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Thomas and Friends Season 5

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Season 5

Cranky Bugs [5.1]

Cranky: You're useless little bugs! If you put these trucks on the inside lines, then I wouldn't have so far to travel!
Thomas: Rubbish! We always arrange our trucks like this, and no crane has ever complained before!
Cranky: Well, I'm complaining now.
[he drops his load on the ground]

[after Cranky has saved the engines in the shed]
Gordon: Oh, thank you! What would I have done without you?
Cranky: Well, I had to be rescued before I could help you, but I never thought it would be a couple of b-b- "Small engines". Thank you, I'll never be rude again. However, you two mites are in my way, so move over!
Percy: Pah! He's back to bugging us! [lurches backward]
Thomas: Don't move! You're still attached to Cranky!
Narrator: But it was too late.
[Cranky falls again]

Horrid Lorry [5.2]

James: They're bringing in the third lorry on a barge. What happened to that one?
Tow truck man: The stupid lorry was reversing and fell straight into the sea.

Thomas: [looks at the damaged lorries] Well, well, well. The brothers grim. Smashed, broken, and sunk!

A Better View For Gordon [5.3]

Gordon: Come on! Come on! I can go faster than this! Sick, me?! Never!

The Fat Controller: [after the crash] Well, Gordon, I know you wanted a panoramic view, but this is not the way to achieve it.
Gordon: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Lady Hatt's Birthday Party [5.4]

Lady Hatt: [about her husband's new outfit] It's perfect for my birthday party. You look splendid, Topham Dear.
Sir Topham Hatt: Then I'll wear my finest hat just for you. Your birthday is a great occasion.
Lady Hatt: It is. So don't be late.
Sir Topham Hatt: Don't worry, my dear. I shall be spic and span and right on time.

George: [to Caroline] Call yourself a car?! You're a disgrace to the road! Find yourself a scrapyard!
Driver: Can I be your assistance, sir?
Sir Topham Hatt: Only if you can get to my wife's birthday party.
Driver: We can take you to Thomas, he's just down the line.
Sir Topham Hatt: Much obliged.

James and the Trouble with Trees [5.5]

James: If you can't push trucks properly, Henry, why not talk to a tree instead? You know how much you like the forest.
Henry: As a matter of fact, bossy boiler, the Fat Controller is inspecting the island for trees that are too close to the line. He's worried they might cause trouble.
James: Ha! If I came upon a tree, I'd just push it aside!
Henry: Really?

James: Make way for an important engine!
Percy: You wouldn't feel important if one of these trees crashed on you. You'd feel hurt.
James: Rubbish! It wouldn't dare!
Terence: You should be careful, James. Trees can be just as powerful as engines.
James: Oh, please!

Gordon and the Gremlin [5.6]

Firelighter: [looks at Gordon's fire] I don't know what's wrong. There must be gremlins about.
Percy: What are gremlins?
Thomas: I heard that they're little green men who play tricks.
Percy: Can we find one?
James: Pah! Gremlins don't exist. They're just an excuse when things go wrong and no one knows why.
Thomas: If firelighter says there are gremlins, there are.
James: Ha!

Fireman: What's the dog's name?
The Fat Controller's mother: Well, after today's events, I think I'll rename him Gremlin.
The Fat Controller: In that case, I've met one at last! [laughs]
Thomas: Excuse me, Sir. But who is your very important visitor?
The Fat Controller: Why didn't I tell you? This lady is my mother. And she agrees with me: You are indeed really useful engines. And my mother, of course, is always right! [laughs again]

Bye, George! [5.7]

George: Bumpy ride on rotten rails. I'm glad it's over.
Percy: So am I.

George: I wanna get rolling again, but I've gotta wait a whole week until I do.
Thomas: And then you'll be just as rude as ever, eh, George?

Baa! [5.8]

Thomas: My favorite station is Ffarquhar.
Toby: Mine's Maithwaite. Percy, what's yours?
Percy: [sleepily] The docks.
Thomas: Ha! We can tell!
Toby: The docks are full of fish, not flowers.
Percy: [wide awake] All right, then, Arlesdale End.
Toby: That's my home!
Percy: That's why I like it. Especially when you're there and not here saying I'm silly! Good night.

The Fat Controller: [after the ram has eaten his hat] Well, seems I wouldn't be able to eat my hat even if I had to.

Put Upon Percy [5.9]

Trucks: Who's this dirty little engine? We want Thomas or Duck!
Percy: Put upon. Put upon. That's who I am!

Thomas: We can see what's been put upon you.
The Fat Controller: Silence. Percy, you've done a good day's work. Now get a good night's rest.
Percy: Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.

Toby and the Flood [5.10]

Percy: [about the dam during the storm] Driver tells me it may be dangerous up there. Please be careful, Toby.
Toby: I'll try.

Percy: I could never have been so brave, Toby.
Toby: Oh, I'm sure you would be, but you never know until you've tried.

Haunted Henry [5.11]

Edward: Whenever that owl hoots, a mist rolls in. And there's a legend that when the mist is about, there's a ghost about, too. Take care on the old line, Henry.
Henry: Stupid bird!

Henry: Owls, mists, ghosts... Edward's going soft in the boiler. There's no mist!

Double Teething Troubles [5.12]

Bill: That's my line of trucks.
Ben: It's not. It's mine. Yours is over there.
Bill: It's mine.
Ben: It's not.
Bill: It's mine!
Ben: It's not!
[BoCo shows up]
BoCo: Stop quarreling you two, or the only thing you'll have left to share is...
[Bill and Ben race towards the trucks but collide into each other and derail at the points]
BoCo: ...trouble!
Bill: Silly!
Ben: Silly yourself!
The Fat Controller: Bill and Ben, behave yourselves! It's clear to me that we need another diesel to help out. There is only one available. He's new and keen to make an impression.
BoCo: If I were you, I'd get back to work right away.

Percy: [about Derek] Hey, you two. This new diesel's got a toothache. Good luck!
Bill: Why does Percy wanna wish us good luck?
Ben: Because he knows we'll need it. A diesel with a toothache must be the worst diesel of all.

Stepney Gets Lost [5.13]

[Arry and Bert approach Stepney]
Arry: Got you this time, Stepney! You'll make very fine scrap, indeed. Buffer him, Bert!
[Bert does so, and he and Arry take him to the smelter shed]
Arry and Bert: Bye-bye, Stepney! [laugh]

The Fat Controller: It's a good thing I've chosen to visit this yard tonight. Saving you from scrap is becoming a habit, Stepney. Please, stop it!
Stepney: Yes, Sir! But I have learned something.
The Fat Controller: What's that?
Stepney: There's no place like home!
The Fat Controller: And that's exactly where you're going now.
Stepney: Bluebells forever!

Toby's Discovery [5.14]

Fireman: The Old Warrior wants to meet you.
Toby: Can't it wait until morning?
Driver: Ghosts don't work day shifts.

Toby: Well, bless my bell!
Signalman: This is your ghost, Toby. His name's really Bertram, but we call him "The Old Warrior", because he's so brave.

Something in the Air [5.15]

Henry: You're late! And that smell is making me ill.
Thomas: It's the fish! And there's danger on the rails. That's why we're late.
Henry: Ha! You're the only danger on the rails, Thomas. Now, stop wasting time, and get your trucks hitched to my train.

The Fat Controller: Engines don't swim, Henry. You were meant to deliver fish, not swim with them. You should know that by now.
Henry: Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir.

Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach [5.16]

Thomas: Everyone's so much happier when spring time comes.
James: Everyone except the Fat Controller. He seems to be working us harder than ever. I'm tired of these coastal runs.
Percy: He just wants everything to be ready for the holidays. Anyway, salty air makes me all cheerful in my smokebox.
James: Pah! It's the countryside that really gets me fired up. It's the only place to be.

Percy: You said the countryside got you all fired up, James. But I didn't think you meant it in this way.
James: PAH! It was this stupid truck's fault! Not mine.

Thomas and the Rumours (UK) / Thomas and the Rumors (US) [5.17]

Gordon: You look glum, little Percy. What's up?
Percy: The Fat Controller told driver that he's using Harold to show a visitor the island instead of using any of us engines.
Gordon: Despicable!
Henry: Disgusting!
James: Engines are meant to take visitors around our island. Not that whirly-bird thing!

Thomas: Will Gordon be scrapped, Sir?
The Fat Controller: What makes you think that?
Thomas: Because the engines think the visitor is here to see if we can be replaced by Harold.
The Fat Controller: Well, the engines are wrong, and you shouldn't listen to rumors, Thomas. This gentleman is making a new playground for the children. It was easier to find a suitable site from up in the air.
Gentleman: And what's more, that tunnel sand will be perfect for the playground! Found by accident and rumor, you might say.

Oliver's Find [5.18]

Toad: Excuse me, Mr. Oliver. It seems to me that things are not well for you, if you forgive me for mentioning it.
Oliver: You're quite right, Toad. All I do is shunt these trucks onto the turntable. I long for a nice run. It's what an engine really needs.
Toad: Quite so, Mr. Oliver. May I suggest you speak to the Fat Controller about your problems?

Trucks: You're no good, Oliver. You're dangerous! We want Percy.
Oliver: Percy's far too busy to be bothered with the likes of you!

Happy Ever After [5.19]

Percy: We've got to find a good luck package. Do you know what that is?
Edward: Oh, yes, indeed. Something old, something new...
Percy: Something borrowed, and something blue. But where do we find them?
Edward: They're probably staring you in your smokebox. Now, I have to fetch my special train. I'm taking guests to the wedding.

Percy: I love weddings.
Thomas: Did you enjoy your kiss?
[Percy closes his eyes and pretends to sleep]

Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday [5.20]

[Tiger Moth flies dangerously past Harold and the Hatts]
The Fat Controller: What was that?!
Harold: That's Tiger Moth. It's rude and flies much too low.
The Fat Controller: So I can see! Please take us up, Harold, before there's another disturbance.

[Percy finds the Hatts' boat stuck in the mud bank]
Percy's driver: Is there anything we can do to help?
The Fat Controller: Yes, indeed, there is.
[cut to the family's boat now on Percy's flatbed]
The Fat Controller: This is the life, isn't it, my dear?!

A Surprise for Percy (UK) / A Big Surprise for Percy (US) [5.21]

Trucks: [sing to Percy] Percy, Percy, green and small.
He's no use to us at all.
Around the yards, he'll puff and blow.
But on the hills, he's oh, so slow!
Percy: [bumps the trucks hard] BE QUIET!

Trucks: You're much too slow to pull all of us. We want another engine, or we'll be struggling up the hill all night!
[chant] All night! All right!
You can puff and blow!
But on that hill, you're still too slow! Ha-ha!
Percy: Slow yourself!
[he bumps the trucks again]
Trucks: Temper! Temper!

Make Someone Happy [5.22]

Cranky: Hey you, down there! I'm playing Lucky Dip in the tramper's hold and all these are for you!
[the workmen unveil what Cranky has unloaded]
Percy: Wooden horses, for the carousel ride! It's going to be a very exciting fair!

James: You were quite right, Thomas. Making someone happy does cheer you up.

Busy Going Backwards [5.23]

Toad: I'm always going backwards, Mr. Oliver. I have forward-thinking views. I could be a leader, if you know what I mean.
Gordon: You can't be a leader without a train to follow you. You don't have a train.

Toad: I'm sorry, Mr. Oliver, if I caused you any embarrassment.
Oliver: That's all right, Toad. So, what do you think of going forwards?
Toad: It was fun! But from now on, I'll be happy to look forward to the future, busy going backwards, so to speak!

Duncan Gets Spooked [5.24]

Duncan: [to Peter Sam] Fancy not securing your trucks on a hill. They'll come back to spook you and your special funnel. WHOO!
Rusty: And who's to say you're not afraid of ghosts?!
Duncan: Ghosts? Things that go bump in the night? Rubbish!
Rusty: Well, I'll tell you a story that'll make your funnel quiver.
[cut to the Old Iron Bridge one night]
Rusty: A long time ago, a little engine was returning home. It was a misty moonlit night. As the engine crossed the Old Iron Bridge, he suddenly lost control, and plunged over the side, into the swamps below.
[the engine falls into the ravine]
Rusty: He was never found again, but many a workman will tell you that when the moon is full, they have seen the little engine trying to get home. But he never reaches the other side.
[cut back to the present]
Rusty: So, what do you think of that, Duncan?
Duncan: Rubbish!

Duncan: Haunted bridge. Rubbish! It's as tame as a pet rabbit!

Snow [5.25]

Rusty: No one knew that the heat from Skarloey's engine had helped to make an igloo.
Workmen: It's a snowball. It's a snow house. It's an engine!
Rusty: They cleared away the ice, only to find Skarloey's driver and fireman drinking cocoa, as if nothing had happened!

Gordon: [covered in snow] Help!
Thomas: If Skarloey survived a snowfall, surely, a big, proud engine like you could do the same.
Gordon: [furiously] Pah!

Rusty and the Boulder [5.26]

Rusty: [to his driver] I think it's the boulder wanting us to go away.

The Fat Controller: [about the boulder] We should've left this part of the island... alone.

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