Thomas & Friends/Season 13

season of television series

Thomas & Friends Season 13

Creaky Cranky

Thomas: I'm sorry, sir. I was–
The Fat Controller: You are causing confusion and delay! The Duke and Duchess have no wood, straw bales, or eggs. Now I see you have them all here. Cranky is broken and you, Thomas, think it's a good time to try being a bird!

The Lion of Sodor

The Mayor: This is the finest statue I've ever seen!
The Fat Controller: And the cleanest!

Tickled Pink

Emily: Cinders and ashes! You're bright pink, James! [laughs]

Toby: Fizzling fireboxes, James! You're a big pink engine! [laughs]

Diesel: What are you doing, James? You're a big pink steamie! [laughs]

Percy: James… you're all... pink! Ha, ha! What a funny colo(u)r!
[they all laugh]
Gordon: I'd hide, too if I was bright pink!

Spencer: Oh, dear, James. Bright pink really isn't your colo(u)r!

Double Trouble

Thomas: Please, sir. We can't stay long. The children mustn't be late for the party.
Sir "Topham" Hatt: Oh, party, schmarty, Thomas. We have plenty of time! You worry too much!

Slippy Sodor

Mr. Bubbles: Slow down, Thomas! You're spilling my bubble liquid!

The Early Bird

Victor: What's that noise, boss?
Kevin: Who knows, Kevin? Who knows? Some early bird.

Play Time

Victor: [to Thomas and Charlie] Steady, boys!

Thomas and the Pigs

Thomas: [after the piglets] Aww, that little piglet is looking at me!

Time for a Story

Thomas: I mustn't be late for story time! I'll chuff and I'll puff to be there on time!

Percy's Parcel

Percy: [to Dowager Hatt] Happy birthday, Ma'am. Here is your very special birthday present!

Toby's New Whistle

Victor: Easy does it, Kevin, my friend. Left a little, no, right a little. Perfect! Very good, my friend!

A Blooming Mess

The Fat Controller: Emily, you must go to Maithwaite and collect flowers for the new window-boxes…
Emily: Flowers? How lovely! I know all about flowers. I know that buttercups are yellow–
The Fat Controller: Emily! ...And then take them to Knapford Station.
Emily: Yes, sir.

Thomas and the Runaway Kite

Thomas: I will catch up with the runaway kite! I'll huff, and I'll puff with all of my might! I'm the fastest engine on Sodor!

Steamy Sodor

Victor: Sizzling Sodor! What has happened to my beautiful Steamworks?

Splish, Splash, Splosh

Thomas: Here I come! Splish… Splash… SPLOSH!
[water flies into the air, and splashes on Botti and the Fat Controller]
The Fat Controller: Thomas!

The Biggest Present of All

Thomas: I was trying to find you a welcome present, Hiro. Something special from Sodor, but I couldn't find anything. I'm sorry.
Hiro: Thomas, my friend. You must not worry. My welcome present is right here - being here with my friends is the biggest present of all, and the most special present from Sodor, there is nothing more special!

Snow Tracks

Gordon: Perishing pistons!

Henry's Good Deeds

The Bird Watcher: Well done, Henry!

Buzzy Bees

Thomas: Farmer Trotter is waiting for you, bees. You will like living on his farm.

Hiro Helps Out

Hiro: I'm not Master of the Railway, I'm Master of the Muddle!


Actor/Actress Region Role(s) Notes
Ben Small UK Thomas and Toby
Keith Wickham Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, the Fat Controller, Sir Lowham Hatt, the Mayor of Sodor and Mr. Bubbles
US/UK Dowager Hatt
Martin Sherman US Thomas and Percy
Henry Originally
Kerry Shale UK Thomas and Spencer
US Henry, Gordon, James, Kevin, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt, Sir Lowham Hatt and the Maithwaite Stationmaster
William Hope Edward, Toby, Rocky, Farmer McColl, Farmer Trotter, and The Maithwaite Stationmaster
Stephen Hatt Thomas and the Runaway Kite only
Matt Wilkinson UK
Spencer, Charlie, Rocky, Cranky, Kevin, Farmer McColl, Farmer Trotter, The Maithwaite Stationmaster, The Knapford Stationmaster and The Bird Watcher
Teresa Gallagher Emily, Rosie, Mavis, Lady Hatt, The Teacher and Bridget Hatt and her friends
Jules de Jongh US
US/UK Alicia Botti
Togo Igawa Hiro
Glenn Wrage US Spencer, Charlie and Cranky
David Bedella Victor and the Mayor of Sodor
Michael Brandon Diesel, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt, Mr. Bubbles and the Narrator
Mark Moraghan The Narrator Snow Tracks from "Santa's Little Engine" DVD only
Michael Angelis UK
Pierce Brosnan UK/US Originally

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