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Season 22 is a 2018 television series of Thomas & Friends. This series takes place after Big World! Big Adventures! and before Season 23.

Number One Engine

An An and Lin-Yong: Ni Hao, Thomas.
Thomas: Hi! I mean, hello. I mean, Ni Hao.

Thomas: My new friend Hong-Mei and I make a great team! After all, what could be better than two number ones?

Forever and Ever

Nia: I know change can be hard, Gordon. Almost everything in my life has changed. I'm in a new country on a new railway trying to make new friends and all my old friends are much farther away than Henry and Edward are going to be. And you know something else?
Gordon: What?
Nia: My old friends are still my friends.

Confusion Without Delay

Rebecca: I'm slowing down, I'm slowing down!

Rebecca: My name's Rebecca by the way! [bumps into Diesel] Oh!
Diesel: Oye! Watch out, Rebecca by the way. [laughs]
Rebecca: Oh, sorry. Uh...I don't know what to call you.
Diesel: I'm Diesel, I think you'll find.
Rebecca: Oh. sorry, Diesel I think you'll find.

Sir Topham Hatt: You have caused confusion and dela... Oh, uh, confusion and um... Well, uh... a great deal of confusion!
Rebecca: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Trusty Trunky

Ashima: You'll soon get used to working here, Thomas. It's not as busy as the railway on Sodor, you know.

Thomas: [after feeling a bump behind him] Was that an elephant?
Shankar: No. It's just me, bring you your cars.

Thomas: I knew I'd make lots of new friends in India but I never thought one of them would be an elephant!

What Rebecca Does

Man: Hey! Who threw that?!
Bill and Ben: That's Harvey's fault!
Harvey: Uh oh. [laughs]

Rebecca: It's just... there's nothing special about me. Belle is a hero who puts out fires, Harvey has a crane that he uses to help others, and you can dig holes with your steam shovel! But what do I do? Who am I? I'm just a steamie. A steamie among steamies.

Thomas Goes to Bollywood

Ashima: Can you believe they're filming a Bollywood movie on the Indian Railway? It's so exciting!"
Thomas: Yes, so exciting! A film about Bollywood. What's a Bollywood?"
Ashima: In America, they have Hollywood so in India, we have Bollywood. It's just another name for the Indian movie industry.

Thomas in the Wild

Yong Bao: You see, the giant panda is the national animal of China.
Thomas: A giant panda? I've never seen one of those before.
Yong Bao: That's not surprising because giant pandas are very rare.

An An: We've worked on this railway for a very long time, and even we've never seen a wild giant panda in the bamboo forest.

Yin-Long: I can't believe we saw a giant panda in the wild and all because of you, Thomas.

Thomas and the Monkey Palace

Thomas: Oh, I know Rajiv said I shouldn't, but I really want to see the monkey palace, and if I hurry, I won't even be late with the coconuts.