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The following is a list of dialogues from the 5th and final season Samurai Jack. This season was aired on the Toonami programming block of Adult Swim.

XCII [5.1] edit

High Priestess: 7 daughters to do your biding, Master. They shall succeed where so many others have failed and we will have favor in your glory.

[Jack suffers a hallucination of his father the emperor in flames]

High Priestess: Any mistake is certain death and death is our failure.

The High Priestess: [Catch Ashi taking a peek outside] Bask in the glory of what our master has created. Admire its beauty, but know that the samurai is out there leaving a wake of devastation wherever he goes. That's why my sweet Ashi The Daughters of Aku must stay focused. Never relent, always attack. [Throw Ashi towards a giant priestess] Teach this one a lesson!

High Priestess: Are you weak? Are you weak? ARE YOU WEAK! [Ashi gets up and continues] Good. Aku's fire stirs inside all of you.

High Priestess: [After her daughters have completed their training] Your training is complete. Go! Kill! You are 7, but now you wear the face of 1. 1 purpose for which you were born: To kill the Samurai!

Scaramouch: [upon meeting Jack for the first time] Samurai Jack! Man, it is good to see you, babe! What took you so long? I decimated this village days ago. Just for you! Wait, this is you, right? I mean, who could recognize you with all that gear and ruggedness, baby? I'll tell you who. Me! [scats and in sing song voice] Scaramouch the Merciless! [normal voice] The Pied Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All, baby! Also known as...Aku's most favorite assassin, babe. [Jack scowls a bit] Oh, there it is, babe. The world famous scowl. Well, come on, Sammy baby, whip it out! You know what I'm talking about. That cra-a-azy sword. Let's get slicin' and dicin', swingin' and bashin', hackin' and slashin', babe! [notices something off] Wait, back off a sec there, beardsly. [points down to Jack's waist] your sword? Huh? I don't see it. Oh? [chuckles some] No, no, no, no, NO, babe! Don't tell me. You lost...your sword? [Jack flashes back to the moment he lost his sword when he accidentally dropped it in a green abyss]
Scaramouch: [snorting laughter] Okay, Jacky baby, you just make with the scowl while I make with the phone and call up Aku. [he gets out his phone and makes beep sounds while dialing for Aku]
Aku: [picks up the phone] Who is this?!
Scaramouch: Aku, baby! How's it hangin', boss? Guess what I jus-
[Scaramouch gets attacked by Samurai Jack and their fight begins]
Aku: What??? HELLO!

XCIII [5.2] edit

[Aku wakes up and does some stretches]
Host: Master, new arrivals have come to offer tribute!
[Aku rises to see a group of mud aliens]
Mud Alien: O, Great Shogun of Sorrow, Master of All Masters, you have allowed us to inhabit this world, and for that, we are forever grateful.
[as the Mud Alien continues, Aku notices him dripping mud on the floor, making him frustrated]
Mud Alien: [as another mud alien pushes a mud statue of Aku's likeness] We offer you a special tribute.
Aku: STOP! L-Look at what you are doing! You're getting yourselves all over the floor!
Mud Alien: Uh...
Aku: I just had it vacuumed! Out! OUT! GET OUT!
[as the mud aliens flee, a group of mad scientists appear]
Mad Scientist: Master... Master, we've done it. May I introduce... the most epic version of the beetle drone yet! [hologram shows a humongous beetle drone]
Aku: And I care because?
Mad Scientist: B-Because the samurai. You've wanted to kill him since forever. He's the bane of your existence.
Aku: Oh! That was the old Aku! This is the new Aku! And he really doesn't care about the pathetic samurai who wanders around like a mad fool. [laughs] It's hilarious. Really! Look, I tell you what. You want to destroy him? Go ahead. Who cares? I certainly don't. Not one bit at all.
[Aku is lying down on a chair talking to a psychiatrist version of himself]
Dr. Aku: So, tell me what's been bothering you.
Aku: Well, you see, Doc, it's been over 50 years already.
Dr. Aku: It's been that long?
Aku: Yes. You see, that's the actual problem. Once I eradicated all the time portals, I thought I would just wait it out, and then the Samura—
Dr. Aku: We don't say his name here. It is a safe place.
Aku: Yes, yes... sorry, Doctor​. Well, I-I just assumed that eventually over time, he would just—
[Aku slumps down on the chair]
Aku: But he hasn't even aged. I mean, like, at all. He just grew that stupid beard. It looks like he'll be here forever! I...I just don't know if I can handle that.
[his eyebrows and beard are put out]
Dr. Aku: Yes, it seems that the initial time travel has affected the aging process. It's quite the conundrum.
Aku: Yes... Uh, what is that again?
Dr. Aku: Just a confusing or difficult problem.
Aku: Yes. Problem. I wish there was someone who can dispose of my problem.
Aku and Dr. Aku: Yes. One can hope.

[after escaping from the Daughters of Aku, Jack hides and is confronted by a blue apparition of himself]
Inner Jack: It's time to end it, don't you think?
Jack: Never. They are just machines. I'll find a way. I always have.
Inner Jack: When you had the sword, but now it's gone! There's no hope!
Jack: I've been doing fine without it.
Inner Jack: Well, listen to you. And what are you going to do when Aku finds you and realizes you have no sword?
Jack: Aku doesn't know, and he hasn't shown himself in years. He keeps thinking that one of his machines can defeat me.
Inner Jack: Maybe he's right. You haven't faced anything so powerful! How much longer can you keep this up?!
Jack: It always seems bad at first, but then I find a way. They're just nuts and bolts... Just nuts and bolts.
Inner Jack: Who cares anymore!? There's no way home! There's nothing to fight for! There's no more honor! Come to think of it, the only honorable thing to do is...
Jack: Quiet.
Jack: What do you want from me?
Inner Jack: I want it to end. Aren't you tired? Wouldn't it be great to be free of all of this? Our ancestors are waiting for us. They want you to join them.
[Jack sees through the crack; he sees the silhouette of the Omen in the green mist and a temple behind them]
Jack: There.
Inner Jack: You'll never make it! They'll get you!
Jack: I'll make it.

XCIV [5.3] edit

Emperor: The decisions you make and the actions that follow are a reflection of who you are. You cannot hide from yourself.

[Jack is freezing and sweating in the cold night]
Inner Jack: Look at you.
[Jack sees his blue self with a monstrous-looking face and pointed teeth; he points at Jack's face]
Inner Jack: You survived worse. [Jack groans] This isn't about your pathetic little cut. It's about that girl you killed! [Jack keeps groaning] We've never killed a human before, have we? Sure, mountains of robot corpses. But this? This was the first human being. Real flesh and blood. [zips to the hole] What happens when the others find you? You'll have to kill them, too. Can you? [zips back to Jack] Will you be able to when the time comes? Maybe they will kill you... Or is that what you want?
Jack: [groans] No...

[the Daughters of Aku suddenly hear Jack's voice in the snowy forest]
Jack: You have chosen this path. Life works in strange and mysterious ways. Your choices have clearly led you here, as have mine. I will give you a new choice: Leave here now and live... or stay and face your destiny.
Unnamed Daughter: Our destiny is your death!
Jack: So... I guess you're staying. Perhaps I was unclear.
Unnamed Daughter: Enough words! Show yourself, Samurai, so you can die!
Jack: Very well. The decisions you make and the actions that follow are a reflection—
Unnamed Daughter: Shut up!
Jack: ...Of who you truly are.

[Jack is holding Ashi on her chain to a white abyss]
Ashi: You worthless scum! I will kill you! You can never escape from Aku! You will die! You will die a horrible death! And Aku will sing, for he is free of the parasite that you are! Die, Samurai! DIE, SAMURAI! DIE, DIE, DIE! DIE, SCUM! YOU WILL DIIIIE!

XCV [5.4] edit

[Jack walks to Ashi being tangled in her own weapon's chain, swinging back and forth]
Ashi: Die! Die! Why won't you die?! Scum, Aku will be triumphant! I will undo the evil that is you, Samurai! I will kill you as long as I have breath in my body! I will strike you down! Long live the glory of Aku!
Jack: ...You are very troubled, and very confused. Aku is the evil one, not me. I have known of machines that are programmed with such hate and lies, but never a human.
Ashi: Deceiver! Worm! Scum!
Jack: Now you're just repeating yourself.
[Ashi starts growling angrily]
[Jack sits down on the snowy ground, thinks for a bit]
Jack: [to himself] I wonder if it is possible for her to believe that Aku is evil and not me.
Ashi: Lecherous snake!
Jack: Mm, perhaps not.

[Jack walks through the insides of the giant monster carrying Ashi on his back]
Ashi: By Aku's will, you will die in here! There is no hope for you, foolish samurai! Aku is the Master of Masters and will end you! No matter what you have planned for me, I will never buckle, never waver! Your death is certain! Aku desires it! Aku has made a world of wonders and you have soiled it! Aku is the father of all fathers! His greatness cannot be measured! You are a parasite, Samurai, feeding off Aku's generosity! Aku, my master, this fool knows not of your greatness, your kindness, your understanding!
Jack: ENOUGH! Every thing, every word, every thought that you know is wrong! Aku - Aku is the one who has laid waste to the beauty of this world! He has destroyed Mother Nature! Where do you think we are?! Aku has summoned these monstrosities into our world and they feed off of his carnage!
Ashi: LIAR!
Jack: Believe what you may. But if you open your eyes and let go of the hate, you will see the truth.
Ashi: ...Die.

Puffball: Jack! What are we doing, Jack?
Jack: Waiting.
Puffball: Waiting for what? You know the way out. Let's just go.
Jack: No...she's another innocent.
Puffball: Innocent? Are you mad? She is pure evil.
Jack: She has lost her way.
Puffball: [giggles] You'd know about that, wouldn't you?
Jack: I don't want to talk to you anymore.
[Jack blows Puffball away]
Inner Jack: Well, then, maybe you'll talk to ME.
Jack: Leave me alone. I don't want to talk to you either! I don't know why you keep bringing this up!
[Behind Jack's back, a crab-like beast grabs Ashi]
Inner Jack: Look, why do you always need to get involved?! She chose her way and now *she* has to suffer the consequences!
Jack: You'll never understand that it's all my fault! She is here because of me.
Inner Jack: [suddenly smirks] She's gone.
Jack: [shocked] What? [Jack runs to the location of where Ashi was and looks up to see the crab monster, taking Ashi along with it]
Inner Jack: Okay, so that's that. Now let's get out of here!
Jack: No! [he pulls from the ground a clubbing stick]
Inner Jack: [groans or sighs] You're gonna save her life again, aren't you?
Jack: Yes.
[Jack climbs up to save Ashi from the crab monster. He succeeds in killing it as it falls to the ground with its skull busted open and Ashi is now strapped onto Jack's back]
Jack: [to Ashi] You're welcome, by the way.
Ashi: I'd be happier as that creature's excrement than ever be grateful to you!
Puffball: [to Jack] What did you expect? A hug and kiss?

Jack: [easily overpowering Ashi] Stop! Enough!
Ashi: [falls to the ground] No, I will never stop!
Jack: Yes, yes, I know. 'Till your dying breath.

Jack: [Jack is wearing arm and ankle gauntlets and a chest plate that has purple or blue fur on the back of the plate] I like the back fur!
Ashi: You look hideous.
Jack: From you, "hideous" is quite acceptable. Thank you.

Jack: Seems simple enough. Use the flying creatures to escape, and not fall into the pool of acid. Right.

Ashi: My lord and master, Aku, may it please you for all eternity. The samurai is dead.
Jack: Umm, I'm right here.

[Jack and Ashi are covered in red needles]
Jack: Well... uh, I guess we should... get this over with.
[Jack begins pulling the needles off himself and Ashi one by one; as he does this, Ashi gives Jack an angry glare]
Jack: You know, many people pay money for this. It's called... acupuncture.
[Ashi continues glaring at Jack; clearly, she is not amused]
Jack: Never mind.

[Ashi remembers how a ladybug had caught her attention, once before, as a child]
High Priestess: Ashi. [the ladybug flies to the tip of High Priestess's finger] These frivolous distractions are poisonous for your mission. They are not part of Aku's order. [she kills the ladybug by squishing it]
Echo of the High Priestess: Not part of Aku's order.

XCVI [5.5] edit

[inside of his lair, Aku sits angrily at his throne as an army raid is attacking from the outside]
Aku: Can somebody please...STOP ALL THAT NOISE?!
Host: I am sorry, sire, but it seems as though we're under attack!
Aku: [surprised a little] Under attack? Hmm... [as Aku thinks, he straightens his red goatee]
[Aku then reaches out for one of his spiked blocks and pulls it aside to reveal this zipper, he zips down the zipline down to reveal the Scotsman's army attacking and trying to destroy his lair]
Aku: Hmm... Perhaps annihilating this scum will break me out of my...malaise.
[Aku then proceeds to leave his lair, Aku style]

[after Aku decimates the Scotsman's army]
Scotsman: Ya know what? This was a bad idea! Time to go, girls!
Flora: But, Dad-
Scotsman: No arguin'! Go! [his daughters hesitate, but begin running] I'll stall him while you escape.
[Aku finishes destroying the army, and groans in annoyance, before noticing the Scotsman's daughters on the run]
Aku: Eh, better to make it a complete annihilation!
Scotsman: Hold it! Yer not goin' anywhere, ya big buffoon!
Aku: I'm sorry, old man. I think you are lost.
The Scotsman: I ain't lost, ye tree ogre! I might be old, but I've lived long enough to see the world rise up against your tyranny! Admit it, ya big oaf! Yer scared! The Samurai is still out there inspiring people by the thousands! After all these years, yer powerless against him! Ya been shiverin' like a wee baby hiding in your crib, afraid to show yourself 'cause ya know he's out there! And ye can't do anything about it! AH-HA-HA-HA! Yer just a big baby! Why don't ya go cry to your mama?!
[Annoyed, Aku's red laser eye-beams incinerate the Scotsman to dust, as his horrified daughters watch from a distance]
Flora: No... Dad!
Aku: [smiles, but then scowls] Now why did he have to bring up the Samurai? Ugh!
[he then retreats back to his tower]

[Scotsman's seventeen orange-haired daughters approach their father's ashes, and stick his broken Celtic sword in the ground]
Flora: We will avenge you, Father! [crying] And we will never forget you!
[the ghost/spirit of the Scotsman suddenly arises from the ashes]
The Scotsman's Spirit: Ha ha ha! I be back! And in me prime no less!
Flora: [overjoyed] Dad? You live!
Scotsman's Ghost: Ha! Eh...well, kinda.
Scotsman's Spirit: Oh, me darlin' Heather Blossoms! Celtic magic!
[The mystical runes on the hilt of the Scotsman's sword glow blue-white]
Flora: What's next, Father?
Scotsman's Ghost: We'll regroup, and plan to fight another day. We'll amass a bigger army. We'll find Jack and finally defeat that big baby Aku!

[The masked face of Ashi's mother appears on the full moon]
The High Priestess: Ashi! What are you doing?! The Samurai sleeps. Kill him in his slumber before he wakes.
Ashi: No! I have questions, Mother. The Samurai, he saved my life. He...
The High Priestess: How dare you! You know he is deceitful. He will do everything in his power to defy the Master! You were always the weak one! Distracted, unfocused! May Aku punish you for your sins!
Ashi: I just want to know the truth.
The High Priestess: You have failed us.
[her facial image on the moon disappears, leaving Ashi's surroundings in broad daylight]

Jack: What do you want?
Ashi: The truth.
Jack: I have already told you the truth.
Ashi: Show me!
Jack: No.
Ashi: No?! What do you mean no!? You tell me that everything I know is wrong, but refuse to prove any of it! You're afraid! Afraid that I will see you as a liar!
Jack: You are too blinded by Aku's hate. You won't change.
Ashi: What do you know of me? Everything I have endured until this moment!? You know nothing, Samurai. You are just a lowly, soulless pig!
Jack: Very well. I will show you. Sit please.
[Ashi sits across from him at the campsite's fire. Nothing happens]
Ashi: Well!? When do we start!?
Jack: In the morning. Have patience.
[Ashi growls in frustration and retreats to higher ground]

[After seeing places that show countless evidence of Aku's devastation and ruin]
Ashi: Enough! I have seen enough!
Jack: Now do you believe?
Ashi: Yes. What can we do?
Jack: Nothing.
Ashi: [incredulous] WHAT?! Nothing?! What do you mean by nothing?! We have to do something!
Jack: I have fought Aku for ages. I've seen countless innocents die. I have lived this nightmare for what seems like an eternity. There is no way to defeat him. There is no hope...and no way out.

[The blue alien children start to go berserk and attack]
Ashi: Something has to be controlling them. That sound!
Jack: Go! Destroy the source!

Dominator: [walks up to a restrained Ashi] Well, well, well... What do we have here? A little samurai sympathizer. [he squeezes her cheeks together] And quite the pretty one. [he chuckles sadistically]

Omen: [appearing before Jack] It is time.
Jack: Yes.
[Jack leaves with the mysterious green rider]

[Ashi is relieved when the blue alien children prove to alright by regaining their consciousness and freed from the mind control]
Ashi: We did it! Samurai, we saved them! [Ashi becomes concerned that Jack is nowhere to be seen] Samurai? Samurai? SAMURAI JAAAAAACK!

XCVII [5.6] edit

1st Woolie: Are you sure she was the one? Aku's bounty hunter?
[The two Woolies attempt to crush Ashi between them, but she escapes unharmed]
2nd Woolie: We will not let you hurt the Samurai!
Ashi: [surprised] Hurt? I don't... [and then speaks calmly] Look, I'm not trying to hurt him. I'm trying to find him. I think he's in trouble.
2nd Woolie: You are...his friend?
Ashi: [conflicted with her feelings] I...don't know.
1st Woolie: We are his friends! It was long ago that we were slaves. And then Jack came. He risked his life to save ours.
Air Blimp Conductor: Miss, the bearded fella you inquired about, he got off here.
Ashi: Thank you for sharing your story.
Air Blimp Conductor: [gasps] You're supposed to get off when you land!

The Archer: If you're one of Aku's minions, we suggest you run. If you are another, then reveal yourself.
Ashi: I seek the samurai.
[The Archers knew that Ashi would attack Samurai Jack]
Ashi: No, I seek to help him. He might be in danger.
The Archer: [happily accepts her truth] A friend of Samurai Jack is a friend of ours. Come.
[The Archers then escorts Ashi back to their village]
The Archer: Welcome to our home. None of this would exist if it wasn't for him.
[The Archers show Ashi a statue of Samurai Jack in his honor]
The Archer: We were cursed, bound to guard a magical portal. The samurai was able to defeat us, but instead of using it to fulfill his quest...he freed us. An act of unmeasurable sacrifice.
[After hearing their story of Jack's heroism, he then reveals the reason that they been cursed]
The Archer: Later, we learned the curse was of Aku's doing.
Ashi: Have you seen him? Has he passed through here?
The Archer: No. Since that day, we have not seen him, but we now stand against Aku. If he is ever in need, we will be there.
Ashi: Thank you. I have to go.

Scaramouch: [reading a sign] "Aku's Current Top Assassins: 1. Deathblow 2. Da-Bomb! 3. Scaramouch"?! Oh baby, I have come down in the world. Well, how do you like that? One day you're the star of the show, the next you're the third act of a two-act play.

Ashi: Has anyone seen the Samurai?
Olivia: What do you want with the Samurai?
Ashi: I...I think he might be in danger. He needs my help.
Olivia: [she takes off her headset or headphones and holds up her hands to form an "S". The Ravers do the same with their hands] Samurai...DROP! [sings] We will never forget you 'till the day we die! Samurai...Samurai. [lights begin to glow around the arena and the Ravers give a light show as Olivia continues her beautiful song] Aku enslaved the Children with his beats from Hell! But then, he came and fought the evil away! It was the Samurai! The Samurai! [everyone starts to do Jack's dance, even Ashi] We will never forget you 'till the day we die! Samurai! The Samurai! Samurai!
[as the song ends and a spotlight is casted on Ashi, Ashi stops dancing and looks at the Ravers as they all smile at her kindly]
Ashi: [bows or nods in respect] Thank you. [she turns to walk away into the spotlight to continue her search for Jack] I will find him. I MUST find him.

[Scaramouch's head boards a ship with a body]
Scaramouch: Whoo hoo! Numero Uno, here I come!
[a voice inside Scaramouch's head clears his throat, takes Scaramouch off his tiny phallic head]
Tiny Head Man: That's 50 credits, bud.
Scaramouch: Trust me, babe, I'm good for it.
Tiny Head Man: Yeah? [puts him down] Well, the last guy I trusted did this to me! [walks off]
Scaramouch: Oh, it's all good, baboo. Aku will give me anything once he hears the news.
[starts humming/scatting for a beat]
Scaramouch: Whoa! What a freak. Looked like a talking penis.

[Ashi walks into Da Samurai's bar, and all thugs stare at her]
Da Samurai: Hey, ma'am, close the damn door! You're lettin' all the heat out!
[Ashi is surprised and hesitant, but then walks into the bar and closes the door behind her; she starts to walk up to Da Samurai]
Da Samurai: What you want here, leaf girl?!
Ashi: [whispering] I'm looking for Samurai Jack.
Da Samurai: Huh? What you say?
Ashi: I'm looking for Samurai Jack.
Da Samurai: What's that? Damn it, girl, speak up!
Ashi: [shouting loudly] I'M LOOKING FOR SAMURAI JACK!
[all the thugs swarm around Ashi]
Da Samurai: You're looking for the Samurai?!
[he and all the thugs laugh]
Armor-Plated Warrior: Little girl, Samurai Jack is the toughest S.O.B. out there. The last time we fought he did [removes his helmet to reveal a spaghetti-wired head with googly eyes and gnarled teeth mouth and speaks in a light voice] this to me!
Viking Robot: [covered in band aids] Ha! That's nothing! Check me out! These things are literally holding me together! [one of the Warriors or Bounty Hunters remove one of his band aids, causing his left arm to fall off] Dude, really?
Maui-like Warrior: [yelling loudly] I USED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM, BUT NOW I GO IN A BAG!
Popeye-like Robot: He busted me eye!
[Ashi stares in surprise, but turns to Da Samurai as he speaks up]
Da Samurai: Man, these robotic cats got nothin' on me! 'Cause back in the the day, I was a bad-ass sa-mu-rai! I was Da Samurai! I was ALL about that slicin' and dicin'!
[it shows a montage of Da Samurai when he was younger]
Da Samurai: Talkin' 'bout the Funk-A-Chop! The Whack-A-Hack! And of course the world famous...Turkey Carve! [it shows a montage of younger Da Samurai doing his "famous" moves. After all that, as it shows an image of Jack, Da Samurai now speaks heartwarmingly] But Samurai Jack enlightened me to the true meanings of being a samurai. Shortly after, I gave up my blade and top knot and became the bartender here at the place where we first met.
Armor-Plated Warrior: Um... that doesn't sound bad at all.
Demonic Voice: I... have...RETURNED!
[everyone turns around to see Demongo the Soul Collector]
Demongo: I, Demongo, have come to collect the souls of the greatest warriors!
[pause as everyone stares at him]
Demongo: But I see I have come to the wrong place. [leaves]
Da Samurai: [whistles] We got some straight-up freaks comin' through this place.

Ghostly Female: Are you the one looking for the Samurai?
Ashi: Yes.
Ghostly Female: Are you his friend?
Ashi: [hesitates, then truthfully admits softly] Yes.
Ghostly Girl: Follow the path north.
Ashi: Who-?
[Ashi sees that the ghostly female is gone]

Ashi: Samurai? [she sees Jack and she's relieved] Samurai!
[She becomes very worried and frightened when she notices a sword laying before him]
Ashi: Jack?
The Omen: You may witness but you cannot proceed any further.
Ashi: Witness? Witness what?
The Omen: The end.

[The spirits of fellow samurai from ages long past emerge]
The Omen: Great warriors of past, I welcome you. This samurai has failed his purpose and has accepted his fate.
[Still in a trance, Jack raises a sword, ready to take his own life; while Ashi watches in horror]
Ashi: [runs to Jack] Stop!
The Omen: [backhands Ashi] This does not concern you. There is no hope.
Ashi: [starts to stand up] No! Hope lives. It is everywhere. I have seen it! Everyone you have touched, the people you have helped! You saved them!
Omen: Enough! Hope is just a fleeting sentiment. Your failure is real. You must face the consequences or continue to bear the guilt of your dishonor for all eternity.
Ashi: Jack, don't listen! You're being misguided! I've seen it! You saved countless innocence, but most of showed me the truth! You made me see that there is so much more to me than I knew existed! You made me way more than what I was! [she is desperate now] THE HOPE YOU GAVE ME SAVED MY LIFE!
The Omen: Death follows in your wake. Men, women, children. Yes! All those children dead because of you!
Ashi: No! The children! THEY'RE ALIVE! You saved them!

Jack: [nervously] I, your hair...and dress.
[Ashi smiles; touched at the compliment but then becomes serious]
Ashi: What now?
Jack: It is find my sword.

XCVIII [5.7] edit

Jack: [turns to see a small billy goat] Oh... Hello, little friend. I don't suppose you know if there is a time portal atop this mountain, do you? [sighs] Aku has destroyed many. I fear there are none left.

Aku: Whew... That was close! I didn't think you'd get here so fast. [Seeing Jack run towards the portal, Aku destroys it before Jack can even get to it] Fool! Oh, fun fact! That was the last remaining time portal in existence! [laughs evilly]
[Jack bends over and starts growling and grunting with anger]
Aku: Ooh, so angry! Be careful, Samurai. So much stress will give you a heart attack! Oh! What am I saying? Please continue. Never mind what *I* said!
[Jack tries to attack Aku, while Aku backs up and evades Jack's attacks]
Aku: WHOOOA! Ho, ho! Not so fast, Samurai! I know better than to mess with THAT sword. But before I go, I'll leave you with someone to play with!
[Aku transforms the cute little goats into huge monstrous demon creatures]

[Jack is about to go into the spirit world to reclaim his magical sword]
Jack: I don't know how long this may take.
Ashi: I'll go with you.
Jack: You cannot. This is something that I must do on my own.
Ashi: [slightly disappointed] Guess I'll just...wait here then?

Ashi: [in an angry tone] Where do you think you're going?
Orc General: Up the mountain to kill the Samurai! What's it to you?!
Ashi: I'm going to stop you!

Ashi: Mother?
The High Priestess: I knew you would fail us. You were the strongest, but the most unfocused. Always distracted, questioning everything! But all that can change. You can still honor our Lord Father. [offers a dagger] Destroy the Samurai, Ashi.
Ashi: [determined] No. You were wrong about everything. Jack showed me the truth.
The High Priestess: Then you, too, will die!
[She lunges at Ashi, but Ashi kicks her mother back and they fight.]

The High Priestess: How could you betray your family?! He killed your sisters! And you let him LIVE!
Ashi: No! You killed them! We were made for one purpose: to kill! Our fate was sealed the day we were born!
The High Priestess: The Samurai is our mortal enemy. He must die, at any cost!
[She runs toward Jack's inanimate body, claws raised]
Ashi: [very shocked] No!
[She grabs a arrow and tosses it at the High Priestess, fatally impaling her and causing her to fall off the mountain. Then, Ashi faints, exhausted]

Monk: [after drinking the tea Jack made] This is terrible.
Jack: Really?
Monk: Yes, quite terrible. This tea has all the necessary ingredients, but it lacks the most important one: Balance. I see why your path to the sword remains clouded.
Jack: [confused, but desperate] This isn't the path?? I don't understand! Then you must show me the way!
Monk: I cannot. It is not for me to show you your path.
Mad Jack: That's fortune cookie nonsense! He knows where it is! He just won't tell you!
Jack: must tell me.
The Monk: That is something you must earn.
Mad Jack: EARRRRRRRN?! After EVERYTHING we've done, everything we've BEEN THROUGH?! The death, the loss, the suffering?! WHO ARE YOU TO DENY US WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS?!
[Mad Jack prepares to hit the Monk]
Jack: [stops Mad Jack] Enough. We have lost the sword because of you.
Mad Jack: I HAVE KEPT US ALIVE! He's the one who has taken it from us! He knows where it is!
Jack: No... I've let you consume me for far too long.
Mad Jack: You're in my way! [backhands Jack]
Jack: You... You are the one who has kept the past hidden. Your anger, your frustration.
Mad Jack: YOU'RE A FOOL!
Jack: You have blinded us, but now I can see.
[Jack uses golden laser eye beams to vanquish Mad Jack forever]
Mad Jack: YOU NEED ME!!!
Monk: are balanced.

[The three gods appear before Samurai Jack]
Odin: Like your father, you have been chosen.
Ra: To stop a force of ultimate evil.
Rama: You are worthy.
[All three gods shoot their golden laser eye beams at Jack, which transforms him back to his original look and with that, he is given his sword back. He then returns in the real world to find an unconscious Ashi]

Jack: [concerned] Ashi...
[Ashi wakes up in his arms, seeing his new original look]
Ashi: Jack?
Jack: Yes... It is me.
Ashi: You got your sword. And a shave and a haircut.
Jack: Hmm...yes. And have been very busy.
[the carnage caused on the Orcs by Ashi is shown]
Orc Solider: [in pain] Oww...
Jack: [bows or nods in honor and respect] Thank you.
Ashi: So, what next?
Jack: Aku.

XCIX [5.8] edit

[Ashi is awed at the sights around her at the marketplace]
Ashi: Incredible.
Jack: We should eat. This is going to be a long journey.

Jack: [Jack's head has been turned into a fish] I do not feel so good. Maybe it was something I ate.
Ashi: Yeah. Probably.
[Jack's head then turns back to normal]
Jack: [sighs in relief] Much better.

Ashi: Something's poking me.
Jack: Oh, I am so sorry. [moves his sword-hilt]

Jack: Ashi, be-!
[Jack watches in surprise as Ashi easily finds her way down]
Jack: ...Careful.
Ashi: Did you say something?
Jack: No... Never mind.

Jack: What madness is this!?
Ashi: I'll choose this over whatever is chasing us!

Ashi: I am ready.
Jack: [slightly uneasy] As am...I.
Ashi: Excellent.
Jack: [feeling uncomfortable] Yes...
Ashi: Let's go.

Jack: [very embarrassed and blushes deeply] Ashi! You're naked!
Ashi: So?
Jack: W-W-Well, you and women know...d-different and some things are private and umm...well, p-personal.
Ashi: You're not making any sense!
Jack: Here! [he covers her with his gi]
Ashi: Jack, what are you doing?!
Jack: need protection from the creature!
Ashi: And your robe is going to protect me?
Jack: Actually it's a gi. And yes!
Ashi: You're acting weird.
Jack: [sheepishly and blushing madly] Me? Weird? Me?? [Jack laughs/chuckles nervously while blushing]
Ashi: [awkwardly smiles] Ooookaaaaaaaay?

C [5.9] edit

Scaramouch: [confused approaching an Aku robot standee] What the...?
Aku Voice Recording: Hello, you are now hearing the voice of AKU! Unfortunately I will no longer be available for any more appointments. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Now, GO!

Jack: [as he's examining a familiar site he's been to] I know this place.

Ashi: Jack, do you ever think about home?
Jack: Every day… My family, my home, all of it. My father was the emperor, so we lived in the palace overlooking the whole village. It was so high up in the air that it touched the clouds. I would just stare out at the beauty of the seasons changing. The summer sun blanketed the valley with long, beautiful shadows. The fall leaves brought a bounty of color. Winter was so white. And the cherry blossoms in the spring.
Ashi: Was there a girl?
Jack: Yes. Many. [Ashi looks discomforted] Oh... You meant a girl? [Ashi nods softly with a smile] No, no. I was only a boy when Aku came...and everything...
Ashi: Jack, I am so sorry. I didn't mean-
Jack: It is nice to remember the times before Aku. It is the only way I will ever see it again... As a memory.

Scaramouch: Aku!
Aku: Go away. Didn't you hear the recording? Leave me alone!
Scaramouch: Oh, but Aku-kachu! I got some info on Jack-o that's outta this world, babe!
[Aku groans in annoyance as he rises up to hear Scaramouch's news]
Aku: [bored/annoyed] WHAAAAAAT???
Scaramouch: Feast your ears on this! I mean, do you even have ears? Like, can those antler things even hear?
Aku: [extremely bored/annoyed] Get on with it!
Scaramouch: Dig this, boss: Jack-o has lost his sword-o.
Aku: [perplexed, then starts to squish Scaramouch] Are you sure!?
Scaramouch: [feeling the pressure of Aku's power] Yes, yes! I bet my life on it!
Aku: [lets Scaramouch go] WHAT JOOOOY!
[Aku uses his red heat vision to restore Scaramouch's body]
Scaramouch: Oh yeah! I'm back, baby! [starts to dance] Oh, yeah! [scats a bit]
Aku: [starts to dance too] Oh, yeah! [does the same kinda scat]
[Aku and Scaramouch start celebrating/dancing]

Jack: You don't understand.
Ashi: Then help me understand.
Jack: I have seen countless innocence die by Aku. Good people. His evil has destroyed everyone I have ever...loved. All I have left now are memories. I do not want you to become just a memory.
Ashi: Jack, don't you see? Everything that has happened in our lives has brought us here. Right now...together. And together we're going to defeat Aku.

Jack: Aku!
Ashi: [in fear] Aku...?
Aku: It has been too long! Far, far too long! But you're probably saying to yourself: "Why? Why now for our sudden reunion?" Well, a little birdie told me...
Scaramouch: That Samurai Jack has lost the only thing in the universe that can destroy Aku!
[Aku and Scaramouch laugh]
[Jack contradicts the demon by revealing the mystic sword to him. Aku rears back in shock, then turns to Scaramouch angrily]
Scaramouch: Oh, but Master, I-
[Aku disintegrates him into dust with his heat vision]
Aku: Well, it has been nice catching up, but I should go. I don't want to interrupt you and your lady friend. Pretend I was never here. I'll let myself out.

Aku: Wait a minute. I smell something. Something very familiar. I smell me!
Jack: Madness!
Aku: Hold it! Time out! Really. There's more Aku here besides me.
Ashi: Stay back!
Aku: Yes... I smell me inside of her.
Jack: [worried] Ashi...
Ashi: [equally worried] Jack...

Aku: But how can this be? I never... Oh, wait. There was that one time...
[it shows a flashback of when the Cult of Aku were visited by their god, Aku]
Cult of Aku: AAAAAAAAAAkuuuuuuuuuuu.
[Aku suddenly appears. The whole room is silent. Aku turn and sees the shrine/statue of himself]
Aku: [after examining his shrine/statue] Not bad.
Cult of Aku: AAAAAAAAAAAkuuuuuuuuuu.
Aku: Yes, an attractive replica, but it pales to the original. Here! [Aku pours some of his essence into a grail or cup] Worship me, Daughters of Aku!
[end flashback]
Aku: So she must have...[it shows the High Priestess drinking from the same cup or grail]...drank it? And then... [it shows the High Priestess screaming while giving birth to her daughters]
Aku: So here you are... A true daughter of Aku!
Ashi: [horrified] No!
Jack: [charges at Aku] AKU!

Jack: [surprised/concerned to see Ashi blocking his attack] Ashi?
Ashi: I...I didn't do this!
Aku: Yes, you did.
Ashi: [worried] Jack!
Jack: Ashi!
Ashi: [truly frightened now] It's not me!
Aku: Of course it is, sweetheart. You wouldn't want your daddy to get hurt by that bad ol' samurai.

Ashi: Jack, I can't stop this! I can't control myself!
Jack: Ashi, focus! Break free!
Ashi: I'm trying!

Aku: I mean, you try and raise them right, then they run off with your mortal enemy. What's a dad to do?

Jack: Ashi, you are not your father! You are not your mother! You are your own person! You are good! You can defeat him from inside!
Aku: Boring!

Aku: Sweetheart, you have to bring out your best to defeat him. And your best part is ME!
[Aku then takes control of the dark essence deep within Ashi, thus taking full control over his eldest child/daughter]

Ashi: [desperate, scared and starting to tear up] Jack! Kill me, Jack! You have to kill me, then destroy Aku! Do it! Please, Jack! Do it now!
[Aku's black aura slowly starts to engulf Ashi and control her again]
Jack: I...can't.
[Jack drops his sword and stands down as Aku orders Ashi to stop going for the final strike, she does as she's told, and Aku triumphantly claims the sword! Now it does seem like hope is really lost for Jack]

[Jack is looking at his reflection with a calm smile, but frowns in sadness as his own reflection turns into his past bearded self]
Inner Jack: Be careful.
Jack: I know. This...has never happened before.
Inner Jack: What are you going to do?
Jack: I don't know.

CI: The Final Episode [5.10] edit

Flora: [bursts through the front door] FATHER!
Scotsman's Daughters: Shh!
Flora: But Aku, he...
Scotsman's Spirit: Quiet, lass! We know! The whole world knows.

Sir Rothchild's Grandchildren: Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa!
Sir Rothchild: Now, now, children, settle down! I know! I know.

Scotsman's Spirit: Get on with it, you blasted, bag of bloated...
Flora: Dad, we can't hear! He's on.
Scotsman's Spirit: Oop. Sorry.

Aku: [narrating] Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future, where my evil is law! Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku… [Suddenly, Aku appears with his evil smile] NOT! Because, after all these years, I have finally captured Samurai Jack and the SWORD! [laughs evilly]
Scotsman's Spirit: No!
The Ravers: Samurai...?
Ringo the Triseraquin: [worried] Jack?
Woolie: Oh no...
Monkey Man: [sadly] Friend?
Sir Rothchild: Oh, dear.

Aku: [asking Ashi to kill Jack] Daughter, will you do your father a favor and destroy the Samurai?
Jack: No, Ashi. No.
[the possessed Ashi turns to Jack, then walk toward him and extends her demonic arm into a sharp point]
Aku: Yes... The simplest solution is usually the best one!
Jack: Ashi, you can't let it end this way! Fight, Ashi! Fight it!

The Scotsman's Spirit: Jackie boy!
[goes in for a hug, but phases through Jack]
The Scotsman's Spirit: Great, keep forgetting about that.
Jack: Y-You're...dead?
The Scotsman's Spirit: Aye...just a wee bit.
Jack: Then how...?
The Scotsman's Spirit: Celtic magic! Oi, laddie, ya gotta meet me Bonnie daughters! There's Flora, Maave, Fiona... [after Scotsman's Ghost starts naming some more of his daughters, Jack is stunned]
Jack: [surprised] So many.
Scotsman's Ghost: Aye, me prides and joys! Now...go on. Take your pick! I'd be mighty proud.
Jack: I cannot.
The Scotsman's Spirit: What!? Ye suddenly too good for me girls!?
Jack: Oh, no, no! I've...already met someone.
The Scotsman's Spirit: [gasps happily] Who?
Jack: Her.
[Jack points to the still corrupted Ashi, who is subconsciously fighting off the Blind Archers and Scotsman's Daughters]
The Scotsman's Ghost: Meh... I don't think she's your type, lad.

Aku: [completely unimpressed] A giant stone samurai. Really?
[Aku gets punched multiple times in the face by the stone warrior]
The Scotsman's Spirit: Well, now...ya don't see that very often!

Jack: Ashi! Ashi!
Ashi's Consciousness: [weak and strained] Jack?
Jack: Yes, I am here, but you must fight, Ashi! Fight!
Ashi's Consciousness: I...I can't.
Jack: [firmly] Ashi, you must! Fight it!

[Ashi starts to fade away into the darkness again]

Jack: Ashi! Ashi! Ashi! I LOVE YOU!

Aku: Is he dead?
Ashi: No. And he never will be.
Aku: How dare you talk back to your father!
Ashi: No! You're not my father!
Aku: Yes, I am!
Ashi: No, you're not!

Jack: Ashi! You have Aku's powers!
Ashi: [gasps and speaks in a happy tone] I do!

Aku: [surprised after Jack and Ashi are traveling back to the past] Oh, no.

[Jack prepares to strike the final blow onto Aku]
Aku: You might have beaten me now, but I will destroy you in the future.
Jack: There is no future for you, Aku.
Aku: I disagree. [he shrieks fives circles and forms white holes above and below Jack]
Jack: What trickery is this? [the circles envelope Jack; he slashes but he disappears in a flash of white light, as he's send to the future] AKU! [the light fades off; Aku slowly rises]
Aku: Do not worry, Samurai. You will see me again. But next time, you will not be so fortunate. [Suddenly, Jack and Ashi immediately appear from the future; Aku is shocked and angered] What?! [gasp] YOU'RE BACK ALREADY?! [Jack begins running toward Aku with the sword, screaming] NO, WAIT!

[Jack unleashes a final strike onto Aku's head causing him to explode and flow into the sword, leaving with only Aku's blinking eyes]
Jack: [about to kill Aku forever] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... MOOOOOOOORRRREEEEEE!
[Jack then impales Aku with his sword into the ground, overflowing Aku's energy over into Aku's tower causing it to start to explode. Jack and Ashi make an escape as the tower is destroyed along with Aku forever.]
Jack: It... is done. [Ashi falls over in pain as she grunts] Ashi?
Ashi: I'm okay. I felt him leave me.
Jack: He will never hurt anyone ever again.
[The two lovers passionately hug]

[Last lines of the series]
Jack: [sees Ashi suddenly feels weak and collapses] Ashi!
Ashi: Jack...
Jack: What's wrong?
Ashi: [weakened; sadly] Without Aku, I would have never... existed.
[Ashi fades away from existence in Jack's arms, leaving nothing but her wedding kimono]
Jack: [saddened and heartbroken] No. [begins to tear up a little] Ashi.
[Jack mourns in the forest but sees a ladybug, reminding him that the future will be bright now that Aku has been destroyed. He smiles at the peaceful landscape below. The classical Japanese music plays during the credits.]

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