Toy Story That Time Forgot

2014 holiday television special

Toy Story That Time Forgot (2 December 2014) is a Christmas-themed 22-minute television special that aired on ABC.  Shortly after Christmas, Bonnie brings some of her toys to Mason's house where they encounter dinosaur-themed action figures called Battlesaurs who don't know they are toys and are being manipulated by the power-hungry Cleric.

The way Bonnie's mind works is a mystery to science.
Written and directed by Steve Purcell.
The battle for all toy kind.  <{{{1}}}



Angel Kitty

Greet the world with an open heart.
Limitations are the shackles we bind to ourselves.
The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you.
Be grateful for your gifts.  They are all around you.

The Cleric

  • I find their lack of armour… disturbing.





Mr. Pricklepants: Prepare yourself. Inhabit the part. You must not play the dinosaur, you must be the dinosaur.
Trixie: But I am the dinosaur.
Pricklepants: Exactly! Now, get out there and sparkle!

Jessie: Aw, don't worry, Trixie. Next time, you'll be a dinosaur for sure.
Rex: Andy used to play with me as a dinosaur all the time.
Mr. Potato Head: Yeah, me too. It's not all that's cracked up to be.
Trixie: How would I know?
Mr. Potato Head: Good point.

Woody: Trixie, the Battlesaurs are not playing. They've never been played with. They don't even know they're toys!
Buzz: Incredible, isn't it?

Buzz: Oh, I get it – you're glad Mason got the Optimum X!
The Cleric: He plays there, while I rule here. My Battlesaurs have no use for "play". They have everything they need, content in their ignorance.
Guard #1: What's ignorance?
Guard #2: I dunno.

Mason: Oh, what planet is he from?!
Bonnie: Neptune... or maybe Florida.


  • Trixie - Kristen Schaal
  • Rex – Wallace Shawn
  • Woody – Tom Hanks
  • Buzz – Tim Allen
  • Reptillus Maximus – Kevin McKidd
  • Bonnie – Emily Hahn
  • The Cleric – Steve Purcell
  • Ray-gon — Jonathan Kydd
  • Mason – R.C. Cope
  • Angel Kitty – Emma Hudak
  • Potato Head – Don Rickles
  • Mr. Pricklepants – Timothy Dalton
  • Mrs. Anderson – Lori Alan
  • Jessie – Joan Cusack
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