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Thomas and Friends

British children's television series

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (1984–present) is a British/American childrens TV series, based on a series of British children books, The Railway Series.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Thomas and Gordon/Gets Tricked Thomas, Percy, and the Coal / Double Trouble A Scarf for Percy
Edward and Gordon/Helps Out Cows / A Cow on the Line Percy's Promise
The Sad Story of Henry / Come Out, Henry! Bertie's Chase Time for Trouble
Edward, Gordon and Henry / Henry to the Rescue Saved From Scrap Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Thomas' Train / A Big Day for Thomas Old Iron Donald's Duck
Thomas and the Trucks / Trouble For Thomas Thomas and Trevor / A New Friend for Thomas Thomas Gets Bumped
Thomas and the Breakdown Train/Saves the Day Percy and the Signal Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
James and the Coaches/Learns a Lesson Duck Takes Charge Diesel Does It Again
Troublesome Trucks / Foolish Freight Cars Percy and Harold/Proves a Point Henry's Forest
James and the Express / A Proud Day for James The Runaway The Trouble with Mud
Thomas and the Guard/Conductor Percy Takes the Plunge No Joke for James
Thomas Goes Fishing Pop Goes the Diesel Thomas, Percy and the Post/Mail Train
Thomas, Terence and the Snow / Terence the Tractor Dirty Work
Diesel's Devious Deed
Trust Thomas
Thomas and Bertie('s Great Race) A Close Shave (for Duck) Mavis
Tenders and Turntables Better Late Than Never Toby's Tightrope
Trouble in the Shed Break Van / Donald and Douglas Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
Percy Runs Away The Deputation (James Goes) Buzz(,) Buzz
(Henry's Special) Coal Thomas Comes to Breakfast All at Sea
The Flying Kipper Daisy One Good Turn
Whistles and Sneezes Percy's Predicament Tender Engines
Toby and the Stout Gentleman/the Tram Engine The Diseasel Escape
Thomas in Trouble/Breaks the Rules Wrong Road Oliver Owns Up
Dirty Objects / James in a Mess Edward's Exploit Bulgy
Off the Rails / Gordon Takes a Dip Ghost Train / Percy's Ghostly Trick Heroes
Down the Mine Woolly Bear Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Thomas' Christmas Party Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree Thomas and Percy's Christmas/Mountain Adventure
Season 4 Season 5 Season 6
Granpuff Cranky Bugs Salty's Secret
Sleeping Beauty Horrid Lorry Harvey to the Rescue
Bulldog A Better View for Gordon No Sleep for Cranky
You Can't Win Lady Hatt's Birthday Party A Bad Day for Harold (the Helicopter)
Four Little Engines James and the Trouble with Trees Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry/Quarry Truck
A Bad Day for Sir Handel Gordon and the Germlin The Fogman
Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady Bye, Goerge! Jack Jumps In
Trucks / Rusty Helps Peter Sam Baa! A Friend in Need
Home at Last Put Upon Percy It's Only Snow
Rock 'n' Roll Toby and the Flood Twin Trouble
Special Funnel Haunted Henry The World's Strongest Engine
Steam Roller Double Teething Troubles Scaredy Engines
Passengers and Polish Stepney Gets Lost Percy and the Haunted Mine
Gallant Old Engine Toby's Discovery Middle Engine
Rusty to the Rescue Something in the Air James and the Red Balloon
Thomas and Stepney Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach Jack Frost
Train Stops Play Thomas and the Rumo(u)rs Gordon Takes a Tumble
Bowled Out Oliver's Find Percy's Chocolate Crunch
Henry and the Elephant Happy Ever After Buffer Bother
Toad Stands By Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday Toby Had a Little Lamb
Bulls Eyes A (Big) Surprise for Percy Thomas, Percy and the Squeak
Thomas and the Special Letter Make Someone Happy Thomas (and) the Jet Engine
Paint Pots and Queens / Thomas Meets the Queen Busy Going Backwards Edward the Very/Really Useful Engine
Fish Duncan Gets Spooked Dunkin' Duncan
Special Attraction Snow Rusty Saves the Day
Mind That Bike Rusty and the Boulder Faulty Whistles
Season 7 Season 8 Season 9
Emily's New Coaches Thomas and the Tuba Percy and the Oil Painting
Percy Gets it Right Percy's New Whistle Thomas and the Rainbow
Bill, Ben and Fergus Thomas to the Rescue Molly's Special Special
The Old (Iron) Bridge Henry and the Wishing Tree Thomas' Milkshake Muddle
Edward's Brass Band James Gets a New Coat Mighty Mac
What's the Matter with Henry? Thomas Saves the Day Thomas and the Toy (WORK)SHOP
James and the Queen of Sodor Percy's Big Mistake Respect for Gordon
The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop/Stand Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
The Spotless Record Don't Tell Thomas Tuneful Toots
Toby's Windmill / Toby and the Windmill Emily's New Route Rheneas and the Dinosaur
Bad Day at Castle Loch Thomas and the Firework Display Thomas and the New Engine
Rheneas and the Roller Coaster Gordon Takes Charge Toby Feels Left Out
Salty's Stormy Tale Spic and Span Thomas Tries His Best
(Oliver the) Snow Engine Edward the Great The Magic Lamp
Something Fishy Squeak, Rattle and Roll Thomas and the Statue
The Runaway Elephant Thomas and the Circus Henry and the Flagpole
Peace and Quiet Thomas Gets It Right Emily Knows Best
Fergus Breaks the Rules / Thomas and the Search for Fergus As Good as Gordon Thomas' Day Off
Bulgy Rides Again Fish Thomas' New Trucks
Harold and the Flying Horse Emily's Adventure Duncan and the Old Mine
The Grand Opening Halloween Bold and Brave
Best Dressed Engine You Can Do It, Toby! Skarloey the Brave
Gordon and Spencer Chickens to School Saving Edward
Not So Hasty Puddings/Cakes
Thomas and the Avalanche
Too Hot for Thomas Thomas and the Golden Eagle
Trusty Rusty James Goes Too Far Keeping Up with James
Three Cheers/Hooray for Thomas Percy and the Magic Carpet Flour Power
Season 10 Season 11 Season 12
Follow That Flour Thomas and the Storyteller Thomas and the Billboard
A Smooth Ride Emily's Rubbish / Emily and the Garbage Steady Eddie
Thomas and the Jet Plane Dream On Rosie's Funfair/Carnival Special
Percy and the Funfair/Carnival Dirty Work Mountain Marvel
The Green Controller Hector the Horrid! Henry Gets It Wrong
Duncan Drops a Clanger Gordon and the Engineer/Mechanic Heave Ho Thomas
Thomas' Tricky Tree Thomas and the Spaceship Toby's Special Surprise
Toby's Afternoon Off Henry's Lucky Day Excellent Emily
It's Good to Be Gordon Thomas and the Lighthouse The Party Surprise
Seeing the Sights Thomas and the Big Bang Saved You!
Fearless Freddie Smoke and Mirrors Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Toby's New Shed Thomas Sets Sail James Works It Out
Edward Strikes Out Don't be Silly, Billy Tram Trouble
Topped Off Thomas Edward and the Mail Don't Go Back
Which Way Now? Hide and Peep Gordon Takes a Shortcut
Thomas and the Shooting Star Toby's Triumph The Man in the Hills
Big Strong Henry Thomas and the Runaway Car Thomas Puts the Brakes On
Sticky Toffee/Taffy Thomas Thomas in Trouble Percy and the Bandstand
Wharf and Peace Thomas and the Stinky Cheese Push Me, Pull You
Thomas' Frosty Friend Percy and the Left Luggage/Baggage Best Friends
Emily and the Special Coaches/Cars Duncan Does it All
Thomas and the Colo(u)rs Sir Handel in Charge
Thomas and the Birthday Mail Cool Truckings
Duncan's Bluff Ding-a-Ling
Missing Trucks/(Freight) Cars Skarloey Storms Through
Thomas and the Treasure Wash Behind Your Buffers
James the Second Best
Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out
Season 13 Season 14 Season 15
Creaky Cranky Thomas' Tall Friend Gordon and Ferdinand
The Lion of Sodor James in the Dark James to the Rescue
Double Trouble Pingy Pongy Pick Up
Splish, Splash, Splosh!
Season 16 Season 17 Season 18
Race to the Rescue Kevin's Cranky Friend Toad's Adventure
Ol' Wheezy Wobbles Scruff's Makeover Thomas and the Emergency Cable
Thomas and the Rubbish/Garbage Train Wayward Winston Timothy and the Rainbow Truck/Car
Season 19 Season 20 Season 21
The Beast of Sodor Henry Gets the Express episode
Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks/Cars
Reds vs. Blues Tit for Tat
Goodbye Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt Mike's Whistle
Useful Railway

Season 21Edit

Terence Breaks the IceEdit

[flashback from Thomas, Terence and the Snow]
Terence: Hello! I'm Terence. I'm plowing.
Thomas: I'm Thomas. I'm pulling a train. What ugly wheels you've got!
Terence: They're not wheels, they're caterpillar tracks. I can go anywhere! I don't need rails. See? It's easy when you have caterpillar tracks.
Thomas: I don't wanna go anywhere. I like my rails. (Thank you.)


Thomas and the Magic RailroadEdit

Mr. Conductor [narrating]: Far away on Sodor, the steam engines were confidence, cheerful, and determined not to be bully by Diesel (10). Only James, who now felt really useful too, was complaining.
James: Wobbly wheels!
Thomas: Puffy pistons!
James: Thomas, I should've collect Mr. Conductor!
Gordon: James is right, little Thomas. [chuckles] Collecting Mr. Conductor is an important job, hmm. Important... is big. James is a big engine, huh?
James: Hmm…
Gordon: You, Thomas, are small. Small, small, small, tenny-weeny-weeny. And I... I'm a big blue engine, who knows everything. [chuckles]
Thomas: Bossy Sprockets! All that steam has gone through your funnel.

[the engines discuss about how to stop Diesel 10]
Toby: What's important is to stand up on our own wheels to Diesel (10).
Henry: Toby's right. Diesel (10) knows that the lost engine in the legend really exists.
James: What engine?
Percy: What legend?
Henry: Of an engine whose magic makes her more powerful than Diesel (10) will ever be. That's why he wants to find her.
Percy: Then we'd better find her first.
James: [comes out of the shed] Leave it to the big engines, Percy!
Thomas: Little Engines can do big things, especially when they have nice blue paint like me.
Splatter: [to Dodge, about Thomas] Hey, hey! Just watch what happens when that blue puffball...
Dodge: ...When Harold the flopper chopper flies past here.
Splatter: Right!
Harold: [flies by] Routine, flyby chaps. Hello!
Splatter: The boss dumped sneezing powder everywhere.
Dodge: Let's start laughing now!
Splatter: [laughing] Yeah!
Harold: [flies past the shed, causing dust to fly everywhere] Sorry, fellows. Bit of a dust up. Love to stay and clean up. Got to go! Bye now! [flies away]
Splatter: [covered in sneezing powder] Uh, did you mean to look like that?
Dodge: [covered in sneezing powder] Uh, no.
Splatter: Uh, neither did I.
Thomas: [covered in sneezing powder] This must be Diesel (10)'s doing! AH, CHOO! CHOO!

Calling All Engines!Edit

The Fat Controller: Why are you all here?
Thomas: We're going to work together and get the airport open on time.

Lady: We always finish our jobs when we work together.

The Great DiscoveryEdit

Thomas: I am brave and I am strong. I'll get to the Wharf and it won't take long!

Narrator: Thomas smiled. He wanted to be the leader of the track.
Thomas: But we're all leaders of the track.

Hero of the RailsEdit

Thomas: I've found the oldest engine on Sodor. His name is... Hiro.

Misty Island RescueEdit

Percy: Cranky! Salty! Look! That must be Misty Island!

Day of the DieselsEdit

The Fat Controller: You, Diesel 10, are an engine on my railway. You will do as I say when I say it! Do you understand?
[Diesel 10 whimpers]
The Fat Controller: You have caused confusion and delay! The Dieselworks has been on fire, the Steamworks has been bashed and banged, and because of you, none of my engines is being really useful! You will put right everything you damaged.

Blue Mountain MysteryEdit

Skarloey: We told you not to talk to the other engines.
Rheneas: And you have.
Peter Sam: We thought you were our friend.
Luke: I thought you were my friend.
Together: But you're not.

King of the RailwayEdit

Connor: Hello, there. I'm Connor.
Caitlin: And I'm Caitlin. We've come for the opening of Ulfstead Castle to bring passengers from the Mainland.
Connor: This is our test run and time trial. We're having a little race. Care to join us?

Diesel: Out of the way, little steamie! We have work to do here!
Stephen: Well so do I, Mr. Oily.
Paxton: Ha, ha, ha! He's Mr. Oily!

Tale of the BraveEdit

Gator: Being brave isn't the same as not feeling scared. Being brave is about you do, even when you do feel scared.

The Adventure BeginsEdit

Narrator: [about Thomas] The new engine had 6 small wheels, a short stumpy dome, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy funnel.

The Three Railway Engines EraEdit

Edward Helps Out (Edward and Gordon)
Driver: What's he up to now? [walks up to Gordon] Come on, Gordon. You're not even trying!
Gordon: Hmph! I can't do it! Those noisy trucks hold an engine back! If they were (clean) coaches, now that would be different.
Come Out, Henry! (The Sad Story of Henry)
Edward: [telling Henry's "Sad" Story] Once, an engine attached to a train, was afraid of a few drops of rain.
He rushed into a tunnel, and squeaked through his funnel and never came out again.
His driver and fireman agreed with him, but he wouldn't budge. "The rain will spoil my lovely green paint and red stripes", he said.

Edward: Everyone pulled... except Sir Topham Hatt.
The Fat Director: Ahem! My doctor has forbidden me to pull.
Edward: When that didn't worked, they tried pushing from the other end.
The Fat Director: 1, 2, 3, PUSH!! Everybody, push! Harder! Come on. Put your backs into it. Ahem. My doctor has also forbidden me to push.

Thomas the Tank Engine EraEdit

Thomas Gets Tricked (Thomas and Gordon)
Thomas: Stop, stop!
Gordon: Hurry, hurry, hurry!
A Big Day for Thomas (Thomas' Train)
Signalman: Hello, Thomas. What are you doing here?
Thomas: I'm pulling my very first train. Can't you see?
Signalman: Really? Well, where are your coaches?
Thomas: [looks back] Oh, no.
Trouble for Thomas (Thomas and the Trucks)
Thomas: I want to go places and do things. I want to...
The other engines: ...See the world!

The Fat Director: Thomas, what are you doing here and why have you come so fast?
Thomas: I brought Edward's trucks, sir, but they were pushing me.
The Fat Director: You've got a lot to learn about trucks, little Thomas.
Thomas Saves the Day (Thomas and the Breakdown)
Edward: Off to see the world now, Thomas?
Thomas: Yes, Edward. I am.

[final lines]
Coffee Pot Engine: Oh, you must be the new #1.
Thomas: I'm Thomas.
Coffee Pot Engine: Well, look after the branch line, Thomas, and wear that number with pride.
Thomas: Don't worry, Mr. Coffee Pot. I will. You can count on me.
Mr. Coffee Pot: But I'm not "Mr. Coffee Pot". My name is Glynn.

Sodor's Legend of the Lost TreasureEdit

[in the construction yard, Duck happens upon two familiar faces]
Duck: Well, I never! Donald and Douglas! Haven't seen you two around in a while.
Donald: We only went to collect some more rails and sleepers.
Douglas: Aye! So you can build some more track. That's all.
Duck: [chuckles] Well, I don't know, but it feels like you've been gone for ages!
[the twins set off]
Douglas: Cheerio!
Duck: Oh, cheerio! Don't leave it so long next time! [laughs]

[the morning after the chase for the treasure, the police arrest Sailor John]
Cop: Hello, hello, hello. What have we got here, then?
Sailor John: But I'm innocent, I tell ya!
Cop: Tell that to the judge.
Sailor John: You've got the wrong pirate!

[after the completion of the new branch line]
Marion: This is so exciting, isn't it, Oliver? We actually built a new branch line!
[Oliver (the Great Western Engine) and Toad pull up]
Toad: I think we're meant to be on that siding over there, Mr. Oliver.
Marion: Oliver? [to the excavator] Oliver?! But I thought you made a wish! I thought you changed into a digger! There can't be two Olivers!
Both Olivers: Yes, there can! [laugh]

The Great RaceEdit

Thomas: Oh wow! Who's this with two tenders? Hello, are you from the Other Railway? I was built on the Mainland you know. And once, a long time ago, I went back across with the other famous engines from Sodor.
Flying Scotsman: Is that so? I didn't think there were famous engines on Sodor. Oh, hello Gordon.
Thomas: Do you two know each other?
Gordon: Yes, Thomas, we know each other. This is my brother. They call him; 'The Flying Scotsman'.
Flying Scotsman: Indeed they do. It almost makes me sound famous, doesn't it? Oh, Gordon, I wanted to tell you my news! I've been invited to take part in the Great Railway Show on the Mainland, I shall be racing!
Gordon: Ugh!
Thomas: The Great Railway Show? What's that?
Flying Scotsman: Oh, the Great Railway Show is where engines compete to see who's the fastest or the strongest or, what have you. But I'm not sure any engines from Sodor will be going.
Gordon: I wouldn't want to go anyway, not if it's full of engines like you always boasting about how exciting things are on the Mainland!
Thomas: Well, I want to go!
Flying Scotsman: Of course you do, Thomas. And with any luck, maybe you shall. Flying Scotsman, coming through!

Gordon: Oh, Thomas! Why would Sir Topham Hatt want to take a little tank engine like you to the Great Railway Show?

Philip: You can do anything you want to, Thomas, if you just put your mind to it.


Diesel: [in a create on a ship] I'm full of surprises!

Journey Beyond SodorEdit

Thomas: Think positively, Lexi! Ask yourself - What can you do?
Lexi: You mean, anything?
Theo: Uh, no, we can't do anything
Merlin: But we can try!

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