Stephen Tobolowsky

American actor

Stephen Harold Tobolowsky (born May 30, 1951) is an American actor and author. He played annoying insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in the Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day, as well as such television characters as Commissioner Hugo Jarry in Deadwood and Bob Bishop in Heroes. He has had recurring roles as Sandy Ryerson on Glee, and as Stu Beggs on Californication.

Stephen Tobolowsky in 2012


  • It's funny how we imagine that lifelong relationships have to be build on a mountain top of moments, so huge they're written across the sky in letters a mile wide. But I knew a skywriter once and he told me the letters are just strategically placed puffs of smoke that are easily blown away. In reality, a life together is made of the simplest, smallest things.
  • The element that people don't consider is that a friendship is about the only relationship we experience that is mutually voluntary. It is not really bound by family, money, or jobs. It is only bound by inclination. Once that is gone. It is gone. It feels powerful… it's not. It is delicate.
  • My son Robert, the scientist, told me at dinner that blue is not blue. That what we call blue is actually something that absorbs all other energy frequencies and rejects blue. Our eyes see the frequencies cast off as blue and we call it blue. I wondered, are we defined by the things we are, or the things we reject?
  • […] it seems like people make the mistake of thinking love is about the bedroom. It's not. It's about the emergency room. Love and marriage is who will sit there and wait.
  • Marriage isn’t about the good days. Anyone can make a life with anyone else when you are having a good day. Marriage is about the bad days. When you have lost confidence. When you have been hurt. Or failed. Or gotten angry. Or made a terrible mistake. That is when the power of a marriage reveals itself.
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