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Cars is a 2006 animated feature film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is set in a world populated entirely by anthropomorphized cars and other vehicles.

Written and directed by John Lasseter and Joe Ranft.'s got that new movie smell. Taglines


Chick Hicks: The Piston Cup? It's mine, dude. It's mine. Hey, how do you think I'll look in Dinoco Blue? [pauses] Dinoco Blue! Ah ha ha ha!
Lightning McQueen: In your dreams, Thunder.
Hicks: Yeah, well..."Thunder"? What's he talking about, "Thunder"?
McQueen: Oh, you know, because 'Thunder' always comes after Lightning! Ka-chow!

Fillmore: I'm telling you, man, every third blink is slower.
Sarge: The sixties weren't good to you, were they?
Lightning McQueen:What? That's not the Interstate! Ah! Oh! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! No, no, no, no, no, no! Ow!
Fillmore: I'm not the only one seeing this, right?
Lightning McQueen: Ah!
Fillmore: Incoming! Whoa, man.
Lightning McQueen: No!
Ramone: Hey! Look, What's Happening!
Lightning McQueen: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Luigi: My Tires!
Lightning McQueen: (Grunts)
Red: (Gasps)
Lightning McQueen: (Screaming)
Red: (Gasps)
Lightining McQueen: Ahhhh!!! (Shouting) (Screaming) Uhhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fillmore: Fly Away, Stanley. Be free.
Sheriff: Boy, you're in a "Heap of Trouble".
Lightning McQueen: Whew...

Doc Hudson: All right, I wanna know who's responsible for wrecking my town, Sheriff. I want his hood on a platter! I'm gonna put him in jail 'til he rots. No, check that... I'm gonna put him in jail 'til the jail rots on top of him, then I'm gonna move him to a new jail and let that jail rot. I'm - [finally spots Lightning] Throw him outta here, Sheriff! I want him out of my courtroom, I want him out of our town! Case dismissed!
Lightning McQueen: Yes!
Mater: Boy, I'm pretty good at this lawyerin' stuff!

Lightning McQueen: FREEDOM!
Mater: [Doc Hudson glares at him] Maybe I should've uh...hooked him up to Bessie and then uh... then took the boot off.
Lightning McQueen: [Driving away from Radiator Springs] Woo Hoo! Goodbye Radiator Springs and goodbye Bessie! California, here I come! [Continues speeding away] Oh feel that wind... Yes! [Engine begins to sputter] No... no... no no no! Out of gas?! How could I be out of gas?! [Stops right in front of the Sheriff and Sally Carrera]
Sheriff: [Chuckles] Boy, we ain't as dumb as you think we are.
Lightning McQueen: Bu-bu-but... but hhhhow did-?
Sally Carrera: We siphoned your gas while you were passed out. Kachow! [Does Lightning's bid maneuver]

[Lightning McQueen has just seen Doc Hudson's driving and follows him back to his shop]
Lightning McQueen: Doc, hold it! Seriously, your driving's incredible!
Doc Hudson: [bitterly] Wonderful. Now go away.
McQueen: Hey, I mean it. You've still got it!
Hudson: I'm asking you to leave.
McQueen: Come on. I'm a racecar, you're... a much older racecar, but under the hood, you and I are the same.
Hudson: We are NOT the same! Understand? Now, get out!
McQueen: How could a car like you quit at the top of your game?
Hudson: [shocked] You think I quit? [shows Lightning an old newspaper]
McQueen: Right... your big wreck in '54...
Hudson: They quit on me. When I finally got put together, I went back expecting a big welcome. Know what they said? "You're history." Moved on to the next rookie standing in line. [defeated] There was a lot left in me. I just never got a chance to show 'em. I keep that to remind me never to go back. I just never expected that that world would... would find me here.
McQueen: Hey Doc, I'm not them.
Hudson: You're not, huh?
McQueen: No, I'm not!
Hudson: When was the last time you cared about something except yourself, hot rod? You name me one time, and I will take it all back. [Lightning looks defeated since he can't think about the last time he cared for someone else; Doc nods knowingly] Uh-huh. I didn't think so. These are good folk around here, who care about one another. I don't want them depending on someone they can't count on.
McQueen: [angrily] Oh, like you? You've been here for how long, and your friends don't even know who you are? Who's caring about only himself?
Hudson: [bitterly] Just finish that road and get outta here! [drives away in disgust]

[Having discovered Doc's real identity as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Lightning McQueen desperately tries to convince the rest of the gang about it]
Lightning McQueen: No no no no, it's true! He's a real racing legend. He's the Fabulous Hudson Hornet!
Flo: Fabulous? I've never seen Doc drive more than 20 miles an hour. I mean, have you ever seen him race?
McQueen: No, but I wish I could. They say that he was amazing. He won three Piston Cups!
Mater: [spits out oil that he's drinking] He did WHAT in his cup?!

[The folks of Radiator Springs are sad that Lightning McQueen left without saying goodbye after fixing the main road.]
Mater: He's done. He must've finished it while we was all sleepin'.
Doc Hudson: Good riddance. [turns around and drives off]
Flo: He's gone?
Sarge: Well, we wouldn't want him to miss that race of his.
[Sally Carrera drives off sadly.]
Ramone: [hears the Sheriff sniffling] Oh, dude, are you crying?
Sheriff: [angrily] No, I'm happy! I don't have to watch him every second of the day anymore! I'm glad he's gone!
[Red speeds away crying, upset at Lightning's apparent departure]
Lightning McQueen: [appearing out of the blue] What's wrong with Red?
Mater: [completely oblivious to Lightning's presence, while everyone gasps] Oh, he's just sad 'cause you left town and went to your big race to win the Piston Cup that you always dreamed about your whole life, an' get that big ol' sponsor, and that fancy helicopter you was talkin' about. [gasps] Wait a minute! [everyone laughs] I knew you wouldn't leave without saying goodbye!

Lightning McQueen: This organic fuel is great! Why haven't I heard about it?
Fillmore: It's a conspiracy, man! The oil companies have got a grip on the Government! They're feeding us a bunch of lies, man!
McQueen: Okay, I'll take a case!

Lightning McQueen: [sees Radiator Springs crew at the pit stop] Guys, you're here! I can't believe this!
Doc Hudson: I knew you needed a crew chief, but I didn't know it was this bad.
McQueen: I thought you said you'd never come back.
Hudson: Well, I really didn't have a choice. Mater didn't get to say goodbye.
Mater: [yelling into the microphone] Goodbye! Okay, I'm good.

[Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson racing at Willy's Butte]
Lightning McQueen: Not today, old man. I know all your tricks. [Doc suddenly swerves off the track; McQueen looks for him] Doc! Doc?
Doc Hudson: [jumping over Lightning's head and back onto the track] Yee-hah! Not all my tricks, rookie!



  • Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell.
  • The Brand New 2006.
  • It's not the destination. It's the journey.
  • Gear up.
  • A race car in a place where there's no pit crew... only Route 66 residents.
  • Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Trip.
  • Start your engines.
  • Our cars speak for themselves.
  • 1284 To 2006
  • They are 700000102 billon Machines in the world has been Driven ((DRIVEN)) by a Ruthless Remendbless untearless glortresss unrepanding Car and he has actions wound them around

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