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Toy Story of Terror!

2013 American television special directed by Angus MacLane

Toy Story of Terror is a Halloween-themed 21-minute television special that aired of ABC. Set after the events of Toy Story 3, the special follows the toys on their road trip, when a flat tire leads Bonnie and her mother to spend the night in a roadside motel. After Mr. Potato Head goes missing, the others begin to search for him, but they find themselves caught up in a mysterious, monkrous, and terrifying sequence of events that lead them to a big conspiracy.

Written and directed by Angus MacLane


[after the title, a black and white showing of clouds are shown and the camera pans down to a graveyard. A woman, Betsy, enters frantic; she runs until she trips over a tombstone of and lands on a tombstone of Gazerbeam. She sees a bat flying towards her, it transforms into a vampire and chases after her].
Dracula: [moaning] Betsy...
Betsy: No!
Rex: [appears] Watch out! He's right behind you!
Mr. Potato Head: Hey, down in front!
Rex: Oh, sorry.
[it's revealed to be a movie watched by Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Mr. Pricklepants and Trixie in Bonnie's mom's trunk]
Dracula: I'm coming to get you, Betsy.
Rex: Run, Betsy! Run!
Trixie: Oh, come on. There's no way she can outrun a vampire.
Woody: Oh, don't listen to her, Betsy. You can do it. Don't give up.
[It turns out that Bonnie and her mother, Julia are on a car trip. In the car, Bonnie rubs her eye and yawns]
Bonnie: [sleepy] Are we there yet?
Julia: [as she drives] Not for a few more hours, Bonnie. You can go back to sleep.

[the toys continue to watch the movie in the trunk; Betsy is trying to get to the door of a church with the vampire closing in on her]
Betsy: Help! Open the door!
Dracula: No one can help you now, Betsy.
Potato Head: Boring!
Mr. Pricklepants: Patience. All great horror films start slowly. You see, they're designed to... [Annoyed, Mr. Potato Head pulls his ears out, which muted Mr. Pricklepants' talking]
Betsy: Please, let me in! [Betsy manages to get in and close the door to save herself from the vampire. The vampire's laugh is heard. A crash sound is heard which frightens Betsy. She sees a broken vase and sees something behind a curtain]
Buzz: Tactics, Betsy, tactics. Look for something to defend yourself with. [Betsy grabs a vase and empties the flowers and water] There we go.
Pricklepants: [sighs] Technically, that would be useless. Everybody knows a wooden stake through the heart is the only way to kill a vampire.
[Betsy slowly moves to the curtains and move it revealing a black cat. The toys shout in terror. Betsy yells. The cat screeches and pounces past her]
Pricklepants: [chuckles] Only a kitty cat. Classic misdirection.
Jessie: A cat? Come on, guys. This isn't scary. [The car hits a bump, which startles the toys. The car gets a flat tire and Jessie is knocked in a tool box, trapping her inside. Jessie tries to get out, but can't.] Help! Get me out of here!
Buzz: Jessie!
Woody: We have to get her out!
Buzz: [tries to open the tool box] Jessie! Jessie, can you hear me? [the car hits another bump and stops at a roadside motel. Buzz grabs a lug wrench and puts it under the tool box] Okay, everyone, on 3. 1, 2, 3! [the toys jump on the lug wrench, tipping the tool box, opening it up, freeing Jessie; Jessie breathes heavily. Woody, Buzz, Rex and Pricklepants look at her in concern]
Buzz: Jessie? Jessie.
Trixie: [to Potato Head] What's the matter with Jessie?
Potato Head: She was abandoned in a box for years.
Jessie: I... I couldn't... I couldn't find a way out.

[After the car stops at a motel, Bonnie and her mom get out of the car and enter the motel. Bonnie carries her suitcase with her toys in it.]
Pricklepants: [looks outside the bag] The roadside motel is one of the most common locals for a horror film. Remote, isolated, a comforting environment to allure the suspicions of the audience. I'll expect they'll be asking the innkeeper to use the telephone any minute now.
Julia: Will it be okay if I used your phone? Our car has a flat.
Pricklepants: [chuckles] Right on cue.
Buzz: It's okay, Jessie. You're safe now.
Woody: We'll be back on the road before you know it. What's the latest, Trixie?
Trixie: Uh, she's still on the phone with the tow truck company.
Julia: 6:00 am? That's the earliest you can get here?
Rex: 6:00 am? You mean we have to stay here all night?
Pricklepants: Bum, bum, bum!
Jessie: I don't care where we are, so long as I'm not stuck alone in that box.

[at the Sleep Well Motel, Bonnie and her mom are sleeping in their room. Trixie opens the bag and looks around]
Trixie: Well, it looks like they're asleep.
Potato Head: [sighs] Finally. [starts to leave]
Jessie: Potato Head, where, where are you going?
Potato Head: We're at a motel. I just want to check out the amenities. [Jessie stares at him, confused] You know, the free stuff? Little soaps, shower caps, shampoo… conditioner?
Pricklepants: Oh, I wouldn't go out there if I were you. The first to leave usually gets it.
Woody: Oh, Potato Head, don't leave the bag. A motel is one of the easiest places for a toy to get lost!
Potato Head: Aw, shut your worry hole! Nobody's gonna get lost! Besides, I promised Hamm I'd bring him back something nice. [leaves the bag]
Jessie: [sees Rex, Trixie, and Mr. Pricklepants leave too] Wait! Where are you guys going?
Trixie: We were just gonna check out the free stuff.
Pricklepants: [dramatically, then anxiously] And if something does happen to the potato, I wouldn't want to miss it! [leaves]
Woody: Oh, come on, guys, let's all just stay in the bag! [sighs, because of the toys' disobedience] Buzz, I'll grab those guys, you get Potato Head.
Buzz: Got it. [Woody and Buzz leave]
Jessie: No, wait. Don't go!
Buzz: Don't worry, Jessie. I'll be right back. [leaves the bag]
Jessie: Buzz! [looks around the bag, breathing shallow, imagines the bag closing in on her and scared to see this, leaves the bag, too, out into the dark room; whispers] Guys! Guys! Where are you? [a shadow whizzes past, scaring her]
Buzz: Jessie, what's wrong? Are you okay?
Jessie: Buzz, where is everybody?
Buzz: [goes over to her] Not to worry, we're all right here. See? There's Woody, Pricklepants, Trixie, Rex... [Potato Head is gone.] Wait, where's Potato Head?
Pricklepants: [ominously] And so it begins. [A lightning strike is heard and Rex lets out a yelp]
Woody: Pricklepants, you're not helping!
Pricklepants: I'm just saying it's quite calm in these types of movies for suspected people to wander off and vanish.
Trixie: [scoffs] Well, he could've just disappeared.
Pricklepants: Maybe this place is haunted.
Rex: What? It's haunted?!
Woody: of course not, everybody knows, ghosts aren't real.
Trixie: Actually, according to my internet research–
Buzz: Highly unlikely. There has to be a rather explanation. We need to break into groups of two. Everyone keep an eye on your partner, and if anything goes wrong, give a yell.
Rex: [yells, steps in slime] Eww! I stepped in something!
Buzz: Wait a minute. [runs over to the slime, and tastes it]
Jessie: What is it?
Buzz: [spits] Disgusting!
Pricklepants: Although this is a movie, I say it was slime from the creature's metamorphosis.
Buzz: Yeah, well, whatever it is, Potato Head managed to step in it, leaving behind a trail of footprints. If we follow it, it should lead us to him.
Trixie: [looking through a vent] Hey, guys!
Buzz: No, wait, Trixie, don't!
Trixie: [goes down the vent] Whoa!
Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Rex: Trixie!


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