!
Dimitri/Edred: What? That sound, it's getting closer. [He goes to the drapes, opens them, sees something that shocks him and closes the drapes; laughing nervously] He is absolutely right. Melinda, you stay here. We will be right back. [grabs Alfie/Seng and heads outside]
Emma/Melinda: What?
[Copernicus gets out through the roof of Darvish's place as Emma/Melinda goes out the door]
Dimitri/Edred: [gets in front of her] Nothing to see.
Emma/Melinda: [shoves him] Stop that! [Dimitri/Edred and Alfie/Seng make hand gestures at her to not look] What are you doing? Why are you acting so weird? [pushes them aside] Enough! [she is shocked and embarrassed to see an army of naked Ancient Greek statue warriors, brought to life by June Way, marching towards them until they stop] Uh… who… are they?
Dimitri/Edred: [taking to his sword] Strike deep, strike true. Strike until you cut right through. [the sword activates as he gets in front of Emma/Melinda again as the sword attempts to cut the statues in the background] So strange! It appears that the glow that breathes life through the statues is the same as the pachyderm from the previous day.
[The sword stops to no avail on the statues, then they war cry and charge towards Unicorn]
Dimitri/Edred: We fight!

What Lies Beneath

Winston: Emma! [rushes to Emma/Melinda, but Dimitri/Edred's sword stops him]
Emma/Melinda: Winston?
Dimitri/Edred: Emma? Who's he? [his sword flies on his back]
Emma/Melinda: My fiancé. I mean, Emma's fiancé.
Dimitri/Edred: Who's Emma?
Emma/Melinda: Me! I mean, I'm Emma! I was Emma.
Dimitri/Edred: No, you're Melinda.
Emma/Melinda: Yes, but she's me now. I mean, this is her body.
Winston: Emma, who— what is this person?
Dimitri/Edred: What?!
Emma/Melinda: [to Winston] How did you get on this ship?
Winston: I've been following you since the hospital.
Emma/Melinda: You shouldn't have done that.
Winston: I have to. You're my beloved.
Dimitri/Edred: Beloved?!
Winston: I will follow you to the end.
Dimitri/Edred: No, you will not! She is Melinda!
Winston: She is Emma Fairfax, my fiancé, my life!
Dimitri/Edred: Not anymore!

The Past Within

Merlin: Melinda, by what madness do you persist to treat this powerful magic as if it were a child's toy?
Young Melinda: I'm sorry, Father. I was trying to get-
Merlin: And who is this?
Young Melinda: This is what I was trying to tell you, Father. She's from later.
Merlin: Later?
Young Melinda: Yes, it seems her friends are in trouble. I was trying to help her. [Merlin stares at Emma with his cosmic eyes] She was about to go through the cross way, and then that sucking thing came out and ruined the whole thing. Do you think you can help her, Father?
Merlin: Hmm. No, my dear, I cannot. For she is not here, but still in the future.
Young Melinda and Emma: What?!
Merlin: A curious paradox.

The Mystery of Secrets

Dimitri/Edred: Melinda, I can help you. Just tell me what's going on.
Emma/Melinda: Help me? Like… on that ship when you let the thing dragged me down below?
Dimitri/Edred: Uh, well, that was different.
Emma/Melinda: Maybe this time you can just throw me out the window!

The Heart of Kings

[Copernicus, Seng and Melinda have been placed in the dungeon by the Northern elves]
Merlin: Melinda? [reveals himself from the shadows]
Emma/Melinda: Father?
Merlin: It is you… and her. That girl! You are so young.
Alfie/Seng: [as he gets up as Copernicus] Merlin?
Merlin: Copernicus? You speak?!
Alfie/Seng: Of course I can speak. Oh, wait, no. [phases out of Copernicus a little] He can't, but I can.
Merlin: Odin's eye! Seng?
Alfie/Seng: The blood to remake will flow for all time.
Merlin: But you are mere children. How can this be? Copernicus, what have you done?!
Emma/Melinda: He can't answer you, he's broken.
Dimitri/Edred: [arrives at their cell] Melinda, are you all right? Merlin?!
Merlin: Edred! You are young, as well?
Alfie/Seng: The blood to remake will flow for all time.
Dimitri/Edred: How have you come to be a prisoner here?
Merlin: I was captured not long after we defeated the evil that first time.
Alfie/Seng: The blood to remake will flow for all time.
Merlin: Your would had just gone to slumber, your shells lifeless, when your brother came. He captured me and I was blamed for your death.
Alfie/Seng: The blood to remake will flow for all time.
Merlin: Fortunately, he had no idea you were all safe inside Copernicus.
Alfie/Seng: The blood to remake will flow for all time.
Merlin: What is he blabbing on about?
Emma/Melinda: We're not really sure.
Dimitri/Edred: I have secured a deal with my brother.
Emma/Melinda: What deal?
Dimitri/Edred: I'm going to retrieve the Heart of the forest and take my place as King.
Merlin: You cannot! You have sworn duty to Unicorn!
Dimitri/Edred: My oath is fulfilled. The evil has been destroyed.
Merlin: Destroyed? Then why are you still here?
Emma/Melinda: Because Copernicus broke before we destroyed the evil. That's why we need him fixed, so we can recall our spirits.
Merlin: But that is not how it works.
Dimitri/Edred: We're wasting time! I will return with the Heart soon and then set you free from all this.
Emma/Melinda: But then you'll have to stay here.
Dimitri/Edred: I… There is no other way. [leaves; whispers] She cares.
Merlin: Copernicus is broken?
Alfie/Seng: [imitates Copernicus; whistles] Toot, toot, twee.

Darkness Before the Dawn

Winston: Emma.
Dimitri/Edred: Melinda.
Winston: Emma, my love! I knew I'd find you.
Emma/Melinda: What's going on? What's happened to you?
Winston: Darling, it was dreadful. I was attacked after he sent me adrift.
Dimitri/Edred: Me?! She sent you adrift!
Winston: Well, there was, lost at sea, alone. Only my wits to keep me alive, then this-this strange boat appeared. I-I-I tried to flag it down, and then there was this hideous, bloodthirsty creature aboard, and it bit me. Now every time the moon is full, it happens. I lose control and I become just like that savage creature! [sees Copernicus' metal diaper on him] Oh! Hello, what is th— What's this?
Dimitri/Edred: You were naked, so Copernicus made you a diaper.
Winston: [taps the metal diaper twice] Sturdy.

A Love's Last Light

Adult Alfie/Seng: What?
Dimitri/Edred: How can you be this old?
Adult Alfie/Seng: It's been twenty years that we've been waiting for you. Fighting from the very moment that it found entry here through me. The Rakshasa saved me, and we have been trying to stop ever since, with no success.
Emma/Melinda: Twenty years?!
Winston: But you were just a tiny chap. It hasn't been but fifteen minutes, of that!
Adult Alfie/Seng: Time can have many different meanings here. For some, one minute could be a lifetime
Dimitri/Edred: What happened to the evil?
Adult Alfie/Seng: It is all around us.
Rakshasa: The evil has been devouring everything in it's path, and now it controls all: the beings, the terrain, and soon the very notion of time and space.
Merlin: No!
Rakshasa: Then all that was, and all that will be shall never be again.
Merlin: The complete end of everything.

The End of the Beginning

Emma: No, no! Why am I back here?! [shouts] Seng? Copernicus? Edred? CAN YOU HEAR ME?!
Lord Edward: Darling, why not sit for a moment.
Emma: They'll be coming for me, Father. They need me! I must help them!
Lady Katherine: Emma, please, you're in a dreadful state. I'm going to ring for some tea. [holds a small hand bell with her hand and rings it lightly]
Emma: I don't need tea! I need to go back! Don't you understand? Everything is at risk?
Lord Edward: We don't understand! Go back where?
Emma: To the cosmic realm! [pause/her mother and father are afraid and shocked] See [sighs] somehow, I was split apart from Melinda. Well, her spirit. And, whatever happened sent me, whoosh, here through this tunnel thing... but they're all still there facing it. Who knows what's happening right now! Oh, they need me... what do I do? How do I get back?! The evil is going to destroy everything! [walk going to the door] I'll just have to find my own way.
Lord Edward: Oh no, no, no, no, no! [he stopped Emma] You are not leaving this house!
Emma: Father, I must. Please! The fate of the world is at stake!
Lord Edward: [feels angry] Emma Fairfax, [grab Emma's hand and straight upstairs] stop this nonsense at once! You are nay going anywhere. You have to forget everything that's happened since that terrible robot took you away. It's all in the past now... your future is here, now. [opens the door and enters the bathroom] It's time for a fresh start. [turn on the water in the bathtub] One where you're bright and happy as can be.
Emma: But-
Lord Edward: Ah-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta! You'll see! [he closed the door and sighs deeply]


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