Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

television series based on Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000-2001) is an American animated science fiction/adventure/comedy series produced by Walt Disney Television, which follows the adventures of space ranger Buzz Lightyear, who first appeared in Toy Story.



The Torque Armada [1.1]Edit

Gravitina [1.2]Edit

XL [1.3]Edit

Little Secrets [1.4]Edit

Grub: Um, let's see, uh... I blew up your orbitron regulator so you'll crash into capital planet and I destroyed your power supply so you can't correct your orbit and... oh yeah! And I shrunk your commander's space suit.

Inside Job [1.5]Edit

NOS-4-A2 [1.6]Edit

The Planet Destroyer [1.7]Edit

The Beasts of Karn [1.8]Edit

Tag Team [1.9]Edit

Buzz: You said you couldn't leave without me!
Warp: That's right, I couldn't. Because I can't drive a stick.
Buzz: Oh...

The Main Event [1.10]Edit

The Return of XL [1.11]Edit

Lost in Time [1.12]Edit

Robot Buzz: To infin-Bzzzzzzz...! To infinity and be-FEEEEEEEE...!
Buzz: [fixes it] Well, let's see, this should do it...
Robot Buzz: To infinity, and more infinity!
Buzz: A thousand years, and this is the best they could do?

Strange Invasion [1.13]Edit

The Taking of PC-7 [1.14]Edit

Mindwarp [1.15]Edit

Mira's Wedding [1.16]Edit

Panic on Bathyos [1.17]Edit

Shiv Katall [1.18]Edit

Rookie of the Year [1.19]Edit

Stress Test [1.20]Edit

Dr. Animus: [giving Buzz a Rorschach test] Now, tell me, what do you see?
Buzz: Zurg.
Dr. Animus: How about this one?
Buzz: Zurg.
Dr. Animus: And this one?
Buzz: Zurg.
Dr. Animus: [holds up a picture of Mira] How about this, Buzz?
Buzz: That's Ranger Nova. She's happy, cause we got Zurg's pen!

Zurg: Hold your fire! Don't damage the HYPER DEATH RAY!

Buzz: [jumping up and down] Hey, Zurg! You really tick me off, you know that? You make me angry! VERY ANGRY! VERY, VERY ANGRY!
Zurg: You DO need a vacation.

A Zoo Out There [1.21]Edit

Buzz: You've pulled some evil deeds in the past-
Mira: But kidnapping innocent politicians?
Zurg: Innocent politicians? Don't be oxymoronic. I'd never do something so... so obvious.

Root of Evil [1.22]Edit

Super Nova [1.23]Edit

Downloaded [1.24]Edit

The Plasma Monster [1.25]Edit

Wirewolf [1.26]Edit

XR: So I hear you have an energy vampire. [whispers] Hey, just between us robots, where are the good hiding places on this berg?
Sentry: Eh, air ducts four through seven, but you didn't hear it from me.

The Crawling Flesh [1.27]Edit

Dirty Work [1.28]Edit

The Slayer [1.29]Edit

The Lightyear Factor [1.30]Edit

Clone Rangers [1.31]Edit

Bunzel Fever [1.32]Edit

Rescue Mission [1.33]Edit

Devolutionaries [1.34]Edit

Head Case [1.35]Edit

The Yukari Imprint [1.36]Edit

The Shape Stealer [1.37]Edit

Star Crossed [1.38]Edit

Haunted Moon [1.39]Edit

Star Smasher [1.40]Edit

Stranger Invasion [1.41]Edit

Zurg: Lower it!
Grub: Lower what, Sir?
Zurg: IT! IT! D'oh, you know! The crystallic self-perpetuating breeder construction core! And can't you come up with a shorter word for it? Like "Evil Takeover Thingy"?
Grub: In test markets, four out of five victims surveyed were more frightened by big words.
Zurg: Fine, fine, fine. Let the suits have their way... for now.

Zurg: No, no, no! How many times have we been through this?! We've got to learn from our mistakes! There will be no air ducts big enough for hero-sized people to crawl through! It's just asking for trouble.

Zurg: Buzz, I am your father.
Buzz: [shocked] What?
Zurg: [strikes him] Psych! Made you look, you dimwit!

Eye of the Tempest [1.42]Edit

Revenge of the Monsters [1.43]Edit

Lone Wolf [1.44]Edit

Planet of the Lost [1.45]Edit

Revenge of the Raenoks [1.46]Edit

Enemy Without a Face [1.47]Edit

The Starthought [1.48]Edit

Millennial Bugs [1.49]Edit

Conspiracy [1.50]Edit

At Large on a Small Planet [1.51]Edit

Sunquake [1.52]Edit

Good Ol' Buzz [1.53]Edit

First Missions [1.54]Edit

Large Target [1.55]Edit

War, and Peace and War [1.56]Edit

Return to Karn [1.57]Edit

Speed Trap [1.58]Edit

Buzz: Rangers XR and Mira, meet the Porcelons.
[The Porcelons resemble walking toilets]
Porcelon: Well, greetings to you both. It is a pleasure.
Buzz: Rangers? Cat got your tongue?
Mira: Uh... uh... no, no, n-not at all. Just, I'm feeling a little flushed- uh, I mean, uh, oh craters!
XR: Mira! Please, sir, you'll have to excuse her potty mouth.
Porcelon: Sir, are you insulting us?!
Buzz: Mira, XR! Put a lid on it!
Porcelon: Why, you are insulting us!
Buzz: No, please, Mr. ambassador, we meant no disrespect.
Booster: [comes in] Sorry I'm late. The restroom on this floor was broken. [sees Porcelon ambassador] Oh, thank goodness!
Buzz, Mira and XR: BOOSTER, NO!
[sound of toilet flushing as the flashback ends]

Holiday Time [1.59]Edit

Opposites Attract [1.60]Edit

Ancient Evil [1.61]Edit

42 [1.62]Edit


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