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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Season 4

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Season 4

Granpuff [4.1]

Stuart and Falcon: Engines come and engines go. Granpuff goes on forever.
Duke: You impertinent scallywags. Whatever are you engines coming to?
Stuart: Never mind, Granpuff.
Falcon: We're only young once.
Duke: Well, you'd better mind, unless you want to end up like Smudger.
Stuart and Falcon: Oh, Granpuff, whatever happened?!
Duke: Smudger was a showoff. [has a flashback of said engine] He rode roughly and often came off the rails. I warned him to be careful, but he took no notice.
Smudger: Listen, Dukey. Who worries about a few spills?
Duke: "We do here", I said, but Smudger just laughed.
[Smudger laughs]
Duke: Until one day, manager said he was going to make him useful at last. Smudger stopped laughing then.
[back to the present]
Stuart: Well, why? What did he do?
Duke: He turned him into a generator. He's still out there behind our shed. He'll never move again!

[after the story]
Percy: That's not a happy ending!
Thomas: Ah, there will be one, but that will have to wait until next time.

Sleeping Beauty [4.2]

[the rescuers unexpectedly find Duke in his buried shed]
Rescuers: We found him! We found our sleeping beauty!
Duke: Excuse me! Are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals break and smash things!
Rescuers: Bless you, no! We've dropped in because we couldn't find your door. Falcon and Stuart will be pleased to see you.
Duke: So they did remember!

Stuart and Falcon: He's here! Shh! Shh!
Duke: You woke me up! In my young days engines were...
Stuart: Seen and not heard, Granpuff. We know!
Falcon: We'll all be back to work tomorrow. We're glad you've come back, we can keep you in order now.
Duke: Keep me in order?! Be off with you! [Stuart and Falcon leave] Impudent scallywags.

Bulldog [4.3]

Percy: Driver should be here by now. What's he doing?
Gordon: Sleeping.
Percy: But that means I'll be late! The coaches will be waiting, and the passengers will get cross!
Henry: Rubbish!
James: It's still early. You just want to show off.
Percy: No, I don't.

Narrator: Luckily, there was a workman's cottage nearby. Soon, everyone was passing jugs, buckets, kettles and saucepans filled with water, until Duke's thirst was quenched. All the while, Duke was building more strength. At last, with everyone's help, he was able to pull Falcon back onto the rails. Then, they started off once more. The manager was waiting at the top station. He apologized for the accident.
Passengers: Your Duke is a hero. He stood firm like a bulldog and wouldn't let go.

You Can't Win [4.4]

Duke: [about his journey] It's not so easy! It's not so easy! But I'll manage.

[after Stuart and Duke have reached the station]
Boy: What happened? They don't usually need 2 engines.
Father: Well, Stuart broke down. Duke had to help him. It sounds as if he had a hard job, too.
Narrator: Duke and his driver's joke had worked.
Stuart (Peter Sam): [covers himself in steam] FIDDLESTICKS!
Duke: Poor old engine! It's no good, Stuart. You can't win.

Four Little Engines [4.5]

Edward: It's Skarloey. What's he doing here?
Narrator: Skarloey was pleased to see Edward.
Skarloey: I've been sent here for a rest. I was put in this shed so that I could see everything and not be lonely, but I do miss Rheneas. He's going to be mended.
Edward: I wish I could be mended too, and pull coaches again.
Narrator: Just then, some workmen arrived.
Workmen: We're going to take you to the works now, Edward. Come along.
Edward: Goodbye, Skarloey! Your railway is a lovely line!
Skarloey: Oh, it is! It is! You've cheered me up, Edward! Goodbye!

Skarloey: [after reaching the station] Old engines can't pull trains like the young ones can.
Driver: They can if they're mended, old faithful, and that's what's going to happen to you. You deserve it!

A Bad Day for Sir Handel [4.6]

Sir Handel: Whatever next?! Those aren't coaches. They're cattle trucks!
Coaches: OOH! What a horrid engine!
Sir Handel: It's not what I'm used to.

Sir Handel: Hello. Who are you?
Gordon: I'm Gordon. Who are you?
Sir Handel: I'm Sir Handel. I've heard of you. You're an express engine! So am I, but I'm used to new coaches, not these cattle trucks. Do you have new coaches? [observes Gordon's train] I see you do. We must have a chat. Sorry I can't stop. We must keep time, you know.

Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady [4.7]

Henry: [to Peter Sam] This won't do, youngster. I can't be kept waiting. If you're late tonight, I'll go off and leave your passengers behind.

Refreshment Lady: What do you mean by leaving me behind?
Peter Sam: I'm sorry, Refreshment Lady, but Henry said he might leave without us!
Narrator: Then, the refreshment lady laughed.
Refreshment Lady: You silly engine! Henry was teasing you! He wouldn't have gone without our passengers. He's a guaranteed connection!
Peter Sam: Well! Where's that Henry?!

Trucks/Rusty Helps Peter Sam [4.8]

Gordon: No one understands our feelings, and if you were ill, you couldn't shunt trucks, could you?
Sir Handel: Good idea! I'll try it!

Sir Handel: I'm sorry about your accident. I always stand well back. Trucks don't like me.
Peter Sam: Why didn't you warn me?!
Sir Handel: I didn't think.
The Fat Controller: You never do. You can start thinking now while you're doing Peter Sam's work as well as your own. That'll teach you to pretend you are ill.
Narrator: Sir Handel did start thinking... about Gordon.

Home at Last [4.9]

Duncan: [stuck in the tunnel] I'm a plain blunt engine! I speak as I find! Tunnels should be tunnels and not rabbit holes! This railway is no good at all!
Driver: Don't be silly! This tunnel is quite big enough for engines who don't rock and roll.

The Fat Controller: [to Duncan] Listen to me, there is nothing wrong with that tunnel. You stuck in it because you tried to do rock and roll. Tunnels are not dance floors and you are not a pop star! If it happens again, I shall find ways to cut you down to size. In other words, your career is on the line. Need I say more?

Rock 'n' Roll [4.10]

Rusty: I hope he doesn't hurt his passengers.
Duncan: What's that about me? I'm a plain engine, and I believe in plain speakin'. Speak up!
Narrator: Rusty warned Duncan about the bad bit of line.
Duncan: Hmph! I know my way about. I don't need smelly diesels to tell me what to do.

Duncan: Nothing's happened! Nothing's happened! Smelly old Diesel, clever me!
Narrator: And he rocked and he rolled along the line.
Driver: Steady, boy!
Narrator: But it was too late. Duncan was derailed on the bad bit of rail.
Duncan: Sleepers and ballast! I'm off!

Special Funnel [4.11]

Sir Handel: [sings] Peter Sam's said again and again,
his new funnel will put ours to shame.
He went into the tunnel and lost his old funnel.
Now his famous new funnel's a drain!

Narrator: The other engines don't laugh at Peter Sam's funnel now. They wish they had one like it.

Steam Roller [4.12]

George: Railways are no good! Turn them into roads! Pull 'em up! Turn them into roads! Railways are no good! Turn them into roads! Pull 'em up! Turn them into roads!

George: Hmph! You're Sir Handel, I suppose.
Narrator: Sir Handel was standing no nonsense.
Sir Handel: And you, I suppose, are George. Yes, I've heard of you.
George: And I've heard of you. You swank around with your steamroller wheels, pretending you're as good as me!
Sir Handel: Actually, I'm better. Goodbye!

Passengers and Polish [4.13]

Duncan: Aren't you gonna polish me too?
Nancy: Sorry. Not today. I'm going now. I'm helping the refreshment lady this afternoon. We must get the ice cream ready for the passengers. Never mind, Duncan.
Narrator: But Duncan did mind.
Duncan: It isn't fair! Peter Sam gets a special funnel, Sir Handel gets special wheels, passengers get ice cream, but I'm not even polished!

Sir Topham Hatt: No passengers means no polish.
Duncan: And no polish means no passengers.

Gallant Old Engine [4.14]

Driver: [to Rheneas] You're a gallant little engine! When you're rested, we'll mend you, so you'll be ready for tomorrow.

Rheneas: You know, this helps a little engine to feel that at last, he has really come home!

Rusty to the Rescue [4.15]

Rusty: Can you help me find another engine?
Douglas: Where?
Rusty: Where you found Oliver.
Douglas: You mean on The Other Railway?
Rusty: Yes. I'm looking for a bluebell engine.
Douglas: I'd like to help. But these days, it's only diesels that go there.
Rusty: So that's where I'll go! [leaves]
Douglas: Take care.

Diesels: Who are you?!
Rusty: I'm a shed and sidings inspection diesel. Have you any engines in the shed?
Diesels: No. None!
Rusty: Then what about the sidings?
Diesels: One. We have one.
Rusty: Then I'll just go and inspect.

Thomas and Stepney [4.16]

Stepney: Everyone's been so kind, but my railway is so short and I do miss a good long run.
Rusty: I think you should tell driver, too. I'm sure he'll understand.

Thomas: Shunted, and on my own branch too! It's a disgrace!

Train Stops Play [4.17]

[after a cricket ball flies into one of Stepney's trucks]
Players: Stop!
Narrator: But Stepney didn't hear them.
Stepney: [to his trucks] Come along! Come along!
Players: Our one and only ball!

Caroline: [about steam engines] They have their uses. They can save the wear on a poor cars wheels!

Bowled Out [4.18]

Gordon: Disgraceful!
James: Disgusting!
Henry: Despicable!
Donald and Douglas: To say such things to us! It's to teach him a lesson he be wantin', now how do we do it?

Gordon: Hello! You're early! That's one in the headlamp for old diesel.
Stepney: James says he's sick as boiler sludge and sulking in the shed.
Gordon: Serves him right for saying we're out of date.

Henry and the Elephant [4.19]

Henry: An elephant pushed me, an elephant hooshed me!

Gordon: First the rain, then an elephant. Whatever will you be afraid of next?
Thomas: Never mind, Henry. I think you were brave today, and really reliable too.

Toad Stands By [4.20]

S.C. Ruffey and the trucks: [singing] Oliver's no use at all, thinks he's very clever.
Says that he can manage us, that's the best joke ever!
When he orders us about with the greatest folly,
We just push him down the well! POP goes old Ollie!

The Fat Controller: [inspects Scruffey] As I thought. Rotten wood, rusty frames. Maybe if we put you back together, you'll earn yourself a better name.

Bulls Eyes [4.21]

Daisy: You're afraid of getting hurt yourself.
Toby: I'm not!
Daisy: Yes, you are. I don't have stupid cow-catchers, but I'm not frightened. I'd just toot and they'd all go away.
Toby: But they don't.
Daisy: They would with me. Animals run if they toot and look them in the eye.
Toby: Even bulls?
Daisy: Even bulls.

Boy: Look, Daisy. I got some sweets, they're called "Bull's Eyes"! I like them. Do you?
Daisy: [leaves] Aw, keep your old "Bull's Eyes"!

Thomas and the Special Letter [4.22]

Donald: Good evening, you three! Aren't we all a fine sight?
Toby: Very splendid, indeed.
Douglas: Sorry we can't stop. The Fat Controller wants us all together at the station.
Thomas: What is this about?
Driver: The Fat Controller has a plan. Come on.
Narrator: So they followed the other engines to the Big Sheds at the end of the line. An excited chorus of whistles surrounded the area.
The Fat Controller: SILENCE! I have an important letter to read from a little girl who is 5 years old.
Letter: Dear Thomas and all the engines, please can I meet you? My friends say they would like to meet you, too. You can come to my house for tea, but my mom says there aren't any railway tracks to my house. Can you come to the station instead? Thank you very much!
The Fat Controller: It seems that there are many girls and boys who would like to meet you. Therefore, we are all going to the big city far away!
Engines: Hooray! Hooray!
The Fat Controller: Silence! Other engines will be working here while you're away, so please show them what to do.

Thomas: [to Percy] I'm glad the little girl wrote to us. Isn't it wonderful what happiness a letter can bring?

Paint Pots and Queens/Thomas Meets the Queen [4.23]

Narrator: The engines wondered who would pull the Royal Train.
Edward: I'm too old to pull important trains.
Gordon: I'm in disgrace!
James: He'll choose me, of course.
Henry: You?! You can't climb hills! He'll ask me to pull the train, and I'll have a new coat of paint!
Narrator: Then, the rain came. Henry's driver and fireman covered up their cab to keep dry. A painter was on a ladder above the line. Henry's smoke blew high into the air. The painter couldn't see. Both he and the paint pot fell all over Henry. Paint went everywhere. Poor Henry.
Painter: Well, you're not a pretty picture!
Narrator: The Fat Controller spoke next.
The Fat Controller: You look like an iced cake, Henry. That won't do for the Royal Train. I must make other arrangements.

Narrator: When it was time to leave, the Queen spoke specially to Thomas, who fetched her coaches, then to Edward, and finally to Gordon, who took her away. No engines ever felt prouder than those of the Fat Controller's Railway.

Fish [4.24]

Thomas: Hello, Duck. Going fishing? I'd take care if I were you.
Duck: Why?
Thomas: Well, for one thing, if fish get into an engine's boiler, they always cause trouble. And for another, fish can be awfully smelly. And I know what I'm talking about. Good night.

The Fat Controller: The accident wasn't your fault. We should've checked that this tail lamp was fixed on properly. We'll soon have you in working order again.
Duck: Thank you, sir. Thomas told me to be careful about fish. They got me in a ripe pickle, didn't they?

Special Attraction [4.25]

Driver: Well, if that doesn't take the biscuit! They've run out of room in the parade and don't need a special attraction after all. We've got to go home, Toby. I'm sorry, old boy.
Toby: [sighs] So am I.

Bulstrode: C'mon! C'mon! Why aren't you trucks where you should be?
Trucks: There's no engine and we can only go where we're put! You're in the wrong place! Not us!

Mind That Bike [4.26]

[Percy sees nothing but mail bags on the station platform]
Percy: What happened to Tom?
Driver: And his old van? No wonder the new postman looks cross. Trying to carry mailbags on a bicycle would make anyone miserable!

[after Percy damaged Tom's bike]
Percy: I'm sorry, Mr. Tipper.
Tom: Never mind, Percy. It wasn't your fault, but now I've only got my legs to get the mail delivered. Whatever will happen next?

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