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Cars 2

2011 American computer-animated action comedy spy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios

Cars 2 is a 2011 American computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, and is the sequel to the 2006 film, Cars. In the film, race car Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater head to Japan and Europe to compete in the World Grand Prix, but Mater becomes sidetracked with international espionage.

Directed by John Lasseter, co-directed by Brad Lewis. Written by Ben Queen.
The mission begins. taglines


Tow MaterEdit

  • [after entering the casino, disguised as Ivan] Wow! This place looks like it's made out of gold!
  • Oh, same old, same old. What's up with you? That looks delicious.

Lightning McQueenEdit

  • [his catchprhase] I am speed.

Finn McMissileEdit

  • [introducing himself to Mater] Finn McTiernan, British intelligence.

Holley ShiftwellEdit

  • [introducing herself to Mater] I'm agent Shiftwell, Holley Shiftwell.

Miles AxlerodEdit

  • [rising his power, while disgusted as the Lemon Mastermind] They laughed at us, but now it's our turn to laugh back. Embrace your inner lemon. Let it drive you. This was meant to be alternative fuel's greatest moment. But after today, everyone will race back to gasoline. And we, the owners of the world's largest untapped oil reserve, will become the most powerful cars in the world! They will come to us, and they will have no choice, because they will need us, and they will finally respect us! So hold your hoods high! After today, you will never again be ashamed of who you are! Long... live... lemons!

Francesco BernoulliEdit

  • McQueen, that was your best friend? Ooh, there's a difference between you and Francesco! Francesco knows how good he is. He doesn't have to surround himself with tow trucks to prove it.


[First lines]
Leland Turbo: This is Agent Leland Turbo. I have a flash transmission for Agent Finn McMissile. Finn, my cover's been compromised. Everything's gone pear-shaped. You won't believe what I've found out here. This is bigger than anything we've ever seen, and no one even knows it exists. Finn, I need back-up, but don't call the cavalry, it could blow the operation, and be careful. It's not safe out here.
Acer: [off-screen] Let's go!
Leland: Transmitting my grids now. Good luck!

[A fishing vessel is sailing on the open ocean at night, completely alone.]
Crabby: Alright, buddy, we're here. Right where you paid me to bring you. Question is why.
Finn McMissile: [comes out from the shadows on Crabby's stern deck] I'm looking for a car.
Crabby: A car? Ha! Hey, pal. You can't get any further away from land than out here.
Finn: … Exactly where I want to be.
Crabby: Well, I got news for you buddy. There's nobody out here but us.
Tony Trihull: [blows his horn] What are you doing out here?!
Crabby: What does it look like, genius? I'm crabbin'.
Tony: Well, turn around! And go back where you came from.
Crabby: Yeah, and who's gonna make me? [Tony reveals his bow-mounted missile turret] All right, all right! Don't get your prop in a twist. [Crabby turns away and begins sailing back] What a jerk. Sorry, buddy. Looks like it's the end of the line. Buddy?

[Francesco Bernoulli is a guest on Mel Dorado's TV show; Mater called in to argue with Bernoulli, and McQueen takes the phone]
McQueen: Yeah, hi. [over the phone] This is Lightning McQueen.
Bernoulli: The Lightning McQueen, eh?!
McQueen: Look, I don't appreciate my best friend being insulted like that.
Bernoulli: McQueen, that was your best friend? Ohhh... There's a difference between you and Francesco! Francesco knows how good he is. He doesn't have to surround himself with tow trucks to prove it.
McQueen: [sarcasticlly] Yeah, those are some strong words coming from that is so fragile.
Francesco: FRA-GIL-LAY! HE CALLS-A FRANCESCO FRA-GIL-LAY!? Not-a so fast, McQueen!
McQueen: "Not so fast." What is that, your new motto?
Francesco: Motto?! [rants and curses rapidly in Italian] ...RIDICULO!! [continues his rant but gets muted by the TV censors, and storms off-camera]
Miles Axelrod: Well, this sounds like something that needs to be settled on the race course. What do you say, Lightning McQueen? We still got room for one more racer.
McQueen: Well, I would love to. The only thing is, my crew is off for the season, so–
Guido: [he unscrews the caps of glass bottles] Pit stop.
McQueen: You know what? They just got back. Deal me in, baby. Ka-chow! [the crowd cheers and whistles at Lightning McQueen's decision] I know, I know. I just got back, but we won't be long un–
Sally: Oh, no. Don't worry about me. I mean, I've got enough to do here. Mater's gonna have a blast, though. You're bringing Mater, right? You never bring him to any of your races. [Lighting sees Mater trying a martini, and spiting it back into the glass. Lightning is disgusted and smiling.] Just let him sit in the pits. Give him a headset. Come on, it'll be the thrill of a lifetime for him.
Mater: Your drink, sir.
McQueen: Mater.
Mater: I didn't taste it!
McQueen: How'd you like to come and see the world with me?
Mater: You mean it?
McQueen: [laughing] Yeah. You got me into this thing, you're coming along.
Mater: [excited] Alright!

Mater: What have you got here that's free? How about that there pistachio ice cream?
Sushi Chef: No, no. Wasabi.
Mater: Oh, same old, same old. What's up with you? [looks again at the bucket of wasabi] That looks delicious! [the Sushi Chef takes a knife and sets a small piece of wasabi on a tray, then puts it on the counter] Uh, a little more, please? [the chef adds more wasabi] It is free, right? [the chef adds more] Keep it coming. A little more. Come on, let's go, it's free! You're gettin' there; scoop, scoop! [the Sushi Chef gives in and scoops out a baseball-sized serving of wasabi] There we go! Now, that's a scoop of ice cream!
Sushi Chef: [bowing and speaking in Japanese] Okuyami moshiagarimasu. (My condolences.)

[Axlerod leaks oil and blames it on Mater, McQueen tells Mater off]
McQueen: Mater, you have to get a hold of yourself. You're making a scene!
Mater: But I never leak oil. Never.
McQueen: Go take care of yourself right now! [Mater drives away]

Francesco: [at the Tokyo World Grand Prix party, Francesco spots Lightning] Ah! Lightning McQueen! Buona sera!
McQueen: Uh, nice to meet you, Francesco.
Francesco: Yes, nice to meet you too. You are very good looking. Not as good as I thought, but you're good.

[cut to the shipyard at night, with Rod dangling from a car magnet while beaten up while clinging to consciousness]
Grem: I gotta admit, you tricked us real good.
Acer: And we don't like being tricked.
[he laughs to himself]
Acer: Hey, what's so funny?
Rod: Well, you know, I was just wearing a disguise. You guys are stuck looking like that.
[Grem uses the lever to drop Rod onto a treadmill, then locking him down, then a container wheeling foward and Rod piling with Allinol brand gasoline]
Rod: Allinol? Thanks, fellas. I hear this stuff is good for you.
Zündapp: So you think. [he emerges from the darkness, behind Rod] Allinol itself is good for you. [he hits the button with the treadmill starting Rod's wheels spinning a high rate of speed] But after microscopic examination, I have found that it has one small weakness. When hit with an electromagnetic pulse, it becomes extremely dangerous.
Grem: [he pushes the World Grand Pirx Camera, the same one that was in the box at the oil derrick, and pointing at Rod Redline] Smile for the camera.
Rod: Is that all you want? I got a whole act.
Zündapp: You were very interested in this camera on the oil platform. Now you will witness what it really does.
Rod: Whatever you say, Professor.
Acer: [he pushes the TV monitor toward Rod, and on it, surveillance footage from the party, and clearly, they were watching and recording him there] You talked up a lot of cars last night. Which one's your associate?
Rod: Your mother. Oh, no. I'm sorry. It was your sister. You know, I can't tell them apart these days.
Grem: [had enough] Could I start it now, Professor Z?
Zündapp: [off-screen] 50% power. [he uses the camera's power on green and yellow, and to Rod Redline] This camera is actually an electromagnetic pulse emitter.
Acer: [pointing to a girl on TV] What about her? Did you give it to her?
Zündapp: The Allinol is now heating to a boil, dramitacally expanding, causing the engine block to crack under the stress, forcing oil into the comubustion chamber.
[the engine starts to crack and break]
Acer: [pointing to a guy on TV] How about him? Did you talk to him?
Rod: What do I care? I can replace an engine block.
Zündapp: You may be able to, [Grem uses the camera's power on orange] ...but after full impact of the pulse, unfortunately, there will be nothing to replace.
Acer: How about him? Does he have it?
[the monitor reveals Mater, rolling out of the bathroom and down the hall, and Rod Redline seeing this, does the world's most subtle double take and we caught it, but there's no way anybody else in the room could have]
Zündapp: That's him. He's the one.
Grem: Roger that, Professor Z.
Rod: NO!
[Grem was turning up the machine even more]
Zündapp: [gives a call] Yes, sir. We believe the infiltrator has passed along sensitive information.
Lemon Mastermind: [through phone, on disguised voice] Right away!
Zündapp: I will take care of it before any damage can be done. [hangs up] The project is still on schedule. You will find this second agent... and kill him. [he kicks the camera's power on red, and on the monitor, we see Mater's frozen image on the screen, and we see Rod exploding in the reflection]

[On the starting line of the Tokyo Race]
McQueen: Speed. I am speed.
Francesco: [laughs] Really? You are speed? Then Francesco is triple speed. [Mimicking McQueen's way of closing his eyes and speaking to himself] Francesco... is... triple speed. Ho-ho! Francesco likes to beat McQueen. He's-a really getting him into the zone!
McQueen: He is sooo getting beat today!

McQueen: [meets up with Mater in his pit garage] Mater!
Mater: Hey, McQueen! What happened, is the race over? You won, right?
McQueen: Mater, why were you yelling things at me while I was racing?!
Mater: "Yellin'"? Oh, you thought... [chuckles] Oh! That's funny right there. Naw. See, that's 'cause I seen these two fellers doing some sort of karate street performance. It was nutso. One of 'em even had a flamethrower...
McQueen: [with disbelief] "A flamethrower"? What are you talking about? I-I don't understand. Where were you?
Mater: Goin' to meet my date.
McQueen: [confused] Your date?
Mater: She started talkin' to me as a voice in my head, tellin' me where to go–
McQueen: WHAT?!
Mater: [noticing McQueen's angry glare] Wait a minute. I didn't screw you up, did I?
Mater: [shocked] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
McQueen: An imaginary girlfriend, flamethrowers?! You know, this is exactly why I don't bring you along to these things!
Mater: Maybe if I...I dunno know... talk to somebody, and explain what happened, I could help.
McQueen: I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!! I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP! [drives off, but is stopped by the paparazzi and Mater's feelings are hurt]
Reporter 1: Hey, there he is!
Reporter 2: McQueen, you had it in the bag!
Reporter 3: Yeah, what happened?
McQueen: I-I made a mistake, but I can assure you, it won't happen again. [Mater drives over to the TV monitors; he slumps] Look, guys, we know what the problem is, and we've taken care of it! [Mater sadly drives away to his guilty]

McMissile: I never properly introduced myself. Finn McMissile, British Intelligence.
Mater: Tow Mater, Average Intelligence.
McMissile: Who are you with? FBI, CIA?
Mater: Let's just say I'm a AAA affiliated.
Note: "AAA" is short and stand for the "American Automobile Association".

Uncle Topolino: Chi trova un'amico, trova un tesoro.
McQueen: What does that mean?
Mama Topolino: "Whoever find a friend, find a treasure."

[Lightning is missing Mater at the race in Italy as the racers gather at the finish line; Francesco notices.]
Francesco: Francesco understands.
McQueen: [sarcastically] I think you left out the insulting part of that insult.
Francesco: [emotionally] It is no joke! When Francesco is away from home, he misses his mama! Just like you miss your tow truck, amigo.
McQueen: [impressed] You know, maybe I misjudged you–
Francesco: [smiling] But today, I am at home, and my Mama is right there! [points and waves at a vintage Ferrari in the crowd who is smiling and waving back] Don't worry, Mama! McQueen is very sad! I will beat his cry-baby bottom today!
McQueen: And... there's the insult we were missing. Gracie!

Miles Axlerod: [in his disguised voice as the Lemon Mastermind] Welcome, everyone, I wish I could be with you on this very special day, but… my clutch assembly broke. You know how it is. We are here to celebrate. Today, all your hard work pays off. The world turned their backs on cars like us. They stopped manufacturing us, stopped making our parts. The only thing they haven't stopped doing is laughing at us. They've called us terrible names - jalopy, rust bucket, heap, clunker, junker, beater, wreck, rattletrap... lemon. But their insults just give us strength. Because today, my friends, that... all... ends! [Due to Grem and Acer's camera-disguised weapon, Carla Veloso crashes] They laughed at us, but now it's our turn to laugh back. [Nigel Gearsley, another racer, crashes due to the weapon] Embrace your inner lemon. Let it drive you. This was meant to be alternative fuel's greatest moment. [Cars, seeing the crashes, throw their alternative fuel cups away and start smashing alternative fuel signs] But after today, everyone will race back to gasoline and we, the owners of the world's largest untapped oil reserve, will become the most powerful cars in the world! They will come to us, and they will have no choice, because they will need us. And, they will finally respect us. So, hold your hoods high. After today, you will never again be ashamed of who you are. Long live lemons!

Prof. Z: [after receiving orders from the Lemon Mastermind] Of course. [to his fellow Lemons] Allinol must be finished for good. McQueen cannot win the last race. Lightning McQueen must be killed.
Mater: No! [accidentally turns into a taco truck]
Prof. Z: [confused, Mater's circuits short out, and accidentally blowns his own cover] IT'S THE AMERICAN SPY! [the Lemons all draw their weapons]
Mater: Dad-gum!
Computer: Gatling gun, request acknowledged. [2 Gatling guns appear out of Mater's sides]
Mater: Shoot, I didn't mean...
Computer: Request acknowledged. [Mater's guns fire madly, shooting everything in the room as the Lemons drive for cover. The force of the guns makes Mater back out of the room and onto the balcony]
Mater: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn't mean that kinda "shoot"!
Mater's Computer: Correction acknowledged, deploying chute. [a parachute appears out of Mater's back]
Mater: Whoa-a-a! [carries him into the air]

Mater: I gotta get you all out of there!
McMissle: There's no time! McQueen needs your help, Mater.
Mater: But I can't! I'm just a tow truck!
McMissle: It's up to you. Go to the pits and get everyone out! You can do that.
Mater: What about you guys?
McMissle: We'll be okay.
Shiftwell: Go and get some more dents, Mater.
[Mater bursts out the doors to Big Ben and starts speeding to the pits]

Mater: Stay back! If you get close to me, you're gonna get hurt real bad!
McQueen: I know I made you feel that way before, but none of that matters! Because we're best friends!

Mater: Somebody's been sabotaging the races and hurting the cars, and I know who! Oh, wait! Your Majesty. [bows, and exposes the time bomb]
British Car: BOMB! IT'S A BOMB! [the others pull out their guns, and are about to shoot Mater]
McMissile: [out of nowhere] Hold your fire! He can't disarm it! Mater, I don't know what you're doing, but stand down now!
Mater: This ain't nothing at all like Radiator Springs.
McQueen: Mater, just cut to the chase.
Mater: Okay. It's him! [points to Miles]
Miles: What? Me? You've got to be crazy.
Mater: I figured it out when I realized y'all attached this tickin' time bomb with Whitworth bolts. The same bolts that hold together that old British engine from the photograph. Holley, show that picture.
Shiftwell: Okay. [brings up the image]
Mater: And then I remembered what they say about old British engines. "If there ain't no oil under 'em, there ain't no oil in 'em."
Axlerod: What is he talking about?
Mater: It was you leaking oil at the party in Japan. [flashback of Miles Axlerod leaking oil, and blaming Mater] You just blamed it on me.
Axlerod: Electric cars don't use oil, you twit.
Mater: Then you're faking it. You didn't convert to no electric. We pop that hood, we gonna see that engine from that picture right there.
Axlerod: [realizing that Mater knows the truth, backs away] This lorry's crazy! He's gonna kill us all! [panicking] STAY AWAY!
Shiftwell: But Sir Axlerod created the race, Mater. Why would he want to hurt anyone?
Mater: To make Allinol look bad, so that everyone would go back to using oil. I mean, he said it himself with that dee-sguised voice.
Axlerod: "Dee-sguised voice"? What are you talking about? YOU'RE NUTS, YOU ARE!
Prince Wheeliam: This is going nowhere fast. We really should go, Grandmother.
The Queen: One moment. I'd like to see where this is going. [Bomb countdown reaches to 00:29.]
McMissile: Mater, he created Allinol.
Mater: Yeah, but what if he found that huge oil field just as the world was trying to find something else, what if he came up with Allinol just to make alternative fuel look bad?
Axlerod: [Bomb countdown reaches 00:19, 00:18.] "What if"? You're basing this on a "what if"!?
Security Guard: Okay, that's it! Lads, clear out! [The Queen and spectators evacuate]
Axlerod: Wait, somebody save me! The lorry's crazy! KEEP AWAY, YOU IDIOT!
McMissile: Mater?!
Shiftwell: [The bomb countdown reaches 00:09, 00:08.] Mater!
Miles Axlerod: Someone, do something!
Car in Crowd: [alarmed] DRIVE AWAY!
Miles Axlerod: [Mater stands his ground, glaring at Axlerod, while everyone braces for the explosion] YOU'RE INSANE, YOU ARE! [Bomb countdown 00:03, then 00:02.] DEACTIVATE!!
[countdown stops at 00:01 before explosion, causing it to say "Voice Accepted"]
Bomb Computer: Bomb deactivated. Have a nice day, Sir Axlerod. [Mater smiles in satisfaction. Axlerod is shocked at what he said, as police cars approach to arrest him. Mater pops open Axlerod's hood, revealing the V8 engine.]
McMissile: The engine from the photo.
Shiftwell: It's a perfect match. [brings up the image and does a match between Axlerod's and the blue one's]
Axlerod: How did the tow truck figure it out?
McQueen: It's official, you're coming to all my races from now on.
Mater: Now you're talking!

[At Mater's Knighting Ceremony]
The Queen: I hereby dub thee "Sir Tow Mater".
Mater: "Sir"? Shoot, you can just call me Mater, Your Majesty. I don't wanna hear none of this "Sir" business. By the way, have y'all met each other? Queen, McQueen. [to Lightning] McQueen, Queen. McQueen, McMissile. [to Finn] McMissile, McQueen. [to the Queen] Queen, McMissile. ([to Finn] McMissile, Queen.)

[Mater and the gang are watching Lightning, Francesco and the others race in the Radiator Springs Grand Prix, Holley gets an alert.]
Shiftwell: Finn, time to go. Siddeley's gassed, geared and ready to fly.
Mater: You're leavin' already?
McMissile: We've got another mission, Mater. Just stopped by here to pick something up. [he and Holley stare at Mater.]
Mater: Somethin' tells me you're not talkin' about souvenir bumper stickers.
McMissile: Her Majesty asked for you personally, Mater.
Mater: But I told y'all before, I'm not a spy.
Shiftwell: We know.
McMissile: Spy or not, you're still the smartest, most honest chap we've ever met.
Shiftwell: Don't forget massively charming.
Mater: Well, thanks. But as much fun as it was hangin' with y'all, this... [looking at his friends] This is home.
Shiftwell: That's alright, we understand, but I'll be back. You still owe me that first date.
McMissile: If there's ever anything I can do for you, just let me know.
Mater: Well, I sure appreciate that, thank you. [pauses] Actually, there is one thing...
[Cuts to him using the rockets in the race.]

[Last lines]
Bernoulli: [sees Mater fly past him.] Impossibile!
McQueen: [seeing Mater rocket up to him] Mater?!
Mater: Check it out! They let me keep the rockets!
McQueen: I'll see you at the finish line, buddy!
Mater: Not if I see you first! [together, they zoom off.]


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  • Spy it only in theaters 2011.
  • The mission begins.

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