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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season Samurai Jack.

Jack vs. the Ninja [4.1] edit

Jack: Shinobi. Warrior of the night. Trained to use the darkness of the shadow. I know your arts as well. But I have been trained to use the light.

Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo-Bot [4.2] edit

Max: He... is... the one.

Samurai vs. Samurai [4.3] edit

Da Samurai: [pulls out his sword] And this here is my mama. Don't you talkin' bad about my momma. Or she'll give you a whoopin' aint that right, Mama? Mmm-hm, mmm-hm, that's right, baby. Cause... I... am... Da Samurai!

Da Samurai: Ain't's no bout about that. Don't call me bad, call me badder. I'm da Samurai dude who invented groove.

Da Samurai: Didn't you hear who I am?
Jack: I believe everyone heard who you are.

Jack: He who runs with aggression walks without dignity.
Da Samurai: Now I see your tactics - you gonna to bore me to death.

Jack: He who wears a mask cannot see what lies within himself.

Jack: You have not yet earned the right to face my blade.

Jack: [he has Da Samurai pinned down with a bamboo stick] You can never defeat another if you know not how to defeat yourself.

Da Samurai: [about Jack, while getting his bamboo stick] I'll teach you to play me the fool.

The Aku Infection [4.4] edit

Master Ning: You have been infected by pure evil which can only be purged by the light of good. The good within you.

Master Ning: Aku's very essence is creeping through your veins, possessing your body, poisoning your mind. It means to devour your spirit.
Jack: Please... help me... I beg you...

Jack: I feel... I feel...[Jack lifts up his cloak to reveal he is starting to look and sound more like Aku] ...STRONGER!

The Princess and the Bounty Hunters [4.5] edit

Princess Mira: [after hearing I and Am's plan to capture Jack] You're on the right track, but the two of you could never defeat Jack. Jack is cunning and hard to restrain. By leaving him a sword he stays in the game.

Princess Mira: I have more power and skill than all of you.
Gentleman: It seems her tongue bites as hard as her stick.
Princess Mira: But even I cannot defeat the samurai on my own.
Gentleman: What's that?
Princess Mira: The only way to defeat him is to join forces and attack him together, all at once.
I: A wise and powerful plan this would be...
Am: ...But who is the one to claim the bounty?
Princess Mira: I am.
[the others object]

Princess Mira: Have you always been this stupid?
Boris: Yes! [pause] What? Uh, huh?

The Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 1 [4.6] edit

The Scotsman: I see ye changed your wardrobe. Got tired o' wearin' your granny's jammies, did ya?

The Scotsman: I got a bad feelin' about this.

Scotsman: Yer the defender of truth, freedom, and talking dogs!

Scotsman: Yer the greatest warrior that has ever lived, besides me! Ya don't just go up and get all soft and mushy on me!

Scotsman: Fishmen... I don't like fishmen!

The Scotsman: Is she a fast ship?
Captain: She's fast enough for you, Scotsman. Where ya headed?
The Scotsman: The Great Unknown.
Sailors: Ooooooooooh...
Captain: Arr, that's the real trick, isn't it? And it's gonna cost ya. Ten thousand, in advance.
Samurai Jack/Brent Worthington: Like ten thousand? Dude, we could like almost buy our own ship for that. Dude, I know this guy...
Captain: Yeah... but who's gonna sail it, kid? You?
Jack/Brent Worthington: Well, like, yeah, I could. I worked on a boat before.

Scotsman: Heckbucket Seaport. Ye will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy . . . and the crabcakes aren't bad either!

The Scotsman Saves Jack, Part 2 [4.7] edit

Scotsman: Yer all tone-deaf! A banshee can carry a tune at least! The sound of breakin' glass has more rhythm! I've heard pigs squeal better'n you!

Jack: [after regaining his memory back, he has a look of determination] I remember now.

Jack: I am forever in your debt.
Scotsman: Ah, don't mention it. So how've you been?
Jack: [slips back into Brent's voice] Like, totally cool.
Scotsman: What?
[they both laugh it up]

Jack: A test of strength perhaps?
Scotsman: Oh, no, I remember last time. You cheated.
Jack: I do not cheat.
Scotsman: Perhaps not, but ya sure don't play by the rules!

Scotsman: That's it! She-devils must pay!

Scotsman: : Sounds like someone's stepping on a cat. Sounds like someone's stepping a lot of cats.

Jack: My friend, you have done so much already. Allow me to honor your deeds. I shall row.
The Scotsman: Nice try, I'm drivin'.

Jack: Jump good.
Scotsman: Yeah, yeah.

[upon noticing a giant skull-shaped island]
Scotsman: Well now, ya don't see that every day.

Scotsman: Yeah, keep walking, zombie boy.

Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess [4.8] edit

Verbina: Aren't you a little short for a demonic minion?
Jack: Hm? Oh, the uniform. [rips off his disguise] I am called Jack and I am here to rescue you.

Aku: Yes, chamberlain, what pitiable persons have you brought before my all-enshrouding Aku-ishness?

Verbina: You don't know how to fly this thing, do you?
Jack: Uhh....I like to walk.

Astor: I have a bad feeling about this.

Chitron 6: [Aku is rubbing his thumb and index finger together as if playing a tiny violin] You can't do that! These are royal heirs to the throne of Chrystalis. You can't just-

[Aku uses crushes Chitron 6 under his thumb]

Verbina: Chitron!
Aku: Oh, I certainly can! I am Aku! This world is Aku and everything in it is Aku!

Verbina: We really did it! Oh, thank you, Jack. Thank you!

Astor: Yes, Jack. Thank you.
Verbina: You risked your life to help us, but yet, we are strangers. How can we possibly show our gratitude?
Jack: Save your home.
Verbina: [her brother and her are shocked] What?
Jack: We're not such strangers as you may think. Our stories are very much similar and alike. For you see...I, too, was a prince. Given charge to save my land. But I...I could not let your story end like mine. [grips hand into a fist, shaking with anger] With Aku!

[Verbina puts her hands on Jack's hand to calm him down. She smiles as he smiles at her]

Verbina: Your story's not over yet.
Jack: [giving his best regards to them] Go to your people. There is not much time to lose.
Astor/Verbina: [bowing in respect] Yes, Your Majesty.
Astor: [he flies into the ship] Wing well, Jack!
Verbina: [she does the same] We won't forget you!

[as they fly off, they wave goodbye to Jack and he waves back to them]

Jack vs. Aku [4.9] edit

Jack: Aku!
Aku: [dryly] Yes, it is I, Samurai Jack. [rolls his eyes] How incredibly observant you are.
[With a loud yell, Jack rushes forward with his sword ready]
Aku: Oh, put that thing away, Samurai. We all know what's gonna happen. You'll swing your sword, I'll fly away, and probably say something like "I'LL BE BACK, SAMURAI!" And then I'll flutter over the horizon, and we probably won't see each other for about a week. And then we'll do the same thing all over again.
Jack: Your wordplay will not trick me, villain! [he goes to attack Aku]
Aku: No, wait! [Aku transforms into a demonic looking bird and flutters away over the horizon] I'LL BE BACK AGAIN, SAMURAI! YOU'LL SEE! [laughs evilly, then reappears in front of Jack] See what I mean?

Aku: [gets out a phone and dials phone number, laughing] Yes, I can hold... Yes... I would like to place an order for delivery... Aku... I think I'm in the computer... Yes, that's it! I'd like a large- What? Huh?... Extra thick!... 30 minutes or it's free - EXCELLENT! [laughs maniacally, but stops when he hears the other end hang up]

Jack: That pillar did not move by itself, Aku!
Aku: [shiftily] YES, IT DID!

Jack: One, no superhuman powers. Two, no evil minions to assist you. And three, no shapeshifting. You come in human form.
Aku: Hey, that was four things!
Jack: The last one was a two-parter.

Aku: Say goodbye to your little toy, Jack! [starts bending his sword] Once and for... [the sword turns to dust] ...huh? A fake!?
Jack: That's right, Aku! You see, I'm smart, and you are pure evil...and I knew you would cheat. So I had a fake sword made and hid it under that rock over there! [it shows the rock, with a confused minion next to it] Then I hid the real sword right down... [notices the sword is gone, then looks up to find another minion holding it]
Aku: You see, Jack, I knew that you knew I would cheat, so I came prepared. And now you will learn what it means to be a fool!
Jack: I am afraid that you are the fool, Aku!
Aku: Why?
Jack: Because I knew that you knew that I knew that you knew that I knew you would cheat! [Aku looks on with confusion/shock] So I hid fake swords all over this place! [grins slyly]

[Jack reads a note from Aku]
Note from Aku: Dear Jack – Look Behind You. Love, Aku.

Aku: Coulda – shoulda – woulda. It's all part of life's sweet sorrow.

Aku: You're so lucky, Samurai. Most of us have to live with our mistakes, but you'll get to DIE by yours!

Aku: I'll be back, Samurai! [laughs evilly]
Jack: And I will be waiting, Aku. For no matter how long it may take, I will stop you.

The Four Seasons of Death [4.10] edit

Spring: What is your quest, young servant? What brings you through such bitter lands?
Jack: My destiny... But it continues to be elusive. And so I journey on.

Spring: Is it not true…that even the gods…must rest…from time…to time?
Jack: It is true.
Spring: And you... are not... a god.
Jack: No.
Spring: Then why deny yourself? It serves no purpose.

Spring: I see…you. I see…inside…of you. A gentle soul. A…compassionate heart. A warrior's spirit. In selfless service. It is in your nature to sacrifice all…for what is right. Forever giving, you…are a hero.

Tale of X-49 [4.11] edit

X-49/X-9: Seems like Aku got himself a little problem... a problem that won't go away... a samurai problem. I wanted nothing to do with it but that funny scientist informed Aku of my emotions. They got Lulu... sweet thing. I have no choice. Damn feelings. I came out of retirement.

X-49/X-9: Lulu... Sweet thing... I miss her. I hate the rain. It makes me all... sentimental.

X-49/X-9: [after been defeated by Jack, about his dog] Lulu. Take care of Lulu... [pause] Sweet thing.

Young Jack in Africa [4.12] edit

African Chief: Your father, the Emperor, shortly after you were born, gathered together the chiefs of all the great tribes of the world. We devised a plan. A plan that would prepare you for the ultimate battle against the ultimate evil. Aku must be destroyed and only you can wield your father's magic sword. Together you are the one instrument that can stop this evil.

Jack and the Baby [4.13] edit

Baby: Momotaro!

Mom: Thank you, kind sir, for returning our baby to us! [sees the baby is now quiet and stern] My baby... what happened to him?
Jack: I am afraid your son has seen many things on our travels. And he has now achieved Sakai. The spirit of the samurai.

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